It Started With A Girl, It Ended With A Cell
It Started With A Girl, It Ended With A Cell

"My friend fell madly in love with a girl and would do anything she asked. She told him he should go rob a store so she could have some cash, so he went into a dry cleaner with a hairbrush under a towel (so it looked like he was armed).

He was caught and served seven years in prison. It was his first time ever getting in trouble with the law. I wanted to say it was his first brush with the law, but that's not even funny in this case.

Once he was released from prison, he was unable to get a job and eventually drank himself to death."

From Med School To The Fish Market

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From Med School To The Fish Market

"I Knew a dude in college who was the top of every class. He was a really nice guy and was on track to be an insanely successful doctor. He had a girlfriend who was an honest to god model. His girlfriend got into coke (because apparently, it's fairly common for models). She offered him some one day and the last I heard, he was working in a fish market and in and out of rehab and AA. Still with the same girl, though, so that's nice."

Not Quite The Happiest Place On Earth


Not Quite The Happiest Place On Earth

"Believe it or not, Disney ruined their life.

I had a coworker with no adult life experience who became obsessed with everything Disney. She maxed out all credit cards on merchandise and trips to the parks. When she exhausted all of her credit, she used her mother and her brother's cards.

Now, she's stuck, at 33, living in a relative's basement (for free), and spending virtually every dollar on multiple Disney trips and cruises per year. Her credit rating is shot and she's hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

More Than One Life Was Ruined This Day


More Than One Life Was Ruined This Day

"I knew a kid who was hanging out with his friends in his dad's study. He pulled out his dad's sidearm from a hiding spot and was playing around, pointing it at things and acting cool. His friends told him to knock it off and quit being stupid.

To show them that he knew what he was doing and that it was safe, he took out the magazine, put the Glock to the roof of his mouth, and pulled the trigger; only he forgot to empty the chamber and blew the back of his head off in front of his friends.

The saddest part of all of it was watching the aftermath as his friends, who watched it happen, and his family, who blamed his father, destroyed themselves trying to cope with what his stupidity brought about."

His Friend's Mistake Inspired Change


His Friend's Mistake Inspired Change

"One of my best friends took his own life. He was a musician and started doing electronic music and got popular quite fast. He signed a record contract but confided that he never cared for the music; it's just what he did because people praised him for it. He was always depressed and would often mention suicide, but we'd always talk to him about it as a group and one day he just...did it. He was in his mid-20s.

His choice was to take a bed-sheet and hang himself in his bathroom, which his girlfriend had to wake up and discover. It made me wake up to my own thoughts of suicide and depression. I decided one day to swallow my ego and go to the doctors. The first pill I was prescribed changed my life. It may seem like there's no way out, but there is always help. Even if you have NOBODY, there IS help! He had all the friends in the world and felt alone.

I signed up for the crappiest, cheapest health insurance I could get, went to the first doctor I was assigned and tried the first pill prescribed and it worked. It may take you more attempts than that, but is it worth it to feel happy? To feel free? To feel light and loose and yourself? YES, it is. With my crappy insurance, I get meds for $20 a month. That's dirt cheap for mental health. Look into it if you feel suicidal. It won't solve your problems, but it will prevent you from going down the spiral of depression and will allow you to seek the help you need."

The Victim Of A Freak Accident
The Victim Of A Freak Accident

"I had a mate who had just turned 18 and was on the path to be a doctor. He was obsessed with chemistry, and one day near the end of the school year, he got some chemicals from the science lab, took them home and mixed them in a plastic milk bottle out front of his house.

The formula was so explosive that when a single drop of it hit the concrete where he was kneeling down, it ignited the entire bottle in his hand, blowing it off in the process. He had no idea what had happened until he raised his hands to his ears, and noticed his whole hand down to the wrist was gone. They found pieces of it scattered on rooftops around the area. He had to get a machine to pick each, single microscopic piece of glass out of his eyeballs. He ended up working in a storage unit company.



"Wasn't He Your Friend?"

"One of my high school friends was two days away from graduating early and skipping the second half of senior year. But then a guy who'd been bullying him for years started a fight with him. My friend snapped, stabbed this guy in the back with a knife, and then decided to turn himself in to the school administration. He admitted that he panicked and thought it would have been worse for him if it got reported.

The guy who started the fight got off free of any charges and my friend got a felony on his record and 18 months in prison. Not to mention the years of probation and thousands of dollars of fees, with additional fees for not being able to pay them off.

I'm not saying what he did was right, but I am saying that school administration dropped the ball on this for years, overlooking countless hostile acts rather than actually dealing with the problem. It's not shocking though, considering our school expected you to let yourself get the snot kicked out of you, or run.

Explaining that one to the relatives who called me later on that night asking, 'Wasn't he your friend?' was a lot of fun."

Is Partying One Of The Five Stages Of Grief?


Is Partying One Of The Five Stages Of Grief?

