Some Tragedies Come When You Least Expect It

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Some Tragedies Come When You Least Expect It

>>> "My boyfriend used to have a crappy, run-down Mustang and would joke with his friends that he 'liked his women like he liked his cars: can't run.' After dating for a year and a half, we got in a car crash that left me paralyzed from the waist down."--

>>> "I spent my entire life preparing to be a mother, helping raise my little sister and wanting nothing more in this life to be a stay-at-home mom.

Two years into my marriage, we find out I'm unable to have kids. Infertility sucks."--

>>>"Joined the army to help people. Ended up having to turn my squad in for the assault and murder of an Iraqi family."

>>> "I started dating a girl. Her single mom met my single dad. They mingled, hard. The girl ended up sleeping with my best friend. Messy breakup follows. Now my ex-girlfriend is my step sister. Life is sick."--

>>> "The girl who I took to homecoming and the girl who I went to prom with started dating a couple of months after prom."--

>>> "I became widowed at the age of 27, after only three years of marriage."--

>>> "I was pursuing this woman that I worked with, and she was playing along and flirting back with me. She would often just gaze at me and hold eye contact with me in a very seductive way. I was totally hooked on her until this one day. She confessed to me that she was married, to a woman."--

>>> "Last July, I went in for stomach surgery. I was overconfident and had not a worry in the world about it. The doctor nicked a vein inside me and closed me up with a slow internal bleed. They brought me out of slumber, and I found myself with growing difficulty breathing. While still being sure that I couldn't possibly die, I felt myself die. I woke up the next day in the ICU, still with no real idea what happened. I had died twice and been brought back with CPR. I still have a hard time believing that I consciously experienced death."

When The Hits Just Keep Coming


When The Hits Just Keep Coming

>>> "The past year has been one consistent plot twist. I entered my first year of college, wanting to connect with my grandmother more after my grandfather passed away when BAM: she passed away from kidney failure. Tried to deal with it and get my mind off of things by walking my dog more when BAM: my dog passed away from leg carcinoma. I tried to keep focused on my work and future and do well on my midterms in March when BAM: my dad passed away from surgery complications. I told myself to keep strong and go on with my second year of college. My dad's lifelong best friend promised to teach me how to grill the way my father used to when BAM: he died of a heart attack."

This Complicated Teen Romance Is Like Something Out Of A


This Complicated Teen Romance Is Like Something Out Of A "Soap Opera"

>>> "I have one that is straight out of a soap opera. I was good friends with a guy in high school named John, who was dating a lovely guy named Janni. John was madly in love with him. He carried Janni's picture around in his wallet, and every time they were together, they were super sweet. Really adorable couple. Then, one day, Janni starts acting strange and distant and doesn't answer John's phone calls. Doesn't spend time with us, the whole works. He flat out broke up with John and broke the poor guy's heart. I brought a spare t-shirt to school for a few days because my shoulder would be soaked from him crying on it. And then it got even worse.

John called me one afternoon after school and begged me to come over because he needed a friend. When I got there, he told me that Janni had been killed in a car accident, and he was absolutely devastated all over again. I went with him to the funeral a few days later for moral support, and he was just broken. He spent a couple of weeks just moping and being depressed. And here comes the plot twist.

He gets a call from Janni. He had a twin brother that we never knew about who was apparently a big troublemaker and had been sent off to boarding school. When he'd been home to visit last, they'd swapped places for some reason that I never found out. Either simply for a laugh or for some other reason I never knew, but they did. His twin was the one that had been avoiding John and 'broke up' with him, and he had been drinking and doing hardcore stuff before he got into the accident that killed him. Janni had been off at boarding school, so he wasn't able to make it back to the funeral. When he did get home, he had to work up his nerve for a few days to tell his parents what they had done, which led to them realizing that the child they thought was dead is actually alive and vice versa. That led to some fun family complications, not the least of which being obituary retractions, headstone replacement and lots of screaming apparently.

