I remember getting extremely excited for sleepovers as a kid. But not everyone has had a positive experience spending the night at a friend's house. These people spill their strange, disgusting, and downright terrifying memories they have as a guest at a friend's house.

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Everything Seemed Normal Until The Lights Went Out
Everything Seemed Normal Until The Lights Went Out

"When I was in fourth grade, I had a best friend (who we will call) Beth. She frequently came to spend the night at my house, and after a few months I pressured her to let me come over to her house for the weekend. I’d met her mom before, and from what I assessed with my 8 year old brain, her family seemed normal. I didn’t really understand why she avoided me coming over.

The day finally comes for me to spend the night at her house, and I. Was. Stoked. Her house was huge, they had a big backyard with a play set, gigantic TVs, and a nice DVD collection. It was my first time meeting her stepdad, but he seemed pretty nice. I also met her little sister who was probably around 8 months old. All in all, fun day so far.

Things start getting weird the closer it gets to bedtime. Beth didn’t have a bunk bed, so I had to sleep with her in her bed (not a problem). But as we’re getting ready for bed, I can tell that Beth is getting very anxious. She started kind of pacing around her room and getting all teary-eyed. She finally broke when I lifted up her pillow and found a filet knife. Now, I’m 8 at this point. So my initial reaction was to laugh and ask why she had a knife under her pillow.

She snapped, 'IT’S NOT FUNNY!' And broke down in tears. I panicked, and after several long minutes of trying to apologize, she finally tells me that she brought the knife in to keep me safe. That her stepdad came into her room at night sometimes and did 'things,' and that she wanted to protect me if he tried anything tonight. My brain automatically kicks into safety mode, and I start asking questions like 'How long?', 'What does he do?', and 'Does your mom know?'

She told me that she only told her mom after her little sister was born, and that her mom didn’t believe her. He’d been touching her for as long as she could remember, and was scared that her little sister was next. That sometimes she’d stay awake and would hear him go to her sisters room after he finished with Beth. I didn’t sleep that night. I could hear her stepdad pacing around the house in the middle of the night, but he never opened the door to the Beth’s bedroom or her little sister’s.

The next morning when I woke up he was watching inappropriate videos in the living room on his computer. The girls looked young. When my mom finally came to pick me up, Beth begged me not to say anything (my mother was a psychologist, Beth knew she’d report it). I waited a few days, but I started noticing weird behavior in Beth the next few days at school (asking me about a suicide pact, self-harming, etc). I went home and told my mom everything. The next day, Beth was pulled from class by the guidance counselor and I never saw her again. My mom told me she was sent to Northern Texas to live with her real father while everything was sorted out.

I still think about what happened to her and her little sister."

Holy Guacamole!
Holy Guacamole!

"For a whole month, my friend's parents kept the entire house (i.e. the fridge, freezer, cabinets, outside fridge, basement cabinets) completely stocked and full of mini guacamole containers. Like the 'Wholly Guacamole' ones you get. It was the strangest occurrence, like my friend didn’t even know, just one day they all showed up and his parents never spoke of it. I’m pretty sure they were doing some underground black market trading with them.

So later I asked my friend's brother, and apparently their parent's office had recently accidentally received boxes of them and were told just to keep them. So they decided to take them all and eventually they just all went bad. So unfortunately, to much speculation, they were not involved in dealing guacamole with the guac lords of America."

Popsicle, Anyone?
Popsicle, Anyone?

"When I was 12 I had a friend that owned several hamsters. Always like 6+ at a time. The house smelled horrible. Anyway I spent the night one night and got up to get water at around midnight. I opened the freezer to get ice and it was FILLED with hamster carcasses. Like almost 2 dozen. I practically threw up. I never brought it up and never spent the night again. She moved away a couple months later."

Not As Cool As She Thought
Not As Cool As She Thought

"I had this friend in high school who was a year younger than me. Her mom was super cool to sixteen-year-old me, basically the opposite of my parents. Did roller derby, loved Renaissance faires, a Neil Gaiman fan just like me, wasn't a neat freak, let my friend curse and wear whatever she wanted, etc. I wanted the family to adopt me.

I went for a sleepover on New Years Eve. Their house was filthy. I said the mom wasn't a neat freak, well I don't think they owned a vacuum. Cat hair everywhere, kitchen a mess with a full sink of dishes, shoes and clothes all over the place, empty food bowls and plates in random places, random shopping bags. It wasn't hoarder-bad but it was BAD. The worst part is that their cats' litter box must have been super full because I stepped in cat pee and cat poop on their carpet multiple times barefoot (as messy as they were, they took their shoes off at the door). They burned a lot of incense but there was still a smell of pee.

