Is there anything worse than being betrayed by a friend? These people found out the hard way that their friendship wasn't worth as much as they thought and now they're short one lousy friend. In the end, cutting that toxic person off was probably for the best.

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They Had To Cut Their Toxic Friend Out Of Their Lives

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They Had To Cut Their Toxic Friend Out Of Their Lives

>>> "Very recently, a married 'friend' had an affair with my girlfriend. This resulted in us breaking up. Now they are together. Good luck trusting each other, you cheating idiots. Obviously, I'm not at all bitter."

>>> "I had a friend who was being horribly abused by her boyfriend, so I told the police and had him arrested. That friend then never spoke to me again for ruining her relationship. She is also still close friends with all of the girls who knew about the abuse the whole time but didn't think we should do anything about it, and thought that the 'happy couple' just needed to work out their differences, but not break up."

>>> "My best friend (at the time) helped me find my first apartment, all on my own and helped me move in. When I had all my stuff moved in (including new, expensive furniture I was renting to own), I planned on still staying at my parents for another week while internet/TV was being hooked up and I got all of my things settled in and put up. My friend had an extra key so she could let the people in to hook things up, as she lived five minutes from the apartment and I lived about 45 minutes away. I came back one day to work on the place and she had stolen almost everything I had. Clothes, shoes, furniture, TV. Everything."

>>> "I was venting to a work friend about my boss being an idiot. Little did I know that my 'friend' saw my boss as a mentor, repeated everything to my boss, and threw in the lie that my venting was actually a memo I was circulating around the company in an attempt to get my boss fired. This led to many awkward meetings with the boss and HR in an attempt to track down this non-existent memo. The moral of the story: be very careful about who you vent about your job to."

He'd Already Started Cutting Off This Toxic Friend, Then He Got A Call From The Cops


He'd Already Started Cutting Off This Toxic Friend, Then He Got A Call From The Cops

>>> "A former friend of mine tried to frame me for driving while impaired. It started when he came out as bi and he was depressed over the fact no one wanted to date him. It wasn't because he was gay, but because he was a drama queen. I realized I shouldn't have stayed with him, but he was one of the first friends I've ever made.

He started going to bars and clubs and picking up men, he would make a big deal of who he caught, inadvertently outing a couple of men as gay to the community as a result.

Things were deteriorating between him, and I, and our group of friends. He was a toxic bug that fed off of negativity and would start fights and when it became clear he is at fault, 'It's because I'm gay!' was his usual shield.

I cut myself off from him and he faded into the background.

Until I got a call. He was found in the passenger seat of his car, that has been turned over a ditch. His car flipped over when he went too far to the side. The cops showed up to my house and asked me questions. He'd apparently told them that I drove him but I flipped the car and left him to die.

I told the cops that because of my eyesight, I can't drive without my glasses and I am forbidden from driving at night.

He got a huge citation and he also lost vision in his right eye and now walks with a limp."

His Friend Agreed To Hold His Weapons, But Never Said He'd Give Them Back


His Friend Agreed To Hold His Weapons, But Never Said He'd Give Them Back

>>> "I had a friend holding on to my weapons for me when I left to join the army. When I got back from my first deployment, I finally got leave with enough time to go home. When I tried to call him to get my stuff, he ducked my calls for a couple days, then told me I owed him money and he wouldn't return them until I paid him back. When I asked what I owed him, he said he'd get back to me. Never heard back.

Fast forward six months, I was home for convalescent leave after surgery for an injury sustained overseas. I reached out to try again and all I got was, 'I'll let you know when I have a number. Stop calling.'

I called the cops, explained the situation them. The deputy wanted to try calling to try to resolve without getting police officially involved. When the deputy came back in from his truck a few minutes later, he was red-faced and ticked off. Apparently, the conversation was basically:

Deputy: 'Are you Joe Blow?

Ex-friend: 'Yeah...'

Dep: 'Do you know John Smith?'

EF: 'No, I don't think I do.'

Dep: 'You are in possession of several of his weapons.'

EF: 'Oh! JOHN Smith! Yeah, I have his weapons. I told him all he to do was call.'

Dep: 'Well, I'M calling. Are you going to return his property?'

EF: 'No. There's no reason for you to be involved.' Hangs up.

When the deputy told me this, I chose to press charges, fully intending to drop them as long as I got my weapons back.

When the sheriff's office called to inform him of the charges, he sent his brother to turn my weapons over. Never heard from the family again.