"There was a girl in my Ph.D. program whose dad died a few months before she was about to take her comprehensive exams (basically the halfway point in the program). Obviously, that's a tough thing to go through, but her dad was also well into his 80s and had been in hospice for several months, so it's not like it struck out of the blue.

However, despite knowing that it was coming from a long way off, she still had a complete meltdown after his death. She made absolutely no effort to study for her exams and instead would go out partying every single night (prepping for comps basically means studying non-stop from morning to night every single day for about three months straight). During all this time, though, she kept posting status updates about how she needed to finish her Ph.D. for the sake of her dad, who had been so excited that she'd be the family's first doctorate.

She failed the exams but school policy allowed her to have a second shot at them in the next semester. However, she learned nothing from her previous experience and continued to go out partying every night without studying while still talking about honoring her dad's legacy by finishing her Ph.D. And then, for reasons no one ever understood, she started turning on all of her friends in the program. She never gave any of us reasons why she suddenly just refused to talk to any of us. She also divorced her husband and basically fell in with a group of guys who she kept running into during her evenings out and refused to interact with anyone other than these guys.

Not too surprisingly, she failed her comps again and was kicked out of the program. All of a sudden after that, honoring her father's legacy by finishing her Ph.D. wasn't a priority anymore. Instead her Facebook was filled with rants about how everyone in the program, including all of the former friends who she had cut ties with, were out to get her or never supported her or never truly cared about her (and I can tell you that these accusations caused a great deal of heartbreak amongst these friends). Suddenly, she was overjoyed to be freed from all the 'haters' in our program.

And I should add that while all of this was going on, she was posting new photo albums of her out partying with this new circle of her friends every single day, like 50 or 60 new club pics waiting for me on my feed at breakfast every morning. I don't think even the most self-absorbed teen girls post even a tenth as many pics as she was. I wound up blocking her just because of how tedious it was getting. At some point, though she unfriended me and everyone else in the program except, weirdly, for the department's student secretary. Last I heard, she was working as a secretary herself and dating some guy from this new circle of friends of hers and that nothing has changed."

Six People Dead, But One Walked Away


Six People Dead, But One Walked Away

"This kid I went to high school with ended up with a full-ride scholarship to a prestigious Southern California university known for its lineage of excellent college football players. He was headhunted by the head coach and bribed with a brand new H2 Hummer to drive when he started.

About five months into his first year, he got plastered at a party and wanted to show of his ride to some people. He tried to give four people a ride home who had all been drinking heavier than he had. Nobody made it home... He slammed into a pickup truck, killing the driver and passenger of the other vehicle and everyone else in his car. He was the only survivor."

He Became Who He Always Wanted To Be


He Became Who He Always Wanted To Be

"I had this teammate I lived with back in minor league hockey. He was a great guy; a little wild but he was a solid guy. The thing is, he came from a pretty rough background and was obsessed with the gangster life. I was a little too, not as extreme but I was his best friend for the year we played together.

He drank too much one night and lit an apartment building on fire. He killed a guy, his wife, and his young daughter. My friend ended up serving seven years in prison for manslaughter.

When he got out, he ended up murdering some kid through some botched substance deal. This is in Canada, so I guess he's going to get out someday, but I'm sure by that time, he'll be lost to the system.

Be careful who you emulate and act like. Pretty soon that becomes you."

The Queen Of White Trash


The Queen Of White Trash

"Sophomore year of high school, a friend of mine met and fell hard for her first boyfriend. I don't get what she saw in him. He was 18, never finished school, was a slow talker, and was obese. She got knocked up and dropped out of school, then had her parents sign for her to get married at 16. She never got her G.E.D. and neither did he. This all happened in a matter of three months. By the time she was 21, she had three kids, was living in a trailer park, and cleaning hotel rooms for a living while he was constantly between jobs.

I ran into her last year at a Wal-Mart when visiting my hometown for Christmas, and she was wasted. She proceeded to sob to me how she messed up her life and was finally leaving him 12 years later after meeting 'a Mexican man.' She then got hostile and kept asking if I thought I was better than her because I married 'military man' and I noped out of the situation. After getting pregnant by the 'Mexican man,' she went back to her husband and they now pretend the baby is his. I have her on Facebook because the whole situation with the new baby is like a train wreck I can't take my eyes from. She constantly calls out his family for not being accepting of their situation and they post about her being loose.

She went from being an 'A' student on the path to a good college to a pregnant, drop out in a matter of three months, and is now the queen of white trash. All for a guy."

Some People Just Don't Know When To Stop


Some People Just Don't Know When To Stop

"My buddy's wife (both were my friends) got herself a 'work husband,' she being in her early 20s and him being 43 and an ugly creep. She had her husband's baby and filed for divorce a month later, citing abuse. There was no abuse.

She moved in with the 'work husband' and tried unsuccessfully to take all her hubby's money and keep him from his kid. His lawyer was way more competent and she ended up with credit card bills and 50/50 custody. She's dead broke now and her 43-year-old boyfriend works retail at a big box store.

