That's One Way To Find Out The Truth

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That's One Way To Find Out The Truth

"Christmas day '13 we were having Christmas with my folks. Presents were basically complete, but I told her there is one more hiding in the tree. I went to grab it and pull out a tiny box with a ring and proposed to her. She looked at me with a slight pain in her eyes then started crying and ran out of the room. I followed her out and she confessed immediately that she had cheated on me the night before, while I was finishing up a shift at work. I asked her to go home and find a new place to live while I stayed home with my folks until she cleared out."

She Wanted The Ring And Nothing More
1. She Wanted The Ring And Nothing More

"I was with this chick for about three years and I was about to head off to basic training for the military. I thought it would be a good idea to propose (19 y/o and dumb) but little did I know that she was not happy with my decision to join. She said no and we broke up. I kept the apartment with her in hopes that she would change her mind...she didn't change her mind but found the ring I left with my parents for safe keeping and started wearing it. When I got home she 'lost' it on a trip.

I broke up with her for it and that was that."

Everyone Wanted To Wife Her Up!
2. Everyone Wanted To Wife Her Up!

"So, this is going to sound horrible, but I've been proposed to 5 times and only married once.

The first one I was 16, I started talking to this marine guy I met through a friend. He was 24. He said he was going to marry me and have a family with me. When I shut him down, his officer called me cussing me out. I had to explain to him that I was 16, and he was delusional. According to them, it was still my fault for 'leading him on' when all I was interested in was underaged drinking and hooking up. Okay...?

Second time was from my high school boyfriend. I had already dumped him, but because he was friendless and depressed and threatened to commit suicide, I was still hanging out with him out of kindness... well... pitty. He took me to a movie and dinner and then gave me an engagement ring. I politely declined. He said he figured as much and offered to let me keep the ring. I said no, but sometimes I regret that. It was a pretty ring and just my style.

The third time, I was 6 months pregnant with my first son. His dad (who I wasn't married to) had just gotten home from a bad day at work. I decided to get him hammered. Poured this man 10 shots in about an hour. He got down on one knee, completely inebriated, and proposed to me. I actually said yes, but over the next 4 years he refused to follow through and would try to save our relationship through false ideas of marriage. That one was just 4-5 years of being jerked around.

Then there was the army guy I met after leaving my kid's dad. He was kind of like the marine guy... always going on and on about marrying me, and making more money through the army for being married... I quickly realized it was strange behavior. So I asked for some time, and kept contact... then he stopped answering my phone calls, blocked me on Skype and Facebook. Found out that because I didn't marry him, he found a new idiot bride. He married a girl he knew for 2 weeks, if that. I guess I really dodged a bullet there. Last I heard, about 2 years ago, his wife took his kids and ran.

Finally, there's my husband! Met him on a dating website and instantly we were like pieces to the puzzle. He had other dates lined up and canceled them all for me. When he proposed 6 months later, he recreated our first date. Wouldn't trade him for the world!

When You Feel Overconfident
3. When You Feel Overconfident

"The day of was just a culmination of a false sense of bravado and the feeling of 'going for it.' I still look back and cringe some nights. Basically, this girl and I had been through a lot together. I had known her most of my life. We always hit it off, and it felt (to me) that it was getting serious. I had hit this stage where I felt like I was more grown up than I was? I don't know. I was wearing my favorite outfit that was giving me so much confidence (basically imagine the coolest leather bomber jacket ever, I would get so many compliments on it from people). So, with the adrenaline flowing through me and a pretty big swagger factor going on, I decided to go for it during the trip to our homes where we first had met. The whole ride we made small talk, typical stuff- gossip about friends, interests, that sort of thing. When we got to her stop, I tilted my head towards her, and with a REALLY dumb grin, said, 'Will you M-A-R-Y me?'

She spelled it out, looked surprised, and RAN out, yelling, 'I have to ask my parents!' I was so embarrassed. I almost cried, especially when I realized I spelled 'marry' wrong.

Kindergarten was terrible the rest of the year."

He Asked You Like That And You Said WHAT?
4. He Asked You Like That And You Said WHAT?

"My ex-husband caught me completely off guard, we had been together less than 6 months. I said yes but I was really disappointed with the proposal. Always dreamed of a romantic private proposal. Instead, he handed me a ring while I was sitting on the couch at my parent's house flipping through tv channels."

