It's amazing how often people lie. People lie about everything and people lie all the time. It's especially annoying when it's CLEARLY a lie and they do it anyway. When those people get called out for their lies, it's doubly satisfying. Like these 14 people that called liars as they saw them. Were they embarrassed? Absolutely!

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Busting Him On His Lies
Busting Him On His Lies

"I used to work for Comcast (boo hiss) in their retention center. One call I'll never forget was this college kid trying to cancel his service. The call went something like this:

Me: 'Welcome to Comcast. How may I help you.'

Him: 'Yeah I need to cancel my service.'

Me: 'Sorry to hear that, have you considered not cancelling?' (This part is heavily abridged)

Him: 'Nope. My semester is over and I'm moving back in with my parents.'

Me: 'No problem. I've gotten that set up for you. Is there anything else I can help you with?'

Him: 'Yeah. I need you to credit the last six months of service.'

Me: 'I'm sorry? Could you repeat that?'

Him, now sounding agitated: 'Your crappy service didn't work and I shouldn't have to pay for it. Credit it. Now!'

Me, still confused: 'Why didn't you call in to our technically support?'

Him: 'I didn't have time. I'm a college student.'

Me: 'Let me get this straight. Your service didn't work at all? Like, if you turned on the TV all you'll get is static and it's been like that since December?'

Him: 'Yep. that's what I've been saying!'

Me: 'Then how did you rent a movie last night?'

He then spurted out a bunch of apologies and hung up. That was probably my favorite call in the four years I worked there."

Someone Tried To Scam Him, Which Was A Bad Idea
Someone Tried To Scam Him, Which Was A Bad Idea

"I was waiting at a red light behind a red BMW. I noticed that it’s bumper was kind of messed up. The light turns green and he starts going and I slowly accelerate like any normal human. Then he slams on his brakes and I quickly do the same. I didn't hit him, but then he REVERSES into my car, turns on his hazards, and pulls into the shopping complex near us. We exchange information. I am absolutely calm.

Later at small claims court after rejecting his claim with my insurance:

Him: 'Yes your honor, this accident left me with $5k in damage to my car including paint and $1k in emotional distress as i have needed physical therapy.'

Judge: looks at me, 'and you say you have video of this incident?'

Me: 'Yes I do sir. hands cd to bailiff

dashcam clearly shows his fraud

Judge: 'So, is that you in the video?'

Him: 'uh..uh...uh...'

He literally got arrested and had to pay me 5k in damages.

Get a dashcam people!"

This Guy Didn't Even Know Who He Was Talking To!
This Guy Didn't Even Know Who He Was Talking To!

"For whatever reason, this story angers me to this day.

I manage a family owned pizza restaurant and I believe it was a Friday or Saturday night when this guy calls in and one of my drivers takes the call, then he puts it on hold, informing me that the caller wants to speak to a manager. Okay, cool. I do it every day.

This jerk. He immediately just starts yelling at me. Basically he was upset because the store he orders from 'multiple times a week' didn't have his customer info in the system. At first, I was respectful and I told him that while it is rare, that it is possible. due to our very outdated computer system and that the program may have decided to on its own to delete it. It has happened, though it is rare. This apparently was not enough for him. He was so unbelievably upset about this, I don't even understand why.

He asks for my name and asks if I am the manager. I say yes. Then he says that he would like the number to our corporate office. I explain to him that this is a family-owned local chain; there is no corporate office. I feel like right now is a decent enough time to add in that I personally love dealing with these types of customers. You know the completely irrational, disrespectful, loud ones. This is mostly because as soon as they start being rude to me, I have been granted full permission to dish it right back to them!

Telling him that we're not corporate just seemed to anger him more. The angrier he got, the more I enjoyed it. I don't know if this is mildly sadistic but hey whatever. Then what he wants to speak to the general manager. I tell him that he is not working that night, so he asks for his name and phone number. I tell him I'm not allowed to give that information out and he just keeps getting more and more upset.

I asked him, basically accused him, multiple times of calling the wrong store. It happens all the time as three of our stores have the same first 6 digits in the phone number. He assures me he called the right store. At this point, since I couldn't provide him with anyone else higher up at the moment, he asks if I am working the next day.

'Yes sir I'll be here all day,' I reply

'Alright, l come pay you a visit tomorrow!'

That comment had me weak in the knees, it was so hilarious the way he said it.

Right before he hangs up I cut him off, 'Excuse me, if you don't mind, do you usually order for pick up or delivery?'


