If there is one thing we all know about Kanye West (besides his seeming aversion to smiling or his attraction to females with a lovely derrière), it's that he has no problem speaking his mind, especially if it's controversial. It's precisely Yeezy's yapper that has gotten him into quite a number of feuds, from fellow musicians to politicians to even giant corporations. 

Kanye Vs. Taylor Swift
1. Kanye Vs. Taylor Swift

Starting when West jumped on stage during Swift's acceptance speech at the 2009 VMAs, we thought this feud was finally squashed, as West had apologized and the two hugged it out...but apparently Yeezy wasn't done. In his 2016 song "Famous," West included these searing lyrics: "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that bitch famous." T-Swift's subtle but mature response during another Grammy acceptance speech in 2016 shows that this girl is not going to let a petty Ye get under her skin. 

Kanye Vs. Wiz Khalifa
2. Kanye Vs. Wiz Khalifa

As probably the most epic Twitter feud ever, a little spat over the name of West's new album quickly became personal after the "Mercy" rapper mistook the meaning of "kk," and attacked both Khalifa and his ex-wife Amber Rose (who just happens to be West's ex-gf). In a ranting rage that he has since taken down, West served up dis after burning dis (though Rose definitely got the last laugh). They have since settled the score, at least for now. 

Kanye Vs. Jimmy Kimmel
3. Kanye Vs. Jimmy Kimmel

Ye doesn't take too kindly to comedic reinterpretations of himself, which is why he flew off the handle when talk show host Jimmy Kimmel spoofed an interview West did with BBCRadio in 2013. Taking to his favorite ranting platform, West spit out a number of pissed off tweets, such as this gem: "SHOULD I DO A SPOOF ABOUT YOUR FACE OR YOU F--KING BEN AFFLECK…#NODISRESPECTTOBENAFFLECK #ALLDISRESPECTTOJIMMYKIMMEL!!!! The rapper has since appeared on "The Jimmy Kimmel" show, so it would appear this is water under the bridge. 

Kanye Vs. Bruno Mars
4. Kanye Vs. Bruno Mars

West has been dropping shade on the "Uptown Funk" singer since 2013, calling him out during a concert after Mars won two awards at the VMAs. This started a deep-rooted hatred that Ye decided he needed to give up in 2015, taking to (you guessed it) Twitter to apologize and even express interest in working with Mars in the future. 

Kanye Vs. Beck
5. Kanye Vs. Beck

Perhaps West should just start his own awards show, because he is clearly unhappy with the outcomes at the Grammys and VMAs the past couple of years. In 2015, Yeezy yet again stormed the stage during Beck's Grammy acceptance speech, once more claiming Beyonce should have won the award for Album of the Year. He has since taken it back, but seriously, do we need to strap West in his chair anytime Beyonce doesn't win an award? 

Kanye Vs. George W. Bush
6. Kanye Vs. George W. Bush

Leave it to Yeezy to start a feud with the President of the United States himself. Back in 2005 during an interview about Hurricane Katrina, West claimed that "George Bush doesn't care about black people," which Bush later said was  "one of the most disgusting moments" of his presidency. Kanye said sorry like he always does, which Bush greatly appreciated, saying "I don't hate Kanye West." Good thing that got cleared up. 

Kanye Vs. Evel Knievel
7. Kanye Vs. Evel Knievel

He might think he can do whatever he wants, but West learned the hard way that this isn't the case. The iconic stuntman actually sued Ye for using his image in the rapper's "Touch the Sky" music video, adding salt to the wound by saying the video was a "worthless piece of crap."  The pair settled the suit and the feud, a mere two days before the sad passing of Knievel in 2007. 

Kanye Vs. MTV
8. Kanye Vs. MTV

West doesn't just throw a temper tantrum when Bey doesn't win, but also himself. Yeezy was pissed that he lost all five awards he was nominated for at the VMAs in 2007. He was further outraged that Britney Spears was opening the show over the much more relevant him, telling the Associated Press that “maybe my money’s not right. Maybe my skin’s not right.” He couldn't have been too upset, as he continues to attend the awards show every year, and get on stage anyway he can. 

Kanye Vs. Justin Timberlake
9. Kanye Vs. Justin Timberlake

Besides Twitter, West loves to rant during concerts, and during a show in 2013 he felt the need to call out the collaboration between Jay-Z and Timberlake, saying, "I got love for the Hov, but I ain't f--king with that 'Suit and Tie' s--t." Timberlake decided to strike back and during his SNL performance changed some of the lyrics to sing, "hits so sick, got rappers acting dramatic." Though he later told Jimmy Kimmel he had nothing but love for West, so perhaps he was trying to squash a feud before it got out of hand. 

Kanye Vs. Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh
10. Kanye Vs. Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh

Flapping his gums like he loves to do, West went off in a podcast in 2013, stating, "I got into this giant argument with the head of Zappos that he's trying to tell me what I need to focus on. Meanwhile, he sells all this s--t product to everybody, his whole thing is based off of selling s--t product." Zappos had a brilliant response, offering a "S--t Product" which was simply a toilet plunger, yours for the mere price of $100K (at least it has free shipping)!

Kanye Vs. South Park
11. Kanye Vs. South Park

Back in 2009, the animated comedy that believes nothing is out of bounds parodied Ye and his seeming inability to take a joke with their "Fishsticks" episode. Trying to not live up to the hype, Kanye actually admitted the episode was "pretty funny" but also said "It hurt my feelings." In 2013 the show went at it again, this time bringing his beau Kim into the mix by calling her a hobbit. Surprisingly, Yeezy stayed pretty quiet concerning the diss to his wife, but sources closed to Kardashian said that she was reportedly fuming over the episode.  

Kanye Vs. Louis Vuitton
12. Kanye Vs. Louis Vuitton

Ever the fashionista, Yeezy was quite upset when the iconic fashion house refused to meet with him back in 2013 and encouraged fans to boycott the brand. He later denied those claims, but still was not over the diss, saying in an interview with Sway that "it's a misconception that I said boycott Louis Vuitton. You can't boycott Louis Vuitton. I wouldn't tell nobody to boycott a brand that ain't nobody even thinking about no more. Nobody thinking about buying no Louis Vuitton."

Kanye Vs. Dennis Haysbert
13. Kanye Vs. Dennis Haysbert

West loves taking jabs in his lyrics, as he did in his song "All Day," stating, "You a fake Denzel like the Allstate n----." While not particularly named, we all knew who he was talking about, and Haysbert wasn't laughing, saying it wasn't smart to call out both Allstate and Washington.

Kanye Vs. Nike
14. Kanye Vs. Nike

Combining his love of fashion and money, Kanye originally partnered with Nike to release his own shoe line, but some disagreements eventually had him working with Adidas. Refusing to let the bad blood die, Ye later dissed the shor giant in his song "Facts," rapping, "If Nike ain't have Drizzy, man they would have nothin' / If Nike ain't have Don C., man they would have nothin' / Yeezy Yeezy Yeezy they line up for days / Nike out here bad they can't give shit away... Nike, Nike treat employees just like slaves / Gave LeBron a billi' not to run away."



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