Magic is cool and all, but there are some serious consequences that come along with it and we're not sure that J.K. Rowling truly understood all the ramifications of her magical world.

The tangible soul
1. The tangible soul

1. They have confirmed, empirical evidence for the existence of souls

2. The general public is perfectly OK with the destruction of the soul as a form of punishment (Source).

Polyjuice prostitutes
2. Polyjuice prostitutes

Two words: Polyjuice prostitutes.
You know that girl you've got a crush on? Just find a single hair and some polyjuice potion and voila! Have a prostitute drink some polyjuice for an hour of fun with anyone. And you know there is a black market for that sh_t. Lockhart probably sells a few clippings a day for a thousand galleons a pop (Source).

The uncertainty
3. The uncertainty

You could never really be sure if you've ever been a victim of a memory charm. Like Hermione's parents at the end of the series. That was creepy as f_ck. But that was quite advanced magic. Wiping memories is easy, altering them is much harder. Hence the need for the Ministry to have a whole department of experts on it (Source).

The horrifying possibilities with portkeys
4. The horrifying possibilities with portkeys

Psycho wizard makes two portkeys, one out of a rock he chucks into the ocean 5 miles out, and one out of a plastic ball he chucks into a ball pit at McDonalds or Chuck E. Cheese. Actually the more I think about it the crazier portkeys become. Especially since the Goblet of Fire set the precedent for forced Apparation. It makes abduction/murder super easy (Source).

Free the house elves!
5. Free the house elves!

Slavery, forced segregation, and the subjugation and racism (specisim?) against sentient species is all taken as a matter of course. Not the work of Dark Wizards: not the work of angry Muggles: but the work of normal, more-or-less good people. It takes a Muggle born to even broach the fact that magically enslaving an entire species is kinda wrong.

Hermione: Enslaving a sentient species is wrong!

Everybody else: Oh Herm, you're such a bleeding heart.

House Elf: Herm's right, but centuries of humiliation force me to mutilate myself for even thinking about it (Source).

The love potion is worse than you think...
6. The love potion is worse than you think...

Love potions are basically date-rape drugs...and it's perfectly legal to make and sell them. That fun, novelty joke shop that Fred and George open sells them. It is so easy to slip that stuff into someone's food or beverage, and then violate them (Source).

Messing with minds
7. Messing with minds

The possibility that all mental illnesses in the muggle world could be explained by magic or magical instances and they were improperly diagnosed or treated due to the magical world not wanting to come forth into the real one.

Or they're squibs who have been suppressed by wizards, like people thought Ariana Dumbledore was or how people with disabilities were treated in the past. Oh you can't do magic? Let's f_ck with your brain and send you to a muggle hospital. Oh you think you're a wizard? That's nice mrs smith now take your pills (Source).

Dumbledore knows best
8. Dumbledore knows best

The schools constantly put the students in extremely dangerous situations without any real safeguards against death or significant injury. Also, there's a major lack of security at the schools in general. For example, The Goblet of Fire is one of the biggest infractions. But this is also why I love Dumbledore---he is batsh_t when it comes to child safety. How he got to be in charge of the only magic school in the UK is hilarious.

He leaves an infant on a doorstep in the middle of the night, one who is supposedly the only hope for the wizarding world.

He keeps a giant three headed vicious dog in a school full of children, separated only by a door that can be charmed open by a first year.

He gives 11 year olds detention in a forest with LORD VOLDEMORT IN IT, chaperoned by a giant who can't do a lot of magic and an old guy who f_cking hates kids.

Many many many poorly thought-out decisions when it came to hiring teachers.

He went around shouting the password to his office like it was free wifi (Source).

The things Peter Pettigrew saw...
9. The things Peter Pettigrew saw...

The sheer number of times poor Peter Pettigrew had to watch young Ron wank. But then imagine poor Ron realizing that all those times he wanked with scabbers in his room it was actually a middle-aged dude who was in cahoots with Voldemort....I got no sympathy for that rat, but Ron's gotta have a little PTSD (Source).

Spell regulations
10. Spell regulations

I was actually just thinking about this while I was watching the marathon on ABC Family. There are regulations for the weirdest, most pointless things in the HP Wizarding World. Underage wizards can't do any magic whatsoever outside of school at the fear of being expelled, yet Polyjuice and love potions can be made by anyone, with the Ministry of Magic having no knowledge of it, as well as other spells that control free will, like petrificus totalus orstupify.

Could you imagine if someone stunned you, then just left you there and started imitating you for the rest of your life, like what happened to Mad-Eye Moody?

If the Ministry can detect when an underage wizard does magic, don't you think they could get some sort of pop-up Facebook alert when someone is committing identity theft? Or at least better regulations on that kind of stuff (Source).

Hermione and her time-turner
11. Hermione and her time-turner

They don't seem to have a problem to give a timetravel-device to a child. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? There were so many other things it could have been used for! Like figuring out how people were attacked when the Chamber of Secrets was open, or to discover who put Harry's name in the Goblet of Fire, or to show the Minister of Magic that Voldemort did in fact come back, and have a shooting gallery waiting for him (Source).

Silly wizards
12. Silly wizards

Not such a horrifying implication but I always found it strange that wizards, most of whom can apparate almost anywhere at will, continue to use an owl as their preferred method of sending urgent messages (Source).

Flying balls
13. Flying balls

Hagrid's dad managing to impregnate Hagrid's mom is a pretty horrible situation to think on.

It's also apparently pretty easy to manipulate flying balls into chasing after a specific individual with the goal of shattering the bones in their body, so you could be minding your own buisness one day when BAM, giant ball to the spine (Source).

Painted vengeance
14. Painted vengeance

If Hieronymus Bosch (a painter alive in the 1450s known for creating horrific scenes of violence) was a wizard, the people/demons in his paintings would be alive, and the tortures would be real. Bitter exes could also paint their former lovers being slaughtered brutally and watch them. In fact...any sort of sadist or murderer or rapist could paint brutal scenes and use them like porn. CRINGE (Source).

Revealing magic to muggles
15. Revealing magic to muggles

The danger that a wizard might go rogue and reveal magic to the Muggle's military forces. Or rather, the fact that in centuries of magic it never happened! (Source).

The love potion
16. The love potion

Love Potions were handled way too lightly by the characters for the most part, which is strange because Rowling even explored the scarier parts of them with Merope Guant and Tom Riddle Sr. You'd think that, knowing how they can be abused that way, love potions would be very very very heavily restricted and regulated, or banned outright (Source).

Choosing sides
17. Choosing sides

People seem to be fairly incapable of living between both worlds so you're forced to abandon muggle friends and family or reject the wizarding world.

Except Hermione (Source).

Hogwarts is a dangerous place
18. Hogwarts is a dangerous place

You just know some poor first year probably got crushed to death by the moving stairs (Source).

Selfish wizards
19. Selfish wizards

Magic is a clean, renewable source of energy. We could end pollution, oil dependence, etc. But screw us muggles. Wizards are too busy playing broom ball to end global warming. They can probably cure cancer too (Source).

Foolish Voldy
20. Foolish Voldy

I don't want to live in a world where a full grown man can't defeat a one year old infant. Why on earth didn't Voldemort just walk over and oh i don't know push him out the window? (Source)

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