She Should Not Be Wearing That To A Wedding!

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She Should Not Be Wearing That To A Wedding!

"My step-aunt lives through her daughter. She lets that girl do anything she wants. She's 15 or 16 years old.

Well, my husband and I walked in, did our dance, got our food, and sat down. My aunt comes over to our table and starts talking to us about how her daughter had a photo shoot and is basically a model, and how her daughter just broke up with her boyfriend that was sleeping in her bed because he was controlling. I took it with a grain of salt. No big deal. All the while the daughter and her friend were dancing provocatively in white tiny dresses. I had people walking up to me telling me that those girls needed to cover up. Again no big deal, teens will be teens.

Here's the kicker: The daughter took a liking in one of my coworkers who was 21, so her mom is trying to hook them up. She told my friend that the daughter was 18 and spent the remainder of the night asking me to get his number and play messenger for her daughter. A few weeks down the line, I find out the aunt and her daughter were talking bad about my brother, and I went off on them. Their response to me was that I'm nothing to them and I should have been grateful that they even came to my wedding and pretended that they liked me."

She's Ashamed Of What She Did


She's Ashamed Of What She Did

"I was that witch.

My father married my stepmother exactly a week after my first girlfriend (I had just come out) dumped me.

First, I was in charge of driving my sister, my two brothers, and myself from the church to the reception before everyone else to set everything up. I ended up getting lost, and we arrived after all of the guests, leaving them locked out and confused on the lawn for 15 minutes.

Then, I proceeded to get absolutely blacked out and vomit on my father, his bride, my two brothers, and everything in my bedroom. Several times.

My entire family had to babysit me, on our parent's wedding night, and I am ashamed to this day."

The Uninvited Wedding Guest Who Made Her Cry
The Uninvited Wedding Guest Who Made Her Cry

"This happened at my oldest sister's wedding.

When word got out that she was getting married, this lady tells her, 'Well it's too bad you didn't get married sooner. Now your daddy can't walk you down the aisle' (our father had a severe stroke a year earlier). My sister comes home in tears and tells us what happened, at which point we basically had to disarm our mother because she had every intention of beating this woman within an inch of her life.

Well, we don't hear anything else until the day of the wedding. This woman shows up uninvited. Although to be fair, we lived in such a small community. So events like weddings were treated like community affairs. So she sits at the back and makes remarks to people like, 'Ain't it nice they found a dress that fits.' So the wedding begins and my father did walk my sister down the aisle. He had a noticeable limp, but he had been working really hard in physiotherapy just so he could do this for her. The rest of the wedding went well till the reception. Where this lady very loudly says how embarrassed my sister must have been to have a hobbling invalid walk her down the aisle. Well, you could almost hear tempers around the room snap. So our mother, my sister's mother-in-law, and our other sister descended on this woman dragged her outside and proceeded to kick the crap out of her. The rest of the night went off without a hitch. I know violence was probably not the best course of action but there is something very satisfying about redneck justice."

Bridesmaid Jealousy And Theft?
Bridesmaid Jealousy And Theft?

"My sister's wedding, not mine.

One of the bridesmaids was an hour late, showed up and asked to borrow anyone's car for some unknown reason.

Same Bridesmaid is engaged to one guy, but a different guy shows up as her date to the wedding then she proceeds to publicly climb all over the guy.

Everyone is leaving the reception and I'm helping my sister gather her things when we realize the guestbook is nowhere to be found. We are pretty sure that same bridesmaid took it. She left before the clean up because 'screw everyone else.' We try to call her several times to no avail.

Finally, we get ahold of her, and she's at some hotel with random date guy. She did 'accidentally' take the guestbook. Pretty sure it was some idiotic plan to get my sister to go hang out with her instead of her now husband. Knowing this, my husband and I drive to the next town to get it from her.

She was mad from the beginning that I was the Maid of Honor (at my own sister's wedding) and not her. She repeatedly tried to take over the easier of the Maid of Honor roles, of course not the helping with prep part, because that's just too much work."

The Aunts Treated Her Great-Grandmother Horribly!
The Aunts Treated Her Great-Grandmother Horribly!

"I had two witches, my two great-aunts.

A week before my wedding, my great-grandmother got really sick and was in the hospital. She pretty much knew it was her time. She was 94 years old. We had several talks before that, and she was pretty clear that if she passed, she wanted me to continue with the wedding. She was the only person who knew I was pregnant and she liked the idea of a life leaving and a new life coming. I was heartbroken but had good closure because I was able to say goodbye to her.

