A Friend Doesn't Wish Death Upon A Mother


A Friend Doesn't Wish Death Upon A Mother

"After a big falling out between our friend group, he showed up at my house while I was at college and harassed my terminally ill mother on the doorstep. He demanded to get inside and take my video camera because it had some footage of us on it and he said it was illegal for me to have it without his consent. My mother was scared but stood in the doorway and refused to let him in. He verbally threatened her and continued to shout terrible things such as 'I hope you die of cancer' as he made his way down the street to his car. My mother did die of cancer, but she survived another 8 years after this incident. I like to think she held on just to refuse to give him the satisfaction."

Unrequited Love Has Ended Many Friendships

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Unrequited Love Has Ended Many Friendships

"My friend decided that 7 months into a relationship that I was very happy with, not the previous year-and-a-half of me being single, was the perfect time to confess his feelings for me. When I (predictably) said I wasn't interested, he completely cut me out of his life. He de-friended me on Facebook, didn't talk to me anymore, wouldn't even acknowledge me when we passed each other in the halls at work. No explanation.

Losing a friend is stressful; losing a friend who you work with is even more stressful because now you're spending 8hrs/day feeling completely alone and also like someone there hates you and might want to get you fired.

He eventually (at least a year later) apologized, but we still barely talk. Somehow knowing he didn't value our five years of friendship enough to keep talking to me after I turned him down has made me not trust him. IMAGINE THAT."

The Party Got Too Important For Friendship

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The Party Got Too Important For Friendship

"My then-best friend and I were about 12 years old when we first met. Soon we were close like brothers and spent every free minute together, had fun, did stupid things and talked through endless nights for more than 6 years. It all began to slowly go downhill when he started to take substances and ended suddenly when he decided that substances would be a better choice than time with me.

We had made plans for the weekend and arranged for me staying the night. When I turned up Friday night and he didn't open the door, I put my last money into a telephone booth (cell phones were not a thing back then) to call some of his new friends. 10 minutes later I found out that he was partying in another town getting completely wasted. He talked to me and asked me to come over and hang out with him. I had no car, no public transport available and no money, it was past midnight and I was more or less stranded. That night I left a note in his mailbox to please call me... and slept at a bus station and waited for him to explain what happened. Still waiting 25 years later."

He Turned Out To Be A Maniac

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He Turned Out To Be A Maniac

"A few weekends ago my friends and I took a bachelor trip across Texas to celebrate. Brews, BBQ, and Buddies. Nothing better. My friend of nearly 10 years asked me to be his best man as I was anticipating and I, of course, accepted.

Here's the thing. I'm married to my high school sweetheart (14 years) and we have an 8 yr old daughter together.

On the way home from San Antonio, we drove up Highway 130, which is the fastest road in America with a speed limit of up to 85mph.

My friend drove recklessly all the way home. I'm not gonna go into all the details but just know that I genuinely feared for my life and made that clear to my friend. He didn't give a crap. The more I voiced concerns the more recklessly he drove. Almost like a challenge. At one point we nearly wrecked the car and would have if I had not spoken up about the lane being at a dead stop ahead. (He only watches the car in front of him).

When we got back, I got out of his car and left. We had no words but I knew he knew how I felt about the situation. I ended our friendship that night over text. Anyone that puts my safety at risk of not being able to get home to my wife and daughter isn't anyone I'd let stay in my life. No exceptions."

She Almost Killed Her Daughter


She Almost Killed Her Daughter

"I had a dear friend who was very into holistic healing.

My daughter was diagnosed with asthma.

We, of course, got her all set up with an inhaler and anything else the doctor recommended.

My friend was convinced she could heal my daughter with some sort of herbal treatment and bee stings (not caring at all that my daughter is allergic to bees too).

I was very clear with her to stay out of this, and she told me I was killing my child, I'd been corrupted by big pharma, etc.

My daughter has a horrible asthma attack soon after this discussion, her meds do nothing, we end up in the hospital with my child unconscious.

To make a long, painful, story short, it comes to light my 'friend' had tampered with my daughter's asthma inhalers and her nebulizer to prove to us the medications weren't actually helping her. Needless to say, this was the end of the relationship."

A Toxic Family Tried To Bring Her Down But She Resisted

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A Toxic Family Tried To Bring Her Down But She Resisted

"In high school, I wasn't a very attractive girl. I was overweight and had no idea how to deal with my unruly, thick and oddly wavy hair. I was really depressed so that didn't help either. At the time my best friend could've been an Italian model, but she also has a really bad eating disorder (still does). Probably because her mom is really toxic and obsessed with everyone in the family looking like they belonged in a magazine 24/7.

I never realized she kept me around as the 'ugly friend' until I started getting in shape and learning how to deal with my hair and dress myself according to body shape in my first year of college. She started being really mean and tearing me down. Saying things like, 'wow, you look like you're trying way too hard.' or 'you looked better with a big chest, now your butt is way out of proportion with the rest of your body.' I'm very pear shaped and have always been self-conscious of it.

