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People always talk about "the one that got away", well, for these men, they're happy they did.

Her Craziness Ended Up Costing Him


Her Craziness Ended Up Costing Him

"I tried to break up with my ex-girlfriend more than 10 times over the course of a year. She always got me involved with her again by getting me to sleep with her and at that time it worked.

Then I met another chick. We banged. I realized I don't want my ex in my life, so I ghosted her. After all the times I tried to get rid of her, this was the most serious.

She called me non-stop every day. If I didn't pick up, she would keep calling. If I hung up, she knew that I saw her calling and called me even more. Five days later, I picked up one of her calls and told her that I don't want to see her anymore and she should move on.

The next day (the day before my birthday), she showed up at my apartment. She somehow got into the building and up to my door. She started knocking. Initially, I didn't let her in. After about five minutes, I let her in to give her closure. I told her what happened and that I don't want her anymore. I told her to leave. She didn't leave. I was 17 at the time and didn't think to call the police. I tried to walk her out and nothing worked. She was fighting back and I didn't want things to escalate. I sent my superintendent a text and he walked her out of the building.

So bam, the next day was my 18th birthday. I got home from class and the police were in my apartment talking to my mom. They didn't give me a chance to speak. They immediately put me in handcuffs and took me to jail. I spent the night in jail on my freaking birthday. I remember one of the officers saying, 'Welcome to the real world kid.' When I saw the judge, she told me that my ex had an order of protection against me for domestic abuse and I was not allowed to have any contact with her for three months.

So, because I broke up with her, she lied to the police and said I beat her. They took it as an opportunity to put me into the system.

Over the next three months, I got calls from an unknown number every day, nonstop. She would call 20-30 times in a row before giving up. I would sometimes pick up the call and not say anything and just record from my computer. She would hysterically cry and tell me to see her. She would say how sorry she was and how badly she wanted to see me. I mean, this psycho was crying and screaming over the phone to me when I hadn't even said a word. She even told me she would kill me multiple times.

After three months, the order of protection was removed. I still get calls from her. She has tried to see me in person on multiple occasions, and I had to run away to avoid her.

I do think she has gotten over me now. She does call out of the blue, however, it has slowed down considerably."

8 Years Later And It Still Weirds Him Out


8 Years Later And It Still Weirds Him Out

"I knew this girl in high school who was always asking me to hang out with her after school some days. She was a little odd, I typically was nice to her when I saw her, but always made an excuse of why I couldn't hang out.

She ended up following me home from school, but I didn't figure this out until about a month later. I usually just threw on some headphones, blasted some tunes, and walked home, not really paying attention to my surroundings. At school, she started showing me Polaroid pictures she took of me while I was walking home. I was wearing something different in every photo, meaning she had been doing this for a while, following me home nearly every day for a month. This was pretty freaking creepy and she was showing me these pictures like, 'Isn't this cool?' It was not. I told her to stop and that I didn't feel comfortable with this.

A couple of weeks passed and I got a call from my dad while I was out with some friends. He told me that he heard shuffling in my room and when he checked, there was a weird little blonde girl going through the drawers in my room. I don't know how she got into my house without my dad seeing her. He usually conks out while watching TV, but the fact that she successful snuck in is beyond me. When he confronted her, she literally snuck around him and ran out of the house. I came back and checked my room and everything was messed up. My laptop was bent and snapped back the other way and she had taken some family pictures and a decent chunk of money I had in one of my drawers. We called the cops and reported what happened. I ended up getting my laptop replaced and my stuff back, but this was the strangest thing that's ever happened to me.

This was eight years ago and I haven't seen her since, but it still weirds me out thinking about it."

Their Relationship Quickly Spiraled Out Of Control

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Their Relationship Quickly Spiraled Out Of Control

"I dated this girl many moons ago.

At first, it was great, but it spiraled out of control. She had some mental health issues and self-harmed, but together we worked through it. One time, I didn't answer her call as I was in a cinema watching a movie with my uncle and she thought I was cheating on her or something, so she very badly self-harmed and ended up in hospital.

While that's not exclusively creepy, she went on to tell me she was on the pill when she wasn't and I, being a naive teenager at the time, believed her. She then told me she was pregnant and would 'talk in her sleep' about how much of a good father I was going to be. Later, and luckily for me, it turned out she wasn't pregnant.

