There's nothing worse than coming home from a long day at work to find something unexpected in your house. It can be an intruder, a massive mess, or a wild animal, but it's never good. Never.

A Reddit thread recently asked people to share the worst thing they ever came home to find, and the results were something else. Whether these people were left face to face with an intruder or a disgusting sight, they all make for a good story. Take a look at some of the most ridiculous stories we could find. All posts have been edited for clarity.

The Legend Of
The Legend Of "Potsy"

"My kid decided to remove his diaper after pooping, then smear the poop everywhere. My wife was covered in it and everyone was screaming. When I walked in, I assumed someone was severely injured.

This isn't even the most memorable poop story, just the most recent. This one was also one that fell to my lovely wife to deal with.

Back when my kids were maybe 2 and 4, they had this cooking pot toy. It would chatter away as you played with it, singing about food and colors. They also had this pop up tent in their play area. Well, somehow, the 2-year-old pooped in 'Potsy.' It started singing, 'Every food, has a special color...' Well, the 4-year-old took 'Potsy' directly to the play kitchen and started pretending to cook with it. At this point, they were playing quietly so no alarms have been raised.

Of course the 4-year-old then took the 'Potsy Pot of Poo Porridge' and started trying to feed it to the 2-year-old. This is when the drama started, as well as the smearing. 'Potsy' died that day, well loved and full of 'stew.' The tent was also a victim, as were some of the pretend veggies and utensils that came with 'Potsy.'

I came home and half of the playroom was gone, and my wife had the thousand yard stare. We've since bought another 'Potsy,' but the legend lives on."

Their Mom Was Never The Same After This
Their Mom Was Never The Same After This

"I was 13 and came home from school. My mother was walking around the house naked and delirious. She was randomly picking objects up and dropping them and calling me by a name that wasn’t mine. I called 911 and then called a neighbor for help.

She had a fever of 104. It was bacterial meningitis. She was in a medically induced coma after that, required brain surgery, and then months of antibiotics. She had amnesia after that and was never really the same.

Admittedly, I was 13 when it happened and things were explained simplistically to me. My mother has periodontitis and it’s pretty bad. She had an abscess in her mouth that had gotten infected. What was explained to me is that the infection got into her blood stream and found a home in the base of her brain. She has a massive scar on the back of her head going down her spine where they opened her up to drain whatever was in there.

They always told me the bacterial meningitis in the base of her brain was caused by a blood infection that began in her mouth."

Time To Get Rid Of Those Beanie Babies
Time To Get Rid Of Those Beanie Babies

"When I was around 7 years old, I came home from a family weekend away, I walked into my room towards my cove. I had this hanging chain that you put your beanie babies on. As I passed it, it seemed like there was a bunch of dust particles in the air around me.

I started moving my hands in front of my face as if to push the dust particles from blocking my view... that was when I realized.

These were not dust particles, but rather hundreds upon hundreds of tiny baby spiders. While we were gone, tons of eggs hatched and I was walking in all of them hanging from the ceiling on web strings.

I immediately ran screaming into the shower and refused to go back in for days after my dad killed them all. That was the end of me having beanie babies, time to grow up. Whether or not the spider laid the eggs on the beanie babies, or they came from within, I was taking no chances. My dad said that was the epicenter and he could see tons crawling on them as if their 'fur' was blowing in the wind."

There Was Blood All Over The Lawn And His Parents Were Nowhere To Be Found
There Was Blood All Over The Lawn And His Parents Were Nowhere To Be Found

"When I was 13, I came home and found my front door wide open, my parents missing, my neighbors on my front lawn, and blood all over our grass and the nearby wall.

It turned out my father, who knows how to do professional landscaping, was trimming the tree in our front yard when a branch broke and he lost his balance. He fell backward and ended up landing on our neighbor's fence, which was topped by steel spikes. One of the spikes went into his leg, though he apparently didn't even notice or feel it so he pulled himself off the fence without a problem, but when he tried to stand, he collapsed onto the lawn.

He lost a lot of blood and had to have emergency surgery, but survived. His wound was so bad that when he made it to the hospital, a police officer and doctor confronted him because they figured he had to have been shot and tried to get him to admit it so that they could find the culprit.

It was an incredibly scary moment, but that was 17 years ago and he is fine today, though he did end up eventually getting his revenge by chopping that tree down."

