The world of dating is a scary one; meeting new people to see if there's a romantic connection is pretty nerve-wracking. Especially when the date doesn't pan out well!

Men on Reddit share the reason why they walked out of a date. Content has been edited for clarity.

She Was Disturbing Everyone Around Them
She Was Disturbing Everyone Around Them

"Took a gal to Starbucks, and bought us both a drink so we could sit and talk. About five minutes into it, she takes a phone call from a co-worker. Rather than holding it up to her ear, she puts it on speakerphone and begins to savagely trash talk about their co-workers. On speakerphone, in a small semi-busy Starbucks, both parties cursing up a storm.

The barista at the counter asked her to take the call off speaker, as people were trying to study (they were). She proceeds to argue with the barista about how she can't take it off speakerphone, blah blah blah. I instantly got up and apologized to the barista on my way out of the store. Didn't message her, didn't hear from her."

"The Hardest Conversation Of My Life"
"The Hardest Conversation Of My Life"

"I got catfished by a girl who has sent me fake photos...and it wasn’t even close to her. She immediately addressed this, but in a way that would make it my fault if I had an issue with it. She was saying things like, 'I know I lied about how I look, but only because I knew you wouldn’t date me and looks are superficial.'

No problem, let’s see who she really is.

I wish that was the reason I ran for the hills. She invited like seven of her friends as consultants or 'advisors,' and told me to pretend they weren’t there. That was pretty hard to do so, considering they were sitting around at a huge table at Toronto’s Old Spaghetti Factory, all the while SHE’S ASKING THEM ADVICE WHILE WE’RE ON A DATE. Like if I asked her, 'What do you do for fun?' SHE WOULD THEN TURN TO HER FRIENDS AND ASK THEM WHAT SHE SHOULD SAY.

After the hardest conversation of my life, she then asked if I wanted to watch some special edition Harry Potter with director commentary or something with all her friends at her house. I made up some random emergency and we never spoke again."

"She Spent 20 Minutes Browsing Through Social Meida"
"She Spent 20 Minutes Browsing Through Social Meida"

"Matched with her on through a social media app, and we bonded over our shared love of food. She mentioned not having gone to any good restaurants in town and was tired of places like Kelsey's or Lone Star. Decided to take her to a really nice place in town as I had just got my tax returns and could afford a $200 meal.

During the date, she talked with me and was engaged right up to when she ordered her food; an appetizer, a drink, dinner, a second dinner for lunch the next day, and dessert. After her order was placed, she took out her phone and spent the next 20 minutes just browsing through social media while I tried to talk with her.

So, I excused myself to the bathroom and instead talked to the waitress. Got her to cancel my meal and dessert (only had my appetizer at that point). Split the bill and paid what the 20% tip for the whole thing would have been as it wasn't fair for the waitress to lose out on her tip. My phone blew up about five minutes later when the waitress told her what was up."

An Interesting First Date Conversation
An Interesting First Date Conversation

"I met this girl at the gym, but we never really talked until one day she asked me to spot her on the squat rack. We ended up talking for a good 15 minutes that time. We end up going out to the bar/club scenes in the area. We got a few drinks in started to hit it off until she started talking about her exes. She kept going on about the different guys, how she would work out then sleep with them and be tired from the workout.

The thing was, I knew those guys because we went to the same gym. I literally woke up from my buzz and got immediately turned off. Got myself an Uber and went home. I don't know if she realized why I left, but she kept raging about how it’s her past and it shouldn’t affect anything. But she doesn’t realize she kept going on about every single person I have seen her with for nearly the whole night. Normally I wouldn’t care but seriously... why are you bringing them up on date one?"

"All She Did Was Take A Million Selfies"
"All She Did Was Take A Million Selfies"

"She was a 10/10, intelligent, and works at a big tech company that you all know. The funny part was, as we were getting to know each other (through text), she initially declined me when I asked her out. In her words, 'You probably wouldn't like me anymore.' And she was right.

First, she asked me to pick her up- She lived 30 minutes from me and about 45 minutes from the baseball game we were going to. No big deal! Except when I arrived at her place, she wasn't ready at all. She led me to her living room and asked me to wait there while she returned to her room to finish getting ready. Her roommate got home, apologized for my date taking so long, and had a couple of drinks with me while we waited. For over an hour. I probably should have left then, but I was having fun with the roommate. She was cool.

Once my date was finally ready, I still had to make the drive to the game and by the time we got there, the game was over halfway done. The seats were wonderful, right by the field with an amazing view! And all she did was take a million selfies, stare at her phone, and complain. Complain about the weather, complain about the crowd, complain about the game. After about 30 minutes, I stood up and told her, 'I'm taking you home.'

We drove the 45 minutes back to her house without saying a single word to each other. She managed to squeak out a, 'Thank you, bye,' as she left my car. And we never spoke again."

The Jokes Stopped Being Funny After A While
The Jokes Stopped Being Funny After A While

"I met a girl online and went on a few dates. She was nice enough and attractive, and everything was going good enough to continue going on dates. One thing that started happening on the second date triggered my red flag warning. She would constantly make jokes about me.

In the beginning, I put it down to playful banter but it became more and more frequent and hurtful. A couple of dates later, it got to the point where the jokes were turning nasty and were affecting my self-esteem. I am all for a joke but not when you are paying out on someone non-stop and effectively bullying them.

I decided the date we were on was going to be the last one. I walked her to her car, and when we got there, she invited me back to her place so we could continue to hang out. I politely said no and said that I didn't feel the relationship was going to work for me.

She proceeded to call me a piece of trash and complained about how I was the worst person she had ever met."

"I'm Covering Your Tab, Get Out Of Here"
"I'm Covering Your Tab, Get Out Of Here"

"I went on date a few years ago with a girl I met online. I was seated next to the bar and I was chatting with the bartender before my date had arrived. While we were chatting, I let her know I was waiting for someone for a first date. When my date arrived, we sat in the same spot. We ordered dinner and it was apparent to me right off the bat she only cared about herself.

After about 15 minutes of my date talking without asking a single question about myself, I decided I was going to let this entertain me and see how long this could go on. It was two hours and fifteen minutes later (no exaggeration) where she still hadn't asked me a single question. When she got up to go to the bathroom, the bartender came over and said 'I'm covering your tab, now get out of here and next time you come in we'll have a laugh about this date of yours.'

So, I got up and left. My date then proceeded to send me nasty texts for the next couple of days (apparently the restaurant still charged her for her drinks/meal). I never did go back and chat with that bartender though, wish I had."

He Got Out Of There Quickly
He Got Out Of There Quickly

"She stated she feels like she finally gets to be an adult when she's on dates (single mom).

Proceeded to talk for the next two to three hours uninterrupted. At one point, I even was playing a game on my phone the whole time she was talking, and it didn't seem to phase her. What was worse was that it was shockingly personal stuff about her ex's murder or her horrible situation with her dad.

I, like a moron, figured that was her form of first date jitters and gave it another go. Nope, same nonsense again. I went to the bathroom and texted her that I got called into work. Paid for my meal at the front desk and bounced."

"Told Her I Wasn't Enjoying The Vibes"
"Told Her I Wasn't Enjoying The Vibes"

"We went to the beach as a first date. She brought one of those beach umbrellas which immediately broke from the wind. I laughed it off and made a joke about it, which she was visibly upset by. About 20 minutes go by of me giving her a chance to....ya know....enjoy this date, but she’s sitting there upset. I told her I wasn’t enjoying the vibes and to have a nice day.

She texted me weeks later asking to hang out as if nothing really happened."

He's Never Going To Try Online Dating Again
He's Never Going To Try Online Dating Again

"I have a couple of stories.

The first girl, I met for pizza at a relatively fancy local pizza place. It seemed to be going really well, and she was super cute! I was into it in a big way. We're walking back to the car, and she said 'I hope you're not going to try to kiss me because I'm just here for the free meal.' I just laughed it off, gave her a hug, and left.

Somewhere between a year and a half and two years later, I hit her up again. She didn't remember me, which was perfect, so I set up another date at the same pizza place. It went poorly. She was mostly ignoring me, sometimes to the point of not answering direct questions. I guess she figured that she didn't have to fake interest to get her free meal.

I ate my share of food, said 'I have to go to the bathroom,' and walked right out the door (we were sitting next to the door). She gave me a disgusted look, but I kept walking. She never tried to contact me after that. I assume she figured out what the deal was.

For the second girl, we met at a pub for some food, and she wanted to get a drink (I don't drink). She showed up and looked nothing like her picture, and I was immediately not interested romantically, but I figured, Hey, I can afford the meal, so we'll sit, have some food and good conversation, and I'll tell her how I feel after I buy the meal to hopefully take the sting off a bit.

Well, something was very wrong once we sat down. Her hands were shaking visibly and quite noticeably to start. Secondly, the conversation was bizarre. I was telling her how I was a developer and she said, 'Yeah, I know a bit about that myself. I have an Ubuntu at home.' This statement confused me a bit, but I figured maybe she meant a computer with Ubuntu installed, so I just shook it off. She proceeded to tell me how she was 'One number away from figuring out the Google algorithm.' Now, these things might sound relatively normal to someone who is not a developer, but to put it in perspective, it's something like saying 'I'm one letter away from figuring out the Scrabble rules.' It just doesn't make any sense.

To top all of that off, she was falling asleep. Like a lot. She'd fall asleep in the middle of a sentence, and then just wake up as if she didn't know it happened and would just finish her sentence. I pointed this out to her, and she said 'Yeah, I'm just tired.' I'm figuring something else was far more likely, so at this point, I said, 'You know what, you should leave. You're clearly very tired and if you stick around it is not going to be safe for you to drive home.'

She said it was okay, and I said 'No, I insist. You should leave. Now.'

So she left, and the server arrived with our appetizer a few minutes later. He asked where she went, and I gave him a shorter version of the story and told him not to worry; I'm gonna finish this appetizer and have a bit to eat. My meal alone was far more pleasant.

I hate online dating so much."

"Told Her To Enjoy Her Meal And Left"
"Told Her To Enjoy Her Meal And Left"

"This was the 5th or 6th date with this girl I was really into.

It was a theme park and a dinner date. I had fully paid for the first four or five dates and had paid for the theme park tickets and parking. I was raised to believe that guys pay for dates so I did.

We were headed to dinner when I realized my wallet was missing. She still wants to go for dinner as we are both starving, so I assumed she was buying dinner as my wallet was missing and I had already spent like $400 on the tickets, parking, and merch in the theme park that day.

We get there and we’re almost next in line so I ask what are we getting and she replied, 'Oh, I’m buying myself a burger, I’m not paying for you.'

She had fully expected me to sit in front of her and watch her eat and then drive her home.

I told her to enjoy her meal and left.

When I got home, I saw she put me on blast on Facebook but I think she forgot she didn’t have any real friends. All her friends were my friends and coworkers she met through me. So after I wrote about what happened every one attacked her and unfriended her.

A few days later she started messaging me asking me for another chance. I promptly blocked her number."

She Was Evaluating Her Choices
She Was Evaluating Her Choices

"We had been dating for close to three months. Until this point, the 'relationship' was very one-sided. I was being infatuated with her, and she failed to respond to a text over a whole day, having one-day a week availability if I was lucky, things like that.

She asked me if I'd be interested in letting her take me out to dinner for my birthday. I was ecstatic. It was the first effort she had made to set something up to take ME out. I drove downtown (where she lived) to meet her. Paid $20 for parking. She called me, which was the first time ever, and sounded a bit weird. She was walking up to me. She was very obviously 100% trashed. We walked to the restaurant with her annoyingly yell-talking at me, saying stupid things to random people around us, etc. We sat down in the restaurant and ordered two drinks. She went to the bathroom and didn't come out for like 20 minutes. I asked the waiter to cash us out and paid for my own birthday dinner that she invited me to. Asked if a waitress could go check on her as I was leaving, and wrote on a note saying 'Hey, I went ahead and headed home. Please take an Uber back home.'

She texted me the next day, but she never apologized. It was as nothing had happened. We went out one more time, and she told me she had been dating me and one other guy for three months. Apparently, she wanted to meet me one more time to evaluate if I was going to be the guy she 'goes with.' I told her I'd expedite that choice for her by bowing out. I stalked her social media and found out she ended up marrying that other dude a month and a half later. Crazy world."

"She Told Me She Liked Fire"
"She Told Me She Liked Fire"

"Took a blind date to a dairy queen in Ontario, a long time ago. We were going to take a walk afterward, then either take in a movie or do drinks.

She was only two licks into her cone when she told me she liked fire and wanted to meet me because the picture she was shown of me had a huge fireplace in the background. She pulled out a lighter and burned her napkin in the ashtray (it was at least that long ago).

When we left, I asked if she knew my (unlisted) number or address. She said she didn't. I said 'good,' and I bounced."

He Needed To Get Caught Up On The Movies
He Needed To Get Caught Up On The Movies

"Met with this girl at a psychedelic indoor mini-golf place.

The more we advanced through the game, it became clear she didn't want to stop playing at the 18th hole. But the words that were coming out of her mouth were having the opposite effect on me.

Her online profile didn't show, but she was a little too trashy for me: flying away on weekends to go party and do coke in Miami, coming in to work hungover and still high. Might be fun for some, but not my definition of good times.

So we finished our game and started walking to the subway station.

'So, what's your stop?' she asked in a flirty voice.

So, I told her my stop.

'Oh, same as mine. We could continue hanging out if you want,' she said in a suggestive voice.

I had to come up with a solution, fast. Luckily, we were passing a movie theater...

'Well, I had a good time, but I can't at the moment. I need to catch up on new releases.. Talk to you soon!' and I entered the lobby.

I paid for the next showing (didn't really care about the movie).

She texted me the next day to know how about the movie and when we would see each other again. Told her it was fine, and that I didn't feel any spark."

"I Was Dumbfounded, But Rolled With It"
"I Was Dumbfounded, But Rolled With It"

"Met a girl over a dating. Agreed to meet up at a bar near the hockey stadium. On my way over there, she texts me to let me know her neighbor tagged along with her. I figured, Okay, she's just being safe. No problem. I get to the bar and the two of them are plastered and already ate. I was dumbfounded but rolled with it.

Ten minutes in, a whole big group of their friends showed up and they're all going to the hockey game as well. Turns out this is a regular thing for them, and I'm this girl's +1 without my knowing...

She's trashed, they're all trashed, I'm sober and way out of place. Would have walked out at this point, but didn't want to make a scene in front of a bunch of people I don't know.

Get to the stadium, we're finally seated and able to talk between us. She whispers loudly in my ear, 'This is going to be the night we tell our grandkids about one day.' I don't say anything and she gets offended. One of her friends defends me 'Dude, you just met him.' She later saw someone she knew and I took the opportunity to pretend to use the bathroom but left instead."

Seeing Her True Colors
Seeing Her True Colors

"I was on a date with a woman whom I thought was smart, pretty, and very funny. I really considered I'd hit the jackpot when I met her originally at a work event. Then we ran into a homeless person on the street.

Holy... moly.

She went off about how filthy they are, how she would never let herself become sub-human like that, how they're all thieves, addicts, or how they always assault people. Also, she went off about how most are illegal aliens who have brought diseases into the US. I stared at her open-jawed and then told her I didn't think this would work out.

She told me to 'Man up,' and see what's really happening in our country. Yeah... I just turned and walked away while flipping the bird over my shoulder. She was actually a horrible human being."

"Never Saw Her Again"
"Never Saw Her Again"

"She was smashed when I picked her up. She was a reporter for a local newspaper, thought it would at least be a good conversation.

She obviously wanted to sleep with me, or with anything that moved. Really dirty and pushy. She was on her way to being belligerent just on the strength of the drinks still in her stomach. I did not know this.

We went to a tiny zoo. By the time we got there, she was sloppy and in her own world. Shameless. I talked about animals while she threw her leg up around my hip and made leopard noises. I was super entertained but my concern started to win me over. I started leading her to the exit. We were passing stables where you could pet goats, pigs, cows, etc and she suddenly darts off into one of the stalls with surprising coordination and speed. I took a few steps in the direction she ran to see around the divider and there she was.

She was trying to ride a donkey like a horse. I laughed as I spun around and started walking away from her, embarrassed. People were watching. She called out to me, trying to get me to look some more.I just kept walking toward my car. I felt like I was trying to leave a store with stolen goods. Someone said, 'Excuse me!' and it took everything inside me not to start hauling butt. I didn't even do anything!

Yeah, I never saw her again."

So That's Why She Goes On Dates
So That's Why She Goes On Dates

"I once was on a date with one of the prettiest women I’ve matched with online. She was a solid 9.5 and completely my type. We had a date planned at a restaurant and it happened. As soon as she walked through the front door I knew she was way out of my league. Any who, we ordered our food and sat down. We began discussing careers, hobbies, current jobs, and our interests. Turns out, she’s immensely smart and she’s well on her way to having a high-paying career! By this point, I’m starting to question again why she’s with me of all people on this date. We continue talking.

Out of nowhere, she brings up my dog. Like mid-conversation about something else. So I told her a little about my dog and she kept asking more questions.

'How long have you had him?'

'What’s he like?'

'Is he naughty?'

Most of which were normal, but the last question made me on edge a bit. I ask her if she has any dogs and she says no. So we keep talking and about five minutes later she says unironically that she enjoys going to dudes' apartments to cuddle with their dogs. Apparently, she will only sleep with the dude beforehand if she has to in order to meet with the dog. After that, I strongly suggest that what she said was weird and that we can be just friends. She called me a prick, along with other names, and stormed off. This was hour three or four into the date, hours that I wish I could get back."

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