I had to end the friendship because of how bad she made me feel about my new self I was working on. Part of me still feels terrible because I know eating disorders are devastating and I know that is what was fueling her cruel words. It was just too much though, the constant tearing down of any progress I made was sending me further into my depression.

The worst part is that looking back I'm certain this is how her mom made her feel. I wish I could've done more to help her. But logically I realized that a depressed person trying to help someone with an eating disorder while in such a young state of mind most likely wouldn't have been very productive.

Mental illnesses are horrible. I hope one day she can recover."

She Is Still A Terror To This Day


She Is Still A Terror To This Day

"I had a friend from when we were both 5 years old until we were 14. We lived across the street from each other and during our first few years of school, she was so shy, she wouldn't talk to anyone except me, not even teachers that asked her questions. She finally started breaking out of her shell and started doing weird stuff. Picking fights over nothing and getting mad at me for silly little things. I now look back and realize these episodes always happened after I became friendly with someone else other than her.

We went into junior high and her stepdad was arrested for violating her cousin. It was awful, but she ended up thriving on the attention she got from it. Anytime anyone started to forget what happened, she would find a way to bring it back up. Anytime someone new would come to the school, she would instantly befriend them and let them know about her story as soon as possible. She also started to change it up to get more sympathy. It started with it just being her cousin while no one was home, to it being her cousin while they were sleeping in the bed together, to it being both her and her cousin, to it being solely her who was being abused, and finally, her being abusing when she was 6 months old that she could 'remember like it was yesterday' and just before the arrest it happened again. I will never say for sure it didn't happen because I don't know, but with how much her story changed and how she always managed to bring it up to focus attention on her was just a little more than suspicious or at least unethical.

Moving into high school, our mutual friend group had grown a bit and it was nice for her, but she didn't seem to like it very much for me. She started becoming violent towards me and anyone else who hung out with me (she punched, scratched, and kicked me and our mutual friends a lot). I couldn't have sleepovers at anyone's house without her inviting herself along. She also started to verbally abuse me by calling me ugly, fat, stupid, and a worthless friend a lot. I was actually rather intelligent and was number one in the class. I won some awards based on my achievements, but each time I did, she would get angry with me and tell me I was just an attention hog. She also started spreading rumors about me like I was a lesbian, I never showered, or I would give BJs to any guy who asked. Anytime I was sick she would tell everyone I was faking it, or she'd tell people I hit her and said mean things to her. She also flirted heavily with a guy I liked, even proclaiming he would ask her out soon and I never stood a chance because I was too ugly. It felt good when he never asked her out either.

What finally did it was we went to a band competition and I got a better rating than her on a solo we did. I posted on facebook about it because I was excited and accidentally typed the wrong rating because I was distracted and to err is human. 5 minutes later, she was in my comments saying I lied about my rating for sympathy because I was nothing but an attention seeker. We argued back and forth in the comments for a moment until she blocked me because I finally stood up for myself (she called me a 'witch' and I said 'takes one to know one.' She didn't like that). The next day, she informed me that her mom decided to kick me out of her quinceanera because she was afraid I would start a fight. I reminded her that she was the one who started it. She didn't like that either. A few periods later in another class we shared, she gave me a note asking why we were even friends anymore. I wrote, 'Good point, I have no idea. Guess we aren't anymore.' And that was the end of our friendship.

She still did stuff to me after that. Spread more rumors mainly, but she also ended up focusing all her abuse on our mutual friend who I had started to become very close with and we are still best friends all these years later. My bestie was too afraid to stand up for herself, but luckily she was able to distance herself.

This was years ago and she will still find ways to try and mess with me. When my husband and I first started dating, she started messaging him through Facebook in a flirty manner. When he proposed, she said I was worthless and he would be better off with her. The day after we got married, she sent him nudes out of the blue. Each time he blocked her, she would create a new account and send him stuff. She also managed to make a comment on a picture of our newborn son calling him the ugliest baby she had ever seen.

I really have no idea why she is so bent on trying to tear me down, even after our 'falling out' and years since we have seen each other. I sometimes wonder if I did anything to her to make her hate me so much, but I seriously can't think of anything."

Losing Her Best Friend And Her Husband At The Same Time


Losing Her Best Friend And Her Husband At The Same Time

"My close friend and girlfriend of my husband's best friend of 20 years leaned into the back seat & kissed my husband of 9 months while her boyfriend was in the store.

They were coming home from the bowling alley and were wasted. They were left alone for 10 minutes. Prior to that, she'd explained, in detail, about all the secret dreams she'd been having about sleeping with her boyfriend and my husband together. The only reason that I wasn't with them that night is because I'd had a miscarriage that morning.

Not only was my heart broken, I'd been deceived by the two people I trusted the most. What a terrible day that was. Friendship and marriage ruined."

A Terrible Woman Came Between Them


A Terrible Woman Came Between Them

"I've had a few male best friends who totally cut me out because they started dating insecure girls. The absolute worst was my most recent best friend, we had been inseparable best friends since 2013 and stopped being friends around a year ago. He started dating a girl 10 years younger than him (she was 18, he was 27 or 28).