My grandma, my mom, and I were the caretakers of my great-grandmother. The two great aunts of mine weren't really involved, and they lived on the other side of the country.

So great-grandma is super sick, and the end was coming, so the two great aunts came to town. And of course, instead of getting a hotel room or something, they just decide to live in great-grandma's house until she passes. Before my great-grandma has even passed away, my great-aunts are going through her house with sticky notes, putting their names on things. It was the rudest, greedy, self-centered, witchy thing I had ever experienced.

Well, my husband and I get married and the aunts come uninvited to the wedding. They eat a ton of food, and then just sit around talking loudly about how rude and selfish I am for having my wedding while my great-grandmother is dying. I had a very small wedding with close friends and family and a potluck type meal. It wasn't like I was out partying and getting wasted. I was just doing my thing. They didn't even need to come, considering we barely know each other.

Even though my husband and I had our wedding, we canceled our honeymoon because I didn't want to leave town with great-grandma being so sick. She passed the night of my wedding.

So the next day, these jerk aunts rent a Uhaul, load up everything in the house, and leave town.

They left the house filthy. My grandma, mom, and I just cried while we cleaned up the mess they left behind in an empty house. I refuse to speak to them or have anything to do with them.

I should also add that my great-grandma's religion required her to not have life support. The aunts hid her will with her DNR on it and refused to turn it over to the hospital for days. Leaving my grandmother on life support, against her will."

“He Was Like Uncle Joey From Full House”
“He Was Like Uncle Joey From Full House”

"The 'witch' was one of the groomsmen in my best friend's wedding. He got his comeuppance, though. My friend hated the guy, but he was the groom's cousin, so she was kind about it.

'Eddie' disrupted the ceremony numerous times. He started out making faces and noises. Not subtly, more like a child making overtly 'funny' faces. It was like he was trying to work the crowd. There was some kind of ritual involving holy water, and he made this dramatic 'funny' show of being splashed a bit. He was so over the top it, was like Uncle Joey from Full House in the middle of a very serious ceremony. He finally cracked a couple of jokes out loud toward the end. Nobody seemed amused at all, and a few of us looked ready to murder someone. It was obnoxious and really embarrassing to witness, though the ceremony was otherwise lovely.

After, we all headed to the beach to take photos before the reception. The bride was already stressed that day for a lot of reasons. The groom's entire family was absolutely awful. They all shared a big cabin, and they wouldn't even let my friend into one of the bathrooms to shower or get ready, so she was rushed and late. They wore jeans to the formal ceremony/reception because 'we don't dress up for anything.' They showed up two hours late to the reception and brought their own cases of drinks to the fully stocked bar. My friend had no family on her side because her family is extremely abusive. Her dear friend who was supposed to officiate passed away shortly before the wedding. Between all this and the groom's psycho family, she had a stressful day, but she kept a freaking great attitude despite it and was nothing but sweet.

Eddie was being a little brat and whining about everything including how bored he was. Eddie was still standing around complaining when a seagull flew over and took a massive dump directly on his head and the shoulder of his rented tux. Everyone is pointing and laughing, including the photographer. The photographer got a wonderful photo of the bride and I, in our big dresses, arms around each other, having fallen to our knees in the sand, pointing and laughing at him. Eddie flipped out and started whine-yelling, 'STOP LAUGHING AT ME, THIS ISN'T FREAKING FUNNY, STOP LAUGHING!' and stormed off.

Then he drove back to the cabin, ditched the other groomsman, and didn't show back up until a few hours into the reception still steaming. We call this a miraculous wedding gift to my best friend.

That seagull truly helped brighten her day and we'll all be eternally grateful to that bird."

Psycho Sister-In-Law Who Made A Scene

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Psycho Sister-In-Law Who Made A Scene

"My sister-in-law picked a fight with my husband where they were yelling at each other in a crowded restaurant.

I ended up walking back to the parking garage by myself and crying for about half an hour until my husband arrived. We had one person attend our wedding, who I had never met before, and she seemed more excited than all of our family members put together. Granted, we had a courthouse wedding because we had to travel to Maryland since gay marriage wasn't legal in our state at the time. My mother said she just didn't feel like it. My father-in-law didn't want to miss any work, and his mother didn't either.

My only brother that lived nearby was deployed at the time, so it was really important that my sister-in-law showed up. I called her about three hours beforehand to make sure that she was up and getting ready and would make it. She didn't. She got there 30 minutes after we had gotten married and then picked a fight and made a scene. I have never felt so defeated and embarrassed in my life.

