The Most Satisfying Revenge Against A Brat And His Mom
The Most Satisfying Revenge Against A Brat And His Mom

"When Pokémon Sun/Moon came out, I was in GAME (the UK's version of GameStop) trying to pick between the two and because of the time of day, they only had one of each on the shelves.

So I was holding the two versions, looking at them both trying to decide which version to get, when this fat 10-year-old ran up and tried to shove me out the way. When he saw that there aren't any on the shelves, he literally just screamed in the middle of the shop. No words, no tears, just screaming, 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!'

Then he saw I was holding the games and he tried to pull them out of my hands. When I didn't let go, he screamed for his mum, saying that I wouldn't give them back. His mum then came over and started having a go at me, saying I had stolen from a child and that he deserved the game, blah blah blah.

The guy who was on the shop floor came over to see what those two were screaming about and when the woman told him that I arrived after them and took the games away from her precious baby, hitting him in the face in the process, he replied by telling her no, I was there before both of them.

The woman then started demanding that she get one of the copies, at which point the guy who was working asked me if I wanted to give them one of the games (this was as the kid was still trying to pull them out of my hands).

I walked out of the shop five minutes later with both copies of the game and gave a big cheesy grin to mother and child, then returned one of them for a full refund the next day."

Head Over Heels For Hermione
Head Over Heels For Hermione

"In fifth grade, there was this kid in my class who was obsessed with Hermione Granger. Not Emma Watson, but her character from Harry Potter. I'm talking 15-20 different pictures in his locker and plastered on his folders, binders, etc. In short: it was too much.

One day, a kid in our class called him gay and said he only like Hermione because she looked like a boy. Wrong move. He lost it and instantly started crying. Bawling is a better description. Then after about 30 seconds of utter emotional meltdown, he attacked the kid, clawing at his eyes and pulling his hair, all the while screaming at the top of his lungs, 'Hermione Granger is beautiful! Hermione Granger is beautiful!' It was one of the strangest experiences of my life."

She Just Didn't Understand
She Just Didn't Understand

"When I was ten, my grandmother had just died of ovarian cancer and we had to bury her on Halloween. My family and I had decided that it would be best not to celebrate Halloween since we were still recovering from our loss. However, I had a five-year-old sister that wasn't very understanding.

That night, she went up to my mother, who was crying, and asked her why we weren't dressed up in our costumes. My mother told her that we weren't gonna go trick-or-treating that night because we had just buried her mother. Instead of being an understanding angel, she screamed and cried all over the place. She went back into her room and started punching the crap out of her pillow, stomped on the ground, and started trashing her room.

In order to calm her down, my older brother and I hastily put on our costumes and took the little jerk around our neighborhood to get some candy. It took my mother a few weeks to calm down from all of that and my sister was later grounded until New Year's."

He Just Kept Screaming,

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He Just Kept Screaming, "But It's My Birthday!"

"I used to work at a paintball place as a marshall. One time, this kid came in for his birthday party and had ALL the kit. Camos, battlepack, his own mask, the whole lot. He was definitely a Call of Duty fanboy, because after the first match I could tell he had never set foot in a field before, plus he tried to no-scope from 100m back on a paintball field.

His team lost four times in a row, so he threw a massive temper tantrum and started shooting members of the other team that were good players, AND some of his own. We took his gear away from him and told him it was the end of his day, as I wasn't gonna have him playing in that group.

The kid started screaming like I've never heard before, saying that it's his birthday and it's HIS game. I turned around to take the group back, and left my deputy marshall to calm him down and bring him back when he was done.

Then I was hit by something, something HOT. It turned out the kid had brought a flare to use in game, lit it, and threw it at me. I grabbed him by the overalls and pulled him back to base camp. He was banned for life. I didn't get too big of a burn, but you bet I spoke to the kid's parents."

Screaming Bloody Murder
Screaming Bloody Murder

"When I was a 3-year-old kid, I was in a Walmart with my mom. As we were about to put some hot dogs in our cart, we heard screaming. Like, 'HOLY HECK THERE'S A DEAD BODY, I CAN SEE THE SMALL INTESTINE, SOMEONE HELP ME!' type screaming.

