So we're all familiar with the wholesome, musical film adaptation of 'The Wizard of Oz'? But has anyone explored the original book that the movie was based on? it turns out that author L. Frank Baum wrote some shockingly violent scenes into the story that the movie conveniently left over. Otherwise, we could have grown up with the gritty R-rated bloodbath that no one asked for. It's time we explore just how deranged the first book really was while we wait for Quentin Tarantino to make a more faithful adaptation.

In the movie, the Tin Man was a lovable pal who dreamed of having a heart. But did you ever wonder how he became tin in the first place? Well in the book, the Wicked Witch enchants his axe, so the Tin Man involuntarily CHOPS OFF HIS OWN LIMBS! The Tin Man would replace each missing body part with tin after each hack, until he was completely made out of tin. I imagine the budget for that much fake blood would have been too enormous, and also this was supposed to be a children's film. The studio definitely made the right move avoiding this.

There was another book scene omitted from the movie, and that's when the protagonists visit the Dainty China Country. Deep into the woods, they stumble across a community of LIVING PORCELAIN DOLLS. The book goes into much detail about how many of the dolls damaged themselves from doing head stands and they were permanently forced to live with misshapen faces and large holes in their bodies. The movie would have traumatized way more children if they tried to film this scene!

Remember that scene in the movie where our protagonists fall prey to some sleep-inducing poppies? Yeah, that didn't happen in the book. The Wicked Witch sent an army of forty wolves after the lovable heroes. Their solution? get the Tin Man to DECAPITATE ALL OF THE WOLVES! It's even written into that scene how much blood was spilled from the fight. Serious, the Tin Man is serial killer and I cannot be convinced otherwise.

There was the part of the movie where Dorothy stumbles across the friendly Scarecrow, where he sings about wanting a brain and swats away the perrty crows who were surrounding him. Well that scene was written a little bit differently in the book. The Scarecrow actually SNAPPED THE NECK OF the hundreds of crows who were pestering him. Somehow Dorothy overlooks all of this and decides this creature is the perfect road trip companion, and that she'll be completely safe with him! Geez, Dorothy was the one who could have used a brain.

Those were some of the worst scenes that took place in the first book, 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz'. There were 14 books in total written by L. Frank Baum and many others written by other authors after his death. The rest of the series gets even more dark and weird. Hollywood is notorious nowadays for make gritty reboots of famous properties that no one asked for, so perhaps this will be the next one! Shout out to Ranker for compiling some of the most disturbing moments.