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Rob Zombie’s "Halloween"

This 2007 prequel/remake of the classic 1978 horror flick Halloween began with Michael Myers, the villain of the movie, murdering his family, including his mother, her boyfriend, his sister and her boyfriend. His cold, emotionless killing style is a big part of why Michael Myers strikes so much fear into the hearts of audiences even to this day. That same quality is also what influenced a 17-year-old boy to murder members of his own family, including his mother and 15-year-old sister.

Jake Evans admired the remorseless way Myers dealt with his family. He was obsessed with the movie and watched it just hours before he committed the murder. He allegedly even threw the videotape in the garbage so that authorities wouldn't think the movie influenced his actions. In a confession he wrote for the police, which was later released by the judge in his case, he said, "While watching it I was amazed at how at ease the boy was during the murders and how little remorse he had afterword [sic]. I was thinking to myself it would be the same for me when I kill someone." He'd initially wanted to stab the two female family members, but decided to be merciful and simply shoot them instead so they wouldn't "feel anything." He'd also planned to murder his grandparents and another sister who had been staying with them, and his oldest sister who would be coming home from college the next day. After killing his sister and mother, however, Jake instead called 911 and turned himself in.

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"Queen Of The Damned"

Queen of the Damned followed the immortal vampire Lestat. Awoken from his slumber by a heavy metal rock band, he then joins the band as its lead singer and falls in love with a human woman. That didn't sit too well with Lestat's old flame, Ashaka, the Queen of the Damned and the first vampire. She uses her powers to get Lestat to kill his human lover, only to then be betrayed by him and killed. The vampiric mistress also entranced another man, leading him to murder his own friend.

Alan Menzies was obsessed with this movie. The 23-year-old Scottish man had watched the film over 100 times in the week leading up to his grisly murderous attack. He later told authorities that Ashaka came to his bedroom at night and promised him immortality if he would kill someone. Soon after, Menzies' friend, Thomas McKendrick, came over and expressed his concern that Menzies was too obsessed with the movie and insulted Ashaka. Menzies, who suffered from a personality disorder, snapped and stabbed McKendrick to death. After McKendrick was dead, Menzies confessed to drinking his blood and eating part of his head. Menzies was sentenced to 18 years prison, but he killed himself about a year later.

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"The Collector"

The 1965 film The Collector followed a shy, lonely butterfly collector who became enamored with Miranda, a spirited art student who he watched, and loved, from afar. After he wins big money from the football pools, he buys a house out in the countryside, with a deep, well-secured cellar. He then kidnaps Miranda with the idea that if he keeps her captive, she will eventually fall in love with him. Of course, that's not how things work out. Miranda eventually sickens and dies, and he looks for another pretty young woman to "collect." There have been a few serial killers and murderers inspired by the film, but none are more horrific than the ones committed by Robert Berdella, the Butcher of Kansas City.

It was a viewing of The Collector that sent a teenage Berdella on his deadly path. Just like in the movie, Berdella would find his victims, convince them to come to his home, then he would torture and assault them for days, sometimes even weeks, before killing them. He detailed exactly what he put his victims through in journals and photographs. He was only caught after one of his intended victims escaped by jumping through a second story window, wearing nothing but a dog collar. Berdella was caught and jailed. He later died in prison from a heart attack.

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Teens in the small, quiet town of Woodsboro were coming up dead and a masked killer was to blame. The killer, known as Ghostface, terrorized the town with murders and his iconic black robes and white mask made him out to look like "The Scream" painting by Edvard Munch. The film was a box office hit and is often credited with revitalizing the horror industry in the '90s, but that's not the only thing Scream is credited with.

Alisson Cambier, a 15-year-old girl, went a few doors down to her neighbor's house, who belonged to a man by the name of Thierry Jaradin, a 24-year-old truck driver. She was there to exchange videotapes and visit for a bit. After a little while, Jaradin made a romantic pass at the teen and was turned down. That's when he went into the next room, where he put on the iconic black robe worn by Ghostface in Scream, as well as the mask, and grabbed two kitchen knives. He killed Cambier by stabbing her 30 times. Once she was dead, he laid her body on his bed, placing a red rose in her hand, then he called his father and a coworker to confess his crime. Jaradin told police he was inspired to act because of the Scream trilogy. What's truly terrifying is that Jaradin had no criminal record or documented mental health issues.

