Former Spice Girl Mel B filed for divorce from her hubby of 10 years, Stephen Belafonte, back in May, but the bombshells from the court documents just won't stop coming. Those docs are full of claims of scandalous bedroom behavior, illicit substances, and, yes, a German nanny. Every dirty accusation is there in all of its sordid glory, and we're here to guide you through them all.

First, Mel was hit back in September with charges of witness intimidation. Rapper Siya, who starred in the series Sisterhood Of Hip Hop, went to the police with text messages from the former Spice Girl and claimed they were evidence that Mel had threatened her. Siya was planning on being a witness for Stephen and backed up his claims that he never physically abused Mel and that he never forced Mel to participate in threesomes against her will. In fact, Siya claimed that it was Mel who was really in charge during those sessions. According to her, the text messages were proof that Mel didn't want her to testify. The District Attorney of L.A., where the charges were filed, threw out the case, describing the texts as "too vague" to be taken as a threat. Well, that's one thing that Mel won't have to worry about anymore.

From her side, Mel claimed that Stephen was physically and verbally abusive to her throughout their decade-long marriage. In documents that she gave to the court, Mel alleged that Stephen choked her and slammed her to the ground back in 2007 after the Dancing With The Stars finale; split her lip in 2012 in a fit of jealousy after she filmed a home visit segment with RnB star Usher for X Factor; and made her lie about injuries he gave her after she performed with the Spice Girls during the 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony. It seems like every time Mel's career did well, Stephen became jealous and violent if what Mel claims is true. She told the judge, "when something good would happen for me, he would beat me down to let me know he was in charge."

Of course, Stephen and his legal team deny that any of the alleged incidents ever took place. Mel also alleged that she tried to leave Stephen several times over the years, starting from their first year of marriage. Every time she came close to leaving him, though, she claimed Stephen "threatened me with violence and threatened to destroy my life in every possible way...destroy my career and take my kids from me," in a declaration she gave to the court. Whatever was going on in that marriage, it was the definition of toxic, no matter which side is actually telling the truth.

In other court filings, Mel alleged that Stephen forced her to participate in threesomes with "random women," and threatened to release tapes of the couple's intimate dealings if she refused. According to court documents, Stephen gave the judge about 54 videos of their encounters to be entered in as evidence to back up his claim that everything was totally consensual. That was definitely not the case, according to Mel, who asked the judge for a restraining order, which she received, and requested that Stephen not be allowed to share any videos or photos of the former couple with the media. Now, that's pretty scandalous, but just wait 'til you hear what they did with the nanny.

Lorraine Gilles was only 18-years-old when she crossed paths with Mel and Stephen. According to documents Lorraine filed in court, she met the couple a few weeks after she moved from her home in Germany to L.A. to pursue dreams of stardom. She claims in her documents that she was "seduced" by Mel and that the singer would sometimes invite her over for drinks, threesomes, and to occasionally watch over the couple's three daughters. Eventually, she was officially hired as the children's nanny, though her physical relationship continued with Mel and Stephen. She lived and worked for the couple for seven years.

Though Mel claims that Lorraine got it on with Stephen without Mel being present, Lorraine remains adamant in her claims that she only ever had relations with him when Mel was around. As evidence of her claims, Mel alleged that in 2014 Lorraine became pregnant with Stephen's child. At first, Stephen was willing to be the father, but he soon changed his tune and demanded that Lorraine terminate the pregnancy. He took money that belonged to Mel to pay for the operation, according to Mel's complaint. Lorraine confirmed that she'd terminated a pregnancy, but said that it wasn't Stephen's child and that it was Mel who voluntarily paid for the operation. Mel also claimed that Lorraine knew of the tapes that Stephen secretly made and helped him hide them from Mel. Again, Lorraine denies this is true and is suing Mel for defamation of character. What a tangled web they've weaved.

Though we can't know for sure which side is telling the truth until everything gets sorted out in court, one thing's for certain: this is a hot mess. The more that leaks out about this nasty divorce, the clearer it becomes how absolutely toxic this marriage became. Hopefully, Mel and Stephen can keep things civil, if only for the kids. Based on everything we've learned about them, though, we're not gonna hold our breath.

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