If by chance you haven't seen Tiger King yet, here's a brief synopsis: Tiger King is a Netflix docuseries that is filled with twists and turns and surprisingly, not a lot of Tigers. It primarily follows the battle between Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin. But really, admit it, unless you've been quarantining under a rock (which in this case, I'm jealous), you've probably binged Tiger King and now your social media has been flooded with Joe Exotic content.

And here we are, with more Joe Exotic content. Earlier this week, in a post-series reveal to throw fans yet ANOTHER curveball, it has been revealed that one of Joe Exotic’s ex-husbands claims they were never actually married.

Sorry cool cats and kittens, no Carole hate in this piece.

By all accounts and witnesses, "Tiger King" Joe Exotic married John Finlay and Travis Maldonado in a three-way ceremony back in 2014. It's even on YouTube. But one detail the series doesn't mention is that same-sex marriage wasn't "legal" at the time the three were wed.

In June 2015, the Supreme Court officially legalized same-sex marriage. While Joe and Travis reportedly made their marriage official at that time, but John was already long gone in pursuit of a woman (that he had gotten pregnant).

In a way, it feels like a cheap shot to claim Joe and John weren’t actually married. They went through the ritual of marriage. The only reason this is being addressed is because the United States hadn’t yet given everyone equal right.

Although there is also the debate on whether either of Joe’s husbands was actually gay or bisexual at all, since both claimed at various points to be straight. I mean, Joe literally got a woman pregnant. Viewers have taken to social media to discuss the matters.

John is the one making it clear he was never legally nor technically married to Joe Exotic. He stated in an interview with David Spade, "Right now I have a fiancée. But just to clear the record, me and Joe were never legally married. Ever.”

John also commented on the fact that he didn’t end up marrying the woman he left Joe for, either. He said, “The girl I ran off with, we had a kid, we spent three years together. We never got engaged, never got married, anything like that.”

To sum it up: