The Villages retirement home is the largest senior living center in the world and is also home to some very saucy residents. Nicknamed Disney World for old people, there are 10 women to every man and plenty of scandals to go around. If you thought Florida was just a place for old folks to play golf and sip iced tea then think again.

Reports from Daily Mail have discovered reports of a robust black market Viagra racket at the retirement complex, dozens of swingers, and a limitless supply of cheap booze! These seniors really know how to party!

The Villages isn't just a small retirement home though. With a population of over 100,000 residents, The Villages is chock full of elderly partygoers.

Many of the residents say they feel like kids again at The Villages. Male members can be seen cruising around for chicks in their golf carts while late-night parties turn to full-blown orgies.

The Villages also has its share of larger-than-life characters.

There is the unofficial leader of the late-night gang, a perma-tanned retired biology teacher, who called his manhood Mr. Midnight. There is also local legend, Peggy Klemm, a 68-year-old cougar who was arrested for public indecency and intoxication when she hooked up with her 49-year-old lover in the middle of the public square.

The local bar made a new cocktail in her honor for $3.75 which the seniors couldn't get enough of.

Belinda Beard, 62, said: "All of the women work hard to look good. But it’s more than just a social thing. Turn your back for a minute and someone will try to steal your husband."

But accidents occasionally happen. Phil Harper – at 50 one of The Village's younger residents – unexpectedly became a father five years ago.

"My daughter was conceived at the 19th hole on the golf course,' he said to the Daily Mail, 'It was the last thing I expected – same for my wife. She’s five years older than me."

Despite being a township where most residents are in bed by 10 pm, The Villages never has a lack of debauchery and crazy fun.