She just got engaged and I really do want to be happy for her. But I also hate that her parents are announcing to everyone that she's getting married, and they're making a huge deal out of it, and my husband and I have been married for three years and we never got so much as a, 'Hey, let us take you to dinner to celebrate since we didn't actually come to your wedding.'"

Someone Got Engaged At Their Wedding
Someone Got Engaged At Their Wedding

"My wife's cousin got engaged at our wedding. She barely even made the cut to get on the guest-list at our super small wedding.

Her hairdresser boyfriend thought that right after toasts was the right moment to pop the question. They were sitting with my wife's parents - who had been super horrible and unsupportive even though we flew to the other side of the country to have the wedding in a place that was convenient to them. Naturally, this couple was sitting at my wife's family's table. Her family did nothing but fawn over this screw-up cousin all night and then talk about that and only that for the next several months. Wife's mom threw a bridal shower for the cousin (not my wife), showered them with gifts (nothing for us). And what's crazy is that my wife and I are totally on okay terms with her family.

Oh, and the cousin borrowed my photographer to take an impromptu engagement shoot, on my dime, out back (which resulted in my photographer missing the first dance).

They're booking their wedding at the same venue (which was a destination location for us), with the same food vendor (it's a stone hearth pizza truck on wheels), and even asked for a copy of our vows."

He Just Wanted His Mother-Son Dance To Go Smooth
He Just Wanted His Mother-Son Dance To Go Smooth

"My wife and I were about to dance for the first dance.

My wife's grandfather walks up and says he wants to dance and then make a speech. These events are timed with the DJ and food. My wife explains that we are doing the first dance, then the parent dances, and she said she would be more than happy to dance with him after that.

The mother-son dance was very important to me because my mother had late-stage liver cancer, and she was beyond excited to live to see her oldest son get married. She passed seven months later.

We do the first dance and right as I'm bringing my mom up, he makes a scene, leaves with his wife, and we don't see them the rest of the trip. Thank goodness the DJ was awesome because he changed up the song because the one I was going to dance with my mom to was just about to come on. I talked to my wife, then I got to have my dance. Doesn't sound too terrible, but it was the one part where things were timed out and had to go smoothly, and he upset my wife."

She Seemed Determined To Ruin The Day!
She Seemed Determined To Ruin The Day!

"Up until my wedding, I assumed the women on 'Bridezillas' were all overreacting to play up for the camera. After my own wedding, I sort of get it, there's always someone determined to be a brat.

One of my bridesmaids stayed with me the week leading up to the wedding, and every day that went by, there were just more and more episodes of her rude behavior. All of it just filled me with dread for what she would do the day of the wedding.

Most of her antics the week before were wasted shenanigans - annoying but not really causing issues. The night before the wedding, she annoyingly begs to move into our house, changes her plane tickets, and falls over onto a table.

The morning of the wedding, she lifts her shirt to everyone coming into the house to pick up supplies for the reception. People she's never met get to see her bruised chest and bra at 7 a.m. She's also refusing to get ready to leave because she didn't want to leave me alone with my maid of honor cause insecure.

My parents come, and anytime they would ask me a question, she would answer for herself. I don't think I actually spoke to my own mom until four hours into getting our hair and makeup done. She tried to start drama hours before the ceremony with my sister after getting taken aside and told to stop acting like a brat. No one wanted to talk because you would instantly get talked over by her complaints of being hungover. We rode to the ceremony in complete silence.

She got wasted as fast as she could at the reception. She even jumped in front of the photographer all night and made obscene gestures in front of lovely family photos. In one of them, my mom was holding my one-year-old nephew, and she jumped into the frame and tweaked my mother's chest.

She got upset that she would always be alone, tried to drop her drink on my dress while we were dancing, then left to go try to hook up with my coworker.

I broke off the friendship when she later tried to start a fight between my husband and me. Screw that!"

Not The Wedding Photographer She Pictured
Not The Wedding Photographer She Pictured

"My wedding photographer did the following:

Stomped her feet and whined when I told her I didn't want to take any more pre-wedding photos as my feet were killing me and it was sweltering hot and I wanted to rest a few minutes before the ceremony.

Asked my maid of honor when she was due. She wasn't pregnant. Did not take any photos of my husband while I was walking down the aisle. Even though she had two photographers.

Complained loudly in the middle of the reception that she wanted to eat now and to find out where her meal was.

