That's No Baby...
That's No Baby...

It was actually the top half of the 19-year-old girl that was driving the small pickup truck about 50 yards away.

She was driving and arguing with her 19-year-old husband who was the passenger. They were doing about 55mph on a two-lane road and met an oncoming truck pulling a doublewide mobile home. She ran under the front corner of the mobile home, cutting her in half. Her bottom half remained in the driver's seat, while her unhurt husband watched as the truck then skidded another 50-60 yards, sideswiping a minivan, sending it into the ditch upside down. It looked like a movie set. Her top and bottom looked unhurt. The husband was absolutely freaking out about what he had just seen. He was babbling incoherently, running around swinging at people, just a mess. A witness who lived right in front of the scene started having chest pains and had to be transported. We took the husband, and I called medical control and actually got orders to give him IV benzodiazepines, something paramedics normally can only give for grand-mal seizures. The driver of the big truck was fine but was also very, very distraught at what he had just witnessed. That was 16 years ago, and I can still remember pulling up to that scene like it was yesterday."

There Will Be Blood

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There Will Be Blood

"I work in a mental health institution. Somebody pulled their bedside alarm. I was the first person to respond and it was in a patient's bedroom. Blood. Lots of it and everywhere---on the ceiling, walls, floor, bed---everywhere. I looked at the patient and I saw that his ear was on his shoulder.

Turned out, he had slammed his head in the door so hard, so many times that he had peeled his ear away from his head and it was holding on just above his shoulder attached by a little bit of skin. Can still see it clearly after 5 years."

"My Boots Have Never Been The Same Since"

"I'm an autopsy tech/death investigator.

A morbidly obese man had died in a cheap motel room with the heat cranked up and wasn't found for several days.

By the time we got him to the morgue, he was horribly bloated from decompressed gas and was purple and green all over. There was lots of skin slip.

Our forensic pathologist went to make the initial Y incision, and the force of the escaping gas blew gore all over us and the ceiling while making a sound like a wet balloon with the air being pinched out. We all paused for a moment as the worst stank I have ever smelled enveloped the room like something that had crawled out of Satan's butthole.

Then we burst out laughing because it was all we really could do.

It didn't help that he was leaking liquefied fat all over the floor, that stuff is SLIPPERY! My boots have never been the same since."

Muddy River
Muddy River

"My dad has been a nurse for nearly 20 years. He has moved around from working on the ER to radiology and now the ICU. He is one of the most well-respected nurses in the hospital. I would know because I worked at the same place as a phlebotomist.

Anyway, our hospital is a 'bariatric center of excellence' so you know what that entails: some pretty big patients.

So this one day, I go up onto the fourth floor in the neuro unit to get a blood draw and as soon as I step off the elevator, I smell feces. Really foul, rotten egg smelling feces. I don't think much of it as the hospital is older and is poorly ventilated (I know, right?) But when I get home, I ask my dad about it since the ICU is on the same floor.

He said that they had a guy who was 550 lbs in the unit, and he was having some abdominal pain. Turns out he hadn't had a bowel movement in almost a month. Before he was transferred to our ICU, other clinics had tried giving him a few enemas to no avail.

So my dad is saying that he is putting in one of those balloons into the guy's butthole so he can attach a bag, like a catheter. He turns around to check a monitor, and he hears this dripping noise behind him. Turns back around, and there is a river of poop falling from the bed. The entire floor is covered in a month's worth of poop, dripping, splashing, all over everything, including my poor dad. He and all the nurses roll up their scrubs like they're going clamming, and after an hour or so get this guy cleaned up. Housekeeping stopped by and just left a cart for them and said, 'Nope!'

I guess right after they finished cleaning it happened AGAIN. I don't even want to imagine the smell in that room if it was enough to stink up the whole fourth floor! I can't begin to describe the respect I have for nurses."

The Good News Is, No Broken Bones
The Good News Is, No Broken Bones

"I am an X-Ray tech and have an ER rotation. Once I got called to do arm and leg portable x-rays on a patient who had been in a motorcycle accident where he had fallen and rolled more than 50 feet. This poor guy looked like he was in so much pain, but once I got close to him, I couldn't believe his physical state.

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