The first time I had visited I had been too thrilled with the 'not like my family'-ness to really be bothered by the filth.

My friend abandoned me with her little sister at about 7:00pm to go text boys in her room and just texted me from upstairs and told me to babysit her sister since her sister loved me. I was really mad.

According to my mother, I stank to high heaven when she picked me up the next day. Never went back to that house again and my friendship with that girl declined a lot since she started getting really promiscuous in unsafe ways."

They Feasted While He Was Famished
They Feasted While He Was Famished

"When I was 12, my friend asked me over for a sleepover. He lived in a pretty big house in a nice neighborhood and the family was upper middle class.

Anyway, here’s the weird part. They refused to feed me. The dad told me to stay upstairs while they had dinner. I was 12 so of course I didn’t know what to think. He tried to be normal about it, he said, 'We’re gonna have dinner, stay up here and I’ll bring you something to drink, what do you want? We have coke, lemonade, (etc).' So I stayed upstairs and drank coke and played Nintendo. My friend didn’t bat an eyelash. Apparently this was a normal thing. Later when I told him I was hungry he acted like I was bothering him. He ended up sneaking into the kitchen and stealing a can of tuna fish and just handed it to me with no can opener. When I asked if he could open it he said, 'I don’t know where the can opener is.' Ended up using a butter knife.

Next weird part: it was the middle of winter and they didn’t use heat. At all. So it was obviously freezing cold in the house. I was sleeping on the floor and all I had was a blanket. I remember telling him I couldn’t go to sleep because I was so cold. He ended up waking up his dad who came in with a pile of blankets and dropped them on the floor next to me and walked back out. I wrapped up in them the best I could but it was still unbelievably cold.

The next morning they had breakfast and I was downstairs with them, but there was nowhere for a guest to sit at the table. There were 4 of them and they were having a sit-down family breakfast while I just awkwardly paced around the living room. I would occasionally make eye contact with my friend and motioned for him to bring me some food but he ignored me. I didn’t want to say anything out loud because I thought it was against their 'rules' or whatever.

The next weird thing: they wouldn’t let me use their phone. I asked the dad if I could use the phone to call my mom to come get me. He picked up the phone and asked me the number. He dialed it and spoke to my mom himself and told her I was ready to be picked up.

I was only 12 but I knew I didn’t want to be that kid’s friend anymore. So I stopped talking to him after that. I remember the car ride home my mom stopped and got me McDonald’s and I ate so fast. She was not happy about them not feeding me but we just forgot about it and moved on.

To this day I still don’t know what that was all about. They were a very religious family, but they were Christian, and I usually had the opposite of that experience at other Christian friend’s houses.

I also thought maybe it had something to do with the fact that they had money and my family was poor and we lived in a 'bad' part of town. Maybe they didn’t want my broke germs on their silverware?"

The Unexpected Houseguest
The Unexpected Houseguest

"When I was about 12 I had a sleepover at a friend’s house. Her aunt, uncle, and cousins were there for a visit as well. We kept to ourselves mostly, but when we went to bed my friend locked her bedroom door. When I asked her why she said her little cousin sleepwalks and comes in sometimes at night and it was annoying. Ok, no big deal.

That night I had a really hard time sleeping, I’m laying there wide awake around 2 am and the door knob turns. Whoever was on the other side tried again and rattled the door knob a few times, then gave up. I figured it was the little cousin and eventually fell asleep.

The next day the mom decides she should tell my mom that her brother (the uncle) was visiting because he’d just gotten out of jail for inappropriately touching a 10-year-old girl and they were looking for a new home. Needless to say, I never had a sleepover over there again."

Her Sleepover Was A Dud
Her Sleepover Was A Dud

"I was about 10 and staying with a friend. We were completely asleep when her mom and dad came in and woke us up and calmly said we were all going outside now. It was summer, so it wasn’t too cold or anything. We all went outside (her 3 older teenage siblings and her parents and the two of us) but it was the middle of the night, so it was extremely strange. Then the bomb squad showed up.

Turns out, there was a grenade with the pin still in it from WWII in their garage - my friend’s dad would stay up super late cleaning and organizing his late father’s belongings when he came across it one night. My parents ended up coming to pick me up a short time later and the bomb squad took the grenade, I believe."

