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"It Was Just Out Of The Blue"

>>> "My ex-girlfriend once told me that I was the reason my father was addicted to pain medication. I never spoke to her again after that, and my dad is now sober."--

>>> "'You are lucky that you're intelligent because you aren't beautiful.'"--

>>> "My ex-girlfriend started out lovely but turned into a mean girl. She made a girl cry who was just my friend by posting things about her online. I refused to back her up because it was very cruel, so she started saying I wasn't a man and was a coward and that she deserves a real man. It was quite hurtful because I was always so nice to her."--

>>> "'I guess I can stop sleeping with him for awhile until we figure this out. But only for awhile.' -- My wife, after starting an open marriage. It caused us lots of problems, and I was trying to figure things out. Spoiler: we divorced."--

>>> "I asked the guy I had dated for a while why I never met his friends. His answer: 'I don't want to be seen with damaged goods' I have mild cerebral palsy. I threw a peanut butter jar at him and told him to go screw himself. Then I left."--

>>> "'I could never live with you because I can't stand the person you are.' This was just out of the blue when we had been talking about hockey."--

>>> "Ex-boyfriend during an argument: 'You add no value to my life.'"--

>>> "My boyfriend broke up with me (over the phone) after nearly two years together After telling me love wasn't a good enough reason to marry me, he ended with 'well, we had good times together,' and then hung up."

It Really Hurt


It Really Hurt

>>> "We had a pregnancy scare about six months into our relationship, and he accused me of tampering with my birth control to 'trap him.' It got ugly, but we managed to work it out. I had my period three weeks late."--

>>> "We have a son together. When a bad argument escalated, and I mentioned possibly wanting to leave him, he told me he would do anything it took to get full custody, and that the only thing he would tell our son about me was that I was a corner worker. Spoiler alert, I work as a receptionist. Bringing kids into an argument is never cool."--

>>> "'I have to work every day, you have all sorts of time to do stuff at home.' I have epilepsy and can't work, but in her defense, I do get lazy sometimes."--

>>> "My ex once told me my kids would be better off if they didn't have a relationship with me because I'm a bad influence on them. She said she didn't want them turning out like me when they grow up, in any way.

I calmly replied that those kids love me with all their hearts, and if she didn't get that, then she's not the most attentive mother either. I also told her that if she tried to keep them from seeing me, they'd eventually come to hate her, because really I haven't done anything wrong except not live up to her standards."--

>>> "'You're never going to get any better than me because no one would want to deal with your bull. I'm not the crappy human being in this relationship.'

He said this to me after he stole a couple grand out of my savings so he could go party. I freaked out because I was broke, while mommy was funding his lifestyle. Joke's on him, he's a total screw up, and my current fiancé is a doll."--

>>> "One of the worst was definitely when we were in his car and having an argument over a long present issue that he always liked to ignore or dismiss. We just stopped talking and he ignored me completely, but it was clear he was bothered/annoyed. I was visibly upset or crying for most of the car ride until I realized if I didn't speak up again, he wouldn't bring it up - I just gave up on it.

Later I asked him why he didn't bother to work with me on the issue or at least acknowledge that I felt hurt. He just said, 'Well, when I see you cry it just doesn't really faze me.' That really hurt, because if he even becomes slightly upset, it really affects me."

They Were Devastated
They Were Devastated

>>> "'I don't have to listen to your problems. I'm your boyfriend, not your therapist.' He is now my ex. In this instance, he had been annoyed with me being self-conscious of my appearance after a car accident. I had a bruised up face and thought I was disgusting. I talked about this for all of 15 minutes, and he didn't want to hear it."--

>>> "'I can't be with you anymore. Kissing you is like kissing my sister.' That crushed 16-year-old me. It took me years to build up my confidence again."--

>>> "My first boyfriend cheated on me, and I stupidly decided to stay and try to work things out. After he confessed to cheating, every time we'd get in an argument he'd say, 'If you don't do x I'll go over to her house right now,' or 'This is why I screwed around with someone else, because you act like this.' He was a real winner."--

>>> "I was pregnant. He said I should have a baby with someone who actually wants to be with me."--

>>> "I can't remember the exact words she used, but it was something to the effect of: 'You should just be straight because men have lower standards and no woman will ever put up with you for long.' Years later, she's in a miserable relationship with the first guy who paid her any attention after we broke up. I'm single, though, so maybe she was right."--

>>> "'I don't think I love you anymore.' We are better now. This is more than two years ago. It was a rough patch. But we recovered. We forgave. That is what is important. Still hurts, though."--

>>> "I was a single mom for 15 years before I met my husband. I did the best I could but had to work a lot to pay for food and clothes for three growing boys. My youngest at the time was 10, and I don't remember what he had done, but I scolded him and said, that I knew he had been raised better. And my husband said, 'Well, if I had raised him, he wouldn't act this way.' He basically told me I had been a bad mother. That almost canceled the wedding."