'And if you don't mind what are the two major cross streets where you live?'

'This street/that street.'

BINGO. I knew it

'Ahhh okay sir. See the issue here is that you are quite literally two blocks away from our other location. We are 20 minutes south of you. We would never, under any circumstances deliver to you, unless you placed an order for $500 or more, so you have been calling the wrong store the entire time."

Then he spat off some senseless nonsense about how he was still going to report me and then called me rude, you know, basically all of the stuff that indicates that you just lost an argument BADLY.

It was entertaining to hear him back track, as he hung up the phone.

Oh man, that was so satisfying!"

Making Up Things

Dasha Petrenko/

Making Up Things

"I used to work as a makeup artist at a makeup counter in the mall.

Our rules for giving full-face makeovers are that the customer must purchase three full-size items from our counter in lieu of paying us directly, as we were only paid sales commission. Pretty simple policy, and easily explained and understood.

I had a woman call and make a full-face makeover appointment for her daughter. I explained the policy to her and she agreed. The next day, the mother and daughter showed up for the appointment and I ended up actually being the one to spend an hour SLAYING this girl’s face. She had terrible skin that needed lots of coverage, and she requested a very complicated eye look with glitter, liner, and false lashes. She had brought her own lashes, but we aren’t allowed to apply anything brought in from outside the store because we are liable for any infections or reactions that could happen. She declined to purchase lashes from me, so I just loaded her up with mascara.

I asked her which three items she wanted to purchase, and her eyes grew wide. 'None of them, I don’t have any money,' she said. The mom showed back up at that moment and began SCREAMING that I was trying to scam her and I had told her that the makeover was free, if they provided their own makeup. I asked them where their own makeup was that they had brought, as I had only seen the lashes and used 100% of my company’s makeup. My manager was standing beside me, as well as another coworker, while this was happening, and they had actually been standing next to me while I took the original phone call and informed her of the policy!

They backed me up and it was at this point that the mom began to squirm. I squirted a ton of makeup remover onto a cotton pad and went to remove the daughter’s makeup, and the mom said, 'NO NO NO we’ll buy some...nail polish!' and grabbed some off the shelf behind her.

'Sorry,' my manager replied. 'Those aren’t from our company. You’ll have to choose something from our counter.'

The mom was a total witch for the entire transaction, but she had no recourse and she knew it. She kept grumbling that she was going to return the items right away, so I took a Sharpie and blacked out the UPC codes so she wouldn’t be able to."

The Karen Gets Burned
The Karen Gets Burned

"Not me but a coworker, however the moment is still gloriously seared into my cerebral cortex.

I worked at a bakery in a mall food court in college. We had a strict no samples policy because customers are terrible people. One day some rich, white 'Karen' demanded a sample of a cookie from my coworker, was denied, and proceeded to dump a torrent of verbal abuse on my poor coworker.

The 'Karen' ends her tirade with, 'well, at your other location across town, they let me sample that item, so I don't see why you shouldn't!'

My co-worker, bless her, is dead inside like the rest of us food and retail workers and replies loudly, 'Oh, so you've already tried it, then?'

The deafening silence from the 'Karen' was glorious and the event was one of the highlights of my employment at that bakery."

She Made Up A Second Birthday
She Made Up A Second Birthday

"Hoo boy. There was a girl I grew up who was notorious for her being a liar.

All you need to know for this is that this is when she and a bunch of girls were going through their 'weeb' stage and that meant everything in and from Japan was the best thing ever.

So, this girl (white as bread) tried to convince her fellow students that she was FROM Japan via adoption. As in, she was adopted from Japan and then she said she had two birthdays because of it. I had grown up with her and she never celebrated her second birthday' up until that year and I knew all about her family.

Basically, a friend gave her a gift on her 'second birthday' and I pointed out to my friends, as we watched this unfold, that she didn't have a second birthday. I then explained what I'd learned and observed. Well, the friend who got her a gift asked her about it and the girl was TICKED. She came marching over to me saying, 'how DARE you lie to him!'

I told her I knew she'd been lying all year and that I grew up with her, so I knew all about her birthday. I said, 'you know darn well that today isn't your birthday so stop lying to people just to get attention.'

She hated me after that, but she did lose most of her friends that weekend, except for the naive ones who'll believe anything you tell them."

She Was Ready For All His Lies
She Was Ready For All His Lies

"This wasn't one thing I said, but the things I did that made it so great.

