Unfortunately, not everyone can have a neighbor like Mr. Rogers. This can make living situations very difficult, as people are forced to interact with their neighbors on a daily basis. Just ask these people.

People on Quora the rudest thing a new neighbor has ever done. Content has been edited for clarity.

It's Not His Property
It's Not His Property

"We were painting and doing some work on the place. Got there fairly early one weekend morning to find the next-door neighbor had parked in our driveway. We asked him to move it, and he said sure and moved his car to the street. We left to go get some lunch and when we came back, he had moved to our driveway again and chained his Pitbull in our yard. Of course, he had left in one of his other cars and wasn't even around.

When he did come back, I was plastering under a window that faced his driveway. 

When he got out of the car, I said 'Would you please move your car and your dog? Please keep your stuff off our property.'

Well, the lunatic lost his mind. He told me we weren't living in the house yet, so he could put his stuff in our yard or in our driveway anytime he wanted. I told him it didn't matter whether we live there or not, it was our place not his and he wasn't the one making the payments.

He told me he was going to walk over to the window and make me shut up. I told him to try it, that I had a .44 just waiting for him.

He got his dog and moved his car, but apparently he went around telling the whole neighborhood that I was a crazy brat that was threatening to shoot everybody in the neighborhood for no reason. Wasn't more than a week or two later that he got evicted.

So eventually we moved in, and a few days later we still had a bunch of boxes stacked up in the living room. So the neighbor on the other side had the nerve to tell me that I needed to get my boxes unpacked so she can see into my window. Yeah, mini blinds went up immediately and were never pulled up on that side of the house."

She Proved Herself To Them
She Proved Herself To Them

"So I bought my 3rd home in a lake community north of Charlotte, NC. We closed on the house, we move in, we sold the previous house and settle in. I decided to handle the lawn care myself for a while because it was good physical work for me and helped me with stress relief. It's possible that I got behind a day or two with keeping the grass mowed because my job got in the way or the kids needed something. But I always handled it within reason and when I was done, I had one of the prettiest front yards on my street.

So one day a neighbor walks over when she sees me getting out of my car, and introduces herself along with another neighbor. Then they proceeded to tell me that they've been watching my house and wondered what I did for a living. And they told me they thought my hours were odd and obviously I lived alone. 

They asked me “Where's your husband?' 

I explained it was just my kids and me. Then one of the neighbors said, 'Well I hope you plan on keeping your yard up because the previous owners had it looking very nice. You're the first single mom in the neighborhood in a while. The last one let her yard go and it was awful.' 

So basically I was stigmatized due to my non-marital status. The neighbors wanted to keep the values up, and didn't want another 'single mom' messing up the street.

After that, I made sure that when I mowed the grass, I did so wearing a bikini or showed plenty of skin. I made sure my yard looked so awesome that it made theirs look not so good, and it forced them to keep up with me. It's super hot and humid here during the summer so they got to work harder in that too. I put money into the house year after. They always saw work trucks at my house doing renovations. I even eventually hired a landscaper and paid him yearly in advance.

I never heard from them again."

Accused For A Petty Reason
Accused For A Petty Reason

"Following the unexpected death of my husband, I was forced to sell the house we had lived in for 20+ years and move to a new town. My teenage children wanted to live in a modern house in a gated community, where many of their friends lived. I was fortunate to find a house within my price range on a dead-end street. We had two lovely dogs that I kept in the fenced yard. I made sure not to let them run around loose. They were older dogs and well-mannered. Their names were Katie and Johnny, and they were a source of great comfort to me.

Three days after I moved in, there was a knock at my door. I saw that it was the next-door neighbor, and she had something in her hands. I thought she was there to welcome me to the neighborhood and was bringing me a small gift. I knew that she was part of the welcoming committee.

I eagerly answered the door, and to my dismay, she was holding a small shovel and a plastic bag. She told me that one of my dogs had pooped in her front yard and that she wanted me to pick it up immediately. She also said that she would file a complaint with the HOA if it happened again. I tried to tell her that it was not my dog, but she would not listen. I was shocked beyond belief. I was terribly hurt. I fell apart, crying right there in the entryway, and realized that I had made a mistake by purchasing this house.