There Should Be A Sobriety Test Before Proposals
5. There Should Be A Sobriety Test Before Proposals

"A friend of mine had never had a girlfriend before, his only true love was drinking. Around 30 years old he spent most of his waking hours at a local bar, where he befriended a smoking hot, fake chested, crazier than can be, ex-exotic dancer that was now a waitress there. After her shift, she'd join him and they would get hammered together. Their drink filled romance blossomed over time, to the point where she would go back to his place after close so they could drink more. Naturally, this led to even more relations. Before you knew it, my buddy had a real-life girlfriend. They were disgustingly trashed and affectionate with each other constantly, but my buddy was over the moon with happiness, so we let it be. After a couple months of this, buddy and girlfriend were having themselves a great Sunday watching sports at the bar. Around 10:00 p.m. or so, hammered buddy hopped off his bar stool, and he got down on a knee...and without a ring, proposes. The bar was cheering! She said yes! Buddy ordered bubbly for everyone!!! He was getting slaps on the back, congratulations passed around, shots bought for the new couple. A couple hours later, even more hammered, he gets down on a knee and proposed again!!! He's then reminded he already did that. So, which I imagine was only to save face, he slurred, 'I mean tonight!!! Let's go to Vegas!!' So they hopped in a cab, and 80 dollars later are at the airport. No flights were available until the next morning. So they decided to sleep at the airport.

Upon waking up, they decided they had better wait...80 dollar fare back to the bar then they each went to their own home. So no marriage. In the end, she suspected him of cheating (he wasn't), slapped him around a bit, and they broke up."

It Was Funny For A Second...
6. It Was Funny For A Second...

"I was proposed to by my ex when I bought Taco Bell for a quick dinner. When we were in the kitchen of my grandparents' house eating, my ex-boyfriend pulled out a Mild sauce packet that said, 'Marry me?'

I laughed it off and tossed it aside but my mom was over and saw the exchange. She told him he shouldn't do things like that because what if I took it seriously.

Then he said he was serious..."

Her Father Said No For Her...?
7. Her Father Said No For Her...?

"I dated a girl for almost 3 years. We were both 24 and had been done with college for a couple of years. Everything was going great and it seemed like it was the right time to start planning for our future. I went on my own to talk to her dad one day when I was considering a proposal, and he shut me down right away. He then shared that my girlfriend and his wife and him had been wondering if I was leaning this way and my visit had confirmed it. They had jointly decided that they weren't comfortable with me getting married to their daughter and my girlfriend was in agreement. When I pressed for details, it seemed that they did not like the fact that I was a schoolteacher and were worried about my ability to earn a good living. Otherwise, they said I was a good guy, just a little bit short in the ambition department. They were looking for their daughter to marry someone who had 'greatness on the horizon.'

We broke up the next day.

It took me a while to get over it. She did marry someone else a couple of years after and they are now divorced with two kids. The guy she married owned a couple of Jiffy's or something like that. I changed careers shortly afterward (not because of them) and have managed to make a great life for myself. I am not married and enjoying life. I currently live on the opposite side of the country and I work in finance and will be moving next month to Europe for my job and will be living there for 3-4 years. No regrets. At all."

Would You Propose To Someone Who Already Said No?


8. Would You Propose To Someone Who Already Said No?

"I had a boyfriend who was planning on flying us to Disney World to propose to me there. This was after I had expressed more than a dozen times that I'd never considered a marriage with him (due to differences in life paths that we wanted). I even directly said, 'Honestly if you ever proposed to me, I'd probably say no.' My thinking brain kicked in before the trip actually happened and I was like, 'If I don't want to marry this guy after three years together, why am I still here?' So I ended it. He ended up showing me the ring and telling me all his plan afterward in a last ditch effort to get me to stay.

Looking back, it was a huge bullet dodged but I feel bad because I let the relationship go on for so long without any intention of marriage. A combination of personal issues I needed to work out and an unhealthy dependency on companionship by both parties."

