If this restaurant features unnerving men, a distinct lack of food, and the feeling like something super dangerous is about to go down, then it's best to leave and find the nearest Applebee's. These people had no clue what sort of twisted place they walked into, until it was far too late. Once they realized, it was the biggest struggle to act clueless, so no one would suspect they could rat these men out to the cops or something. How did these unlucky few survive these disturbing dine-ins? Only one way to find out. 

Content has been edited for clarity.

"My husband, kids, and I were all thirsty, so I told the husband to pull into the nearby shopping center. We were traveling in the New Jersey area. The sign said something like 'Italian Family Market'. Most of the shops had tinted windows, so it didn't bother me that it appeared dark inside. The sign said it was open, so I went in. It was very dark inside, with minimal lighting. The shelves were pretty empty. I remember seeing a bin with a sign on it that read 'hard rolls'. There were a few of them sitting them, uncovered. I poked one, and it instantly crumbled. I walked around until I found the cooler in the back, near the meat cutting counter. As I was walking, I noticed that everything by that table seemed to be drenched in blood. I mean, it was on EVERYTHING, including walls, counters, equipment, and the floor. There was one guy back there, lackadaisically wiping things down.

I picked up four beverages and quickly walked back to the front of the store. A man approached me, with a fine sheen of sweat coating his face, despite the air conditioning. He asked me if I found everything alright. I put on this bubble, air-headed attitude so I wouldn't arouse suspicion. I chatted on and on about how hot it was outside, how thirsty the kids and I were, how nice it was to find this place so close to the road, and that we were heading to the shore to visit the in-laws. He nodded, sort of hurried me up, and then he walked me to the door. I think he locked the door after me, but I'm not quite sure. I am convinced to this day that the shop was a front for mafia hits, and that some guy had just been iced in the meat cutting area. When I went out to the car, I tried to act nonchalant. I kissed my husband, opened all the drinks for everyone, and then I quickly drank mine as we drove away. Then I told my husband what I had witnessed. He was very freaked out. The next week later, when we were driving back the way that we came, the place had been completely shut down."

"Here’s the thing, I always go to Mexico to visit my family, and every time you would see the people from the Cartel, they would be dressed like military and be holding weapons in their trucks. One day, we decided to go to the city because I had told my cousins that we should catch up over lunch. My cousins love seafood, so whenever we went to the center of the city, there was an elegant seafood restaurant that I had never been to before. We decided to eat there. We park the car, go inside the restaurant, and everyone turns around and stares at us as we do. Then I realized that all of them were properly dressed in tuxedos, and almost every other guy had two or three women with him. Here we are: six dudes dressed in plain clothes, so obviously we are going to stand out. This place was really elegant on the inside, so we felt really out of place. To be honest, we were really high, so we quickly stopped caring and got to talking with each other. The oldest of my cousins used to work for the Cartel, so he even recognized a couple of faces in there. We had already ordered our food, and pretty soon someone from the bar came over to give my cousin a hug. A few more commanders came over to greet my cousin, who tell him, 'Yo, this place is run by the Cartel, everyone you see here is high rank.'

That's when I felt something in my stomach. Whenever you're around high-ranking people, it is a whole different ball game. If someone decides that you aren't leaving, guess what? You aren't leaving. Luckily, we were with my cousin, and he knew a couple of people in there. They respected him, even though he didn't work for them anymore. We finished eating and stayed talking, and a few more Cartel people came over and sat with us once we finished eating. We were all talking and laughing. They told us to come back whenever we wanted to. I am guessing that it's rare for them to see outside people, since the majority of them couldn't afford to eat at this place often. The food was actually really good, we left a big tip, and we left. The guys turned out to be pretty cheerful, and I had a shockingly good time there. I don't know if I would recommend it for everyone, though."

"My wife and I were visiting Chinatown in New York City. We had a great time shopping in the stores, and she bought some jewelry and art pieces. We saw a dragon dance that they had for the tourists, and we decided to end the day with a dinner at some restaurant there. Since we had been walking around all day, we ended up in some of the backstreets, where the English signs had completely vanished. We chose some tiny restaurant at random, since everything around us looked so good. Inside, there was absolutely nobody there, except for a group of men playing mahjong, with piles of cash on the table. Every one of them were inhaling smoke, directly under a 'NO SMOKING' sign. Now we weren't dumb, but we had already sat down and had waited a few minutes before thinking that maybe we should leave, especially when one of the men got up form the game and shuffled over to us, possibly to kick us out. Instead, he asked us what we wanted to drink. We asked if they had a menu or could suggest a meal for us. He took a long drag of smoke, and he waved reassuringly at us.

My wife and I looked at each other. Maybe this was going to be the day that it all ended? At least we have each other until our very last moments. We held hands across the table and waited to see what would happen next. The men paid us no attention and just kept on playing their game. Nobody else ever entered from the busy street. About fifteen minutes later, the smoking man came towards us with a massive tray of dim sum. It was way more than two people could possibly eat at once. It was the most delicious thing we have ever eaten at any restaurant. If we were going to be kidnapped, robbed, or murdered, then at least we got a super yummy last meal out of it. We finished what we could, and we were ready to leave. The smoking man saw this, got up, and took our dishes. I asked him for the check, and he made a face, as if this was a huge imposition. He found a scrap of paper, wrote '7' on it, and he showed it to us. I thought that maybe he meant $70, because I would have happily paid that much for such a grand meal. Maybe it was a Chinese character that just looked like an Arabic numeral 7? Nope, he just wanted seven dollars. I have a $20 bill and gave it to him. He pulled out a massive giant wad of money from his pocket to make change. I hastily indicated that he could keep the change, so we could leave faster. We thanked him and hustled out of there at once, wondering just what we had gotten ourselves into. We got out of there alive, not robbed, and we made it home without incident. The food wasn't poisoned, and we didn't get sick from any of it. Absolutely no consequences from this! One of our friends went to the address a few months later, and there was a sign saying that it had been shut down by the health department. The place was empty. To this day, I have no idea what that was about, and we have never had such delicious dim sum anywhere else since."