Not knowing what else to do, I went to pick up the poop. By then, she had already gone back into her house and closed the door. I left her shovel, along with a note near her garage. I saw her come outside and pick it up as soon as I went into my house. She had obviously been watching me.

The next morning, I noticed a Boston Terrier roaming the neighborhood. I got out my camera and took several photos. A few days, later the same dog was pooping in her yard. I was able to get a photo of this activity, as well as the turds the dog left behind, which I did not pick up.

I sent her the photos, along with a note. She never responded and avoided me. I later found out that the Boston terrier belonged to some visiting relatives in the neighborhood. I also discovered that her husband had had an affair with the woman that had lived in the house I had just purchased. Apparently, she felt threatened by my widowhood and thought that I might try to steal her man.

Days later I ran into that neighborhood, and she was all smiles and friendly. Her questions felt like an interrogation. I mumbled something about being in a hurry and got away as quickly as I could. I had a lot of hindsight about things I could have said to her. Mostly, I wanted her to know the pain I felt that day when I thought I was being welcomed by her to the neighborhood."

She Changed Her Tune
She Changed Her Tune

"Many years ago, we bought a house in an established neighborhood. One evening, we were finally done bringing boxes in and were getting ready for bed when my father decided to park his car on the side yard because the garage was full of moving stuff.

All of a sudden, the neighbor woman comes out in a rage saying that he could not do that because the previous owner had stolen three inches from her side yard and the car was technically on her property. When my mother came out to see what the problem was, she flung insults at her, telling her that my father was cheating on her because she was an old hag. She threatened to call the police on us because of trespassing.

For the next few weeks, she would wait for my mother to come out of the house to insult her and threaten with the police because she wanted her three inches back.

One day, my mother was watering the front garden when she came at her threateningly because she was going to trespass on her three inches. When the neighbor came a little too close for comfort, my mother turned the watering hose on her. Of course, she called the police. There was nothing to be charged for and they left.

This went on for a few months and it died down, but everyone in our family tried to avoid her.

Thirty years go by…

The house on that neighbor’s other side, whose owner was a widow with five daughters and a friend to everyone on the street, left to go shopping while the girls were in school. My mother was at home and she noticed a burning smell in the air. She walks out of the house and notices smoke in the air. As she looks around, she finds that the house where the mother of five daughters’ lived was on fire. She calls the fire department because the flames are coming out of the windows. Luckily, there was no one home at the time. 

Then my mother notices that her next door neighbor (three inches) is probably home and has not noticed that there is a fire next door to her, so she bangs on her door and windows until the woman walks out. She had been taking a nap and did not see that the flames were spreading and had the potential of jumping into her house while she had been sleeping.

She quickly got out and hugged my mother for 'saving her life.' From then on, she showered my mother with gifts, home cooked meals, and acts of kindness. She even had an event at her house in which her daughter and granddaughter, plus her two sisters, honored my mother with a cake and presents."

They Were Watching For A Reason
They Were Watching For A Reason

"My husband and I bought a dilapidated home last year. It took us three months to renovate it. Every day, we drove 10 miles to and 10 miles from this new house and worked ourselves to exhaustion while the neighbor watched from the other side of the fence. Just watching and staring. Never saying anything. What I didn’t realize was he was making mental notes. He knew my husband always left first.

About a week before we moved in totally, I was getting into my car to leave and I have to exit the car to lock the gate behind me. This is when my new neighbor and his friend corner me and get all up in my face. They were slurring their words, and they kept asking me to go have a drink with them. I politely declined and said I needed to go. They got closer and louder, and one of them grabbed the fence behind me and was shaking it for some reason.

I don’t know these people. I’ve never met them. They’ve never, in the three months we’ve been working on the house, said anything to us and now two hammered men are pleading with me to 'go have a drink.' Of course, they wait until my husband is gone before they invite me over. 

