Nicolette Gray, the famous now 16-year-old who complained about getting her $5,000 a month allowance lowered to a $1,000 monthly allowance, claiming the amount left her feeling like "a peasant," is now penniless once again.

In a 10-minute rant she posted on her personal YouTube channel, she explained exactly why her mom, Nina Gray, had taken not only her allowance, but also "90%" of her possessions. We've watched the video so you don't have to sit through it. We'll include it at the bottom, just in case you hate yourself enough to watch it, too.

you’ll never find another piece of luxury like me

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All the problems started when Nicolette had some film crews over to her house for a reality TV show she was to be featured in. Since her room was so messy, Nicolette's personal stylist threw the worst of the mess into her bathroom to get rid of it.

"My room was really messy so my stylist decides that the best way to clean my room for the show would be to stuff everything into my bathroom, including luxury items, like Chanel cuffs just sitting on the floor."

While the filming was taking place, Nicolette says, "So basically, my bathroom flooded last night because my mother doesn't put the system, I don't know, it's not my fault."

What sort of plumbing system would keep poor Nicolette's bathroom from flooding? She doesn't know, but it's probably her mom's fault for not installing that one.

i’m way up

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Ms. "It's not my fault!" continued her sob story, detailing the mess she discovered in her bathroom, but still not taking an ounce of responsibility for anything. In fact, after discovering her bathroom in the process of flooding, Nicolette just left it like that and didn't mention it to anyone, not even her mom, because she was afraid that she'd "freak out."

Well, as anyone with any sense would know, leaving items in a flooding bathroom will leave you with very soggy items. This apparently never occurred to Nicolette, since she was so shocked to discover that now her very expensive things were totally ruined.

Now that she was beyond the point of being able to fix it herself, despite her many claims that she was going to try, Nicolette had no choice but to tell someone. Not her mom, that would be stupid. Instead, Nicolette told her stylist and when he couldn't do jack about it, he told her mom who was, understandably, a little upset.

According to Nicolette, her mom kept yelling at her as they both worked to rescue clothes and clean up all the water. All that yelling proved too stressful for widdle Nicolette, so she gave up trying to clean up HER OWN BATHROOM and left her mom to do it all on her own, as a punishment for yelling at her obviously grieving daughter.

Well, Nina Gray might have raised a totally spoiled brat, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't have a little bit of steel in her spine. Not only did she take away Nicolette's allowance, she also tossed a BUNCH of Nicolette's stuff, not even just the stuff ruined in the flood, into trash bags.

Practically crying, Nicolette revealed that her mom's plan was to give it away to the gardener. "The gardener!" Nicolette wailed, absolutely traumatized by the idea of a lowly gardener possessing her luxury goods.

She then spent a few minutes tossing her own possessions around the lawn and screeching like a pterodactyl when she caught sight of an errant pair of Ray Bans that had fallen out of one of the bags. At one point, she ran back into the house, grabbed a pair of her mother's heels, and threw them across the room to show her mother what it was like to have HER stuff thrown around. Right. That'll teach her.

Though it feels great to see a little brat get what she deserves (a very mild and very fair punishment for letting a little problem get out of control), something tells us that Nicolette will soon be getting a shopping spree to replace all of the stuff that was taken away from her. Brats like this never learn their lesson because their mommies are always right there to give in, just like every other time. According to her latest Instagram post, Nina is already considering giving Nicolette her allowance back. Who'da thought.

As promised, the meltdown has been included below. Don't say we didn't warn you...

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