After a long day of work, many people like to go out for dinner instead of cooking a meal in the kitchen. Sadly, however, a good time in a restaurant can be ruined by entitled and snobby patrons who disrespect the staff and their fellow restaurant goers.

This story is about a mac and cheese fanatic who wanted to have a nice time out with his husband. Our story begins with the two of them stepping into a nice restaurant in town. We won’t spoil how it ends, but our story only gets even crazier from here on out.

Our hero, (lets call him Miguel) and his husband (we’ll say his name is Aaron) and went to this restaurant to get dinner. They planned to go home and relax after the meal, probably something simple like watching tv shows that took "5 brain cells max to understand." This restaurant wasn’t "fancy" per se, but it was comfortable and had good food, a small homey type of place.

The restaurant was pretty crowded this day, it was fine though since neither Miguel or his husband were in a rush. They gave their names and group amount to the hostess. They specifically said they wanted a 2 person table, since neither of them wanted to take up space that could be used for others. A little bit of courtesy goes a long way, you know?

The couple were just sitting down in the waiting area enjoying the scenery, suddenly this family of ingrates blundered through the door. This family consisted of their entitled dad, their entitled mother, and their 5 demonic children. They were normal at first, but they did something strange whenever someone got their table called. This weird family would go up too, as if they thought they could sneak in with another group. The staff politely corrected them multiple times, though it was obvious to Miguel and his hubby that they were greatly annoyed by this behavior, but they never seemed to get the message.

When Miguel and Aaron were eventually called up, the family tried to come up again but there was "a noticeable difference between a group of 2 and a group of 7 so the lady at the front told them off again," and Miguel and Aaron were brought by their server up to the table. Little did they know that an extra person had joined their little twosome.

It was the youngest member of the family. She'd trailed behind them to their table, then she shouted, "Where’s my seat!?" to which Aaron replied, "You’re not a part of our group."

This child screamed back, "Yes I am!" This back and forth continued for about a minute until Miguel and Aaron's server had to step in to help. Once the employee involved himself, the little girl yelled that she was getting her mother and scurried back to the restaurant seating area. When her family eventually got seated, the drama only intensified.

The entitled mother (who so deeply deserves the name "Karen" that we will refer to as such for the rest of the story) then proceeded to try to grab Miguel’s chair from him while he was still seated in it. Obviously Miguel told her off for this, as did the server. This wouldn't be the last time "Karen" would pull such pushy tactics, nor would it be the last time she laid hands on Miguel.

After the family seated themselves, things calmed down briefly, and the server retrieved Miguel and Aaron’s drink orders. Since it was going to be a long night Miguel got a milkshake, chocolate flavored because he was feeling especially fancy. Aaron got water, but maybe he should have gotten a bottle of Jack or something to deal with the ensuing chaos.

As Miguel had his milkshake it was cold, so he grimaced a little bit, cold drink on the teeth you know? One of the entitled children sees this with their beady childlike eyes and asked their mother, ‘Mommy, he doesn’t like his milkshake! Can I have it?’. Shockingly enough she agreed and said, "Sure honey, go and get it."

The little demon then rushed over and grabbed Miguel’s milkshake while he was still drinking it and said, "You’re not enjoying your milkshake you should give it to me." Miguel obviously was enjoying it, it just happened to be a little cold, and said as much to the grabby kid, but to no avail. A silly game of tug-of-war took place over the shake, much to Miguel's bemusement.

Thankfully a friendly waitress came over and asked what the heck was going on with this child was pestering Miguel and his husband. The child responded with, "He doesn’t like his milkshake and Mommy gave me permission to have it!"

The waitress told him, "Just because your mom said you could doesn’t mean you can, if you take this from him without his permission you’re stealing and that’s illegal."

The child just screamed, "MOMMY SAID I COULD," and then ran off to the entitled table crying. Though he should have expected it, since this woman did just instruct her child to steal his milkshake, the mother's response to this little incident still blew Miguel away.

The entitled mother, a grown woman mind you, then came over to Miguels table and tried yanking his milkshake out of Miguel's hands, but he held onto it, determined to finish. This woman then had the audacity to huff at Miguel and say, "I told my child he could have it, give it to me."

He told her curtly, "No."

She then pleads with Miguel, "It’s for my child, you don’t have any."

Not that it was any of her business, but Miguel responded, "We have 2 at home."

She then had the absolute audacity to tell him, "Oh, so you abuse your kids? Good to know."

Wondering how the devil she came to that conclusion considering her own child's behavior, Miguel responded, "What do you mean?"

Somehow, according to this woman, leaving his kids at home amounted to child abuse. Miguel quickly informed her, "The younger one is 14. They can handle themselves and they’ve proved it. They know what to do in an emergency."

She melodramatically rolled her eyes and stormed off, somehow without a hint of embarrassment. This was only the very beginning of the evening. Things were about to get a lot worse, and much more hands on.

At this point, the entitled family's waitress had arrived at their table and began taking drink orders. What happened next made Miguel feel genuinely sorry for her. One of Karen’s kids shouted at the waitress, "I want swirl milk!"