Meanwhile, John and Janni had a whirlwind romance afterwards in a giddy fit of reunited bliss, but it fizzled out after a month or so because John was furious after the reality sank in at what Janni had done without telling him and letting him be so miserable all that time, not to mention letting him think that he'd died.

I was the third party observer in all this, but to this day it's probably the most unbelievable thing that's ever happened in my life."

He Thought The Listener Was A Nice Enough Guy, Until He Learned A Little More About Hime

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He Thought The Listener Was A Nice Enough Guy, Until He Learned A Little More About Hime

>>> "One day, I mentioned something about a high bowling score and a listener called in a challenged me because he had just bowled a perfect game the week before.

We worked out the details and, since we had the same first name, I said loser has to legally change their name for one year to whatever the winner wanted. We had an attorney ready to donate the time for the paperwork. The guy refused to agree to those terms. He was up for anything, but wouldn't do the legal name change. So we decided to do loser gets a tattoo of the winner's choosing. My idea was better, but I digress.

So the challenge was set; one game the next day for the tattoo. Our studio was next to a bowling alley, so we were able to set it up so that we started in the studio in the first hour of the show. Bowled in the second hour, and got the tattoo in the third hour. I designed my tattoo and got it to an artist, she made a stencil so she could tattoo fast and make better radio.

I threw the first nine strikes in a row, he missed a spare in the first. I didn't even finish the game. I would have had somewhere between a 269 and a perfect game. He couldn't score higher than 200.

So we went and got the tattoo on this guy 10 minutes after I embarrassed him on live radio. The tattoo is me riding Falcor, I green screened myself in the Atreyu pose and photoshopped myself into the actual movie poster. The artist had a perfect stencil made. The tattoo was finished, and the detail was unbelievable. We all had a great laugh and I only see this guy one other time in my life.

The last I heard, he was in jail for assaulting a 13-year-old girl, his second such conviction. He couldn't legally change his name because he was a registered offender. So there is a child abuser in prison somewhere with a tattoo of me riding Falcor on his bicep.

I'm the only person in the world with that story."

Even Her Parents Were In On It, Which Hurt The Most

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Even Her Parents Were In On It, Which Hurt The Most

>>> "In my late 20s, I met a woman on the internet and dated her long-distance for five years, flying up to visit her or her to visit me every couple weeks. We always stayed in hotels when I visited because she had cats and I have intense allergies. Plus, it was fun. I spent most holidays (Christmas and Thanksgiving) with her and her parents. Her dad took me out boating, lots of 'future son' time. I took her home to meet my family. I tried to move up to be closer to her a couple times, but both times fell through due to problems with my job, but I was working on it. I thought I was going to marry her.

On one trip, we decided to stay at her parents' house while they were in Florida. We walked in, and there was a note on the table from her parents that said, 'We're in Florida, in case of emergency contact our daughter Wendy or her fiancé Rob.'

I'm Pete. She was cheating on her boyfriend/fiancé with me for five years, and her parents were in on it."

She Never Got The Chance To Repair That Relationship


She Never Got The Chance To Repair That Relationship

>>> "My mom and I haven't really had any relationship for the past five years for a lot of reasons; a huge part of that being my having left the religion that I was raised in and her being bipolar, which made her nearly impossible to deal with. We have only spoken once in the last five years, and it was awful. It was about a year and a half ago. I drove down to California to visit her and tried to patch things up. It ended up in a huge blowout fight and generally went as poorly as it possibly could. We never spoke again.

One morning in May of this year, my dad showed up at my door randomly (he and my mom had been divorced for many years) and said we needed to talk. The apartment building my mom was living in had been set on fire, and she didn't make it out. I still can't believe how hard it hit me. It changed me; maybe forever.

The worst part was about three weeks ago when I was trying to remember the password to an old PayPal account. I had to have it reset and it was sent to an old email address that I haven't used in years. When I logged in, I found an email from her, sent just shortly before she died, apologizing and trying to reconnect and make amends. We had been out of contact for so long. It was the last email address she had for me, but since I hadn't been using it for years, I didn't get her message until months after her death."

