The alleged serial killer Michael Gargiulo, known as the "Hollywood Reaper," was found guilty on August 15 of murdering two women and attempting to murder a third between 2001 and 2008. One of the two victims happened to be Ashton Kutcher's ex-girlfriend, Ashley Ellerin, who was repeatedly stabbed to death.

Earlier this year, Kutcher testified in court about the night Ellerin was murdered. The two had planned a date, but when Ashton knocked on her door, it went unanswered. Kutcher's testimony helped officially convict Gargiulo, but recent events seem to show that the Ripper was busy behind bars.

Amber Touchton claimed in an interview with Radar that she has been married to and involved with the convicted killer for years, despite him being behind bars on the opposite side of the country.

Since Gargiulo's conviction on August 15, prosecutors have been seeking the death penalty. By August 20, Touchton began to speak out on her lover's behalf. The Ripper has been behind bars since 2008, yet Amber has claimed she will remain by his side and continue to proclaim his innocence.

Touchton has said that the two communicated primarily through letters and that she had visited him at the prison a few times. The murderer often refers to Touchton as his "infinite stellar empress." She considers herself his queen.

Despite the horrendous crimes Gargiulo committed, Touchton believes he has been wrongfully accused and stands by her belief.

Gargiulo is currently awaiting a separate trial in Chicago, once the Los Angeles prosecutors wrap up its current "sanity phase."