A year later, after dealing with the crime lab, I finally got my weapons back."

These Friends Only Think Of Themselves

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These Friends Only Think Of Themselves

>>> "I was living with my former best friend and his fiancée. Halfway through the lease, he got a job in the oil fields and decided to move up there part-time. We came to an agreement where he would cover a smaller portion of the rent for when he came back to see her. I had a vacation planned for a wedding in Mexico two weeks after this talk was done and when I came back, they had decided to move. They'd tried to leave before I got back. So I was left with the full rent of a four bedroom house and all of his garbage that they had hidden in behind all of my stuff. I moved out and there was enough trash to fill up at least a dumpster and a half. I haven't spoken to them since."

>>> "My best friend came out to me in college. Obviously, it didn't bother me. In fact, I sort of suspected it. I supported her through her first real relationship. I was there for her when she told her parents. We went through a lot together. Fast forward 7 years. She got a new girlfriend that doesn't like me. So, she completely cut me out of her life. As in, overnight, we are done. I was really upset. We were basically like sisters."

>>> "I was at my best friend's apartment with a bunch of work people after work. My boyfriend got off late and came over. My best friend grabbed his hand and led him to her bedroom, where they proceeded to bang. I was too wasted to drive home, so I left, crying, and their downstairs neighbor let me crash on his couch. Fun times."

>>> "Long story short, I confided in a friend that I self-harmed and they made fun of me and told people about it."

>>> "My friend/roommate decided that I created a hostile living environment because I asked repeatedly for them to clean up their kitchen messes in a timely manner. Then they decided I was stealing because they 'just paid the electric bill' and I asked again for bill money. They couldn't figure out that our bills are due monthly. They told all of our mutual acquaintances that I stole 'hundreds of dollars' from them. I moved out as soon as I found out and cut every one who believed that person out of my life."

>>> "A good friend/teammate in middle/high school set me up to get robbed. The robber had a weapon, too."

>>> "In middle school, rumors were spread that I was a lesbian and that I abused my sisters. My best friend of seven years apparently started them."

>>> "My best friend throughout college told my girlfriend (in my senior year) that I was cheating on her and that he was in love with her. It didn't go well for him. She and I have been happily in love for 40 years."

>>> "As soon as he found out my girlfriend and I had broken up, he went to her place and started dating her. After a few months, he whined to me about how she kept talking about me and saying she missed me, so he told me, 'I'm breaking up with her!' That's nice. Also, I don't need your 'friendship' anymore."

Money And Friends Don't Make A Very Good Combination

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Money And Friends Don't Make A Very Good Combination

>>> "Back in 2003, I bought my first apartment and moved one of my college friends into my new place with me, giving him his own room for $200 a month. About a month into the move, my stuff started to randomly go missing, little by little. It started with small bills from my wallet, then it moved to my Xbox One games, my MK watch and so on. A couple more weeks of this goes on, then finally one night, I went out with my girl. When we came back to the apartment, I discovered my MacBook Pro had vanished into thin air while I was out. Now, I mentioned to my girl that I suspected it was 'D' stealing all my crap. Finally, I was infuriated and decided enough was enough. This was the final straw. I was going to muster up enough courage to confront the scumbag about the laptop and all the other stuff that went missing. He denied everything and finally, my girlfriend suggested we check local Craigslist ads and pawn shops. Lo and behold, the sucker was going not even one mile down the road to a local shady pawn shop and had been pawning all my stuff for months. I ended up filing a police report and pressed charges. OH! And he was doing all of this to support his nasty little secret addiction. Watch who you call your friends!"

>>> "He told a girl I was trying to date that I had been sued by an ex for giving her herpes. Total bull and he knew it. He is not a friend anymore."

>>> "A former friend threatened to out me as an LGBT person over a meaningless position in a university society after I said he shouldn't go for it for non-personal reasons. I wasn't public at the time and had only confided in a very small number of people, so to have my trust betrayed was gut-wrenching. I never said another friendly word towards him and very quickly removed him from my life altogether, so it worked out ok but those were a tense few months while the threat still held power."

>>> "She claimed that her parents, our dear friends, couldn't make their mortgage payment and they needed a couple thousand dollars. That was a lie, she took the money for herself. Then she told lies to our friends about us. They cut us off. I suppose it was a valuable lesson."

