Some things are just better left unsaid, especially when those things have the potential to be catastrophic to the person they're being told to. To heck with "sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me." Words hurt, so choose them wisely! These Redditors share the worst thing someone has ever told them. Content has been edited for clarity.

Stay In School, Kids
Stay In School, Kids

"'Any idiot could do what you just did.'

This was said to me, by my own mother, on the day of my graduation (and being the first person in my family to graduate from a university with honors).

My parents came to stay over at the house I was renting and I asked my mom if the family's okay with staying over during the weekend, so I could show them the city I was studying in. She said fine. Turned out that she said nothing to my family and decided that I was to be ready to leave within an hour after the graduation ceremony. My dad didn't want to worsen the situation or escalate it, so he kept quiet while she shouted at me for having packed my suitcase 'messily', and then forced me to empty everything and re-pack my clothes/books which nearly got me late for my own graduation.

The reason why she said the above quote? It as because she was calling me 'stupid' and 'worthless' and that's when I tried to be an adult and stand up to her, proudly showing my copy of my dissertation (which got me a good grade and great feedback).

She didn't change her tune.

I didn't realize it at the time, but she was a manic bipolar person who wanted to turn me into her future nurse for her elderly twilight years (someone to forever hold her purse and clean up after her). I think she expected (and hoped) that I would fail college, so she was surprised and felt threatened that I wound up making it through, hence why she decided to beat me down. Luckily, my degree helped me get out of that crazy despite the recession

All you kids with crazy parents? Stay in school."

The Beast
The Beast

"I hung out with my best buddy and his girlfriend at his girlfriend's house. Her father had a fairly sizable bar in the basement and also had some home brew. Everyone got wasted as crap, but I was only slightly hammered. At one point my best buddy fell asleep in the bedroom and I was left outside with the beast (she was humongous, 300+).

She was talking, very freely, about several things. First she said she wanted to see how large my package was...I nervously laughed this off. Then she said she wanted us both at the same time to compare sizes. Another nervous laugh. Then she told me she made him sleep with her without protection because she really wanted a kid. She used to hit him if he tried to wear one, telling him it didn't feel as good. She confessed that she wasn't on the pill. Finally, she told me she was really upset because she just got her period, and in her words not mine 'he missed.'

I told my buddy the next day when we left and that was the last either of us had seen her."

The Replacement Child
The Replacement Child

"While introducing my ex girlfriend, named Caitlan or Cait for short, to my mother. My mother somehow brings my dead sister Katie up in conversation. I suggest that talking about dead people isn't the best thing to do when making a first impression. She said something to the effect of 'You would not have been born if your sister hadn't died.'

Katie died from SIDS, for which there are no warning signs.

This had been a long time personal demon of mine, that i was just then starting to get over. My entire life I've been told how perfect and great Katie would have been and how much they loved Katie and how proud they would have been of her. All the implications that I was nothing but a let down in comparison, how I needed to live up to the standards they set for a dead baby.

I was finally getting some sense of self worth, finally finding value in thing I do, finally feeling good enough. I only ever wanted to make my parents proud of me, but they never have been. I'm a replacement, a runner up prize, and I always will be."

Why Would She Tell Them That?
Why Would She Tell Them That?

"I was going to a private school for my last semester of high school.

Anyways, midway through the semester, a new kid came to our school. He had a scar going over his head from ear to ear. Nobody ever asked him what it was from, we just ignored it.

A couple of weeks later, my bus driver tells me we're going to start picking up a new kid before school. She didn't give me a name at first, but she told me that the kid had shot himself in the head. She then said the kid's name and my mouth dropped.

At first, I couldn't believe that he tried to kill himself, and then I thought about how stupid the bus driver was. She told me something VERY personal. It wasn't my business and she was very unprofessional for telling me. There was one other kid on my bus ride each morning.

When he got on the bus, she instantly told him the same thing. He sits down next to me and whispers 'Why did she tell us that?'

I respond, 'Because she's an idiot.'