I Love You But I'm Moving to Africa
9. I Love You But I'm Moving to Africa

"I had planned it for the day after Thanksgiving. She had been out of the country for the past 6 months for work, and I was going to make the day about her. Spa reservations were made for a massage, nails were to be done, and salon reservations were made for her special haircut for super curly hair. I was going to take her to the Mayors Christmas Tree Lighting (we live in Kansas City, MO), walk across to Union Station where I had reserved a private room for supper at a fancy restaurant with 5 course meals and the proper drink pairings, where we would enjoy a meal and privacy together in one of our favorite places. After dinner was to be coffee and a walk up to Liberty Memorial where we could look at the skyline of our favorite place on earth. While this was to be happening her parents and my parents would be setting up a stool, some candles, and my guitar, where I was to play and sing the first song that I ever sang for her once more (Alive by Adelitas Way), and then I would pop the question. We had both talked about marriage many times and knew that we both wanted the same things, so I felt that, after 3 years together and 6 years of friendship, it was time.

Unfortunately, the day that she returned, the Monday of Thanksgiving week, she broke up with me because she wanted to take a 2-year job in Africa. We cried, we hugged, we were miserable, and she went home with both of us a mess. I'm not mad, I don't hate her, and I want her to succeed and be the greatest like I know she can be. I was able to cancel the reservations and return the $4000 ring, dealt with the embarrassment of having to return the ring, and picked out a brand new Gibson Les Paul."

Get a Dog? Get Married? Same Thing Apparently
10. Get a Dog? Get Married? Same Thing Apparently

"I got proposed to and had to say no. Thank god I figured out before we left for dinner that he was acting weird because it prompted him to propose right then and there. We'd never even talked about getting married. He defended himself afterward by saying that we'd talked about getting a dog together at some point in the future.

We broke up not too long after."

This Promposal Was More Traumatic Than The Proposals


11. This Promposal Was More Traumatic Than The Proposals

"I was a junior in high school and had a super crush on this girl, let's call her Maddie, that had been my friend for about 3 years. I had just recently realized that I liked her as more than a friend so I decided to pull out all the stops to ask her out to prom. My uncle was the athletic director of the school and was thus in charge of setting up school assemblies before games and such. Our assemblies always ended with challenges. So the day came and I was set up to do the basketball shot challenge in front of the whole school. Layup, free throw, a three-pointer, and half-court shot, I got 3 chances per shot and if I made one of each I got some gift card for like $100. I had been preparing for this assembly for a while as my uncle assured me that I'd be selected to participate in the challenge. So I began. I easily made the layup and free throw. At the three-point line, I missed the first shot but drained the second. Once I got to the half court line I miss both the first and second shot, as I had planned (but also because those shots are so hard). Before I took my final shot I waved my arms and told the guys running the loudspeaker to stop the music. My uncle handed me a microphone and I said, 'Before I take this last shot, I wanna make it a little more interesting. I don't want the gift card,' Students gasped, 'If I make this shot I want to ask a certain someone an important question.' The students gasped even louder.

So I handed the mic back to my uncle and prepared myself to take the shot. Let me tell you, it was dead silent in that gym. My fingers actually started trembling and sweat was pouring down my face. I took my shot. The ball flew towards the goal and it looked to be on target. This is the shot I had been practicing for the past two weeks and I had gotten somewhat good at. It hit the back of the rim and bounces up into the air. You hear every student groan. Then like a freaking movie, I can't make this up, it fell from the bounce straight into the net. Cheers erupted from the stands like I just made the game-winning shot at the state championships. I grabbed the mic from my uncle and tried to get everyone to quiet down and then I began, 'So, for a while now I've been friends with someone that I find perfect in every way. She's beautiful, funny, smart, and loves classic rock more than my dad. And I've been trying to find a good way to do this, so without further ado..' That's when the giant sign that I had painted dropped from the rafters. 'MADDIE WILL YOU GO TO PROM WITH ME?'

Everyone goes crazy and forced Maddie to come down to where I was, she was smiling and laughing so I took it as a good sign. She came up to me and I gave her the mic and she said with a smile, 'I'd love to but I'm going with my boyfriend from the other high school! I'm so sorry FilHeights!' Instant silence again. Luckily I'm somewhat quick on my feet and wanted to make light of the situation, so I took the mic and go, 'It's fine (lol) Hey, Mrs. Stephens, prom?' Mrs. Stephens laughingly shaking head no So I tried to laugh it off and the assembly ended. It was all good though, I had a backup and my senior year Maddie and I went together and even dated for awhile! Still a no from Mrs. Stephens though."

