An Obnoxious Group Cause Lots Of Damage
An Obnoxious Group Cause Lots Of Damage

"I rented my house out for a HUGE annual event. My house isn't big, but I have three bedrooms and two living rooms. So I ended up renting to 10 Chinese people who flew in for the event. While my house is rented, I sleep in the basement, which has its own entrance. These people were loud and obnoxious. They left the house a mess, broke two chairs, stained my tablecloth, tried feeding mushrooms to my rabbits, and other things I no longer remember. I ended up getting almost $300 from damages, and left a bad review for them."

People Just Leave A Bird To Die
People Just Leave A Bird To Die

"My in-laws used to Airbnb their house while they were traveling. Once, the people staying there left the deck doors and windows open all night (despite the instructions being very clear that this should not be done) a bird got into the house and in its stupid attempt to escape, it bloodied itself all over the main floor and died in the living room.

The people staying there decided not to mention anything and just left it like that.

Two days later they get back and see the mess. What the heck people!?

I mean, I get that it was kind of a crazy situation, but staying quiet and leaving was not the best way to handle it."

A Couple That Fights The Whole Time
A Couple That Fights The Whole Time

"I am a host and had a girl stay with me for about a week. Our house is a duplex, Airbnb downstairs and we live upstairs. We have pricing that varies depending on the number of guests that are staying, and she paid for just herself. Well, she also snuck in her boyfriend and her 'housekeeper' with her. No big deal, we let it go. Until 'Housekeeper' friend managed to park her car on the street, sidewalk, and our front lawn all at once. When we asked her politely if you could move the car as to not obstruct the sidewalk as there are lots of pedestrians around (we live in a moderately-sized city), she snapped at me and said she was just cleaning out her car and would move it in five minutes. By cleaning her car she meant throwing away MASSIVE amounts of garbage in OUR trash bins. Massive like filled the back seat of her car up to the ceiling.

We heard a lot of fighting through the ceiling/floor. Apparently, the main guest was staying with us because she had just closed on a home and needed somewhere to stay before moving in. She and her boyfriend were having screaming matches about the mortgage payments on the house they hadn't even moved into yet.

There were also a lot of crashing and banging sounds coming from downstairs. Well, when her visit was over we went downstairs...there were burns EVERYWHERE, piles of ashes, a trail of blood from the bathroom, through the kitchen, down the hall, across the living room floor and onto the bed sheets. A cat litter box (didn't know she had a cat) in the middle of the living room FILLED to the brim with cat poop. And puddles of liquid everywhere. Our house smelled like dead animals and rotting food for two months afterward, even after we had a cleaning company come through.

I had not ever had another experience like this in the year since as most of our guests are really lovely people. But wow, $35 cleaning fee didn't cut it."

A Complete Horror Show In Every Way
A Complete Horror Show In Every Way

"We had a guy name K come over. Looked a little older than our usual guests but what the heck, I don't judge people by age alone. Come time for him to stay over I get a call that he's outside, I walk out to a taxi, door open, guy slowly walking out of the cab. He puts his feet on the floor and then the cab driver pulls out a walker from the trunk. K waves at me and scoots over slowly to the front door as I grab his heavy bags and boxes of luggage (his stay was for about 5-weeks, but he had a lot of stuff).

First problem: as he approaches the stoop to the front door he realizes he can't raise his feet up high enough to use the steps. I tell him to just walk up the side where the grass is. He does and steps right into a glop of mud as I help pull him up and inside the house. Tracked mud all over the floor.

So, our room is upstairs normally but, we happened to have a bed available downstairs. He never told me about his disability but it was obvious at this point he needed to stay downstairs. I help him move his stuff in, set up his printer, and pull his plastic sheet over the mattress. Days go by and as I walk by his room every day a sharp smell starts to build and build. One day when he's in the bathroom and his door has been left open and I take a peak. IT SMELLS TERRIBLE. I then notice adult diapers under the bed and a portable urinal set on the shelf. At this point, I'm thinking 'man what have I gotten myself into?'

Second problem: I get back home one day, it's K's 2-week mark and one of my roommates confronts me about having to clean up the bathroom. He said there was poop everywhere. I apologize and think he's just exaggerating. A couple days later I get home first and and go to the bathroom. There's a couple drops of blood on the floor near the toilet and fecal matter sprayed all over the toilet. After stepping out for a minute I suit up and scrub that mess clean.

I eventually confronted him about it, it went something like: 'Hey K, could you please clean up after yourself a little better in the bathroom? It was very messy last time you used it, I had to clean it up.' He responds along the lines of, 'Really?! I swear I cleaned up after myself.' How the heck does a man not know when he's pooped all over the floor? (Also, he did it one more time after this, my girlfriend cleaned it up).

Time goes on, his groceries are still arriving via courier. Things smell bad as ever, I've bought several Glade timed sprayer things and hung them all over.

Third problem: I get home, open the door, and as I go to close it I realize it's a little sticky. I don't really think anything of it at this point. I walk over to the sink and wash my hands and as I grab the knob I realize it's covered in peanut butter. I turn around looking for additional clues and find two jars: peanut butter, jelly, each covered in their respective contents. Yes, there is some peanut butter all over the floor. I didn't clean the jars.