This went on for a while. They were aggressively 'encouraging' me to have a drink and I would, in broken Spanish, decline. Finally, the neighbor’s wife looks out the window from their house at the three of us.

I yelled, 'Oh, is that your wife?' 

I waved at her and said, 'Hi!' 

The two idiots looked at her and then back at me and left.

Since this happened, the wife has never said one word to me. She sees me all the time and has never once greeted me. I told my husband what had happened but he didn’t do anything about it. He wrote it off as they were hammered and stupid."

What is Their Problem?
What is Their Problem?

"We had a new family moved in across the street from us about a month before the 4th of July. On the 4th, we were lighting off fireworks and they came out with two small children. They had a small pack of fireworks which were gone in a matter of a few minutes. The kids in my family at the time were all in their late teens, so the roadside fireworks weren’t all that interesting to them. I walked over to them with the intention of introducing myself and offering them the rest of our fireworks. The moment they saw me coming, they instantly started gathering all of their stuff. Oblivious that they were trying to run away, I start introductions and begin to offer them the rest of our fireworks when they just turned their backs and hustled back inside their house. I was left standing at the edge of their sidewalk wondering what in the world had just happened. The only thing I could think of was that they were just fearful of outsiders and wanted to be left alone.

That was around four or five years ago, and I still haven’t spoken to them. They have 'stolen' our garbage can several times, leaving us with their broken one, deliberately thrown trash in our driveway when it didn’t fit in their garbage can, and complained on the community website about the 'smell of cooking flesh' when we’ve had a barbecue. I’ve wondered if that’s why they were so rude that 4th of July. We live in farm country so it didn’t go over well. The whole thing with the garbage was done in plain view of everyone; I had a few people tell me they saw him do it, and my husband flipped out on him when he caught him. Every time they traded garbage cans we would switch them back with a note asking them not to leave us their broken can. Eventually, I got fed up and left a comic on the garbage can with a man carrying a can over his shoulder out of a driveway and note explaining that I asked the city to fix their broken can; they just needed to leave it out and it would be fixed the following day. Staying nice helped; I haven’t had a garbage issue since last summer but I still shake my head at how rude they’ve been when they’ve never even spoken to us.

I do have to add that their children seem to be sweet kids. I’ve only spoken to them once when they were walking home from school. They were jumping over the ditch while it was running and I was afraid they were going to fall in. They were super excited to introduce themselves."

Aw, Poor Scrappy
Aw, Poor Scrappy

"A new tenant moved into an apartment diagonally across the hall from mine. He had a six-month-old pitbull mix named 'Scrappy.' He was very friendly and energetic and barked a lot. I talked to my neighbor about it one morning. I suggested he leave a TV or radio on whenever he went away to keep the dog company. I even offered to check in on the dog now and then if he gave me a copy of his key, I’d walk it, feed it, maybe sit with it for an hour or two or take it back to my apartment. I have two cats, but they were used to being around a dog.

He thanked me but never took me up on the offer. One weekend, he went away and the dog barked incessantly. Called management. Called after-hours number. Both said they’ve received complaints, but whenever they’d swing by there, they’d hear no barking. 

I stood outside the apartment door and said, 'Do you hear it now?'

The dog was never removed nor was the tenant evicted. Until one weekend I noticed there was no barking. After a few days of silence, I asked the tenant what happened to Scrappy. He told me management ordered him to get rid of him.

A week later, I was up at the management office, signing a new lease. 

I asked, 'By the way, can you tell me about the tenant in Apartment 26B? He told me you made him get rid of the dog.'

The manager explained, 'He seemed aggressive. We were showing the unit to some prospective tenants and the dog ran right up to them and jumped on them.'

I didn’t want to press it. Even though I knew that more than likely wasn’t aggression; it was being overly friendly and looking for human contact he didn’t seem to get a lot of, I was just glad of no longer sitting up all night listening to that darn dog barking."

Someone Was Bit By The Jealousy Bug
Someone Was Bit By The Jealousy Bug

"When we moved into our first home, we were young and expecting our second child. My husband worked evenings while I was a stay-at-home-mom. It was a cute place, there was even a pool in the background.

