R. Kelly's troubling history in connection with underage girls is coming back to haunt him. In the wake of allegations about his "sex cult" of young women, another woman has come forward with her own story of her relationship with the R&B singer when she was only 16-years-old. The accusations she lays out are seriously disturbing if they are true. In order to speak so candidly to reporters about their tumultuous time together marked by abuse of physical, emotional, and sexual nature, she had to break a nondisclosure agreement she signed in order to receive a settlement given to her by Kelly's estate. She's got some real cajones if she's willing to break a legal agreement in order to share her story. She exclusively gave her side of the story to Buzzfeed News, who then spent an enormous amount of time researching this story and backing it up with legal documents and court reporting. The author of the Buzzfeed story, Jim DeRogatis, is also the journalist who was the first to break the story of Kelly's child pornography charges after he received the now infamous tape from an anonymous source.

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The woman, Jerhonda Pace, who is now a married and a mother of three, says she met Kelly at the courthouse where Kelly was on trial for producing child pornography. She was a self-described super fan of him and had been since she was 11-years-old when she first heard his Chocolate Factory album. At 15-years-old, Pace skipped school every day to attend the trial, lying to the guards about her age since people under 18 weren't allowed in the courtroom.

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She told Buzzfeed News that Kelly paid her special attention, often stopping to speak with her in the halls and even giving her his autograph. He "seemed like a cool guy, and he would always speak to me when he saw me," according to Pace. After Kelly was acquitted, Pace says that an employee of his friended her on Myspace and soon after extended her an invitation to visit Kelly at his mansion in Olympia Fields, Illinois. She lied to her parents in order to sneak out to his home where the star was throwing a party. The whole experience was surreal for the girl who had just turned 16-years-old. "I was a bit nervous," she says. "Even though I had already met him at his trial, I was like literally at his house, so it did not feel real."

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Kelly waved her over and gave her his phone number, starting a relationship that would last for a little under a year. Pace claims that she was a virgin when she and Kelly first met, though she did not remain that way for long. At that time, she lied to Kelly about her age, telling him she was 19-years-old, but later came clean about her age. She says that Kelly was fine with her young age, but told her to tell others who asked that she was 19 and ultimately she should act like she was 25. Still, according to Pace, the fact that she was underage did not deter Kelly from continuing their sexual relationship.

Pace told Buzzfeed News that whenever she would go over to the singer's house, she would have to turn over her phone, wear baggy clothes, and had to ask permission before she could take a shower, eat, use the bathroom, or leave the property. She revealed that she had to call him "daddy" when they were in bed together and he encouraged her to wear pigtails and dress in schoolgirl uniforms. Then, there were the allegations of abuse.

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Pace claims that failure to abide by the rules led to abuse at the hands of Kelly. She says he slapped her, spit on her, and that he taped their sexual encounters without her knowledge or consent. The final straw for her came when Kelly became enraged when he caught her using her cell phone to communicate with her friend. She claims that he choked, slapped and spit on her. She ended things that night and contacted a law firm that would eventually reach an undisclosed settlement with Kelly in which she would receive payments as long as she also signed nondisclosure documents to prevent her from ever speaking of the time she spent with Kelly.

Pace says she is finally speaking out, despite the nondisclosure and all the legal woes that could potentially come her way, because she fears for the other young women in Kelly's company now. "If I can speak out and I can help them get out of that situation, that's what I will do. I didn't have anybody to speak up on my behalf when I was going through what I was going through with him. He's brainwashed them really bad, and it kind of reminds me of Charles Manson. I just really hope I can help these women out," Pace says. "Kelly needs to be stopped."

If you'd like to read more about Kelly's troubling accusations, legal woes and more details of Pace's harrowing tale, be sure to check out the full story on Buzzfeed.

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