She fell out with some girl and told me she was going to beat the crap out of her, in broad daylight in the middle of the town, which was also about 30 yards from a police station. When I pointed out how stupid that was, I got yelled at, with her saying I wasn't supporting her. She then fell out with her mum and asked to move in with me. I was a teenager at the time looking for my own place to live, and I worked full time. She wanted to live there...for free. Again, I pointed out that wasn't going to work and she needed to pay for like half of everything as well to contribute to the home. She didn't like that.

Eventually, we broke up (my choice) and I tried to stay friendly with her so she didn't kill herself or something else bad. She would regularly tell me about all the guys she'd been seeing and sleeping with (I presume in an attempt to make me jealous). However, I was genuinely happy she'd moved on. A few months down the line, I found somebody new. She instantly became obsessive about asking about her. Not being from the same town, I mentioned she wouldn't know her. Turned out she had a friend who DID know her and proceeded to tell me what a 'total witch' she was and all this strange crap about how I shouldn't date her.

I then blocked my ex and haven't spoken to her since then."

The Shocking Connection Between One Guy And This Predatory Mom

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The Shocking Connection Between One Guy And This Predatory Mom

"In college, I was on the swim team and, not to brag or anything, but I've got a thick dong. My nickname on the team, to my horror, became Sledgehammer. The nickname evokes lots of 'why Sledgehammer?' questions, so sooner or later I started getting attention for it. I was a naive little Mormon boy that thought even the slightest promiscuous interaction was too sinful, so I tried avoiding all the attention as best as possible (which I later came to regret after leaving Mormonism and all the associated guilt, but whatever).

One day in the dorm rooms, I got a knock on the door. Standing there was a 45-year-old woman who was trying to dress like Britney Spears. She proceeded to try to talk to me like she was a student that lived in the dorm. She addressed me by 'Sledgehammer.' She knew all kinds of things about me that I never talked to anybody about. She tried pushing me into my dorm room and kissing me. As I tried to push her out of my dorm room, she shoved her hand down my pants and grabbed my junk. Finally, I succeed in kicking her out. I was finally done with the weirdest most violating experience of my life, or so I thought.

About four weeks later, I saw her at church. She was the mother of another member of my church group. She tried to act like nothing happened. I about had an aneurysm."


"She Always Had A Creepy Vibe About Her

"About five years ago, I worked at Starbucks. One day, I volunteered to take the closing shift of another store in the same city, but more central. About four hours before closing, this girl I knew from school came in. She always had a creepy vibe to her. She was super pale, slightly overweight, and had messy hair that looked like she didn't wash for quite a while.

She came up to the counter where I was prepping drinks and started talking about whatever. I didn't really listen. Suddenly she asked if I wanted to hang out with her after work. I told her no, I couldn't at first, but she wouldn't accept that. So I told her I'd be working too long and I'd be too tired after anyway. She didn't hang around much longer and left the store.

I kept doing my stuff in the store and time went on. At around 11 pm, the store closed and the streets outside emptied. Then it hit me like a brick wall. On the other side of the street between two stores, that crazy girl was waiting and just standing there watching the store. I kind of ignored her but I was still concerned as this was not normal behavior. I told my barista about it and told her she should keep an eye on the crazy chick while I did the tills for the day.

The store was closed down at that point anyway and she couldn't get in. When I got back from the office, my barista told me that Ms. Crazy didn't move once the whole time and just watched. At this point, I was really nervous as we were pretty much finished with everything and it was time to leave the store. So, we left and I made sure everything was closed while ignoring the crazy girl the best I could. I walked with my co-worker toward the train station at a fast pace and she just followed us. She didn't say a word to us or anything, just followed us. I lost eyesight when we entered the station because it was still pretty crowded.

I got onto my train and went home. I was relieved she never actually approached me. But still, to this day, I have never been as creeped out by another person."

He Never Spoke To Her, Yet She Knew Everything About Him


He Never Spoke To Her, Yet She Knew Everything About Him

"I was a sophomore in college when I received a Facebook message from a freshmen girl I had never met. The message was simple like, 'Hey, I've seen you around campus and I think you're pretty cool. I think you'd be a neat guy to hang out with.' I thought the message was a fairly simple attempt at hitting on me, which was fine until I read her Facebook profile.

It was pretty obvious that the girl wrote her Facebook page as a dating profile and described her dream guy, which just so happened to be my exact description, even down to some weird details. As in, there were details that were some uncomfortably exact descriptions of me that you would only know if we were friends.

