Internet "beef", if you will, has got to be some of the most entertaining banter of this generation. It may start with a real-life event or may brew completely out of the petty depths and crevices of the world wide web. But one thing's for sure - the internet (participants and spectators alike) is undefeated.

The latest plater of braised meat involves DJ Envy of iHeart Radio's 'The Breakfast Club' and Viceland's Desus and Mero of the 'Desus & Mero' show. If you aren't an avid listener or viewer of popular New York City media outlets (birthed out of urban culture, but not restricted to) both 'The Breakfast Club' and 'Desus & Mero' report and comment on current events as well as interview various guests.

Both outlets are not the typical sugar-coating, celebrity worshipping platforms but get more into the nitty-gritty. For instance, the latest Hollywood scandal or mishap will not only be reported on but potentially flamed and turned into a comedic spectacle. In favor of reporting objective (most of the time) facts for the everyday listeners and the entertainment of it all.

Now, DJ Envy, as well as Desus and Mero, are aware of the nature of the culture and their audiences. So, nothing should be off limits - even when it involves the hosts themselves...

Although, the following clips suggest otherwise.

Reporting on current events (as per usual) Desus and Mero chimed in on DJ Envy (and wife's) visit to the daytime talk show 'The Real', where he discussed his infidelity and the reconciliation of his relationship.

Do keep in mind that Desus and Mero are comedians unlike Envy who is a known DJ (on and off of 'The Breakfast Club'), and thus their sentiments or delivery on their show is far less calculated and more free-formed. They use their internet culture expertise to make commentary as video clips roll live, during their segments. Whether Desus and Mero have seen the clips beforehand or are personally connected to the people in the clips, they are clearly not spewing out rehearsed comments.

To be fair, and in my personal humble opinion, the dynamic-duo are known to be far more ruthless than they were in the past clip. Perhaps, because they are regular guests at 'The Breakfast Club' and fellow culture commentators in New York.

In any case, a few weeks later, Desus and Mero visited 'The World's Most Dangerous Morning Show' and to their surprise (and to the audience's) were confronted by a vengeful DJ Envy.

After viewing the above clips, I had so many questions. Firstly, how long has DJ Envy been preparing to ambush Desus and Mero? Instead of just calling the two to discuss matters off-air, if he was really thatttt hot and bothered by their comments. In particular, the comment about his wife, Gia Casey, knowing about 'em "DJ Envy checks".

Second, why did DJ Envy, one-third of 'The Breakfast Club' walk out of a Breakfast Club interview? We know that move far too well, but from outraged guests...not hosts.

Third, as a public figure that is subject to scrutiny on the daily (not to mention contributes to the scrutiny of others), how could you be upset at other entertainers for commenting on your life? Especially, parts of your life that you exposed to the general public?

Now, this is not to say that Envy didn't have a valid argument, in some regard to defend the character of his wife and the merit of their marriage, but in this case him and his wife sort of aired out their dirty laundry. In fact, DJ Envy made a public apology to his wife on-air years ago, when the news of his affair first hit the fan.

But to have guests come on to your show that you had no prior issues with and then unleash all your pent-up anger and aggression towards, at once, is quite questionable. Even after Desus apologized and Mero explained that they did not mean that comment maliciously, DJ Envy completely disregarded what he asked for initially and walked out of the room...

What kind of behavior is that?

To me, it seems as though Envy had his own agenda - perhaps to create a Breakfast Club viral moment or to promote 'The Casey Crew' podcast with him and his wife (which I'm assuming is their reasoning for CONTINUING TO SPEAK ABOUT THE AFFAIR AND HOW THEY MENDED THEIR RELATIONSHIP?)

This is a classic case of displaced anger. Instead of DJ Envy being mad at himself for disrespecting his wife or letting the world in on his personal life, not to mention having to face his lovely wife every night and thus defend her in public, he chose to lash out on others.

But, hey - what do I know? I'm no doctor, just a lover of the internet. Let's take it to the very depths and crevices that egged on this delicious medium-rare steak - twitter:

And well, to add insult to injury the (confirmed) woman DJ Envy cheated on his wife with is a celebrity in her own right and has agreed to make an appearance on the 'Desus & Mero' show. So, it looks like Envy better suck it up and fast...

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