We both promised not to tell anyone, because it isn't any of our business. Aside from the scar, you would have no idea this kid tried to kill himself. Even then, it would have been a huge assumption."

You Can't Please Everyone
You Can't Please Everyone

"I teach karate and have a really good relationship with every single one of my 200+ students. The kids love me and parents rave about me. I go on Facebook and when people ask about martial arts in the area no one mentions the school I work for, it’s always 'Go see Sensei (me), he’s absolutely the best!'

Except one day, I get a Facebook message from a mom who I’ve spoken with in the past and who speaks very little English. I love her daughter. She's seven-years-old, very strong, determined, and just a pleasure to have in class. So I get this message, we aren’t even friends on Facebook, and it basically just says, 'I don’t know what it is and I can’t figure it out, but there is just something I don’t like about you.'

That affected me for weeks. I’ve heard worse. I don’t know why though, but that was the only time I’ve ever actually felt bad after hearing something. My boss is a native Spanish speaker and I brought it up to her. She reached out to ask about it and she didn't have much input for me.

I don’t expect everyone to like me. I think me being upset had a lot to do with how out of her way she needed to go in order to let me know."

Mom's A Textbook Narcissist
Mom's A Textbook Narcissist

"I turned 15. My mother is a narcissist, and had a wonderful habit of buying herself gifts and claiming they were for me. She also couldn't stand that my birthday was a day when the attention wouldn't be on her. I had really wanted to learn piano. I requested a keyboard over and over, even if it was just one of the little 20 dollar ones from the toys section.

She got me a ring. A custom order ring that easily cost more than a nice keyboard would. I never wore jewelry. I hated it, actually. She knew this. I opened the box and did my best to hide my disappointment. I faked a smile and said thank you, then put it on. It was too big. I'd have preferred no gift at all, honestly. One drama free night would have been perfect.

I knew what was coming next. It happened every birthday or Christmas. 'Oh. You don't like it? Well, if you don't like it, then I'll go ahead and take it so someone can get some use out of it.'

I'd tolerated it long enough. I looked at the ring, then at her and my dad and said, 'Oh noooooo. I love it. I want it.'

Afterward I excused myself to my room and cried quietly to myself.

She couldn't stand that she didn't get her ring. She waited until my dad was busy doing the dishes, then burst in to find me crying, no longer wearing the ring. She insisted I clearly didn't want it, and I told her it was my birthday gift and not to take it.

So, she turns to me, curled up on my bed crying on my freaking birthday and says something that I've never forgiven her for: 'If I had known I was going to have such an ungrateful child when you were born, I would have told the doctors to take that baby from my arms and I never wanted to see it again. If I had known before you were born, I would have had an abortion.'

So yeah. My own mother told me she wished she'd had an abortion on my birthday. Because I wouldn't let her have my gift that she bought for herself and passed of as a gift. Happy birthday to me.

My dad's a good person, but he's an enabler. His parents got divorced and it really messed with him, so he's got it stuck in his head that marriage is for life and he's just destined to put up with her crap. When I leave he's welcome to come live with me, but I will not have her around me or whatever family I start. I've been to therapy. The only way I'll ever be comfortable in life is to go nuclear, and I'm content with that. I had an apartment with my previous partner once. She tried to get a key from my landlord, would rummage through my drawers when invited in, and would have mental breakdowns screaming if we didn't all hover around MY tv and watch whatever movie she wanted after I made dinner for everyone. She would yell at me if I did anything other than stare at the screen, in my own apartment, because it was family time. I'm not doing it again.

I still live at home, so I have to pretend I don't hate her. But as soon as I get the opportunity to move out and have a stable living situation, I'm going no contact. It's scary because one second she's like a decent human being and the next she's flying into a stupor about organs being sold on the black market or taking away my children because I have a substance addiction (I have neither children nor a substance addiction). I'm never letting her near my children if I do have them, and will seek a restraining order if thats what it takes to make it happen.

She thinks we're on good terms and I worship her. I never want to see her again."

Worst Date Ever
Worst Date Ever

"Hands down the worst experience I’ve ever had on a date.