>>> "I was super supportive of my friend as she was taking her final exams to get into her field of work. Her boyfriend had just dumped her in the middle of it, so I tried to hang out with her when I could and help her out. When it was my turn to take my tests, she began telling me that I was going to do horribly on my test and how I had waited too long to take it. She practically shot down my dreams of getting into my career before I even took the test. Needless to say, we aren't friends anymore."

>>> "My best friend slept with my girlfriend. The worst part is he convinced all my other friends to keep it a secret for about one year. When I found out, I confronted him about it, and he said that he did nothing wrong because she 'wasn't mine to begin with.'"

>>> "I had a really bad case of depression and stopped going to school when I was around 16. I started an alternative learning program after being expelled. I heard from a best friend that another best friend had started spreading rumors and talking crap behind my back once I stopped attending the same school. She still follows some of my family on social media and it creeps me out when she 'likes' something I'm tagged in."

She Stood By Her Friend, But The Reverse Wasn't True

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She Stood By Her Friend, But The Reverse Wasn't True

>>> "A friend in high school, who was a year younger than me, got pregnant in her freshman year (she was 14) by a senior who promptly left her. Loads of people shut her out and called her awful names, but we were always friends so I supported her. We were pretty close. Two years of good friendship went by and I start talking to my (future) husband during the summer before my senior year. A girl who had been turned down by him promptly started spreading a rumor that she was dating him and she 'caught us' in bed. He never dated her and we hadn't had done it yet. Anyone who knew me knew it was bull.

But not my 'friend.' She refused to speak to me and ghosted me on social media. I sat down with her at lunch on the first day back after summer and she got up and left. It kinda broke me. I didn't have many female friends and I felt that she truly understood me and liked my company. I can't even say that I'm pleased that she's a miserable single mother of two, now. I'm just sad for us. It was awful. I felt terrible. I didn't lose much, though I guess."

>>> "My best friend of ten years and I had known each other since the first grade. We were each other's first best friend and we'd spent countless hours playing Portal together; she knew everything there was to know about me. In high school, she met a 15-year-old boy on some video game. She started Skyping with him and I knew very little about him. A few weeks later, her grades started slipping so her parents took away her laptop.

They decided to go through it and found hundreds of nude photos of some boy, but no chat history. Later in the week, my mom came home with this ticked off expression and confronted me in the kitchen. She told me that my best friend told her parents that she had received these photos from ME because I was trying to convince her to lose her v-card. I told my mom it wasn't me and even after searching my laptop and telling my best friend's parents that she found nothing, they wanted me to be taken to juvenile court for sending these photos to their 'innocent' daughter. That never happened, but I have never trusted someone the same way since."

>>> "My best friend had a roommate who was secretly gay and, after having a few drinks, came out to her about it, but he hadn't told anyone else. I, a woman, had a crush on him, and my friend did everything to push us together. When he ended up tearfully telling me he was gay, and I confronted my friend about knowingly setting me up with a gay guy, she said 'He doesn't really mean it, it's just a phase.' Yes, he's gay - it wasn't a phase. She and I aren't very close anymore."

Her Tattletale Friend Ruined Her Relationship

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Her Tattletale Friend Ruined Her Relationship

>>> "When I was 16, my best friend at the time decided to call my parents and tell them that I had slept over at my boyfriend's house, went skinny dipping, and that she was concerned I was going to sleep with him, plus a ton of other things. I come from a rather religious household, so this was all a big no-no.

She had always been that person that has to one-up a person - always. Her parents had just made her break up with a guy she was seeing (she was 14, he was 22), and I think that she figured if she could no longer have a boyfriend, I couldn't either. The situations were incredibly different, but this was unfortunately quite typical of her.

In the grand scheme of things, I suppose that's pretty minor, but as I was 16, I would have sworn my life was over. It was also the start of my rebellious teen years which I thankfully grew out of after about a year and a half."

>>> "My childhood friend confessed her love to me when I had just gotten a girlfriend. I told her I didn't feel the same way. She went on and told my girlfriend that I had cheated on her, I was going to leave her, etc. I told my girlfriend the real story and she believed me. Two years later, I haven't talked to the friend since that day and I'm proposing to my girlfriend in two months."

>>> "My best mate was in love with me (both males). We both knew we were gay back then, but I only saw him as a friend. One night, he got wasted with his classmates in high school and proceeded to confess this to everyone at a house party, effectively outing me by name. You have to understand, we lived in a VERY small and conservative society. It ended up giving me extreme paranoia and I stayed 'closeted' for years to come. I would meet people and feel judged because I thought they knew and I wasn't ready to be OK with that. I couldn't even date, it just felt wrong. It took me reaching a second 'adulthood' years later (me having a real relationship) to get over it and open up."