I went through a nasty custody battle with my ex a few years ago. He and his new wife were making absolutely insane accusations about me, without any type of proof or reason why they’d even think these things. I know judges are used to family court being a battlefield and don’t take accusations seriously unless there’s evidence supporting them, but it really bothered me that he’d try to do that to me in the first place. So, with the blessing of my lawyers I went above and beyond to prove my ex was a liar.

I hired a substance abuse counselor and had him secretly, randomly test me for substance abuse every week for the remaining 8 months of our battle, I had a full psychological evaluation done, I recorded all my phone calls with my ex, and I followed up on absolutely everything my ex mentioned, like his statement that my son's teacher called his new wife and said she had a feeling that my son was afraid of me. It wasn't true and I had the tapes to prove it!

All of his accusations were proven false and all of the third party statements were proven to be completely fabricated. The final hearing gave me warm, fuzzy feelings as each lie came to light, one by one. My ex still tries to claim that I must’ve paid off everyone involved, but I know deep down he doesn’t actually think that. I don’t have nearly enough money for that kind of thing."

Ending A Scammers Scam
Ending A Scammers Scam

"I used to work at a tanning salon and a lady who came in would trick the girls into giving her half off of her tans.

We had half-price upgrades on Sundays for people with memberships, she didn’t have one and would just try to come in and pay half-price for one session. she tried to get me to do it by saying the owners told her that she could always have half off even without a membership. I told her that typically the owners would have put notes in people's accounts if that were the case and I asked when this happened because there was nothing on her account. She said the owner was here one day and that they promised her half-off every time. I said, 'that’s weird, the owners never come to the store locations, only the corporate office,' but she swore up and down that she knew the owners and they promised her half off.

I said, 'oh! You know Emily and Jacob personally?'

She got excited and was like, 'yeah I know them!'

Those were not the owners names, so I told her that, and she got embarrassed, and left.

That trick worked on so many of our employees and for a long time (I could see the discount history), but not me lady."

Always Save A Copy Of Your Lease


Always Save A Copy Of Your Lease

"I was in college, and my apartment had a set amount we would pay for utilities each month regardless of what the actual bills added up to. One month, our rent statement showed that the utilities portion was way higher, so I took it to the leasing office to get it fixed. The very rude manager tried to tell me that they never put set amounts in their leases, and that we had to pay what the actual bills were each month. I asked her why we had never done that before, and she couldn't give me an answer, but told me she couldn't change it.

I walked back to my apartment, got my lease, came back, and showed her the part where it says we are supposed to pay a set amount every month. The look on her face was priceless, and she just said very quietly that she would adjust our rent and make sure we were only charged the set amount each month."

He Called Him And It Meant A Steak Dinner!
He Called Him And It Meant A Steak Dinner!

"My sophomore year in college I had a panicky moment in my car where, after the first snow of the year, I took a corner a little bit too tightly at slightly too high of a speed and ended up messing up one of my tires.

No big deal, luckily I have a savings account and was able to get a free tow (thanks AAA) to a Midas a few blocks away, got my tire fixed. As I was talking with the guy after the tire was replaced, he goes 'Hey man, while I was down there I took a look at your brake pads, and the pads on all 4 of your wheels are at like 10-15%. You really need to get them replaced ASAP, and we're actually starting a special on brake pads next week but I can go ahead and give you the deal today, it's 30% off the regular price of the repair.' I slapped my forehead and went 'WOW!! That sucks, thank you for telling me and giving me the deal! How long do brake pads normally last?'

He goes, 'It varies, but normally around 50k miles is when we recommend you get them swapped out.'

And I go, 'Y'know, it's the darnedest thing, I bought this car three months ago and the full-body inspection I had done afterwords said that all 4 pads were at 90%. Isn't that just the oddest thing?' and I just stared at him, with contempt.

He realized I had caught him in a total scam, so I lean in and say, 'How about you just go ahead and give me that 30% off deal on the tire you replaced, and I won't make this into a big deal.'

He did! I had already transferred the full amount from my savings account into my checking so I used the ~$40 I saved to buy myself a super nice dinner. So really, I owe Midas; without them I wouldn't have had one of the best filet mignons I've ever had!"

A Terrible Scam
A Terrible Scam

"My parents once got a call from a man with an Indian accent who tried to tell them there was a problem with their computer. My parents put me on the call. 'Sir, we have detected a problem with your computer. I will walk you through fixing it. Can you please start by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard?'

Me: 'I don't see one of those. Is it next to the Apple logo key?'

It took the guy a few seconds to realize we had a Mac and weren't buying his scam."