The Cats Were Fine, The Humans, Not So Much
The Cats Were Fine, The Humans, Not So Much

"My wife and I left our two cats home over the weekend. Something spooked them or something, so they thought that each other were foreign intruders. Apparently, this included a fight inside the litter box, which had a couple days worth in it. Long story short, both cats were totally covered in crap, neither had used the litter box since so there were presents everywhere. They had been sprinting all over the apartment so everything else was covered in feces, and they would completely freak out and hiss the second they saw one another.

All we had to do was get them close enough to recognize each other through their now brown coats of fur. Then they were totally chill, best friends again. The humans on the other hand, had days of cleaning to do after that."

Why You Don't Get Craigslist Roommates
Why You Don't Get Craigslist Roommates

"I found a roommate I'd gotten from an online ad, after I'd given him two weeks to pay me or move out, completely locked the house and I couldn't get in.

Eventually, I found a way in and started to yell at him for locking me out when he told me he stole from dealers and they were coming to get him. I didn't get to lock the front door before they got there so I hid in my room with the door locked and called the police and uncle. My roommate had a machete and there were a few strangers in my house yelling and trying to kick his and my bedroom doors down. I was freaking out because I can't fight to save my life and had never been in a situation like that before.

They left before the cops showed up. My roommate either cut himself or got hit with the machete, I'm still not clear, so they took him to hospital after getting our statements and tried to figure out what happened. My uncle and family friend threw all his stuff on the street and changed the lock while I tried calm down. I stayed at family friend's house that night.

I got back around 9:30 the next night because a friend from a different state was up and her parents ditched her at my place. We ended up dropping acid together, and at like 2 am, I realized my PS4 was gone. I checked around for more missing stuff and realized a bunch of stuff was missing, including stuff from my room which I was locked in when the dealers had broken in. The roommate's food from the freezer was gone now too, so I figure he'd broken back in to rob me while I was out.

On Monday, I found out I was being evicted, too. Good weekend."

What A Way To End A Long Day At Work
What A Way To End A Long Day At Work

"I caught my boyfriend with another girl in our apartment. I had just finished an eight-hour shift and I was sick with the stomach flu.

My mom had just told me she wanted a divorce from my dad. My boyfriend broke up with me after he took the girl home. He told me she was only helping him study but he was going to go on a date with her that weekend.

And the worst part is that HE broke up with me. I'm not over it but I'm trying. It was my first relationship and it was almost two years at that point.

I'm still trapped in this apartment, but I'm trying to move out as soon as I can."

The Crap Lake
The Crap Lake

"My roommate's dog, who was on the elderly side, was in our laundry room. We put him in there when we were both at work, he had a bed and food and water all set up for him in there, and he usually had no problems being in there all day.

This day, though, he must have had some stomach troubles because he had crapped and urinated everywhere. Now this wasn't a huge laundry room, not tiny either, and the entire floor was a lake of diarrhea and urine. I even saw some vomit mixed in there. The smell was ungodly; truly the worst thing I've ever smelled in my life, even breathing entirely through my mouth it was extremely hard not to gag.

I went and put on my work boots, tiptoed through the crap lake to let the poor dog outside. He was at the very edge of the room trying his hardest to keep out of his excrement soup, then shut the door to the room and lit every candle and incense we had in the house in a vain attempt to cover up the horrid stench. I didn't have the stomach to clean it up. There was no chance I could have cleaned a square inch of that floor without adding my vomit to the disgusting stew. Plus, it wasn't even my dog.

So technically this is a twofer, my roommate had to come home to crap lake as well, and it was his job to clean it up. He works in healthcare though, so he sees nastier stuff than some dog diarrhea all the time. For him it was just another day at work. I did warn him before he walked back there though, and had a fat bowl packed for him to rip before tackling it.

To this day, we joke about the crap lake."

That's Not How He Expected To Spend His Friday Night
That's Not How He Expected To Spend His Friday Night

"April of this year, I met my dad for dinner at my favorite restaurant. I’d been slammed at work and it was really nice to see him.

I came home to my wife sleeping on the couch in the tv room. I went into my soap lab (I have a small side business making soap products) and cut some bars from a batch of soap I’d made the night before. I then went back to the tv room and sat next to her on the couch and played a game on my iPad. It was getting sort of late, so I poked her and suggested we go to bed. She wouldn’t wake up. I gently and jokingly licked her ear, but then started to get worried when she wouldn’t respond.

I found myself shaking her trying to wake her. I then looked closer and realized she had overdosed. Things hazed out in my memory here, but I ended up sobbing and begging her to wake up. My great Friday evening had turned into the worst night of my life. My wife has been diagnosed with depression since she was in high school. She had been having an awful time at work and wasn’t in a good place.