He Didn't Mind His Friend Texting His Girlfriend, But Then He Crossed A Line


He Didn't Mind His Friend Texting His Girlfriend, But Then He Crossed A Line

>>> "She tried to 'sell me' to a guy in exchange for a small baggie of smack. And by 'sell me,' I mean she promised him he could bang me as a trade. I was hanging out with both of them when he handed her the baggie and then she left me alone with him. Luckily, I had my keys in my pocket and was able to run the heck out of there once the dude started making moves on me and I realized what had happened. He literally told me what was going on, so there's no confusion about what happened there."

>>> "Many years ago, a friend of mine found himself needing a place to crash after a fire at his apartment. I, of course, obliged and he moved into my living room. One day while he was at school, I was watching videos on my desktop computer and I found a folder that I didn't recognize buried in the C drive. I opened it up and it's saved chat transcripts between him and another mutual friend. He claimed to have been touching himself while watching me sleep at night and going through my laundry to smell my underwear. The chats had been going back to the very first night I let him in my apartment. I had known this guy for years and he never seemed that messed up. I called him and told him he needed to be out ASAP. He cried about not having anywhere to go and I told him I read the chats he had saved to my computer and he tried to tell me I had invaded HIS privacy. He was a real piece of work. I posted all the chats up so all his friends could see it so they didn't make the same mistake I did. Live and learn. People are monsters. Only trust dogs."

>>> "This guy, me, my girlfriend, and a group of other people were in a group chat. The guy saved my girlfriend's number. Nothing strange, really. He had never met her but it was fine when he texted her looking for me, then continued the conversation when she said I was not with her.

Then, when me, him and a few other mates were out, he met her for the first time. I introduced her by the nickname I called her, not even thinking he wouldn't know who she was. Two minutes later, he left and texted her, telling her I was cheating on her with another girl and to come and meet him so he could show her. She flipped her lid. Even though it was strange, if someone tells you your boyfriend was cheating, you want to find out. She texted him back and he said he'd send her the pictures he'd just taken, which he did. The photos were of me and her in the place where he'd just been. He literally texted my girlfriend to tell her that I was cheating on her, and the person he said I was cheating with, was my girlfriend.

She told me she was with me at the time, it was her in the pictures, and he started texting back about all of the other girls I'd been with that he knew because I'd told him.


I was furious. He had never met her, but went out of his way to try and ruin my life for what?"

Friends This Cruel Aren't Really Friends At All

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Friends This Cruel Aren't Really Friends At All

>>> "My close friend slept with my boyfriend. I caught them in bed. I was 5 months pregnant with his child. I was home on break from school, went to see him and found his car in her garage. I knocked and walked in - and there they were! I said nothing and walked out. I left both of them. He's seen his son (now 34) maybe five times even though he had access to court-granted visitation but he never bothered."

>>> "My friend wanted to show off his new weapon that he just bought. He had a history of accidentally shooting indoors, but I went to his house anyway. He showed me his collection of weapons and all that crap, then all of a sudden, he loaded his new weapon, took off the safety, and then pointed it at my head and pretended to shoot at me a couple of times. I tried to move away from his aim but he wouldn't knock it off. I didn't say a word, I just left his house and never talked to him again. You just don't do that to a friend and I thought he was my friend.

>>> "My childhood best friend told me she regularly used my towel to wipe after peeing whenever she spent the night at my house."

>>> "He lied and told me he had cancer because he wanted my sympathy and my advice to help him get back with his on-and-off again ex for the twentieth time. I ghosted him shortly after and never looked back. There was a long list of reasons for the end of our friendship leading up to this, but to lie to me about something so huge was the straw on the camel's back."

>>> "My best friend of 54 years just completely cut me out of her life two years ago. I have been to therapy for it but I am still heartbroken. We were best friends since we were four years old. In therapy, I have tried to figure out what happened. My therapist believes that Diane always had to be on top in every situation and when her husband left her and she lost her business, she felt inferior to me and those feelings were simply unbearable. I still miss her and I am terrified if she called me tomorrow I would forgive her but I know I should not."

>>> "My best friend from high school started dating the guy who intimately assaulted me about two years after the fact. I found out when she bragged about their intimate life on Instagram."

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