"It Was Definitely The Worst Day Of My Life"

She was trying to wake him up for his job as a bagger at our local grocery store. It was his favorite thing in the world. He also had Aspergers, and this job was really one of the things he was most proud of, so it was very strange that he wasn't up. My mother then asked me to wake him up.

That's when the worst day of my entire life began. We had bunk beds, and I had the top so I climb down and checked on him. He was face down and cold and blue and stiff. I knew instantly. I started to scream, 'call 911. Call 911.'

I completely had a meltdown. I pulled him out of the bed to the floor and tried CPR on him the whole time crying hysterically. Obviously, it was all in vain. I was outside for the rest of the day. I was completely in shock and couldn't do anything but talk to my best friends who came over immediately when they heard the news.

For the longest time, I blamed myself for not waking up when he had his seizure. I no longer do, but I miss him like crazy. No one should ever have to experience the death of their sibling. Let alone find them dead. It was definitely the worst day of my life."

She Thought Everything Was Normal, But Discovered The Dark Truth


She Thought Everything Was Normal, But Discovered The Dark Truth

"I moved out of my mom's house at 16 years old due to being unable to deal with seeing the way she treated herself all the time. She had a problem with popping all sorts of pills to the point where she would pass out for days at a time. I thought she was dead multiple times because I couldn't wake her up. She would never eat properly and spent all her time locked in her room. Despite this, we had a good relationship when she wasn't messed up, and I loved her to bits, so it killed me to move out but I couldn't take it anymore.

After I moved out, it got worse and worse, and our relationship suffered because for a period I didn't want to see her because I was so mad at her for not getting help. About a year goes by and we're in a phase where we're talking a bit here and there.

One day, I decided to go into her house because I was annoyed that she was probably in one of her comas again. I still had the key to her house; I refused to give it back to her when I moved out. I opened the door and made my way through the mess of the house upstairs into her bedroom.

She was crumpled up on the floor, naked, white as a ghost. The next few minutes were the worst of my life, screaming at her and hitting her trying to get her to wake up, but just feeling how cold she was I knew it was too late."

So Awkward

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So Awkward

"My dad was really sick. I spent the whole day in the basement playing video games, so I thought I'd check up on him. I walked upstairs and found him. He was trying to give himself an enema, but he was too sick to move and was having a hard time. He asked me to put the hose in his butt.

Long story short, I had to rub some vaseline on his bum and give his intestines and little cleansing. He looked like he has a tiny bit of hemorrhoid too. Needless to say, it was a very memorable time. To the caretakers out there, I salute you."

It Was Like A Scene From A Horror Film
It Was Like A Scene From A Horror Film

"I walked into a murder scene with blood everywhere. My sister was killed in a murder-suicide. I went to her apartment to pick up my nephew's medication.

It had been eight hours, and they had not cleaned it yet. I didn't notice I was stepping into a pool of her blood. My wife vomited."

A Horrorshow At Home

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A Horrorshow At Home

"When I was 17, I was awoken by the sound of my mom screaming. Not a regular scream, but a 'this is the end, God save me' scream. Hopped off the floor of my brother's bedroom to hear shots and my brother running in to tell me my dad just shot my mom. We ran back out into the living room just in time to see my dad shooting himself in the head. My older brother saw it, but I didn't since I was behind him.

My mom was lying on her stomach covering her face, leaking blood and trying to breathe, and my dad's head was leaking blood profusely. The worst part was when his body was fighting to breathe, and you could hear it from the back room.

The smell stayed in my nose for over a month."

She Almost Didn't Find Her

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She Almost Didn't Find Her

"My best friend's corpse hanging from a sprinkler nozzle in her bathroom, with a single candle burning on the countertop.

I only got in because she never locked her freaking front door, and because her co-worker told me she hadn't shown up for work and hadn't called, which wasn't like her. If she hadn't lit the candle, I'd never have thought to look in the bathroom because all the lights were off."

"Is Everything Okay?"

"I walked into my best friend's house. I see him sitting over in the corner of the room looking at the floor, and he was furiously trying to wipe tears from his face, which was bright red. I looked a few feet over and saw what he was standing next to.

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