Everyone has had that weird friend growing up. The friend where it's a little uncomfortable when they ask to come over. These are some reasons why they don't want those friends over. Content has been edited for clarity.

Yeah We Don't Do That
Yeah We Don't Do That

"11 year old kid comes to my house– friend of my daughter's. She goes into the bathroom, takes a poop, and then calls out for assistance.

Apparently her parents still wipe her butt.

Sorry kid, this is not a service I offer."

Is This Kid Ours Now?
Is This Kid Ours Now?

"For my daughter's birthday, which is in April, I typically invited her whole class to her birthday party. Each year the party was usually a cookout and I would get a kiddie pool set up and we always had a swing set and trampoline as well as yard games and toys. The kids would come over typically around 1:00 or 2:00 pm and stay a couple hours, eat, have some cake, play games, open presents and then leave.

One year, when she was 9, a girl from her class was dropped off like all the rest and her mom said to have her call when the party was over and someone would pick her up. This particular year it happened to be spring break that week, so there was no school. The party ended, we called the various parents to pick up their kids and this particular child, we had to leave voice messages. Hours passed, all the children save that one had long since left. We continued to call and leave messages that all went unheeded. Night fell, so we loaned her some PJs and it turned into a sleepover.

Day two morphed into day three. We continued on life, now with an extra child. We continued to leave messages on the only contact number we had. We went shopping, out to eat, carried on with our lives. The girl said she didn't know people lived like this, out in the country. By day five, we had debated on calling the police and reporting her as abandoned. We decided to try to find her house. She knew approximately where she lived, so we went and drove around and around the neighborhood until she recognized her house. An older brother was there and he let her in and didn't really say much of anything. The next day, her mom rolls up in the yard with the girl and three of her younger siblings. We had apparently forgotten her swimsuit when we took her home. The mom asked if she could leave the kids there while she ran a quick errand. I told her that unfortunately, we were getting ready to leave ourselves and I was sorry. She got mad and yelled took off in a huff. Truthfully, I was afraid she was going to leave all the kids and just not come back. It was really weird how the girl just seemed to accept that no one was coming to get her. All the other kids I know would have been crying and hysterical wanting to go home. The girl finished out the school year and didn't come back in the fall. I guess they moved away."

Make Yourselves At Home
Make Yourselves At Home

"I'm the weird kid in this story...

There was this kid I used to hang out with all the time, I used to go over to his house and we played video games for hours straight. This one time, me and another friend went over to his house to ask him if he wanted to come play with us. They weren't at home, but they had their cleaning lady in their house working.

Now I can't remember if it is the lady who invited us in, or if we invited ourselves in given our familiarity with the place, but one way or another we went inside and helped ourselves with his video games, completely unaware of the weirdness of the situation that we're in. The lady even brought us snacks. They eventually came back to find two kids in their living room playing video games. His mom got upset with the lady I think, but I do remember her calmly explaining to us that it was not okay and we shouldn't be in their home again unless they are home.

I really wasn't the brightest kid."

Leave The Neighbors Out Of This
Leave The Neighbors Out Of This

"I grew up on a small dead end street and we were the only ones with a pool, so we spent a lot of our summers in our pool.

There was this one neighbor who weirded us all out. He was a hardcore addict and we found him passed out inebriated in his pickup a lot. Well, his niece and nephew came to live with him because their mom died, so they started swimming with us too. The girl was older than most of us and also larger.

A few times she decided it would be funny to push a few of us under water and hold us there especially me since I was the smallest and youngest. We stopped letting them come over after that."

That's Weird
That's Weird

"Not a parent, but this happened to me as a kid. I was sleeping over in a friend's house (Andrew) with another friend (Armin). We were playing video games and stuff 'til late. Andrew sleeps in his own room as it's his house and my other friend and I get to share a room with a big bed, we were like 14 so it felt a little weird as straight teens.

We are there just awake talking and we begin to hear some weird noises, like some white noise and some faded voices and then white noise and then a little music, louder and lower and louder again. We rise and go to face the music and in the living room there he is– our friend just wearing underwear, placed on his knees playing with the buttons of the radio at 3:00 am completely asleep.

We ask him, 'Watchudoin man? Ya alright?'

Then he turns and screams,'I AM CREATING MAGIC!'

We thought he was possessed or something and we went straight to their parents room and they told us he sometimes sleepwalks. When we come back to him, he is just sleeping in the floor and they walked him back to bed."

