So we're all familiar with Sparknotes, right? It's the literature summary website that literally saved your high school English grade. Well it turns out that they have a top-notch twitter page full of literary memes, and they really deserve a gold medal for all of this content. Here are some of my favorites below:

1. It cannot be stated enough how big of a drama queen Romeo was:

2. Now you don't even have to read the book!

3. Would Jane Austen have enjoyed this meme?

4. I had a surprised Pikachu face while reading that entire book:

5. Good to see someone else finally acknowledging my royal status:

6. Simon was truly underrated:

7. I'm just counting down the days:

8. Ooh, now I'm hungry!

9. Literally the pettiest people you will ever find in literature:

10. Are any authors seeing this meme? Please?!

11. Shoutout to everyone inspired by pageboy couture:

12. Hamlet really woke up and chose chaos, didn't he?

13. Spilling the real tea here:

14. Way, way too real:

15. Not today, satan!

16. Prometheus really did deserve better:

What was your favorite Sparknotes meme? Which book did Sparknotes help you out with? Let us know in the comments!