So we ran to the area, and there was a child screaming. She was holding a teddy bear with the price tag on it. She then screamed, 'BUY IT! BUY IT NOW! BUY IT, MOM!'

The mother, who was crying at that point, said, 'I'm sorry, sweetie, I can't.'



The child said, 'Who, me?'


She said, 'I wouldn't, but my mom is a tramp who doesn't love me, so I don't love her,' and that got to me.

I looked her dead in the eyes with a look of pure hatred and said, 'Don't speak to your mother like that.'

On the way out of the Walmart, I expected my mom to yell at me. Instead, she handed me a Hershey bar and gave me a high-five. She smiled and said, 'You're going to be a great parent.' Dang, I was a three-year-old hero!"

She Knew At That Moment That She Never Wanted Kids

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She Knew At That Moment That She Never Wanted Kids

"One time I had to babysit my two brothers while my stepmother was going to do errands, which took around two hours. When my stepmother was leaving, the youngest of the two started screaming as she pulled out of the driveway.

He started to run into the road and I had to pull him back, practically dragging him as he slammed himself to the ground. The oldest one kept screaming at me to stop and let him run.

I told him that he was being moronic, dragged him to the front door, and left it open so I could get him in. He continued screaming until just five minutes before my stepmother finally came home. It felt like a whole day.

Later, after it all, I discovered my tiny kitten was missing. I ran around the house looking for her, knowing she had shots and was drowsy. After two hours of looking, I called my parents. We looked everywhere for her. I told them that she may have run outside while I was struggling to get my brother inside. At last, my dad found her wet, cold, and sleeping under a bush by the house. That day was when I officially decided to never have kids."

"It Looked Like A Tornado Came Through"

"This one time, I was with my mom in Walmart getting a few things. I happened to go off on my own to look at stuff. I was looking at the wax melts and incense sticks (one of a few things I enjoy looking at in Walmart) when I suddenly heard screams coming from the toy aisles.

I went to check it out and found this kid who looked around 10 just throwing an absolute fit about not getting a certain toy. He was throwing anything and everything he could reach onto the floor. He did this to every aisle that had toys, all while screaming, 'I HATE YOU, MOM! YOU'RE A WORTHLESS PIECE OF CRAP! I BET YOUR MOM AND DAD NEVER LOVED YOU, EITHER!'

The mom was standing there watching the scene, just in complete shock like this had never happened before. The cops finally came to remove the kid and the poor workers had to clean up the aisles which all looked like a freaking tornado came through. I felt bad for them so I decided to help them out, even though my mom was done shopping, and stayed until it was all cleaned up."

Theater Cretins
Theater Cretins

"I worked at a movie theater in high school. Our boss (obviously because it's his job) was very strict on R-rated movies and checking ID's. One of my coworkers was working the box office on the night 'American Sniper' came out.

A group of obviously younger-than-17-year-olds came up to buy tickets from him. He asked for their ID's and none of them even had permits yet. They asked him to just let it go and he said no. Then, the 'alpha' of the group got up started threatening my coworker's life, saying that he would go home, get his dad's weapon, and shoot him unless he let the group buy tickets.

But that wasn't the end of it. The same group of kids came into the theater another night. They went to their movie and at some point started yelling, screaming, and causing issues in the movie.

After we got a complaint from a customer, we went in, observed their behavior, and decided to kick them out. While the manager was escorting them away, one girl in the group kept verbally assaulting him. When they made it out to the lobby, she jumped over the concessions stand and started throwing popcorn, drinks, and anything she could get her hands on at the workers behind the stand. We called the cops immediately and they arrived within a few minutes. They literally had to drag this crazy chick away, and threw her into the back of their squad car."

His Rampage Seemed Like It Would Never End
His Rampage Seemed Like It Would Never End

"I used to throw tantrums at my elementary school, but this kid took the cake. I think was in kindergarten or first grade, and I had to go to a class to help with problems kids had. I remember this boy in the class had anger issues. He would freak out if he didn't get what he wanted. We were all used to it, so we paid him no mind when it happened.