What Terrible Parents
What Terrible Parents

"I haven't had any real creepy incidents as a parent yet, apart from the odd random friend 'exploring' the house and finding their way in our bedroom.

However, when I was a kid, this strange family moved in a couple doors up from us and had a daughter around my age. She didn't attend school with me and was clearly intellectually challenged. She decided to be my friend, coming over all the time even if no one was home. She was OBSESSED with my dog, a young boxer pup and would play with her whether anyone was home or not. She would come into the house uninvited and find my mum on the toilet and casually chat with her. Poor girl had no social etiquette or anything. I truly felt sorry for her and would share my homework with her, but she couldn't read or write. We were probably 10 or 11 ourselves.

Anyway after about 6 months, my mom was fed up with this girl coming and going and making herself at home, so mom approached her parents and tried to find out what the deal was. Mom could see an abused child a mile away and decided to call CPS. They were investigated and the girl was taken into emergency foster care. Mom couldn't take her in due to the proximity of her parents.

Turns out, they had been soliciting their daughter out to pay for their drinking addiction and she hadn't been in school since year two. It was so horrific. We found out shortly after their landlord was evicting them for no rent payment. We received a death threat in our letter box for my puppy. It literally stated that since we took her daughter they were going to take something of ours.

Police had to evict them and 1 week after that, my little pup Jedda went missing. Small town and the only red boxer, but she never came home. I'll never forgive them, but I hope their daughter got a decent life far, far away from those monsters."


"There’s this one kid, I’ll call him Gingerbread to keep him anonymous.

This story may seem a bit mean, but this kid constantly talks about breaking girls noses and beating them, so I’m fairly certain that he deserves this.

Gingerbread is a bit of a wacko, often making up lies about how physically fit he is. He constantly talks about his favorite Navy Seal combat moves, and tells made up stories about his 'girlfriends.'

One day, Gingerbread decided to shoot me a Facebook message, and started telling me about his top secret special ops job. I kid you not, he told me that he sat up in trees and watched over women, protecting them with his air soft sniper. We had many in-depth conversations about the girls he used to protect, and how many baddies he could take out in a single shot.

One day, after accumulating a good number of weird conversations, I showed them to my friends so we could all have a good laugh. I sent a bunch of screenshots to our group chat, and we all giggled the night away. Everything was fine, until I received a message the next day.


Apparently my friends decided to ask Gingerbread about his secret missions, and that sent him over the edge. He was furious, and bombarded me with text after text about how he was gonna send a black ops task force after me and shoot me with experimental military technology. I tried everything I could to calm him down, and even got him a cool looking dog tag necklace as a gift. 

The dog tags didn’t work, and I ended up insulting his military status even more. Months have passed, and Gingerbread still gives me prolonged stares in the hallway, and tells people he’s gonna kick me with his steel toed boots.

I almost want him to be accepted into the military, because I feel bad for the poor boy. Then again, I’m not sure if Gingerbread’s squad mates would feel safe with him around."

He Was Abandoned
He Was Abandoned

"Not a parent, but I recall this very vividly.

I was friends with this kid at my school whose parents didn't really care for him. So, when he all but invited himself over one weekend, his parents dropped him off with food on the street corner and just kind of left. Mind you, I have no sidewalk on my street, it's just ditches and then a very heavily trafficked road.

So he walked, along the side of the road to my house and entirely expected to then stay for most of the day. When my parents called his parents to come get him, they made some excuse about how he'd said he'd be staying the night which I'd never agreed to and we forced them to come pick him up.

When everything was said and done, it wound up being his 16 year old brother who came to get him, who I later learned couldn't legally drive at the time. It was honestly a very weird and disturbing situation to find myself in the middle of."

What A Psycho
What A Psycho

"A girl came over to my house and did come super psychopath 'I want your life' stuff.

This girl I knew from 1st grade came over for a sleep over. We must have fought over something, because I went up to my room because I got so mad at her, I forget why, it must’ve been big though because I’m not one to march out on a guest. Anyway, while I’m upstairs crying, I see in the mesh pocket of her away bag a bright pink Easter egg with some fur stinking out of it...and I realize I hear faint squeaking.