I called 911 and they were at my house within two minutes. They had three cops come with them. Two young cops and a veteran. The two younger ones started grilling me before the vet pulled them away. I was dazed, scared, and approaching the mindset of a wounded and cornered animal. It was good for all of us that the veteran officer was there. My wife ended up hospitalized for two weeks. Turns out on top of depression, she also had pneumonia.

At the end of all of it, she quit the job with her abusive manager and had a new job within a couple weeks after leaving the hospital. This was only about five months ago. My wife is doing a lot better, but depression is life long.

I came close to losing my best friend that night. It was hands down the scariest place I’ve ever been. It wasn’t just the fear of losing her. It was also the culmination of a year of professional bullying that my wife has been subjected to. I was filled with a blind rage I didn’t know I was capable of. I know I came within a hair’s breadth of vengeful wrath against the person I hold as partially responsible for pushing my wife to considering ending her life."

They're Still Paranoid Coming Home After This Disaster
They're Still Paranoid Coming Home After This Disaster

"Pittsburgh received an ungodly amount of rain one spring. Neighborhoods flooded, houses slid down hills, and parts of the city were underwater. Needless to say, it was a good year for a new homeowner like myself to discover how water affects a home.

Two months after purchase, I came home from night class at 9:45 and the house smelled and felt damp; I knew something was wrong and my gut was sinking. Let me preface that my basement hates me. So much has happened in that basement over the past two months that opening the door to the basement is enough to trigger a day’s worth of anxiety, let alone having this sinking feeling there may be water down there.

I made it partway down the stairs and immediately I knew there was water down there somewhere. I could smell it. I peered over to the other side and there was water pouring in from the exterior basement door and the back half of the basement carpet is soaked. It was black, it was that soaked. Fortunately, the unfinished side has a drain and vinyl flooring, so there was no issue over there, but between the humid, damp, and musty smell of the finished side and all of the house centipedes strewn about the room enjoying the crappy environment. I was feeling downright defeated.

Before I started cleaning, I discovered a large maple leaf clogged the surface of the drain in my the exterior walkway to my basement, and caused the entire walkway to pool up with rainwater. I was up until 1:30 am that night shop-vac’ing the water out of the carpet. I’m very fortunate the carpet is all-weather, so I could allow it to dry over the next few days. I promptly purchased a dehumidifier and atrium drain the next morning.

To this day, I am still paranoid every time I come home."

All Bad Things Have To Come To An End
All Bad Things Have To Come To An End

"My ex girlfriend is mean when she drinks. It's the closest I've seen to a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type transition.

The verbal and physical abuse was the worst I'd ever experienced. One night, I could see she's starting to transition, and I did my best not to engage her. It didn't matter at all, and the fact that I was pretty much ignoring her made it worse. She started to hurl insults. Then hurl objects.

She threw a TV remote at my face and broke my nose. I went to the washroom, stopped the bleeding, then left our apartment because I just couldn't take anymore. I came back around 5:30 am. Our apartment was completely destroyed. She went into a rage because I left. The garbage can and everything inside was smashed against the walls, table and chairs overturned, broken glass and plates everywhere, framed pictures ruined. Basically, everything in the living room was ruined.

I found her in the bedroom passed out on the bed covered in her own urine. I thought to myself, 'Well, this is the end of this right now.'

I broke up with her and she was very surprised because she thought we were doing just fine."

And He Thought No Electricity Would Be The Worst Part Of His Day
And He Thought No Electricity Would Be The Worst Part Of His Day

"Several years back, I came home to my apartment building to find about 10 fire trucks outside and the streets surrounding the building flooded.

I got into the building and found out that a pipe burst on the top floor and water was pouring down the elevator shaft. It was 95 degrees that day and they had to shut off the electricity, meaning everyone’s air conditioning was out. I had to hike up eight flights of stairs in the heat, and once I got up to my apartment, I opened the door to find that my dog had massive diarrhea all over the place.

It reached a good four feet up the wall. So not only did I have to clean it up while the stench had already settled in with the heat, but I had to spend all night going up and down the stairs with my dog for him to get the rest of whatever stomach bug he had out of his system."

With His Brother In Handcuffs, He Had To Find Out What Happened
With His Brother In Handcuffs, He Had To Find Out What Happened

"I was living with my mom and her family while attending college. I came home one night and found that my younger teenage brother had been arrested for waving my stepdad's weapon around outside after an argument with the neighbors. He hadn't intended to use it, just present it for self-defense because our neighbors' little red-headed moronic son threatened to kill our dog. They called the cops, and they pressed charges to the fullest extent; he went to prison. My grandfather said he wasn't in the wrong because he was on our property, technically, but it didn't matter.

