Engagement rings are a big deal. People can get very dramatic about the size of the diamond or the cut of the diamond or the setting. It can be all very complicated and usually, men are just along for the ride. Jewelers have a very unique seat for some of his insane drama.

These stories about the craziest moments jewelers have ever seen regarding engagement rings. Golddiggers, drama queens, mean girls, and scammers all play their parts. It's a fascinating look into the drama-filled world of the lovers and (sometimes) haters.

She Tried A Shocking Scam
She Tried A Shocking Scam

'NO!' is the shocked response.

Mike called me back the next day and told me that apparently, Stephanie was planning to call off the engagement and return the ring, but keep the 3-carat diamond. He was obviously very upset and asked me if I could give him a refund. I offered my sympathy and gave him back his money. Needless to say, he was very grateful that I had called him.

About two years later, Mike came back with another woman who I liked much better. They're happily married with two kids now. Mike and I have become friends and he's probably referred me 10+ other customers over the years. As for Stephanie, after she left my office that day, I never saw her again."

She Hated The Ring But Could Change It


She Hated The Ring But Could Change It

"I sell engagement rings for an online company, so we don't see things in person but...

I got a call from the fiancée, she was snooping through his email and found the email. She hated the ring and wanted us to change it. I kept telling her that no, your name isn't on this order, John is going to have to call us himself to change it. She insisted that isn't fair and how could she get us to change the ring? I said, 'It sounds like you need to have a discussion with John.'

They did eventually call together, which is never fun, and argued through half the phone call while exchanging the ring."

Her Tastes Were Too Expensive For Her Wallet
Her Tastes Were Too Expensive For Her Wallet

"A little different as they tried to pick a fight with me.

I had a lady one time who looking to buy herself a nice ring. Her adult daughters were with her and kept talking about a friend that got a ring that was 4 carats total and she should get something like that. She kept looking at these huge (and frankly ugly gaudy) rings and shrugging them off saying she didn't like this part or that style. She said she wanted a big solitaire and would set it in a new setting with some fancy detailing. We didn't have what she wanted in store so I pulled up our online catalog that she could order from.

When I told her the price, she said the rudest thing to me and tried to pick a fight with me.

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