Bewildered the waitress told him that it wasn’t physically possible, to which this little monster shouted back, "Then how is swirl ice cream possible!?"

The waitress, who frankly wasn’t paid enough to explain to a stranger’s child how fluid buoyancy and density worked, responded, "The only way we could do half chocolate half regular is if they were separated and we don’t have cups like that."

This child then shouted, "I WANT SWIRL MILK," as though shouting the words would magically summon the fabled beverage of yore.

The waitress sheepishly said, "I’ll see what I can do," and then moved onto the father.

He asked for an adult beverage. When the waitress asked him for his ID the man said, "I have a wife and kids, and I’m 39," as though that was enough.

She responded, "I need an ID, it’s the law." When he demanded to see her manager, she said, "She’ll back me up on all of this," at which point he became bewildered that a manager could be female. Somehow he had the sheer gall to say, "I want the real manager, women can’t manage!"

The waitress just walked away, muttering, "I’m getting you water."

Miguel and Aaron finally placed their orders; Aaron ordered his omelette, and Miguel ordered the baked macaroni and cheese that he had been fantasizing about since before he'd had the displeasure of seeing that awful family. While this was going on, another couple was just being served their own food at a table nearby. All of a sudden, the entire restaurant heard a shout, "This is our food! You can’t have this!"

Karen had made her way over to the nearby couple's table and was attempting to grab a plate of their food from right under their nose. "My kids are hungry!" said the entitled mother.

"We waited for this food, and you have to as well," the normal, but increasingly aggravated woman responded. Miguel had never witnessed anything like this, but if he thought the woman would behave any differently now that the entire restaurant was watching her, he was sadly mistaken.

This bewildered Karen, who then shouted that her kids were hungry NOW. The normal woman then calmly explained that they were also hungry when they came in, but that they didn’t steal anybody else’s food. Karen then made the stupidest argument that Miguel had ever heard: "It’s not stealing! It’s a generous act!" The normal woman had to explain to a grown woman that no, it’s not a "generous act" to take somebody else’s food, and that if they didn’t have permission that it was in fact theft.

Karen, somehow being even more egregious than usual demanded the woman’s chair and began dragging her away as she was sitting in it. This was apparently her signature move. One of her demon children then sat in at after the normal woman got up from her chair. The waitress then had to go up to the entitled family’s table and drag the chair back. Karen shouts, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING, THAT’S MY BABY’S CHAIR!"

The waitress looked pained as she had to explain to a grown woman what was going on. "It’s not, it goes with that woman’s table." Apparently Karen was born without any shame whatsoever, judging by her response.

Karen, somehow not realizing how this looked to everybody else in the room told her child, "Come on son, these people are entitled, they don’t deserve to interact with us if they act like this." When Miguel’s mac and cheese and Aaron’s omelette arrived, Karen tried to pull the same trick, but thankfully Miguel was faster. He took a bite out of his mac and cheese right as it hit the table. Karen then shouted at him, "THAT’S MY KID'S FOOD!"

Miguel responded coldly, "We’re paying for this, not you." She slapped Miguel for that one, but her bark was worse than her bite, though Aaron nearly took her head off until Miguel simply laughed it off, letting his husband know that he wasn't at all bothered by this petty woman's trashy actions.

Miguel and Aaron returned back to eating their dinner. Miguel checked his phone at the table and his younger kid wanted to know if he had permission to use the oven. Miguel texted him that it was fine so long as he checked with his older sister first and had her help him. He put his phone away and told Aaron about it. Somehow one of the brats at the table overheard it, ran up to Miguel and asked, "You’re letting your kids operate the oven?"

Miguel responded, visibly irritated with, "With the supervision of his 17 year old sister, yes."

The kid responds, unbelievably, with, "As long as it’s just her, men don’t belong in the kitchen." Before either Miguel of Aaron could even respond he wandered off to the bathroom, but as he came back, he yelled, "Wonder how you cook!" Neither member of the couple responded to that. They were beginning to suspect that this family was specifically targeting them because they were a gay couple.

After dinner, Aaron and Miguel wanted to pick up dessert, but the family was being rude and dinner was filling enough, so they decided to pay their bill and head out. Miguel had a box of leftovers and as he was leaving, he realized he had forgotten to pick the leftovers up. Once he got back into the dining room, he saw the box wasn’t at his table, but that one of the entitled kids had instead taken it and was eating it. When he demanded it back, the child threw it at his face and the plastic box cut Miguel’s cheek. As Miguel and Aaron were leaving, the manager pulled them over and asked them if they had been harassed. The couple informed her about everything, and a police report was filed. The woman was given a fine. The night was (eventually) wonderful, but the entire ordeal was so absolutely infuriating.

Situations like these have more than one side to them. Maybe the family was going through extreme poverty and was trying to fleece some food from people in an unethical, but perhaps somewhat understandable way. Maybe the family was just raised to be sociopaths, or maybe they didn't like gay people. What do you think?

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