It very nearly tore our family apart completely; my mom and stepdad almost separated over it because they were such an emotional wreck; things were never quite the same. As for my brother, he wasn't in prison very long, but he did serve a sentence and it was a major event in his life. I still haven't decided if it was good for him or not. While it was a wake-up call, and he did some serious growing up, he was also traumatized by it and I fear it may have actually emboldened his growing criminal tendencies. It was not his first time in prison.

I also feel like our neighbors had it out for us to begin with. Their kids were bullies and never liked us, and neither did their parents. I was also told after the fact that they shot my sisters with a red ryder, something we never took action on which ticked me off. I flip them the bird every time I pass their house, even though my family doesn't live next door anymore.

I am not excusing his actions. I am, however, to say the least, aware of his point-of-view for his actions. I'm unhappy at the long-term outcome in hindsight. A child beheld access to a legally owned weapon in response to a threat on private property and was punished for it like a hardened criminal. The effect it had on our family was disastrous.

Yeah, I'm a little bitter about it."

Yeah, Because A Group Of Chained Up Dogs Screams Love
Yeah, Because A Group Of Chained Up Dogs Screams Love

"I came home from Christmas Eve with the grandparents and there was a pack of pit bulls tied up right outside the door. They were all barking and going crazy, completely blocking access to the door.

I was a child, so to me, it was Cerberus himself lashed to the front door of my house. I'm already not into dogs because I was attacked by one as a toddler. Even as an adult, a barking dog just kind of makes me freeze and go blank. So I have no recollection of what happened, where we went, who handled the dogs.

It turns out that my mom had a stalker and he had tied the dogs up at the house in some kind of weird leap of stalker logic. He thought she would call him for help or something? I don't know.

They Come Home To This Every Day?
They Come Home To This Every Day?

"I bought my first house about a year ago, and I am very proud of it.

I let my girlfriend and her 8-year-old daughter move in. I have always lived by myself and keep things tidy since you know you should take care of your own things and investments. Bottom line, they trashed the place. Day in and day out.

My day consists of waking up, picking up the house and leaving for work. They leave after me and trash it. I leave for work and then come home and clean their mess from the morning - laundry, dishes, toys, spills, you name it. Then clean up after them all night. The house will finally be clean before going to bed. Then I do it all over again the next day.

This has been going on for years and it has caused massive fights and almost break ups. I have had multiple borderline breakdowns over this. I have come home to her cutting down trees in my yard, unknown stains on carpeting and also stains on brand new bar stools. It is as if it is on purpose how trashed it gets in a small amount of time. Like what happened here and how did this happen?

The kid sleeps in my third bedroom because her own room is so trashed so then she trashes the guest room. I could go on and on.

Yesterday alone, there was toothpaste smeared all over the mirror and toothpaste spit all over the faucet. Then go upstairs to that bathroom and it was as if someone just poured water all over the floor. There was petroleum jelly everywhere. I find things where I even question how it happens - used gum in places, glitter on everything, pink stains on top of the fridge.

They refuse to put away clean clothes that I washed and folded so when I say please help me and put away your clothes. Instead of putting them away, they will just throw it back down the laundry chute. It has come to me just starting to throw stuff away. Papers, gone. Toys, gone. Clothes keep being thrown down and have washed them five times stuffed in trash bags and thrown in laundry room closet.

Not once have they asked where it is. I could go on and on and on about this crazy stuff."

An Unexpected Houseguest
An Unexpected Houseguest

"I got home after work and sat down on my couch. I caught a glimpse of something in the corner of my eye. I looked toward the love seat and saw a squirrel sitting on top of it. Then look behind the love seat and see that my air conditioner side paneling was torn to shreds and all over the floor.

I chased the squirrel out and made better side paneling, but the squirrels never stopped trying to get in. It was horrible hearing them scratching and gnawing. My landlord tried putting up some wire fencing around the window hoping to prevent them from getting in. Instead, they would manage to get in and then forget how to get out. So they would be trapped between the wiring and my air conditioner, panicking and gnawing and the window sill and and I’d feel bad for them and despise them at the same time. This went on for a long time and I now hate squirrels and window air conditioning units.

My friends printed and framed a particularly good photo of one of those squirrels attempting to get in. And bought me a squirrel throw pillow."

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