I go over, pick up the egg, and it’s warm and shaking. I open it and my pet mouse like explodes out of there. I’m absolutely horrified! I see in the bag all of my favorite toys and some of my clothes. She took them and squirreled them away in her clothes to try to hide them. I go down stairs with the Easter egg, ready to absolutely go crazy with my evidence, only to see my mom in the kitchen quite shaken already. There she is, looking down at my pet guinea pig in its cage, nose bloody, right front paw TORN OFF, and obviously dead.

This kid was sitting on the couch watching TV acting like she had no idea what happened. In less than one hour, this kid brutally murdered my pet, tried to take another one for later, and planned to take my favorite toys and even some of my clothes. My mom was like 'nope,' sent me to a friend’s house and drove that kid home because she wasn’t waiting for her parents to come get her. When my mom talked to her about it while in the car, she said the girl said 'I just wanted to be like her.'

Never saw that kid again. I hope she’s safely locked away somewhere."

Fancy Seeing You Here
Fancy Seeing You Here

"Not a parent, but a friend of mine did something pretty weird.

We were 11 or 12 and my family went on vacation for two weeks. When we returned home, we walked into our house but no one turned on the lights in my family room for like 20 minutes. I turned them on and my friend was just staring at our television (which was off), not saying a word. He didn't respond to my first few attempts to get his attention until he randomly snapped back into it.

Creepy stuff walking into your house after a vacation and turn on a light and see a kid who's zoned out. He has some mental problems and was heavily medicated as a kid, but he came over to hangout often and knew we kept our side door unlocked. Needless to say, we established some more rigid boundaries after."

It Ruined Our Friendship
It Ruined Our Friendship

"I had a work friend bring her kid over to play with mine. He was 8. I have a boy who was 7 and a girl who was almost 5 at the time. He told her she was going to have a baby and had her lay down and take off her pants and panties. My son knew this was wrong and came to tell me before anything else happened.

My friend was super embarrassed and we actually didn't talk much for a few months because we were both uncomfortable with it. We tried to get together in a public place a couple of times since then, but it just wasn't the same anymore. I had already quit working with her before the incident, but I'm still kind of sad at losing my friend."

When You Can't Hold It
When You Can't Hold It

"I’m not a parent, but this is something me and my parents talk about to this day.

I had a slumber party in first grade and invited probably 8-10 girls. I can’t remember how or why, but we all ended up in the bathroom. One of the girls has to use the bathroom, so we all walk out; except one girl. She stood there and POOPED ON MY BATHROOM WALL...right in front of the other chick. Her excuse? The other girl was on the toilet and she couldn’t hold it.

Girl was a weirdo to begin with. She ended up being my roommate last year and was just as strange and ten times more annoying."

I Was Framed
I Was Framed

"It wasn't at my house, but at the neighbors.

My parents were somewhere, so my sister and I were supposed to spend the day and have dinner at the neighbor's house. They had a mentally disabled daughter that they refused to admit had any problems at all, so she was basically a holy terror to be around.

Dinner time came and I had a big plate of spaghetti in front of me. The daughter walks over to me and grabs a fistful of spaghetti off my plate and stuffs it in her mouth.

The thing was, this girl was disgustingly filthy. She drooled constantly and her parents didn't seem to think she needed washing, so her face and mouth were perpetually crusted with dried...stuff. And her hands were always in her mouth.

So no way was I eating that plate of fist noodles. She hadn't even looked at her own plate of food, so I just stood up and moved to her spot at the table and prepared to eat.

Now the mother starts yelling at me to 'get back to your own seat.'

I said, 'Jamie put her hands in my food, I'm not eating it.'

'She doesn't have cooties, now eat your dinner.'

I sat there staring at the plate, and just thinking about eating it was making me gag. When they started pressuring me to eat it again, I got up, ran back to my house, and locked the door. I stayed there until my parents came home.

So when my parents got home, they were told a completely different story– that I was throwing food, running around the table, and wouldn't sit down.

After I told them my version, it was clear that things made more sense since they knew the daughter had problems that the parents wouldn't acknowledge."

He Was NOT Invited
He Was NOT Invited

"We live in a middle class neighborhood next to a park. On the other side of the park is a poor neighborhood with low income apartments, run down houses, and a trailer park. Whatever. I grew up poor. I don't judge people based on their wealth and it meant my house was cheaper.

My son made a friend that lived in the low income apartments. At first the kid seemed nice enough. He was polite and that is always a big bonus point with parents. One day, both boys were off playing at the park when I got a knock at my front door. It was the friend. I asked him where my son was and the kid said, 'Oh, he's coming. We were racing and I got ahead of him.'

