What is it about weddings that make some brides go completely insane? They become irrational and obnoxious. The stress of putting together a wedding can be intense, but what keeps some of these brides from taking a deep breath and calming down? There is no way there are this many narcissistic people in the world. Or are there? Even people that don't show any narcissistic tendencies end up going bananas when it comes to their weddings.

Reading these stories will leave you wondering if the people in them looked in a mirror at the end of it all and realize how crazy they got in the planning and execution of their weddings.

Scamming Her Parents
Scamming Her Parents

"I still live in the hometown I grew up in. My great friend's younger sister was living out of state, but getting married back here. She was such a bridezilla, having her mother and younger sister do all the planning and the work arranging things. She demanded to be on speakerphone for any and all conversations with florists, the baker for the cake, the live band who would be playing, and when she didn't like something, she would ask her mother to step out of the room so she could complain about anything and everything her mother and sister did, or whatever the service provider suggested.

On the day of the wedding, she and the groom are in from out of state, the wedding goes well, but I notice that nobody signed the marriage license. At the reception, the groom's brother, who was his best man, changed into a Day-Glo orange suit complete with cane, a fur coat, and a fur hat. The groom and his brothers got completely wasted. I asked my friend about why neither his sister or her new husband signed the marriage license, and he said he wondered that too. Turns out that the sister and her husband were legally married three months prior and didn't want to tell her parents who had shelled out $50k for the wedding, food, orchestra, live band at the reception, open bar, wedding on the 18th green of the new golf course, and a three week honeymoon to Mexico."

Applying To Be A Bridesmaid Never Sounded So Unappealing
Applying To Be A Bridesmaid Never Sounded So Unappealing

"Last year, a friend's sister recently received (get this) an INVITATION TO APPLY for a position for a bridesmaid at her upcoming wedding.

The wedding date was more than 3 years off.

Included in this 'application' were the location and dates of the various wedding 'events' at which all the candidates would have to be present to be considered. These included:

1: Her engagement party at the Vanderbilt mansion in upstate New York.

2: Her bridal shower, at some resort in Vail, CO.

3: Her send-off party at some equally hoity-toity location in Miami (for the people who couldn't afford to go to her wedding, but still wanted to give her stuff, and spend a weekend showering her with adoration).

4: The wedding itself, at the Fabulous Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.

Each of these was a multi-day affair, whereas the 'Wedding Fortnight' would start the day before the send-off party in Miami, and conclude two days after the wedding, at which time the happy couple would leave for their honeymoon, and all successful applicants would be allowed to leave.

The bridesmaids would be selected at the send-off party and would have to purchase their dresses (yes, dresses) at the resort upon arrival to allow time for alterations to all FOUR dresses they would need for the weekend.

In addition, all of these functions were 'adults-only,' so any of the women who were applying had to find someplace else to stash their kids. Not just for the wedding, but for the entire 12-day odyssey of the wedding. Applicants were to be in 'committed relationships' and were to ensure that they brought the same date to ALL four events.

That's right. They had to bring a date. To all the parties.

So the married ones had to bring their husbands too, and find someplace else for their kids, or be 'dismissed from consideration.'

While my friend's sister did not apply, she told me that the bride had received completed applications from 32 of the 50 women who had received them."


"A bride once called having a meltdown because her friend got engaged as well and was planning to get married in the same year as she was.

Apparently, it was her special YEAR and not just a day.

She threw a huge fit that this girl was only getting married to 'steal her thunder.'

Yes, because no one else can have a life at the same time as you. Her friends date wasn't even in the same month or season. Hers was in October and her friend's was in June. Brides sometimes don't think rationally."

A Distant Sister Demands Everything
A Distant Sister Demands Everything

"My sister made me her maid of honor, which was weird because we never talk. We grew up together but barely know each other, she never spoke to me in high school or while she was in university. Anyways, she calls me one day while I'm away for a debate tournament in university (so I'm a poor student at this point), and lets me know that 'since her fiancé's brother is getting him his wedding band, wouldn't it be so cute if I brought her HER wedding band?!' It wasn't a question - she demanded it.

All of a sudden I'm 'her sister,' meaning, I guess, that I have to do all these things that she's seen in movies and in magazines. Plan this party, plan another party, help countless hours doing this, buy the dress she wants you to buy, etc.

The best is that she let me know that 'at least she was letting us choose how we were going to have our hair for the wedding - a lot of people don't actually let their bridesmaids choose!' So generous!

I was openly angry about it to both her and my parents. No one heard me, or more importantly, everyone had decided I was being a brat. After a while, I was angry and was honestly feeling like I was going a bit insane, but not caring enough to deal with her, or it. I didn't want to talk to her more than I had to, and the argument wasn't worth it. She'd call my parents, they'd call me, everyone's upset, I look like some selfish monster.

She got the ring, and now she can be happy knowing the one thing that was 100% meant to be from her spouse is from me. She later wrote me a thank you card, the same wording as every other guest to her crazy huge sized wedding thanking me for the 'thoughtful gift.' Honestly, it makes my eye twitch if I think too hard about it. After the wedding it only got worse..."

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