He Didn't Handle This Well
12. He Didn't Handle This Well

"My friend had been dating this girl for seven years. We kept telling him that he should propose, but he thought it would be fun to send pictures via Facebook asking how this ring looks or other things that dealt with a proposal. They were always jokes, and all his friends kept telling him not to do it and to either propose or let her go. She many times hinted about marriage and they both wanted to get married in the future. He kept giving the excuse that he 'wanted to be in a good position in life,' which many of us said marrying the one you love is a great position in life.

Well in the 8th year, he got a job as a teacher and everything was going well. We found out that he was going to propose to her July 4th which we all thought was stupid, to begin with. She doesn't show up and doesn't talk to him for about a week. She then tells him that they are broken up. Many of his friends and family pretty much said it made sense since after a time they must have been going two different paths. He literally for six months listens to Adele and other annoying (because they were on all the time on repeat) songs about heartbreak. He then finally asks her why and keeps badgering her so she says that she fell in love with a guy from her LARPing group. In truth, I think she never felt that he would marry her and she was done with it.

Sadly, this guy is a user. His last girlfriend, which he was with for around two years, just broke up with him because she knew he didn't love her. He didn't even care at all and just shrugged the whole thing off. I think either due to the first girl or that he just doesn't care about other people's feelings. He uses all his friends and family so leaning towards the latter way."

Not A Good Way To Ring In The New Year
13. Not A Good Way To Ring In The New Year

"I got proposed to. He had it all planned out. We got a room for New Year's Eve. He invited all of his loser friends over. Then after midnight, he asked me to marry him with all of his loser friends staring at me. I did not live in the state, I did not have a rental car (I was like 21), I had little money left and I had nowhere else to go. I hate being the middle of attention, so I said yes and got him to kick everyone out soon after so we could have 'celebration' private time. I didn't have the heart to tell him then that I did not want to get married to him because I was going to be there for another week. He did not have a stable job and barely got his GED. We both still lived with our parents. I was in college, and not working outside my parent's business. I don't even know how he afforded the ring he bought. I was way too embarrassed to tell people I was engaged to this guy, so I told my parents that it was a promise ring and nothing more. Also, my parents did not like him at all.

We even tried to make it work. He was going to move to where I lived, find a job, and get an apartment. Two weeks later, after paying for him staying at trashy motels, he made little to no effort to find a job. I started to run out of money and bummed money off a friend even (I did pay him back!). Then I was sneaking him into my parent's place late at night and sneaking him out in the early morning, make some excuse for leaving so early. We got caught one morning because we didn't leave early enough. I got in trouble with my parents. His dad sent him some money to take the bus back to where he lived. He then decided that he needed to be gone for weeks at a time for a 'job.' This was before cellphones were cheap, so his sister was borrowing his phone for camp. I started getting worried. Then I started to get mad. The only way I could communicate to him was through messenger once a week. He broke up with me shortly for being 'clingy' and 'jealous.' I was never so happy to give back jewelry before.

He knocked up his next girlfriend and got fat. Dodged that bullet!"

This Went Way Too Far
14. This Went Way Too Far

"An old university buddy a couple of years ago had been dating this girl for over a year. They were both big football (soccer) supporters particularly for their own different teams who were not top tier, but 2nd or 3rd division at the time. I can't remember what teams. Anyway, both teams were playing each other in a FA Cup match, and they both decided to sit with the supporters of her team.

He was wearing the kit of his team and the surrounding fans only slightly teased him. He'd been wanting to propose for some time, and had decided to do so on that particular day. He thought no matter which team won, either he or his girlfriend would be celebrating so why not throw an engagement ring on top of that. The match itself was pretty rough. Fans were getting pretty hammered, and rowdy near the end. Losing patience, he just blurted the proposal out before the final whistle. Everyone around them heard. She had been expecting a proposal for some time so obviously said yes.

However, the surrounding trashed fans said no and only saw a supporter of the opposing team, that was currently ahead, trying to take something else off them - one of their hot female supporters who actually likes non-glamour lower league football. A whole gang of lads jumped him, beat the living lights out of him, to eventually leave him badly injured, broken, and finally paralyzed down his left side. He couldn't handle the recovery. She couldn't handle it all. Within three months, they had broken up only to still constantly see each other, particularly at football games. So, their negativity festered and they started having screaming matches until she met someone else to eventually move away. He took many years to get over it to the point he could meet another decent happy person."

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