I ended up responding with a generic let down response that pretty much said I wasn't interested. Then she would not stop messaging to the point where I blocked her.

She then found out my aim screen name (yeah, this happened a while ago) and started messaging me until I blocked her there, too.

Then the worst part began. I was fairly active on campus and participated in a lot of clubs. She started to join almost every club I was in. Most of the time, she would join and not really participate and would be there to just kinda stare at me.

The weirdest part was when she would have friends come up to me to ask me questions about what kind of girls I like and then they would try to talk her up, but she never made an effort to speak to me directly. Like she was too scared, even though she was straight up stalking me.

This girl knew where I lived, my school mailbox, my class schedule, and the clubs I was in without me saying anything to her directly about any of that information. My friends kept joking that she was going to murder me and sleep in my skin if I didn't go out with her.

Luckily, the semester ended and I never saw her again. She either transferred or dropped out.

I've never been more creeped out by a girl since."

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"I Hope My New Girlfriend And I Don't Get Murdered In Our Sleep"

"I met this girl through Tinder and went on several dates over about two weeks. I live in the woods, in the middle of nowhere interesting. She lived over an hour away in a city. I had just started dating after a long marriage that ended in divorce.

Things felt like they were moving too fast, she was trying to move in, etc. I told her a few times that I did not want a serious relationship. I was learning who I was and trying to date for the first time in 20 years. I was upfront about it. I was 36 and my previous relationship started in high school. She was in her early 30s, and cute in a quiet librarian sort of way.

The harder I'd push her away, the dirtier the messages I would get. She was a 'submissive.' She sent naughty stories she wrote, sent pictures, etc. It wasn't horrible, but just constant attention got to the point of being annoying.

Things got weird when my sister-in-law found her on Facebook. She had driven over an hour to my town and took pictures in a store just down the road. She never told me she was coming and never told me that she was there that day. I have 50% custody of my two kids who I did not want anyone I was casually seeing to meet. She had a different last name on Facebook than she'd told me. She claimed to be clairvoyant and did readings and believed crystals could heal.

She got more and more clingy. I knew her for about two weeks and suddenly I was her emergency contact. She did anything she could just to try and see me. She got a flat tire two and a half hours away and wanted me to fix it. She had to go to the ER for head issues and called me to take her. All of this, I declined or ignored. She had family and friends in her area.

Eventually, she stopped messaging me. That was two years ago. Last week, she started following me on Instagram out of the blue. A couple days went by and she started liking all my photos. A couple more days went by and she messaged me. Just 'Hi' with no context after years.

I went on vacation for the weekend and came home to the front door wide open. Most likely it didn't shut all the way when we left and the wind or my cat pushed it open. But...ugh.

For some reason, it really creeps me out. I hope my new girlfriend and I don't get murdered in our sleep."

If Someone Creeps You Out, It's Best To Trust Your Gut


If Someone Creeps You Out, It's Best To Trust Your Gut

"I was working third shift at a gas station a few years ago and this lady used to come in at least twice a week to buy a chocolate milk. I got a weird vibe from her and everyone told me to stay away, but I'm a nice person and I thought that maybe she just needed a friend.

Well, she'd come in and because I was so friendly (this maybe two months after I started showing friendliness to her), she started asking me really random questions like, 'Are you here alone? When was the last time you ate? How old is your boss? Are you into pony play? Do you like white fudge?'

One night she got angry with me. She asked if I was there alone and I told her no (I'm always there alone). She asked where my coworker was and I said in the cooler.

This girl literally walked over and searched the cooler and said, 'I didn't see anyone! You lied to me!'

She ran outside, grabbed a brick out of her purse, threw it at my car window, and gave me the finger.

She came in twice after that, but I quit shortly after. I'll never know what happened to her."

He Was Too Afraid Of Her To Correct Her


He Was Too Afraid Of Her To Correct Her

"Years ago, I met this girl in an online game. She was intelligent, well spoken, knew the game well. I got her phone number because, why not? We talked. She was nice, open and trusting, but in a scary way. Within an hour, without me asking, she sent me a picture of herself.

She very quickly ended up telling me basically her life story, which included a host of mental issues. She had an abusive mother, a touchy older brother, and was a recovering anorexic, etc. At the time I thought, 'This is heavy stuff, I guess she really needed someone to talk to.' I spent a lot of time talking to her, concerned because she sounded really near her breaking point.