"Nobody Loves You And Nobody Ever Will"

>>> "My ex-husband was inebriated on our second wedding anniversary and told me he wished he had married his ex-girlfriend instead of me because she had more to offer him in her little pinky than I did with my entire body."--

>>> "'You know how your dad told you nobody loves you and nobody ever will? He was right.' It was just before she packed her bag and left. Which was worse? It was also a couple of days before my birthday. Took a few years to recover from that one."--

>>> "I'm in a relationship with a girl who has a 6-month-old son, and a few weeks ago we got into a big fight. I have been with her since she was seven-months pregnant, and she told me I'm not his dad and I never will be. I said, 'well, where was the father when he was born? Or Christmas, Easter and everything else?' I walked out that night and actually got a heartfelt apology later. I still don't know if I want to continue or not with her. I'm sort of have been going through the motions lately."--

>>> "My ex told me that 'she fell out of love with me.' I was so shattered, I didn't understand what went wrong."--

>>> "'This is why you don't have any friends.' It sucked and still sucks because, at the time, I thought I had quite a few friends and more than I have now. The plot twist is, quite a few of them were helping my now-ex do prescription painkillers behind my back."--

>>> "My ex told me after being together for two years that she'd never consider marrying me out of fear that I am going to eventually cheat on her. That hurt pretty bad, as that's not the type of person I am and would never hurt her like that. I was pretty shocked.

Result: she cheated on me a few weeks afterwards. Well, she was right about never marrying me."--

>>> "'I want to choke you until you freaking die!' And then he proceeded to walk up to me and briefly and roughly put his hands around my throat."

How Could Someone Say This?

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How Could Someone Say This?

>>> "He called me a 'cousin screwer' after I told him I was abused as a kid by an older cousin."--

>>> "The most hurtful thing my now ex said to me was not during an argument. He delivered it cold. I was naked and dancing around because I was all happy for some reason. I was hoping to have fun and fool around. He looked up at me and said, 'You're disgusting.'

He was neglectful. He regularly rejected me. I was like a desperate puppy wanting his affection. After a while, I got wise and realized he was never going to give it. So I walked out. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. I dance for my new husband now, and he loves it! And I love it when he dances for me, too."--

>>> "'I'm not in love with you; I'm in love with the idea of you.'"--

>>> "That my chest 'wasn't exactly perky.' That was cold. Especially considering his baldness, weak chin, and gut."--

>>> "We were planning on hanging out that night, and at the last minute my dad told me I had to babysit my brother because he needed to go somewhere. I told my then-girlfriend this, and she flipped, calling me a 'Whipped little priss' and that she felt sorry for me because I had to look after my brother so often."--

>>> "'All my friends think you're terrible.' He later admitted that was a total lie, but it still affects my self-esteem today. I just assume everyone hates me."--

>>> "'Come on, don't tell me you haven't cheated on me at least once.' It sounded like he was aiming for justification."--

>>> "My ex said my disability was a burden to her. Maybe she should have thought of that before she made a commitment to me."

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"That Made Me Realize These Weren't Problems We Could Work Through"

>>> "I suffer from intense social anxiety. Over the years my social pool has gotten smaller and smaller, and fairly recently I've been trying to make new friends with her work friends to try and have a little more normalcy.

I obsess over the small details. How I look, what I say, the looks they give me, everything. Anyway, one time my girlfriend and I were arguing about something minor, and she just whips around and goes, 'Why can't you just find your own friends?'

It wasn't really what she said, it was the way she said it. Full of anger and venom and straight for a place she knows I'm sensitive about. She regretted it immediately though, and I just stayed quiet for the rest of the day."--

>>> "I found out that he'd cheated on me a few times and we argued a lot. It caused me to switch from being laid back to wanting to be more informed about our relationship. Then one day he said, 'my life was a whole lot better when you didn't question me.'