They Raised Their Glasses To This?
They Raised Their Glasses To This?

"I had a family friend growing up, and went over to his house all the time for sleepovers and whatnot when I was around 8-10. Their family was relatively normal outside of a few strange rules and they liked me and were pretty pleasant. They were VERY religious too though, which could be why they were a bit weird to me.

Anyways, there was one thing they did that was very strange. If I was over for dinner, they would always put on a Josh Groban CD and crank it up fairly loud. Then for some reason, at the end of dinner, usually when 'You Raise Me Up' came on, everyone was required to quickly drink a relatively large glass of milk.

I didn't really mind doing it, and there was not really a fishy ulterior motive (the old 'kids need strong bones' idea). But it was just so odd to me that Josh Groban was always a part of it."

She Would "Clean The Litter Box" For Hours
She Would "Clean The Litter Box" For Hours

"My best friend growing up was very impoverished and lived in a super cheap apartment complex. Like, so bad that it was condemned like 6 years ago because of all the substance labs in so many of the buildings. I saw a lot of shady things there, but at the time I didn't know it was off because I was a pretty naive preteen.

The one that takes the cake though is when her mom would ask us if we had to use the bathroom because she was going to clean the litter box, since they only had one bathroom. She'd go into the bathroom, lock the door and be in there for anywhere from a half hour to a few hours.

One night, one of us had to pee so we knocked on the door. Her mom answered, but she didn't make sense and she wouldn't open the door for us. We didn't know what to do and we were scared, so I called my dad since I only lived 5 minutes down the road.

After we told him she went in to clean the litter box hours ago, he figured out what was going on and pushed the door in and found her overdosing. I was never exposed to substances or addicts so I had no idea what was going on. My friend didn't know what was going on either since her mom always hid it from her and to be honest, she wasn't the brightest crayon in the box anyway. She was just as shocked and scared as I was that her mom wasn't locking herself in the bathroom to clean a litter box for hours on end."

When Momma Ain't Happy...
When Momma Ain't Happy...

"I spent the night at my best friend’s (at the time) house. We were around 12-13.

My friend’s mom had wanted my friend to help her make the bed I was going to sleep in and they ended up in a massive argument. I distinctly remember the mother throwing something plastic at my friend from upstairs, then the mother had a massive fight with her husband, screaming at the top of her lungs that she wanted a divorce (I don't know how it escalated to that but it was scary) while the dad was trying to calm their youngest daughter (10 at the time) in his lap, trying to reassure her that the fight wasn’t her sister’s fault and trying to talk to the mother.

I have never been so terrified in my life. My parents (or anyone in my family for that matter) never fight, raise their voices, scream at each other etc. so it was very distressing for me. Looking back, her mother had MAJOR anger issues. Stopped being friends with her not long after that but for different reasons."

He Lined Them Up Execution-Style
He Lined Them Up Execution-Style

"I was probably about 9 or 10 when I went to stay at a friend’s house with a few other kids the same age. The friend had recently switched bedrooms with her parents so things were still a bit unkempt in the bedroom but where the issue came in is that her and her folks hadn’t taken the time to empty and switch the contents of the closets.

For a bit of background, me and this friend were tight throughout elementary school and it was well-known that her father had a severe drinking problem and got verbally abusive with his wife often. My mom was always leery about me spending the night there so we had developed a code word for times I might’ve felt unsafe and up to that point, I never had to use it.

So the four of us kids were doing kid things in the bedroom. Playing games, listening to music, etc. Her dad walked in definitely under the influence and told us to line up, foreheads to the wall and hands behind our backs. All of us, especially the guy’s kid, were afraid of him, so of course we did exactly as he said.

We were lined up when I heard him rummaging around in the closet and me being curious, I decided to just quickly peek over my shoulder. I looked behind me to see him carrying out a multitude of loaded weapons, ranging from a few sidearms to something really heavy that I’m not even going to pretend to know what was.

He cleared out after a few minutes and told us to go back to what we were doing and looking back, it wasn’t too big a deal, but that didn’t stop a very young and very anxious me from calling my mom and having her pick me up about 20 minutes later."

They Woke Up To An Unpleasant Sight
They Woke Up To An Unpleasant Sight

"When I was 12 my mom told me and my brother we were staying at the new kid at schools house for a sleepover. My mom did this a ton growing up, she always wanted people to feel included.

