Sometimes you just wanna wake up, smell the roses, and peruse your favorite Frank Reynold moments. It’s okay though, we’ve already done the heavy lifting here and have ranked the very best and rarest Franks.

Egg Frank

Classic Frank. Offering you an egg in these trying times. Easy 9/10.

The Trash Man

Another classic Frank, but nothing fancy. 1-0 wrestling career. Give this winner a 7/10.

Ongo Gablogian

“We’re the air conditioners! I mean look at us – we’re just walking around on the planet… breathing… conditioning the air.”

Another classic Frank bit where he drops some amazing wisdom and art criticism with an amazing accent. Gotta give this one a 10/10, boys.

Man Spider

Now here we go. Now, this. This is peak Frank. The goggles, that charming grin. It's a 10/10 from me, dog.

Frank Eating Peaches

Frank's gotta eat but he can probably chew with his mouth closed. 4/10.

Hand Sanitizer Frank

He just wants to be pure! What's wrong with that? Our guy is definitely practicing cleanliness during quarantine here so we gotta hit him with that 10/10.

Couch Frank

A great, panic-inducing Frank moment with an amazing payoff. 8/10.

Beer Frank

Very inebriated, still going strong, still looking terrible. 6/10.

Frank Trapped In A Coil

Don't like seeing our man locked up. Free our Frank already. 2/10.

Man Cheetah Frank

Kind of creepy. Don't quite trust him. 5/10

Feminist AF Frank

WOW YASSSS. We love a woke bae. 8/10.