We had been in the house for about a month, and I had just driven 3 hours to drop off my son at his grandma’s house for a few days of child-free relaxation. The first thing I noticed was that it smelled like gasoline the moment I stepped into the house. It wasn’t overwhelming, but it wasn’t subtle either. I moved up from the garage into the kitchen, and I noticed that the smell wafted a bit.

Some places would be normal, and others would smell highly of gasoline. You could even stay in the same place, and it would come and go.

Now, I know that pregnancy can bring a stronger sense of smell, and I wanted to make sure it wasn’t gasoline I had accidentally stepped in. I knew that wasn’t the case, but I didn’t want to freak out unnecessarily.

My husband came home not long after I arrived home, and he smelled the same gasoline smell. We took my shoes outside, and nothing changed. We called emergency services, and the first responders combed through my house looking for a source of gasoline.

The final verdict: A neighbor likely had poured gasoline in our AC unit, and it caused the fumes to spread through the house. They believed that since we had a pool in the backyard, our neighbors were likely jealous.

We opened all of our windows and spent the night at my MIL’s house. The next morning, there were no other issues.

We never found out which neighbors did it, but it never happened again."

What Was This Guy Thinking?
What Was This Guy Thinking?

"We moved to another state and found a nice neighborhood. Across the street was this guy who seemed kind of insecure, and it was awkward trying to converse with him. So I tried to go out of my way to be a friend. Apparently, he interpreted that gesture as if we were best friends now. Soon after, my puppy was gone from the backyard and the gate are open. After a few minutes of panic, I see this guy walking down the street with the puppy tagging along. He thought it was ok to take the puppy for a walk. He later started letting his dog out the front door where it would run across the street into my yard and poop on it. 

This went for weeks until finally, I said to not do this. His reply? He started yelling at me. I walked away, and as I was going into my house he was still in his yard yelling. I guess he didn’t like being told he was in the wrong though I was being tactful about it. He was very defensive. But the worse thing was that first winter. I had shoveled off the snow from the driveway to get my car in the garage but noticed he hadn’t shoveled his so he had to park in the street which was full of snow and icy. Before going to bed I looked out and see that he had parked his car in my shoveled driveway!

So I go to the door said, 'Please move your car' and walked away. 

Twenty minutes later, it was still there! So I go outside and he is in his garage. He sees me and starts yelling, 'What's the big deal, Mike!'

Well, he finally moved it in protest. The next day I tried to have a talk with him. He gave some lame answer that didn’t make sense. After that, I kept my distance from this lunatic. He was living with some woman and her kids (after having left his own Mormon wife and 3 kids). He was a mess and I think she was too.

One night, I could see that he had blocked her car by turning his sideways so she couldn’t get her car out. The lady had pushed out the two-story window screen and jumped off the roof where she proceeded to come to my house and was ringing the doorbell late at night. I didn’t dare open it. 

Later I heard she lost her four kids; one to her ex-husband, two more to social services, and the last one who moved out at 16. I don’t pray too much for myself, but I did pray that this man and woman would move away. A couple of years later they did."

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree
The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

"I have been living in the same house since 1986. One evening, there was this guy supposedly standing in the front yard of their house yelling curse words at us. My mom was upset with him, and later went to go tell his parents about it. They were old people in their 50's back then.

That man's mother came to the door when my mom was there waiting. My mom tried to tell her about how her son was shouting disrespectful things at us. She explained that she had two little boys who did not need to be hearing any of that. This woman told my mom not to show trespass on their property, and to get bent. 

The old woman then slammed the front door in my mom's face. That got my mom really upset and had her start wondering if we made a mistake coming to this neighborhood.

So after that guy and his mom demonstrated that they were rude people, my mom was scared to talk to anyone on our street. Then later other neighbors were introducing themselves to us and actually became our friends. The only people who acted like bullies then were those people at that house across the street.

We never had anything to do with those old people after that day. Sometimes, they would come out into their yard and look over into ours when my brother and I were outside playing. It was as if they did not like us ever coming outside to play in our own yard."

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