One day, out of nowhere, she called herself my girlfriend. At that point, I was scared. I had no idea what to do, or what to say. She had apparently attempted suicide before and, frankly, I was terrified to correct her. I let it slide. In hindsight, I realize this was a mistake. Then she started asking for things from me. Never physical things, but she asked for pictures, video calls, and my previous relationship history. I was honest about my relationship history and this ended up leading to verbal abuse about my choice in girlfriends. Apparently, it was very wrong of me to (legally) date someone three years younger than myself. I guess this struck a nerve with her due to her brother, but boy did she rail into me over this.

At that point, the word 'crazy' was flashing bright red in my mind. Soon after, I just completely cut ties with her. I continued to secretly check on her on social media just to make sure she was still alive. Apparently, she got a local boyfriend not long after, but I have no idea what she's up to these days."

She Had A Thing For Taken Men
She Had A Thing For Taken Men

"I was having drinks at a local nightclub, playing roulette with some workmates and having fun.

Almost everyone in our group was either engaged or in a relationship. Most of us had a ring on our fingers.

We noticed a very young gal walking along the bar. She was probably in her early twenties. She was not drinking, but still quite oddly going from group to group. She suddenly joined the roulette table we were playing at, she refused to join in, and at first, saw the ring on my finger.

Like literally, I saw her looking at it when I was grabbing my drink.

She proceeded to touch my bicep and lean on me and tried to initiate flirting. I just showed the ring again and said I wasn't interested. She proceeded to do this to all THREE of our four guys who had engagement rings on our hands.

She completely ignored our fourth guy, who didn't have a ring on his finger because he was the only single in our group. She just looked at his hands, scoffed, and left.

She was literally only after people who were already with someone. Maybe she either looked for people because 'they're in a relationship, so they must be good at it' or she had a massive perversion just for cheating.

We politely got her kicked out from the bar for touching people without consent.

The best part is the fourth guy in our group was the best looking one. He's muscular, very handsome, 9/10 in looks kind of guy. We others were either 5-7 on the looks scale compared to him.

He felt pretty left out, though we did help him understand that gal was completely looking for cheaters only."

She Had A Strange Way Of Showing Her Affection

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She Had A Strange Way Of Showing Her Affection

"I worked at a festival during the summers and one year a different booth opened across from my boss'. It was a single, middle-aged woman with two teenage kids selling clothing. The teenage girl was similar in age to me and kept flirting with me. She wasn't bad looking, but not really my type. I just figured I could get a quick lay out of her and when the summer was over, we wouldn't see each other again, so I reciprocated her flirting. She got me behind my booth during our break and leaned in to kiss my shoulder? Neck? I wasn't sure what she was going for until she bit down...hard. She freaking bit me between my shoulder and neck so hard that it drew blood. I immediately recoiled and yelled. My boss came flying around the corner of the booth to find me holding my shoulder bleeding while she stood there smiling with blood around her lips.

My boss told her to eff off and began to help me with the wound. Later that day, her mom returned to their booth so my boss headed over to talk to her about it. Her response was, 'She likes him and that was her way of showing it. It's not her fault he is not man enough to take it.'

My boss, incredulous at the response, said, 'She freaking bit him! He's my apprentice and I am responsible for him!' The mom then told my boss that her daughter is a 'vampire' and vampires express themselves by drinking the blood of those they love.

Needless to say, my boss told me not to talk to them again. The next summer, they and their business were gone, likely because my boss had pull with the property owners."

Given Her Obsessive Behavior, It's Not Surprising How She Turned Out


Given Her Obsessive Behavior, It's Not Surprising How She Turned Out

"When I was a teenager, I would hang out at a local teen center in our city park. This weird girl took a liking to me. I tried to be friendly to everyone and as an awkward teen, I really didn't know how to express that I wasn't interested. This girl would latch onto me anytime she saw me, grasping my hand in hers in a death grip sometimes. She stole my broken ID badge for the teen center from me (maybe so she could have a pic of me, I don't know).

Later, she followed me to my part-time job as an actor at a haunted house, and somehow got hired there. Fortunately for me, she either took the hint that I wasn't interested or got bored pursuing me because I never saw her again.

She and her husband are currently in prison for murdering a guy with a brick, draining his blood, and dumping him in the river..."


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