Everybody knows that the "Star Wars" prequel movies were pretty much a huge let down. However, they're still part of the "Star Wars" world — which means they have to have AT LEAST a few redeeming qualities, right? Yep! Here are 14 things that the prequels actually did RIGHT. 

Better Fighting Choreography
1. Better Fighting Choreography

The prequels take some of the most awesome elements of the “Star Wars” world and make them even better. The choreography of the lightsaber fights in the prequels is far more action oriented and imaginative in terms of villains, fighting styles and the lightsabers themselves. These scenes may be less emotional, but they show how educated Jedis fought before the order was wiped out. Furthermore, each scene has its own unique tone and design. 

Battle of Geonosis
2. Battle of Geonosis

“Attack of the Clones” may be the worst of the worst, but it features something that none of the other movies do — and it’s awesome. The sheer number of Jedis who show up for the Battle of Geonosis is a marvel to watch. Not only does it show how strong the Jedis were at their height, but before this scene we rarely saw more than two or three Jedis fighting simultaneously. 

Samuel L. Jackson
3. Samuel L. Jackson

Having Samuel L. Jackson in the prequels was awesome enough by itself. The cool toughness of Mace Windu (and the fact that he’s the only one in the galaxy who rocks a purple lightsaber) are just added benefits. 

Darth Maul
4. Darth Maul

Darth Maul was an incredible follow up villain to Darth Vader. He had a completely unique attitude and look but was still just as daunting. From the intense black and red costume design to his silently fierce personality (oh, and his DOUBLE ENDED LIGHTSABER), he was just awesome. “Darth Maul: Apprentice” proves that a Darth Maul centered prequel needs to be made. 

Expanded Mythology and World
5. Expanded Mythology and World

The prequels took us out of Luke’s story and expanded the mythology behind the Jedi order and the limits of the galaxy. Planets like Coruscant and Naboo didn’t even exist in the earlier films. 

Cooler Spaceships
6. Cooler Spaceships

At the very least, the prequels had very well thought out aesthetics. The spaceship design was no exception. The N-1 Straighter, the Naboo Royal Starship and the Delta-7 Interceptor all took space travel to a whole new level. 

Queen Amidala's Clothing
7. Queen Amidala's Clothing

Speaking of aesthetics, Queen Amidala totally brought it with her wardrobe. From headpieces to intensely sculpted hair and incredible gowns, Queen Amidala’s power and vulnerability came through in her jaw-dropping costumes. 

Pod Racing
8. Pod Racing

When you first saw “The Phantom Menace,” you definitely wanted to go pod racing — you know you did! The CGI was mind blowing and unseen when the movie was released. It only added to the explosions and racing strategy that made watching the action scene such a rush. 

The Senate Chamber
9. The Senate Chamber

Okay, the senate scene itself is kind of boring. However, once again aesthetics come into play in a big way. If one can block out the conversation, the scene is pretty cool. It shows how huge the galaxy is by the giant number of pods present and the overall art direction is very futuristic and domineering.

The Zam Wesell Chase
10. The Zam Wesell Chase

The action scenes and incredible CGI shots are not the prequel’s weak points. This is proven in the Zam Wesell chase scene. It's nice to see Obi-Wan and Anakin’s dynamics in both fighting and personality — and it shows just how cool and imaginative Jedi fights can get. 

John Williams’ Score
11. John Williams’ Score

One thing stayed consistent between the originals and the prequels: John Williams’ flawless score. “Duel of the Fates” playing behind the Darth Maul fight scene heightens the moment and is one of the best pieces of music in the whole series. 

Padme With A Blaster
12. Padme With A Blaster

Every time Padme switches from politician to warrior is a moment to behold. May Padme always have the odd “aggressive negotiation.”

General Grievous
13. General Grievous

There were definitely too many villains in the prequels, ultimately making the story inconsistent and less menacing. However, if there's ever a redo option, General Grievous should be allowed to stay just for his design alone! He looks part robot and part alien (he can wield four lightsabers at once!). Plus, he came with an intimidating voice worthy of a villain. 

The Gungan World
14. The Gungan World

Not Jar Jar Binks. Never Jar Jar Binks. But you have to admit, the Gungan's underwater world was pretty cool to see on screen. 

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