She just had her boyfriend's baby through an accidental pregnancy. Now she has two children under the age of 2, and she has messed up everything good she had. She also lost all her friends, and her ex-husband is now doing really well.

So in three years she went was married, had a kid, initiated a bitter divorce, hopped between several jobs, popped out another kid, and is now broke and stuck in a rut."

It Would Have Just Taken 15 Minutes To Remedy His Problem


It Would Have Just Taken 15 Minutes To Remedy His Problem

"My girlfriend's brother, a total stoner, was 22 years old, living with friends in a college town, and was working as a pizza delivery guy.

My girlfriend and his mother kept telling him HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of times that he needed to renew his vehicle registration. I mean hundreds. An entire year went by and they were still telling him over and over to go register his car.

Now, we're in California, it is INSANELY easy to do anything car registration related. They have offices separate from the DMV where they can do it in about five minutes. There's never a line because the offices are only for smog checks and registrations.

So like I said, a year went by. He NEVER did it, he NEVER took the 15 MINUTES in an ENTIRE YEAR to register his car.

The car got towed. Impounded. It cost $750 to get it out, which his mom couldn't afford. So she took out a loan and sold the car to pay for the loan. He now had no car.


So he lost his job. No job, no money, no rent - lost his apartment and moved back in with his mom.

It's been seven months and he is still living on the living room floor in his mom's extremely small one-bedroom house with three dogs and her boyfriend who hates him. It's a living nightmare. He still doesn't have a job (hard to get a job without a car).

I mean, he messed up his ENTIRE life by not making a 15-minute errand in the span of an entire year. I've never wanted to grab somebody by the shirt collar and scream, 'WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU' in their face so bad."

From Golden Boy To Troubled Man

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From Golden Boy To Troubled Man

"My brother was the golden boy of our family who was handed everything on a silver platter. Basically, he was the prince of our family - golf scholarship, lots of friends, and chicks throwing themselves at him, even though he was a supreme prick and a terrible person who acted like a jerk around the clock.

He started drinking heavily at the age of 15, and would drink the seriously cheap, nasty $3 pints. Which is nonsense because we come from money. He was able to hide it from the family until 2015 when he had full liver failure a week after his 29th birthday.

He begged my parents for a second chance at life, said that he needed help, he wanted to live, blah blah blah. My parents managed to get him a full liver transplant in two months which would have been impossible without the contribution of our inheritance because addicts aren't high on the list for transplants - and he barely survived. Then he went through rehab, 12 steps at AA. The whole nine yards.

This went on for a while until the Mayo Clinic started calling asking why he wasn't coming to his mandatory appointments. My mom forced him to go. When they tested him there, he was far from being clean. He is now dead to me and most of my family and has four years or less to live. My mom is basically his slave because he cries that he needs her and she's too weak to toss his butt in a home.

That liver could have gone to eight other people who maybe care about their life. In my mind, he is a murderer who straight up stole a second chance at life from nonsubstance abusers. I HATE HIM."

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"She Came Out The Coma...Different"

"I was dating the valedictorian in high school. She wanted to be an astronaut. She had won the national science fair for a project to terraform Mars. She was accepted to the Air Force Academy to train to be a pilot/scientist so she would be fast-tracked to the astronaut cadet program. The girl was brilliant.

Six months before graduation, she went to a party and took some bad speed and went into a coma for a few weeks. She came out...different. She just lost all her drive and basically stopped going to class or doing any work. She failed her last semester and dropped out. She cut everyone off and went into seclusion. That's the last I heard of her.

I tried to connect with her during that time. We weren't dating anymore, but we were still friends and lived just a couple blocks away from each other. I went over to visit and she just lacked emotion. It was like her soul was missing. It was incredibly sad and chilling. I went off to college and we lost touch after that."

It Was An Accident A Long Time Coming


It Was An Accident A Long Time Coming

"My friend was always taunted, insulted, assaulted - both physically and mentally, mugged on a daily basis, and nearly had his neck broken by a dedicated group of bullies. The school wouldn't do anything to the degenerates (the school wasn't in a bad part of town but it had some real pricks).

One day during baseball practice, the head bully decided that this day would be the day he would try and ruin my friend's day for good by trying to break his knees with a bat. My friend went up to bat and the pitcher, not affiliated with the group of thugs, threw it too far in and forced my friend to duck, which saved his head from both the ball AND the bat the bully swung from behind. My friend noticed this, turned around and pulled an MLB swing that connected with the guy's skull, completely shattering it. He dropped dead where he stood.

Suddenly, the coaches tackled my friend to the ground and called the police. My friend was arrested and charged with murder. To this day, I don't know if he's alive or dead, but all I know is that if the joke of a school system would have done something, he wouldn't have had to stand up for himself. It's complete bull that the very people who preach about how they support anti-bully measures are the same ones who stood by and do nothing until something tragic happens.

Gary was a nice guy who would help anyone in need. This guy even helped carry me to the nurse when my own group of thugs blinded me with sand and dirt when they tripped me. Forget the school system and forget the people who act like he's the criminal when he had to deal with four years of torture."


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