No big deal. I let the kid in and he went back to my son's room.

After a while, I realized my son still wasn't home. The other kid was in my son's room happily playing with Lego. I was was weirded out, but not sure what to do. A little while later, my son came home and blew up. He did NOT want this kid, or anyone else for that matter, in his room when he wasn't home. I pulled my son aside, apologized, explained what happened, and promised it would never happen again. I told the kid that we were about to go somewhere and that he needed to go home. The kid asked if he could stay and play anyway! I told him no and shooed him out the door.

The kid came by my house a few days later when my son was spending the night with his grandparents. He asked if he could borrow one of my son's Xbox controllers because he had a cousin spending the night, but only one Xbox controller. My son wasn't there to say yes or no, so I let the kid borrow one of my own Xbox controllers; we parents have our own Xbox in the living room. I told the kid that I would need the Xbox controller back the next day. A few days later, my husband had to go to the kid's house and get the controller back from the kid's mom. The kid had, apparently, planned to keep it!

Then, the kid started coming by our house when our son was off playing around the neighborhood. He'd ask if he could come in and play and we'd tell him that our son wasn't home. He'd ask if he could come in and play with our son's toys anyway. The answer was no, but the kid kept coming back and coming back hoping to weasel his way into my son's room again.

My son stopped being friends with him because he figured out that the kid didn't actually want to be friends with him. The kid just wanted to ride my son's Ripstick and play with his toys. The kid kept showing up to our house when our son wasn't here and asking to be let in to play with our son's toys...he even tried lying his way in a few more times.

Finally, my husband got fed up and went and talked to the kid's mom again and the kid quit coming to our house."

I Saw It On Both Sides
I Saw It On Both Sides

"Once, my mother took me to some kind of cookout celebrating a bar's anniversary that she frequented. There were a few other kids there and I quickly made friends with them.

We were all super talkative and friendly with each other, save for the younger sister of one of the girls. The younger sister would stare at me and always stand a little off from the group, and mumble to herself.

Well, while we were playing something akin to Pictionary in the dirt, she decided to come up behind me and put me in a chokehold. I was panicking since I obviously couldn't breathe and the group of kids had absolutely no idea what to do. After just a few moments, her parents quickly ran over and ripped her off of me. Bonus: my mother insisted the kid never choked me and she was just 'playing.'

Another time, I was the creepy kid.

I was staying at a friend's house for the night for her birthday. Before we all laid down, we had scared each other with stories and creepy videos. I'm easily scared and kept imagining a monster under her bed, so I couldn't sleep. Instead, I kinda sat in the hallway and tried to fall asleep there.

I guess her dad came home from work because he walked into the house, rounded a corner, and saw me there hunched over and unresponsive when he called out. He went into the bedroom her mom was staying in, but I felt embarrassed so I got up and went back into the room all the kids were in. Our door was cracked, so I overheard him walking back into the hallway and saying, 'I swear there was a kid here! She was just sitting there!' And the mother replying, 'Yeah okay, go to bed.' Bonus: he peeked into our room after that and saw everyone asleep (I closed my eyes when I saw him approach the door because I was worried about getting in trouble) and muttered something about ghosts, so I'm pretty sure I helped convince that guy that his house was haunted."

"But We Need To Kill The Monster!"
"But We Need To Kill The Monster!"

"My daughter had a friend come around when she was 7 or 8. This girl was pretty odd and obviously used to getting her own way, but the weirdest thing was one day when I was in the kitchen and they had been playing outside.

I am renovating our house and there were no baseboards so you could see under the house. It looks creepy as an adult, but kids have vivid and wild imaginations. They come running in and she grabs a sharp knife from the kitchen drawer. I stop her and ask her what she's doing?! My daughter says they are going to kill the monster under the house. I tell her to immediately put that knife back. 'But we need to kill the monster!' and then they both start to run out again.

I very firmly tell her to put it back... now! She does. We told her mother about it but she is not very good at the whole parenting thing. I shudder to think what could have happened."

The Creepiest Twins Ever
The Creepiest Twins Ever

"The 5 year old twins from next door walked into my house without knocking or being invited and sat down in our living room and started playing with my kids' toys.

I asked if they were ok, and one of them replied, 'Yeah, our parents need some alone time, so we need to be here for awhile.'

About 15 minutes later, they both stood up at the same time and walked out the door without saying anything."