He freaking rated my appearance a 'solid 7.5/10.'

As if that wasn't rude enough, he then went on to tell me I was 'too thin and should eat a couple cheeseburgers' after he heard me order salmon at dinner. There was more that he said that I can’t remember now, but trust me, he just kept it up all throughout dinner.

We were supposed to go to a movie after, but when the check came, I just put a $20 on the table to pay for my food and told him that I wasn’t interested in going to the movie. Then I walked to the bar across the street and called my friend to come get me.

This happened a few years ago and my friend and I still laugh about that nonsense. Oh, and he sent a ton of pathetic texts right after I left the restaurant (before I had a chance to block him) saying things like he wasn’t in to me either and he could have anyone he wanted because he was a cop and did CrossFit."

The Guilt Was Too Strong
The Guilt Was Too Strong

"One guy had just come in from watching a funeral from afar (he wasn't invited). He confessed to me that his job was to 'hurt people for money.'

A few weeks ago he had gone round to the wrong address and seriously injured the wrong man. Later, when he found out his mistake and the guy had been released from hospital he decided it was a matter of honor to go back to the same address and apologize.

The address was a fourth floor apartment. When the door opened, the victim was so terrified at seeing his former attacker there again that he ran through the flat and jumped out the rear window.

He fell badly, hit his head and died later in hospital.

The guy at who came in was trying to drink away the realization that he had caused the death of this person for no reason.

This was in Brentford, London, UK."

A Harsh Rejection
A Harsh Rejection

"'She has no personality. She is nothing,' said by a guy I liked A LOT, after flirting with me online and having a romantic weekend with me in London.

I went to London thinking that it was just going to be a meeting of online friends, and if it got to be more, I'd roll with it. The flirtation and long talks online made it seem like there was something there, but online is online, so I didn't want to put too much weight on it.

From the second I walked in the door, he was on me like a whip. He acted like he liked me, slow kisses and slow dancing, romantic dinners and hand holding in the rain - a master manipulator who made me fall for him even harder. After I had gone back home to my own country, his roommate (who was my friend before the guy and I started talking) asked about me, and he answered with that pearl. 'She has no personality. She is nothing.'

Nothing has ever hurt me more. And the next week he did it to some other girl."

That's Not Dog Food
That's Not Dog Food

"My mom told me that her best friend, who is a home health aid (takes care of sick and or elderly people) had a client whose dog ATE HIS FEET OFF.

He was paralyzed from the waste down and couldn't feel anything. He was apparently screaming, but his daughter, who had an upstairs apartment, didn't hear him. I don't know all the details, but she said that his feet were pretty much gone. I don't know how or why a dog would behave in this way! I personally believe he may have been encouraged somehow.

He went to the hospital, but died some time later. I'm not sure how long he survived, but it was a while which leads me to believe he may have died from infection and complications not quickly from blood loss or anything. It makes me sick to my stomach to think about it. I could puke right now. I wasn't able to tell anyone because my moms friend is going to court about because they think his family was neglectful."

"I Felt Nothing But Pity For This Guy"

"A guy came in and proceeded to have two drinks before it was time to close up shop.

Homeboy was sitting at the bar prattling away with my coworker about something incomprehensible while I was down in the dining room mopping the floor. Whatever, a lot of the time there's one guest left that's either kind of cool or too messed up to leave safely on his own, so we usually let them stick around for a bit while we get things back in working order for the following day.

Coworker had her back turned and as I was walking up the ramp to the bar from the dining room, I noticed this guy's forehead was bleeding. Not just like, 'oh I bumped my head.' This guy had freaking fallen over and gashed his head on the foot rail in front of the bar.

The moment I pointed this out he immediately began weeping about how he had this life threatening cancer and that his wife would kill him for being out and drinking on his meds, which explained why he was so hammered after only two drinks.

The whole time I felt nothing but pity for this poor guy. He was drinking away his troubles as a 40 year old in a college bar because he was going to die within a year."