One day, a teacher (there where two of them) asked him to get off of the school iPad. He didn't listen, so a few minutes later the teacher asked again. He didn't want to, and told her that she needed to bug off. Then said teacher threatened to call the school's counselor. That was the final straw. He threw the iPad across the room, almost hitting one of my friends.

He would throw stuff like crayons and dolls, but never an iPad. Both of the teachers went to the kid that was almost hit by the iPad, and behind their backs the other kid then took one of the teacher's purse and started going through it.

He was throwing everything he could: her lipstick, phone, wallet, everything. He wasn't done there. The boy then proceeded to pick up a plastic plant that was planted in a pot nearby and threw it at one of the teachers. Luckily he missed, and the second teacher took us into the other room. Next day, he was gone. My mom was a teacher there and I asked what had happened to the boy. She said he got kicked out of the school."

Brother Goes Bonkers
Brother Goes Bonkers

"The worst tantrum I have ever seen was my little brother. It happened when I was 16. My little brother is 7 years younger than me and because of the large age gap, I became a sort of 2nd mother to him. However, he didn't always like me being the voice of authority.

Once during a particularly bad tantrum of his, which was caused by me saying that he couldn't have ice cream and cake for lunch when I was baby sitting, he stormed to my room and slammed the door as hard as he could at 9 years old. I decided to let him cool down because I trusted him not to do anything bad. He may have been 9, but he's always been smart for his age. Leaving him alone in my room was a mistake.

I went to get him for lunch 15 minutes later and discovered that he had torn all my books apart, smashed my TV, cut huge holes in all my shirts, and was in the middle of taking the bottles of paint from my art set and squeezing them all over my walls. I calmly informed him that lunch was ready. He looked at me and went white; he was scared speechless.

Apparently my parents had come home early and had seen what he was doing through my bedroom window, which faced the street. He tried to hide the paint bottles behind his body and claim that I had done it...not that smart after all I guess. Not only did he get the butt-spanking of a lifetime and 6 months of grounding, but he also had to clean my whole room himself and give me his allowance until he had paid back my broken TV, plus all the books, shirts, and paints he had destroyed."

Board Game Blow Out
Board Game Blow Out

"My 2nd cousin was playing a board game with her little brother and grandmother (my aunt). My 2nd cousin is in 4th grade, and her little brother is in kindergarten. Little brother didn't understand what he was supposed to do on his turn, and asked for help and advice.

Before his grandma can explain, my 2nd cousin jumped in and started reexplaining the rules and giving advice. Except that they weren't the actual rules, and the advice she was giving him would have lead to her victory.

Her grandma called her out on it and scolded her. 2nd cousin got upset at being accused of something she actually did and ran to her parents, who heard the whole thing and told her off.

She pitched a huge tantrum, upended the board, ran to her room, ran back to yell some more, slammed things, and yelled some more. Her parents told her that she couldn't play anymore until she calmed down in her room and did all of her homework. That prompted an even bigger fit, all because she couldn't handle being called out on her bad behavior."

She Threw
She Threw "Two-Year-Old Level Screaming Fits" Until She Was Way Too Old

"When I was in elementary school, there was a girl in my classes from kindergarten all the way to grade 8 who would pitch two-year-old level screaming fits in the middle of a lesson over the slightest of inconveniences. Got a question wrong? A fit. Someone asks to borrow a pencil? Another fit. Up until about grade 5, she had an aunt who was our vice principal and whenever this girl threw a fit, she would have to be dragged kicking and screaming out of the class by her aunt.

The worst one, though? When we were in grade 8, we had a substitute teacher. This sub was feeling lazy, so she handed out a bunch of little paper color wheels for the class to fill out to keep us busy. I was sitting next to the girl at the time, and when she dropped her paper color wheel on the ground, I accidentally stepped on it.

Instead of asking me to move my foot, she bent down and yanked on it, and the flimsy paper ripped. She. Went. Nuts. She screamed and yelled and said all kinds of terrible things to me. You'd think that I had shot her dog or something instead of accidentally tearing a color wheel that she worked on for all of five minutes and we weren't even being scored on! I was so stunned that I started tearing up because I have this thing where I'm very sensitive to people being angry around me.

