Sometimes it seems as if all parents are capable of are embarrassing their children publicly. From commenting on Facebook posts, posting goofy Instagram pictures, or just flat out not knowing how any platform work, they've done it all. Let's face it, though, parents and social media make for a fun combination, especially if that parent is a celebrity.

Johnny Lowe is making a comedic name for himself by totally trolling his own father, the beloved Rob Lowe. If we're being honest, Rob Lowe ages like fine wine, so it's a good thing he has his son around to keep him humble.

Here are some of the best ways Johnny Lowe roasted his dad on Instagram so far:

A typical dad joke, but captured on camera and posted on the Internet forever. A son's gotta do what a son's gotta do.

Rob may not have been purposefully showing off his nominations in this sweaty selfie, but John doesn't hesitate to call him out for it anyway.

Honestly, what would we do without this witty banter? I would personally love to see Rob's impersonation of Paul McCartney.

Johnny even points out that his GRANDFATHER keeps Rob humble. It's nice to know it's a family effort.

Rob seems to fall victim to the typical social media scams, like most parents do. Not only does Rob have Johnny to keep him in line, he also has his son Matt, who went to law school and would have totally been a liable source to fact check things with.

Iconic, truly. Here's a son, just trying to help his dad crop his Instagram pictures properly. And here's the dad, not doing anything his son taught him.

Despite the witty banter between the father-son duo, they're a close family. John has posted on Instagram about how proud he is of his dad for all the things he accomplishes (he also posts a lot about his dogs, worth checking out).

The Lowe's are a fun family full of laughs, and we can't wait to see more wholesome content between Rob and his son.