Make The Lie Big!


Make The Lie Big!

"The director of an acting troupe I was part of had a habit of grandiose lying, usually involving personal associations with his favorite actors and musicians. These stories lacked corroboration and were difficult to believe because we were beyond small time, we were mostly amateur. Still, it was waved off as harmless.

That is, until he announced a collaboration project with Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and Yoko Ono. We asked to see the correspondence with Mr McCartney to confirm, and they were all personal gmails claiming to be the man himself, but many details were strange, to say the least; first, Paul, Ringo, and Yoko have never indicated a desire to work with each other. There was a lot of ugliness with the meltdown of the band and it can be assumed that there is still beef with the surviving ex-Beatles. Second, Paul McCartney is a busy and fastidious professional musician. Not only is it unlikely he would have the time to personally correspond with him, he would likely also want the exchanges to be run through a lawyer or some other intermediary, so the fact that he was supposedly emailing with the man himself was suspicious. Third is OF COURSE THIS SMALL TOWN DINGUS IS LYING.

So I wrote him a letter addressed from John Lennon, saying (to paraphrase:) 'Hi, buddy. I may be dead, but when I heard about the project I was so excited I couldn't say no! You can count on me being there as sure as the others!'

I taped it to the front door of my apartment and invited the whole troupe over for a party, letting everyone read it and laugh. It was super awkward when the director showed up and saw what I had done, but understand that we had frozen our other projects to work on this crap, so he needed to be called out."

A Creep Gets Called Out


A Creep Gets Called Out

"Oh boy, this is one of the most epic moments of my life so far.

We were at a music festival, and some dude we didn’t know was hitting on a girl from our group. My other friends and I didn’t really pay attention to their exchange, until the guy told her that he was a music video producer. Suddenly, we all listened because hey, that’s a pretty cool occupation.

Another friend asked him if he could show us some of his work, he said he’d love to and took out his phone to show us a screenshot of a music video he was working on. As soon as I looked at the picture, it rang a bell, and another moment later it hit me. I pointed to the lead singer and asked him what this guy’s name was. He said that’s his friend Mark. I asked what the bands name was. He told me some name I can’t remember. That was when I decided to drop the bomb and told him to stop talking bull, because the guy in the photo is called Alex Gaskarth, the band is called All Time Low, and he sure as heck didn’t produce that music video. I used to listen to that band a lot when I was younger, and they’re not very well-known where I’m from.

I’ve never seen somebody’s face go pale this quick. My friends around me went completely silent for a second, as if they were in shock, and another second later they were literally on the ground from laughing so hard at this guy. He kept standing there for another moment, stammering and trying to come up with an explanation, until one of my friends wiped a tear out of his eye and went up to him, put a hand on his shoulder and said, 'I think you’re done here,' and so he buggered off. I let myself be celebrated for a little while and then we went on with our day.

To this day, this is one of my favorite festival stories. I still can’t believe the nerve of this guy."

Lying In The Woods
Lying In The Woods

"My fiancé and I are friends with this couple. Their toddler is a year older than ours. I love these guys, I consider them my best friends actually. The wife is amazing and really down to earth, she is so calm and collected almost all the time. The husband is a big teddy bear and has been friends with my fiancé for over 16 years. Again, they are great.

The thing is that both of them are severely overweight. I never judged them for this as I myself gained over 30kg after my pregnancy and had issues with birth control pills and it resulted in be being overweight, too. The wife has lost 10kg as far as I know, and she still wants to lose more weight, as she feels unhappy with her appearance. The husband is not on board with this completely and really holds her back. His doctors recently told him they are growing really concerned for his health as he is around 160kg and I assume wears 3 or 4XL clothing. Both of his knees are damaged badly already. Their toddler is fine though! I support them both, I mean, I just want them to be happy and healthy. I hope they will find a solution for themselves.

But they are also liars. The husband sometimes says some things to show us how good of a father he is. He doesn't need to do this, as we think they are amazing parents. But he still does it.

One day, as we were all going for a walk in a forest, he said he doesn't like walking on the man-made paths in a forest and usually takes his child for adventures off trail. I was growing kinda annoyed at the lying, and knowing they don't take walks often, I asked, 'you 'usually' do that? When was the last time you did that?'

He was taken aback a bit and said, 'Uh..I haven't had the chance to do this yet' and his wife just smiled and said he was exposed now. I hope he stops being so pretentious now! Everything was still friendly though, we pick at each other all the time. I hope I don't seem like too big of a jerk, I was just tired of it."


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