He Switched Careers At The Wrong Time


He Switched Careers At The Wrong Time

>>> "As an entrepreneur, I started getting a little fed up with irregular income and no insurance. At 32 years old, I decided to 'grow up' and get a 'real job.'

I landed a job in the mortgage industry, but in Las Vegas. Moved my entire family 2,100 miles. Completely kicked butt my first month, sold 30 mortgages. Commission was $800/mortgage. I was going to make almost as much in a month as I had been making in a year.

Three weeks later, as it was time to start closing the mortgages and collect the commissions, they started falling through. Every single one.

I had managed to make this move two months before the entire mortgage industry crashed.

I went to lunch and never went back. Four weeks later, the company went belly up."

She Was Just Getting Better When Her Mom Dropped Another Bomb

She Was Just Getting Better When Her Mom Dropped Another Bomb

>>> "I was a rebellious teenager. My mom had gotten fed up and committed me to a psych hospital, telling them I was threatening to kill her and myself.

It was actually really great and helped me find zen.

The day before I was supposed to be released, my mom came to tell me my dad died during the night. Turned my life upside down and I was two steps behind where I started. Took me years to recover."

He Went Off By Himself, Where No One Could Stop Him


He Went Off By Himself, Where No One Could Stop Him

>>> "I have an ex who was my best friend. We could practically read each other's thoughts. We had planned on getting married. I'll never forget that weekend when he stared at the GPS devices in Costco but decided not to purchase one. He was notorious for his lack of direction. He was so exhausted that weekend, and it seemed like something was on his mind.

The next day, I felt the strong urge to call him, even though he should have been at work. There was no answer.

Turns out, he was secretly on his way to find himself a new life on the other side of the country. I knew he had been depressed and said things that seemed crazy like he could live in a cardboard box, he didn't deserve anything from his parents, and the internet wasn't a necessity(he was a computer science major). It was 2008, though, and the economy had crashed.

He had printed Google Maps with him but ended up driving a route that he was familiar with, having driven to his extended family's house in another state before. He stopped at the Walmart near their house to buy some camping supplies and rope.

He had on two pairs of clothes. One nice set of business clothes and an oversized sweatshirt that I got him and his favorite pair of jeans on top. He had a briefcase with his resume inside and the business card of a person in HR in the state of his intended destination at the company he worked for. The funny thing is, I emailed him possible job openings for that location at his company that morning.

He never made it. He stopped at a gas station, used their facilities, then went to a nearby park and set up camp. A hiker found him the next day, hanging from a tree. It was too late. There was no note.

The morning he left, one of his supervisors sent him an email acknowledging that despite being in an entry-level position, he was doing the work of five senior engineers and that most projects at the company weren't as stressful or mismanaged as the one he was currently on. My ex never saw this letter. I try to keep this in mind that maybe I don't know all the factors of a situation, maybe I'm one emotional action away from missing my own letter."

She Was Always Texting One Guy In Particular

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She Was Always Texting One Guy In Particular

>>> "I met a girl through a dating site and dated her for a year. She lived six minutes up the street from me, so we saw each other quite often. Both of us were quite introverted, so we mainly only hung out with each other. We both considered the relationship to be serious and exclusive.

Anyway, right from the start of the relationship, I noticed that she would text this one guy pretty frequently. I asked her about him, and she told me that he was her tattoo artist. Just to be snoopy, I checked out the website of the place she gets her tattoos done. Sure enough, there was a tattoo artist there with the same first name as the guy in her phone, but the last name was different. I asked her about it, and she quickly called me out on being paranoid, and how it was ridiculous to think that she would lie to me. I agreed, it was pretty paranoid of me.