The entire class leaped to my defense, but the girl treated me like crap for the entire rest of the year, including throwing a tantrum to the teacher about not getting a part in a play that I had been chosen for. One that she ended up getting in the end, but then didn't even bother to commit to! She's leveled out now, but I will never forget those awful years."

She Could Give Verruca Salt A Run For Her Money

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She Could Give Verruca Salt A Run For Her Money

"I used to work at Target and I had one experience there that haunts me to this day. A little girl, no older than 6 years old, was with her mother, who was just trying to buy some groceries and mac n' cheese so she could feed the fruit of her loins. This little girl saw the tiny Barbie dolls we had on the racks near the register and she wanted one. She. Wanted. One.

The mother, being an actual parent, told her no. The temper tantrum I saw radiate from this beast was nothing short of legendary. Ancient gods spoke in dark tongues as rage welled in this monster. The lights dimmed, the sun faded away, and the whispers of thousands of cursed souls echoed in my store. Her eyes lit up with devil's fire and she unleashed a banshee shriek so fierce that the dead rose from their graves.

I slammed my hands over my ears as I watched her rip the entire rack apart, throwing each and every tiny Barbie doll onto the floor. She continued to wail and scream, jumping up and down and smashing it under her feet. I slowly backed away, looking to my manager, who appeared just as horrified as I did.

But her mother though...her mother's face. I saw in that woman's eyes a drained, withered soul. I saw the face of a woman who had no reason to live other than that...that thing. I saw a woman whose entire life was destroyed.

And that was the day I knew that I would never have children myself."

Kid Got A Whopper
Kid Got A Whopper

"Remember those Pokemon gold cards that came in the giant Pokeballs that Burger King used to sell? I had friends OBSESSED with those things, trying to get all 6 or 10 or however many there were.

They believed they'd be worth MILLIONS in the future. Our local Burger Kings sold out of them very quickly, and one time I saw a kid jump the register and run to the back trying to find one.

He thought they 'had more in the back,' and...I'm not sure what he was planning to do beyond that, but he definitely tried before being tackled and held back by several employees.

The 90s were a weird time. I feel like most fast food places wouldn't care that much nowadays to TACKLE AND PIN DOWN A CUSTOMER. But...there ya go."

When Love Of A Show Goes Too Far
When Love Of A Show Goes Too Far

"One time, around the end of fifth grade, I was in line with my classmates waiting for the restroom. There was this one kid who LOVED the show Adventure Time, and on that day I realized how much it really meant to him.

In the line for the bathroom, he was just saying a bunch of stuff from the show. Saying it under his breath, but right behind me in the line. I turned around to ask him to stop. He said these exact words to me: 'YOU PIECE OF CRAP, I WILL DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE TO PLEASE THE LICH,' and since most of the teachers were legit RIGHT THERE, I just stood in place.

The teachers were talking about calling his mom. This kid got so upset he started to scream, and you could hear him down all the halls. He started punching and screaming at students and teachers.

He tried to punch the wall, but he missed. He put so much force in his punch that when his fist missed the wall, his body legit spun in the air and he landed on his head. He actually knocked himself out by hitting his head on the ground. Something tells me that he didn't watch a lot of Adventure Time after that."

Not Much Of An Older Brother
Not Much Of An Older Brother

"When my brother was in grade school, he threw massive tantrums. He was the oldest, but lacked responsibility, and was very stupid. We had a stepdad and he used to make playful jokes about my brother.

Well, my brother took them literally and would scream, whine, and slam doors. The worst was when he was fairly young. We used to live in a farmhouse on a farm, so we had long driveways. He had a huge fight with our mom about something random and then stated that he was running away.

He took a container and put a few water bottles, granola bars, his GameBoy, and an iPod Touch inside. He then started down the dirt road, yelling as he walked away. He didn't get very far before we stopped him and I made fun of him because he left with no chargers.

The worst part was that I always had to share a room with him and he got angry about lots of things. Like, if we had one hour to play a one-player game on a console and I accidentally went five minutes over, he would flip out. In many ways, it felt like he was the younger brother."

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