The Kardashian/Jenner clan is back at it again, folks! Caitlyn Jenner's feud with the rest of the Kardashian world just won't simmer down. First, she just had Kris Kardashian angry with her concerning her tell-all memoir, "The Secrets of My Life," but now Kim and Kourtney Kardashian have taken their mom's side and all have some major beef with former stepdad Caitlyn. One by one, it seems like Caitlyn is slowly alienating the people she was once closest to, but it's not like the Kardashians to go down without swinging. So, even if familial relations seem bleak, we, the audience, can continue to enjoy this seemingly never-ending stream of drama.

Kris has been fuming since news of the memoir broke, once saying, "I read it and basically the only nice thing she had to say was that I was great socially at a party one time." She's been very vocal about the way she's been portrayed in the memoir, even going as far as saying, "Everything she says is all made up. Why does everything have to be that Kris is such a [B-word] and an A-hole?" All along, Kim has been right at her side, backing her up, though other Kardashians had largely stayed out of the fray, until now.

After hearing so much from her mom about what was in the book, Kim decided she had to read it herself to see if her mom really had any reason to be angry. Even Kourtney thought that her mom was just overreacting. "Did you read the whole thing?" Kourtney asked. "Cause I was thinking, is mom exaggerating and making it a big deal?" Kim agreed that she also thought that their mom may have been exaggerating, but after finishing the book, she'd realized that Kris had a point.

"[Caitlyn's] so angry at mom, like for no reason," Kim revealed. "It was like, 'I didn't speak to my sister because of Kris. I didn't see my kids because of Kris.' Like, grow up and say, 'I didn't call my kids!'" Yet family wasn't the only thing Kris had kept from Caitlyn, according to the memoir. Caitlyn alleges in the book that Kris was the one in charge of the finances, and she ruled over them with an iron fist. "I do not have a checking account," Caitlyn wrote, "I have a credit card, but purchases are carefully pored over. Kris is incredibly generous --- on her terms." She claimed that she never saw a penny from the family's reality TV show and that Kris kept all of it.

That's where Kourtney drew the line. She says it's all thanks to Kris that Caitlyn was able to make a comeback and restart a successful career. "They made the money together," Kourtney said. "Even when mom would book appearances, like I worked for her, I would hear her phone calls in the office. She would hustle to get speeches. She changed Caitlyn's career and she made her have this motivational speaker business."

Caitlyn's new memoir was released on April 25th, but snippets about the book's contents were leaked to Kris even earlier, which got the Kardashian clan stirred up into a frenzy, Kris especially. One of the many not-so-flattering things Caitlyn alleged was that Kris knew, from the very beginning, that Caitlyn was transgendered. Once news of Caitlyn's transition from male to female was out, the Kardashian family publicly stood by her and loudly voiced their support. But, if Caitlyn's book is to be believed, Kris had once told her, while she was still Bruce, that it was fine to "take Caitlyn on the road --- but she is not to play in our home or hometown." According to Caitlyn, that was so that the children would never know about her. That wasn't the only way Kris tried to control Caitlyn during their decades-long marriage.

All that support the Kardashians had for Caitlyn started to waver as Caitlyn began to make it clear that she wasn't looking to help further the Kardashian brand, a huge no-no in Kardashian world. Apparently, the Kardashians never quite got over the first poke in the eye that apparently came during Caitlyn's first Diane Sawyer interview, in which she first came out as transgendered. In her memoir, Caitlyn reveals that she purposefully didn't use the Kardashian name once during the entire interview, something sure to needle the image-conscious family.

Caitlyn explained, "The Kardashian side feels slighted by their noticeable absence. They are right to feel slighted. They were slighted on purpose..."

Kim, clearly still slighted, found this passage in the book very offensive and passed it along to Kourtney. "Then she said, 'The Kardashians were so upset when their names weren't mentioned in Diane Sawyer, but it was all deliberate. We did research and any time the word Kardashian was mentioned, people thought, they put the word Kardashian with publicity stunt and so we deliberately never put the name in there."

"And that sounds pathetic," Kourtney added. Harsh words from the oldest Kardashian daughter, but we can always count on Kourtney to drop a truth bomb.

It seems like Caitlyn doesn't want her star to be constantly in the shadow of the Kardashian name, but she might want to be careful about not burning bridges. Though she and Kris didn't work out, she does owe a lot of her newfound fame to the Kardashians, Kris specifically. Regardless, it's probably not the best idea to provoke the wrath of the Kardashians. Who knows what fresh torment they could unleash. Probably more lip kits.

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