It hurt because it was the statement that made me realize that these weren't relationship problems we could work through. He, intentionally, wasn't going to change."--

>>> "'I just really wish you didn't love me so much.'"--

>>> "That I was a lazy hopeless piece of trash, and that I should do 100 push-ups."--

>>> "When I found out my significant other of four years was cheating on me, I left her with a 'screw you,' and she left me with a 'he did.'"

"Deal With It"

>>> "In an argument, one of my ex-boyfriends told me 'What do you even do with your life?' I was really physically ill and had just lost a family member at the time, so I was taking time off work but trying to study and keep up with his party life. The only reason we were fighting is he wanted me to sleep on the couch, not the bed. It was such a low blow and so uncalled for.

I've never forgotten that moment. Crushed me to my core. I already felt so weak and he explicitly mocked me for not working as much as he did or being as capable. The next morning, I asked if he meant it, and he just gave me a poker face and said 'Yeah. I did. You don't do anything with your life.'"--

>>> "That I deserved the abuse I suffered through as a child/young teen. I was abused every way possible so it really hurt when he said it."--

>>> "You never should have fooled around with me on our second date. That made me realize you are cheap."--

>>> "My best friend had died recently, and my ex-boyfriend and I were starting to text again after breaking up a few months earlier. He had come to me when one of his friends overdosed and survived, so I thought it was okay to try and talk to him about what I was going through. He didn't seem all that interested or sincere, and told me, 'It's a part of growing up. Deal with it.'"


"I Genuinely Meant It"

>>> "I said this to my now ex-girlfriend: 'My mother was right about you.' Absolutely destroyed her."--

>>> "This was shortly after she had given birth to our second child. With no emotion and a stone cold delivery, she said: 'I don't love you, and I don't think I ever did.'

We had been married for 10 years at this point. It felt like a baseball bat to the gut. It messed me up for a long time. I held on for another eight years. But I have two incredible, amazing adult children who I love fiercely, so I've got that going for me."--

>>> "I was the one who said it. I was going through a breakup with an ex who was horrendous, and I told him I had never hated anyone more in my life. He always used to smirk in arguments and this was the one time he looked shocked. I genuinely meant it, hence the most hurtful thing."--

>>> "'All I know is you went to another state pregnant and came back not pregnant. Obviously, you did something wrong.' He said this shortly after I left him for abusing me and then miscarried our child. Not even in the heat of an argument."--

>>> "'You're annoying and I can't stand you.' That was the last thing he said to me then he moved across the country and cut off all contact with me with no explanation. That hurt for a while."--

>>> "We're exes now, for the better, but the last argument we ever had he said, 'I've never once told you I love you.' We dated off and on for three years, and he did tell me he loved me, but always after he had been drinking and if I ever mentioned it the next day he'd just say, 'I don't remember that, but that's cool,' or something similar.

He never really did tell me he loved me sober, but in that moment it was heartbreaking to hear. Here is this guy, the first guy I've ever been with, telling me he's never loved me, or at least not enough to say it out loud. Of course, now I realize we never really did love each other, and I'm thankful for that because he was mean and manipulative."--

They Were So Cold
They Were So Cold

>>> "An ex told me on Christmas Eve 'You're pathetic and you know it' because it was our first Christmas apart and I wanted to have a Skype call with him to catch up."--

>>> "My boyfriend insinuated that I was becoming like my birth father. He is a woman-hating, racist, bigot to the core, who also describes himself as a 'truther' and 'doomsday prepper,' who still lives with his ex-wife pretty much just to berate her and make himself feel better by putting her down. He thinks he has an IQ of 190 and has lied many times about pretty much everything."--

>>> "After my first long-term relationship of three years, we were a bit on the rocks and I was studying abroad. I saved money to make a call from Dublin to call him in the U.S. He basically said, with no emotion, 'you should read this book by ___(some terribly misogynistic author). It explains my apathy toward women.' He hangs up, we never speak again. I guess I had to read a book about our breakup?"--

>>> "'You will never see her again.' -- my ex, talking about my daughter. She was right, and I'm genuinely living a nightmare."--

>>> "My ex once coldly told me she didn't like that I was clinically depressed and wished that, amongst a number of other personality traits, I was different."--

>>> "I had a reputation for being a 'heartbreaker' and someone who jumped around and lost interest in people quickly. Some said that I was a cold person. People who barely knew me were telling my significant other, 'don't get attached because it won't last and you'll be just another notch on the bedpost.' In the heat of the moment he told me, 'I'm starting to believe the things people said about you.'"

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