Unsupportive Dad
Unsupportive Dad

"I have ulcerative colitis. A few years ago, it nearly killed me. I went from 210lb to 110lbs at 6' tall. I had 1/3 the red blood cells of a normal male. I was always tired, always winded, and bleeding profusely from my intestines. The doctors were amazed I was still conscious, let alone walking. I had to literally run to the toilet every 15-20 minutes. There was no holding it, no matter how hard I tried. I couldn't live my life and go do the things I loved in fear of crapping myself.

My dad constantly berated me for being lazy for missing work, which was still a rare occurrence. Driving to work was a gamble of hoping I didn't get stuck in traffic. It happened a few times. I'd call my boss tell him I had to go home and I'd be in a few hours late. Go home and shower wash my clothes out and get dressed and go back. One time, it happened my dad was sitting on the computer right inside the front door. He asked me why I was home and I told him. He said, 'How could you do something like that? That's disgusting,' with a look of just pure resentment and disgust on his face."

Is That Supposed To Make Me Jealous?
Is That Supposed To Make Me Jealous?

"When I was a freshman in high school, I started dating this chick without really knowing her. A few weeks in, I somehow found out she went down on some guy. It didn't really bug me all that much, but for whatever reason it bugged her to no end and she would always bring up how bad she felt about it whenever we spent time together. After about a month, I couldn't handle it any more and broke up with her.

Fast forward to my second semester of junior year. I get a random text from her and the conversation went something like this:

Her: 'Hey! How are you?'

Me: 'Hey, I'm doing alright, how are you?'

Her: 'Great! I just made love for the first time! It hurt a little but felt great in the end :)'

That was as far as the conversation went. I don't know why she sent this to me and I haven't heard from her since. I was never jealous because I was remaining abstinent and she knew that, so I don't know what her goal was with telling me that, but whatever I guess!

I know it sounds weird, but if you knew or saw this chick, you would have done anything to not sleep with her. The only words I can accurately describe her was white trash. My freshman mind thought a girlfriend would make me 'cool' and I just glazed over the fact that she was horrible and gross."

An Unsuccessful Job Search
An Unsuccessful Job Search

"There are a few from my job search. I've been applying for every job from fast-food to office work for seven years now and have gotten only three interviews, none of which have led to a job, even though two of them actually stated that I was hired:

One was with a small no-name company that sent me a very nasty letter afterward about how I would never be a 'professional' and should give up on my job search. It's especially bad because one of the employees was a family friend, which is how I got an interview in the first place. I don't trust anything they say now.

Another was with a very large and well-known company who later said I had the job and would be contacted with further details...which never came.

The third was earlier this year. I was hired on and put through two weeks of paid 9-to-5 job training. This position was to help out with a summer-camp program for 4 weeks out of their 8-week session. I was asked early on if there were any weeks that I couldn't work, and told them that I couldn't work the first two weeks because of scheduling conflicts (this was the truth). A week after the training ended, I got an email stating that they needed only people who could work all 8 weeks (this was in direct opposition to what they had said in writing previously), and that they were firing me due to my inability to work all 8 weeks. No request to confirm that I could change my schedule (I could have) or prior warning that they needed everyone to work all 8 weeks.

I take some solace in the fact that the first company closed their doors abruptly a couple months later, the second company had made it clear that the job had the potential to be pretty brutal/unpleasant (I like to imagine I dodged a bullet with that one), and the third one still paid me $500 for attending training, and from what I hear the summer camp has been an utter disaster due to a lot of false promises made by the head person, who is mysteriously unavailable to comment whenever they're put on the spot about it."

What Are
What Are "Friends" For?

"My 'good friend's' girlfriend at the time called me to tell me that her boyfriend had confessed to banging my girlfriend. She used to 'wait' for me at his house all the time when I got out of work. To think they were probably just through banging when I used to go over to have a drink. They were neighbors. I used to think 'Man, I'm so lucky my girl and my best bud are such good friends.'

We used to go on double dates and stuff all the time. Life is hilarious sometimes.

All in all that relationship was one of the worst parts in my life and quite frankly the loss of a long time girlfriend was just the icing on top of the loss of a long time 'friend.'"


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