She hated me before she even met me, so he took a long time to introduce us. When he did, she did all of the insecure girlfriend moves (overly physically affectionate in front of me, throwing around way too many 'I love you' and 'babe'). She did not leave him alone with me. Since then I only got to see him a few times, and he would never pick up my calls if she was there. Later I find out through his other close friend that my best friend is doing speed with the girl.

This wasn't even the nail in his coffin. After months of not talking to me, he called me literally sobbing one weeknight and begged me to come to his place because his girlfriend had punched him in the face and run off. Though it was late and I had work the next morning, I decided to go and be his friend one last time.

When I arrived he was completely strung out, he had lost maybe 25-30 pounds since I had last seen him (and he was slender to begin with), and he was speaking incoherently and kind of rapidly switching between moods/personalities, for lack of better phrasing. He was convinced he had lost his wallet and he took me to a bunch of businesses in a two block radius from his apartment to go in and ask if he had left his wallet there. He was certain he had left it in a rite-aid bag, and he even picked up plastic bags that were blowing in the wind down the street looking for his wallet. I was heartbroken.

This guy used to be a brilliant artist and filmmaker. I used to be inspired by him. In fact, we had a small falling out years earlier because I had been abusing opiates, and he didn't want to be around that. He had told me back then that he 'just wanted to do normal things with [his] friends.' How the mighty had fallen.

We ended up finding the wallet in one of his jackets that was draped on his staircase.

That night I confronted him and asked him what he had been taking. At first, he said he was just tired and feeling unwell, then he said it was Adderall. He lied to my face. I would have forgiven all of this, but the next day I went home and waited for him to give me an update as to his situation/condition, and tell me what was going on with the girl, but he just never called. I found out from our mutual friend that the girl came back to him the next day and he took her back like nothing had ever happened. That was it for me. I don't know what kind of hold the girl has on him aside from the substances (it may be just the substances, she is a very unattractive young lady, with a hideous personality.)

To me, he is as good as dead. That sounds harsh, but when I was 18 my best friend (ever) died of an accidental toxic substance combination, so when I encounter people who have severe addictions and are not trying to get better, I see them as ticking clocks. I'd rather not be there when he dies. He's not the man I used to call my best friend anymore, anyway. That person died a while ago."

A Person, A Terrible Friend

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A Person, A Terrible Friend

"I had a very toxic best friend. She was always talking bad about other people, never comforted me even though I was always there for her, and every time I said I was interested in a boy or someone flirted with me she'd say something along the lines of 'oh he likes me, he's hit on me.' We've had many many falling outs because she is a HUGE drama queen.

But, I drew the line when she started cheating on her boyfriend. I had told another friend and apparently, that girl twisted the words as she always had and said I was spreading some sort of rumor I don't even remember. But, then she got super angry at me and would talk smack about me to everyone as she did every time we fell out. I don't know why I always went back to her. I felt so much better when I didn't talk to her and I became a much nicer person as well. She made me not myself. She turned me into the negative person that she was. Anyways, I heard she's into substances, along with a bunch of other drama."

Sometimes The Care Never Goes Away


Sometimes The Care Never Goes Away

"I was a year older than her and we were best friends for about 14 years. She would constantly ditch me for her other friends. She got angry with me because I spent half of my time finishing high school and the other half with my BF (who lived 4 hrs away at the time, so I didn't get to see him often). Talked smack about me to our mutual friend when she found out that I was going to move in with said BF after high school.

I slowly started to distance myself from her until we completely lost touch. I didn't talk to her for about 2-3 years after that until 2 years ago, I had wished her a Happy Birthday on Facebook and mentioned about how we should start hanging out again and to hit me up when she had time to do so because I missed her. She was very friendly and shared the same desire. It wasn't until my BF and I hung out with the mutual friend a week later, that I found out she complained about the fact that I even reached out to her.

After I found that out, I just stopped reaching out to her. I still see her around on social media. She graduated this year and is going to PSU for culinary arts. I'm happy she's doing well. I just wonder if she ever checks up on me like I check up on her."

Nobody Likes A Narc


Nobody Likes A Narc

"This was my best friend in high school, and we went to different colleges. She was very controlling and competitive, so she was not pleased when I came to visit her with my new closest friend freshman year and realized that the new friend and I had more in common and got along better than she and I ever did. The next week she called my super strict parents and told them I smoke pot and told them that it was all because of my new friend that she was jealous of. My parents freaked the heck out and gave me an intervention and the whole thing really messed up my relationship with them. I don't know how she thought that little stunt would play out but I haven't spoken to her since."

Caught Up In Lies


Caught Up In Lies

"My best friend accused me of sleeping with his sister when we were teens because she told her family she had a crush on me to hide the fact she was a lesbian. I was very sick as a teen and generally ostracized by everyone so when I met someone who was nice to me and treated me like a friend we were pretty much BFF's.

He and I got into a fist fight and I lost my temper and I nearly beat his behind with a lamp before I caught myself. We never spoke again and after graduation, a classmate told me that his sister came out as a lesbian around that time (she was a year or two older than us) and that he literally became enraged with her because he attacked me and I nearly beat him with a lamp because she lied."

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