Asked my grandmother and grandmother-in-law to get together for a photo. She then turned to my boss and said: 'Gotta get pictures of the grandmas! Who knows when they will kick the bucket right?'

After the wedding, I gave her the check for the remainder she was due. I e-mailed her a few weeks after the wedding asking when we could expect our photos and she said: 'Uh, as soon as you pay me what you owe me.' I had to remind her I paid her at the end of the reception and she says, 'Oh, ok. You'll have your photos soon.' I then receive two e-mails of forms from her in the next few weeks, stating that my balance is due and I have to tell her AGAIN that I already paid her.

I should have realized that she was a trainwreck before I hired her. She met us at a coffee shop and spent the entire time talking about how her boyfriend had just dumped her and how lonely she was. I left her a scathing Yelp review, and so did a few dozen other people. Even if they take good photos, sometimes it's not worth it to deal with the crazy."

Her Father-In-Law Was On The Verge Of Death!


Her Father-In-Law Was On The Verge Of Death!

"That 'witch' ignored my new father-in-law's pleas to go to the hotel room to rest, as he had Stage IV lung cancer.

He was pretty much a walking pile of bones, at the time, and the 'witch' just didn't feel like leaving. I saw him sitting in a dark corner in a chair, crying, as she continued to cavort with her sisters and family friends. This was my now mother-in-law.

This is also the woman who refused to quit smoking when her husband was diagnosed with lung cancer, because she didn't want to yet, which made it impossible for HIM to stop smoking through his cancer, exacerbating his symptoms.

While this makes me angry, I don't hate the woman. I know it was difficult for her, too, and he had never made life easy on her. He wasn't a bad person, either, but people are just people. They're complicated. They have their faults and frailties.

I'm still a little mad about that night, but she did a lot to take care of him in his final days, more than we can reasonably expect or ever want to need from someone. Ultimately we were thankful that he made it long enough to see his first child, his only daughter married to someone he didn't hate (me), and he had enough strength at the time to give her away and dance with her.

He died about a month later. It was a relief to see him finally go, as sad as that is to say. He degraded quickly after the wedding. It's amazing how willpower will carry people as far as they need sometimes."

Helicopter Mom And Her Narcissistic Personality
Helicopter Mom And Her Narcissistic Personality

"This happened at my uncle's wedding when I was 12 years old.

My uncle's fiancée and their family are amazing to be honest, except for her younger brother, who married a helicopter mom, who happened to be a total narcissist.

The wedding was in a big cathedral in Houston. Before the wedding, at like 4 p.m., we all took a picture outside on the stairs with just family members. My aunt had already set up a plan for the picture including height and other things to balance the picture and keeping the respected families together. The crazy lady's family was put on the end and she lost her cool.

I'm quoting her: 'Did you put us at the end because you don't love us?' She cries. There are tons of kids getting impatient. Two babies poop their diapers during this freakout and a baby barfs. Then 45 minutes go by before the picture is even taken. I ask my mom if there is something wrong with her and my mom politely ignores me as she stares me down.

Now we have the actual wedding. My uncle was very wealthy at his age (28), so they had a very famous planner prepare the wedding. There were about 55 family members and another 130 people or so in attendance. As they stood in line welcoming guests, people were shown to assigned seats to keep things smooth. The nutter interrupts the lines 20 times to ask if she could help; every time my aunt and uncle politely decline and explain its all been taking care of. She comes back one more time and is infuriated that her family is not in the first two rows. My uncle finally tells her to sit down and respect the organization. Aunt laughs and says it'll probably get worse.

So now we prep for the whole marriage thing. The helicopter mom comes to the back where my aunt was waiting to walk and says: 'Why is this little beaner carrying the ring instead of my son?!' My family is mostly Native American heritage, so I am really dark. I look at my aunt in utter confusion and my aunt tells her to sit down. Then she continues to whine and complain about 15 minutes until a groomsman came back to check on us because everyone thought my aunt got cold feet.

Finally, we get to the reception. It was in this really expensive greenhouse restaurant. The crazy woman then gets so wasted. I think her inner demons came out. During the end of the married couple's first dance, she just brings some random dude on to the dance floor. Then she trips, falls to the floor, rips her dress, cries, and runs out. The song ends, and my uncle lets out with a big sigh: 'Oh, thank goodness! She is gone.' Everyone laughed, unfortunately, he spoke too soon. She came back to her husband then barfed on the table and blacked out.

I've only seen this brat four times in the past 10 years. She has had a lot of plastic surgery since then and is still a brat that has to be seen. I would dare to say it has gotten worse."

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