Maybe five months later, I was on Facebook, and I decided to search the name of the guy in her phone. A profile came up in the same small city we both live in, but there is no profile picture or anything. I decided to bring it up with her again because now there are two Facebook profiles: one who is actually a tattoo artist, and one who has the same name that is in her phone. She freaked out on me for bringing it up again and told me that I was crazy. I agreed but just wanted a straight answer. She told me that I had nothing to be worried about. I apologized, and we got over it.

About a year into the relationship, I found her profile on a dating site. I would periodically go on there to see if she recreated her profile (we both deleted our profiles). I found a profile that I thought might be hers, but obviously, it had no pictures. I catfished it, and it turned out to be her. She was back on the site and looking for guys. I had all the evidence I needed, and I was going to confront her with it the next day and break up with her. However, I thought that if I was going to break up with her, I was going to message this Facebook profile I had found that matched the name in her phone, just out of curiosity.

I messaged the guy. He got back to me immediately. We conversed, and it turned out that he was her boyfriend. I had been her second boyfriend the entire time. She met him two months before she met me. She bounced back between us for an entire year, neither of us knew about each other. He saw my name in her phone once and she said that I was her tattoo artist. Every time I ever called her out, I was right. Every time she was gone mysteriously at night, she was with him. Every time she said she was hanging out with a friend of hers, she was with him. She doesn't actually have any friends. It was always him. Anyway, we both broke up with her the next morning and met the next day to have a drink. Haven't spoken to him since."

She Went From A Honor Student To Suspended In Minutes, But That Wasn't What Hurt Her Most


She Went From A Honor Student To Suspended In Minutes, But That Wasn't What Hurt Her Most

>>> "I was 15 years old in high school chemistry, talking with my teacher. I suggested we do a thermite experiment. My teacher said he would if we had the materials, and I, thinking we were having a good conversation, kept at it with my knowledge of chemistry.

After we were done talking, some students asked me where I'd learned the stuff I'd just been talking about. I answered truthfully, I'd learned it from the 'Anarchist's Cookbook.'

I was only in it for some fun- I wanted to make some simple explosives to blow up in my backyard.

My best friend (only friend) was concerned I'd blow my arm off in the process and asked the teacher to talk to me about it after class. He did and convinced me not to try any of it. I agreed because he brought up some valid points (hurting myself on accident, dangerous chemical wastes). I thought that was the end of it.

A few class periods later, I was getting suspended from school for a potential bomb threat, being told they nearly called the police on me. I went from an honor roll student to suspended in 10 minutes.

That wasn't the plot twist, though. As my mom was picking me up from school and telling me how wrong I was, I got a text from my best friend. We couldn't be friends anymore.

Her mom thought I was dangerous, and she was emotionally dependent on her mom, so she listened to her.

It hit me from nowhere. I'd been friends with his girl all year- I'd been there while she was struggling with her orientation, emotional abuse from her father (or her mother alienating him from her, possibly). I'd been with her through the anxiety and the depression. I'd sat out on my back porch and talked to her for a half hour, calming her down after she'd cut her arms open, convincing her that it was all okay. We'd sworn we'd be friends forever, and she just left me like that- because of one mistake.

I went home that night, listened to my parents punish me (no internet for two months), went into the woods with a pocket knife and thought about killing myself.

I'd given so much to her. I'd been with her through all that stuff and she'd just left me. I can thank my friend across town for texting me and keeping me hanging on in my darkest hour.

But yeah, that was the biggest plot twist of my life. I had to go back to being a loner after that since I lost my only friend in my school district. I still see this girl around school. I nod and say hi, but she never talks to me. She's so dependent on her mom, but then I realized I was making excuses for her since, despite her emotional dependency, she has a brain of her own.

Not much I can do about it, though.

I still keep her number in my phone. I'm afraid she'll fall back into depression, and that she might call me on accident. If she does, I'd talk to her and try to talk her down if things escalated that far. I really don't know how she's doing now, as she cut me out of her life. If she came back tomorrow and asked to be friends, I'd say yes, but I'd never trust her again."

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