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"Saw VI"

Saw, and its many, many sequels have always received their fair share of criticism. The ultra-violent horror movies center around the main antagonist, Jigsaw, who is represented by a sinister puppet. Jigsaw kidnapped various people who have committed what he considers sins. He then forced them to engage in torturous games in order to escape that not only cause them physical harm but also puts them through major psychological turmoil. Many critics say that the violence and torture featured in the movies encourage violent tendencies in people, and that may have been the case with Matthew Tinling.

Tinling lured his neighbor, former soldier Richard Hamilton, to his apartment. Once there, Tinling stabbed the man several times, forcing Hamilton to give up his PIN number. Even after Hamilton did so, that didn't stop Tinling from continuing with his murderous actions. All in all, he stabbed Hamilton over 17 times and, in reference to something he saw in Saw VI, cut into the man's spinal cord in an attempt to sever it completely, which would cause paralysis and a painful death. Tinling was sentenced to life in prison, with a minimum of 30 years.

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"A Nightmare On Elm Street"

The teens on Elm Street hadn't been sleeping so well. It had a little something to do with the spirit of the villainous Freddy Krueger visiting their dreams every night. If the kids were unlucky enough to fall asleep on Freddy's watch, it could very well lead to their eternal slumber. Not many people would be inspired by such a murderous character, but Daniel Gonzales was not like most people.

Gonzales murdered four people and injured two others in a series of attacks that took place over the course of three days in September of 2004. He used a knife to stab his victims to death. In conversations with authorities, Gonzales confessed that he'd always wondered what it would be like to be a movie villain like Freddy Krueger. Just a few years after he was incarcerated, Gonzales was found dead in his cell by guards early one morning. He had killed himself.

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"Child’s Play 2"

The evil doll, Chucky, returned to rain down misery and murder on the poor, hapless Andy Barclay yet again in this sequel. Chucky needed the boy so he could transfer his soul into a new, human body. In other words, the doll had to kill the boy to become a real boy himself. This is the theme that caught mass murderer Martin Bryant's attention.

The 27-year-old Australian man, raised in Tasmania, was obsessed with dolls. He had a collection of over 200 teddy bears and dolls in his home, according to an ex-girlfriend, and he also used to quote the movie with great enthusiasm. Despite this, it can't be said for certain that Child's Play 2 was directly responsible for Bryant's killing spree, but it wouldn't be a bad educated guess either. The 1996 massacre at Port Arthur was one of the largest mass shootings in the world and took place over the course of two days, resulting in the lives of 35 people, including a 3 and 6-year-old, and injuring 23 others

First, he shot the elderly owners of a bed and breakfast his family had been interested in purchasing. After he committed his first, murderous crime, authorities assume that Bryant figured that he'd either be taken in by police or killed, so he wanted to go out with a bang. He then drove to the historic ruins in Port Arthur where there was a small cafe. After he sat in the restaurant and finished his meal, he pulled out his weapons and opened fire, killing many. His killing spree continued as he drove around the port town in a yellow Volvo, occasionally opening fire on pedestrians. Eventually, he was captured and his deadly rampage was finally put to an end. He will remain in prison for the rest of his life.

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"Interview With The Vampire"

Interview with the Vampire tells the tale of a newly created vampire and his creator. The two drink the blood of the living, as vampires are wont to do. It might seem like there's not much to imitate in this movie that's more "existential crisis" than true horror, but where there's a will, there's a way.

Daniel Sterling and his girlfriend of eight years, Lisa Stellwagen, watched the movie. Later that night, at 3 am, Stellwagen woke up to find Sterling staring at her. When she asked him why he was doing that, Sterling replied, "I'm going to kill you and drink your blood." Sure enough, a bit later in the day, he followed through on that. He stabbed her and drank her blood. Stellwagen survived, though he stabbed her seven times in the chest and back. Sterling is still in jail today.

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"American Psycho"

American Psycho is a film adaptation of a book with the same title. It follows New York City businessman Patrick Bateman, a true psychopath. Patrick lives a luxurious lifestyle, interrupted only by his murderous impulses. He kills as casually as he discusses '80s music, and he kills people for reasons as petty as the fact that their business cards are superior to his own.

The youngest killer on this list, Michael Hernandez, was 14-years-old at the time of his crime and spent the days before he murdered his best friend looking up reviews of American Psycho. That wasn't the only disturbing thing he researched, he also read up about baby killers in Australia and looked at gory drawings. Hernandez went on to stab his best friend, 14-year-old Jamie Gough, over 40 times in the school bathroom. Hernandez was charged with first-degree murder as an adult. He is still in prison today.

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