My brother and I went over and even though the kid, Ryan, was weird we had fun. He was awkward, but that didn’t stop us from having fun swimming and playing video games. What made it more fun while we were over was that his little brother Brett, who was 10, had a friend over too. So there were 3 12 year olds and 2 10 year olds boys getting into all sorts of stuff.

My brother and I went to bed that night with the thought of 'this is a weird family but nothing to write home about'. But just wait until morning!

We were woken up at 9ish to Ryan’s mom shouting. She forcibly pulled me and my brother out of bed and brought us into the game room. The game room was covered in poop. The floor, walls, ceiling. Here was the exchange:

Friend’s mom: 'Why would you do this? Do you know how disrespectful this is? I’m calling your mom and you’re in BIG trouble!!'

Us: 'Whattt?!?'

Friend’s mom: 'You were invited into our home and you repay us by smearing poop all over!'

In the middle of her tirade her younger son Brett walks in and asks why everyone is yelling.

Friend’s mom: 'Look what they did!? They covered our house in poop!'

Brett: 'Nooo...that was me again mom.'

Thirty minutes later my mom picked us up. We never went back at over. We never even talked to Ryan at school.

Looking back as an adult the part that bothers me the most is him saying 'again'. Meaning he’s smeared poop more than once. This is a common occurrence. Even weirder, the mom has a son who she knows has smeared poop, but she decides to accuse the two practically strangers that were over. Weird times."

One Freaky Sleepover
One Freaky Sleepover

"A friend of mine in middle school lived on a medium property that had a small carriage house next to the main house. When my friend would have sleepovers, we got to use the little house. It had a small kitchenette and bathroom, so we generally stayed in there all night.

One weekend four of us stayed over. We ate dinner and watched my friend's older sister take off just before dusk to walk their dog. We went inside to settle in and watch movies.

Late that night, around 1am or so, we awaken to a flash of light outside that illuminated the carriage house completely. Just as we are getting up, two of the other girls start freaking out. We turn on the lights in the room and both girls have blood all over their faces. They’d both gotten nosebleeds.

As we start to clean them up, we can hear my friend's dog barking and her family outside in the yard. Opening the door to the little house, we see my friend's sister, dog leash in hand, talking animatedly with her parents and sobbing.

She had apparently gone out with the dog, walked up her usual path and was getting ready to turn around to come home when suddenly (she thinks) she blacked out. She didn’t remember falling or even being on the ground, but it was dark and she ran home. Her parents had gone to bed thinking they’d just missed the older sister returning, and assumed the dog was in her room with her.

My friend's sister was gone for over four hours, but said she’d thought it’d only been her usual 20 minutes.

Her parents had also been awakened by the light outside and thought it was us messing around. But they saw how freaked out we were, and the two girls with bloody faces, and ushered us all inside the main house to sleep in their living room instead.

It turns out the sister was diagnosed with a seizure disorder a few months later. She began noticing she was missing time after that. She would just stop what she was doing and stare off into space for a long time.

No clue what the light was. The closest thing I’ve experienced was when a meteorite entered the atmosphere near my house and it made a brilliant flash. Maybe it was the same thing?

And the bloody noses? No idea. Two in the same night was bonkers."

Remember To Lock The Door
Remember To Lock The Door

"Late at night, we were playing with stuffed animals in her room. We were probably 7. At some point, I got up to go to the bathroom. As I said be right back to my friend, she replied, 'Make sure you lock the bathroom door!' in a happy, chipper voice. I always did, so I just left the room without thinking about it.

I passed her parents' bedroom and locked myself in the bathroom. I heard some shifting outside and tried to pee as quietly as possible. The doorknob twisted, but the lock held fast. I thought it was maybe my friend playing a prank and I didn't want to seem like a coward, so I finished my business. I tried to breathe silently and waited a few minutes until the coast was clear. I was probably gone 10 minutes total.

I bolted into my friend's room. She didn't seem to have moved - she just smiled and asked me to shut the door. There was something off about her request. I slept with my door shut too, but her smile was off when she said it. At the time, I didn't know what was wrong. Her grin was pinched at the edges, just a little off. Like it was forced... like she was scared. I couldn't sleep at all that night. I stayed awake, watching the door in the dark.

I never came back for a sleepover. The next time I returned for a playdate, she mentioned that her dad had punished her recently for not locking the door to the bathroom. She was in the shower - he threw open the bathroom door and started filming her on a camcorder to 'teach her about privacy.'

I shudder to think about the punishments I didn't hear about."

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