At the 3-week point, I had contacted Airbnb about kicking this guy out but hadn't heard back. I'm getting a little desperate at this point. At the 4-week mark, I finally get a call from Airbnb. I tell them something along the lines of 'I've got this old guy here, never told me about his significant disability, he's pooped all over my floor and left peanut butter all over my knobs.' The guy had to put me on hold for a while. Eventually, he tells me they can get him a hotel or whatever for the duration of his stay. But I've put up with him for 4-weeks and he had 1-week left, so I tell the Airbnb guy that I may as well just keep him there since they got back to me so late.

Fourth problem: I never mentioned this before, but almost everyday K is begging whoever is around him to watch his youtube videos. Apparently, he was a professor of something or other. I watched some of one and it was boring as heck. Like 13-views. He would always say something like 'You have to watch it until the end, you could probably learn something very important.' We would always excuse ourselves when he asked if we wanted to watch them. One day it was just too much for him and he blew up at me. 'YOU'VE SAID THAT EVERY DAY, YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS YOU CAN LEARN SOMETHING, IT'S REALLY IMPORTANT,' he yelled to me. I raised my voice in response: 'DARN IT K NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR DUMB YOUTUBE VIDEOS, STOP TRYING TO PUSH THEM ONTO PEOPLE' something along those lines, and then I just walk away.

One of his last nights we have a couple friends over for dinner. He invites himself to the dinner table with the gift of a bottle; an olive branch I guess. Cool. We have dinner it goes alright. He leaves, said it was nice staying over, that I should watch his youtube videos, gives me like $20 for cleaning up his messes, which he never admitted to making. I say something like 'It wasn't great having you over, you seem like an okay guy, but you need to tell people you're handicapped and can't take care of yourself.'

'Have a good rest of your life,' he says to me as he hobbles away, and I reply with the same phrase, it just seems a little more poignant when I say it because this guy is old and probably dead by now.

Fifth problem: about a day after he leaves I grab a bottle from our little wet bar area. Sticky. I look at the bottlecap. Peanut butter. I look around at the other bottles, lift up a near-empty bottle and look at the neck of the bottle. Peanut butter. At this point, I nearly laughed out loud because I felt like I was in a Scooby Doo cartoon putting together clues to find the culprit. After raging for a moment I call him up and ask 'Hey, K, did you happen to drink my stuff without telling me?' To which he defensively replies, 'HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE ME OF STEALING...' Normally I would have had a sliver of doubt about accusing someone of stealing from me but this time I was confident. Anyway, he denies it just like the poop on the floor and I've never heard from him since.

In the end, I filed a claim with Airbnb, accounting the story of poop and blood and peanut butter & jelly bottles, attaching pictures of PB covered jars and bottles and brownish toilet areas. I think I got the most that you could without filling out additional paperwork or something, around $400.

Now I discriminate a little bit against elderly, unfortunately."

A Nudist In The House
A Nudist In The House

"Rented to two well dressed and well-spoken art students.

At about 4 am the neighbor called me asking what in the heck is going on. I could hear this crazy music and loud humping in the background. So, I drove over. They have about 30 people in my one bedroom apartment. No one has clothes on, covered in glitter and pain, they're all getting it on. One dude is sitting in the corner looking at them like he's examining a painting, making suggestions to add to the 'art piece.' There are a TON of party supplies all over. Glitter and body paint covering EVERYTHING. There's a random feral cat! There's a dude screaming, randomly, in the middle of it all about nonsense.

My apartment was used to film some weird psychedelic art smut."

Three Tiny Women Cause One Huge Problem
Three Tiny Women Cause One Huge Problem

"Rented a friend of mine's 1-bedroom apartment in a recently renovated building close to a university on Airbnb for the months he was abroad. A few stories, but this one was just the most bizarre.

Three very small girls planning to stay for one night arrived and seemed sweet and genuine. They had to have been about 20-23 years old and I assumed I might have a night of partying to clean up after when they left. When I went to prep the apartment for the next guest I was horrified to find that the door frame was completely split and the door kind of hung open. These tiny girls somehow got locked out and kicked in the door to the apartment. I asked a friend of mine who lives a few apartments down if he heard the noise and come to find out one of the girls climbed up to the second-floor balcony to try to get in after finding out they were locked out. She was stuck on the balcony and was yelling at her friends below waking up my friend who was able to tell me the events that unfolded. Eventually, someone let her friends into the building (key required to enter the complex, which they lost, of course) and being locked out did what any idiot frat bro would do, kicked in the door. Remind you these girls were all under 5'5 and weighed a combined 300 pounds. Frat bro type mischief was the last thing I thought these girls were capable of.

Made my claim, got my friends door fixed, wrote a bad review on these girls, and learned a lesson: never judge a book by its cover."

It's Amazing What People Will Do
It's Amazing What People Will Do

"There are too many to list. The best of the last three years are the following, in no particular order:

-Nympho wasted girl made passes at or had physical relations with every male employee and guest at the time. 8 in total. Same guest also flooded out part of my basement and two bathrooms using a sink she was explicitly told not to use as the plumber would be there in two days.

-Wasted guy constantly keeps refilling fire pit after told not to, throws cans into neighbor's yard and then the wet the king sized bed to the point it was gagging the next morning and I had check-ins on that bed that night. Prime Now saved our butt - memory foam king bed in 3 hours.

-Apparently, it's common in some Asian countries to clean yourself standing at a sink rather than the tub with a drain. This has caused some flooding of my bathroom and required I silicon everything I could on the floor...THE FLOOR. We even replaced the removable showerhead with a hose with a fixed point one to combat this.

-A guest decided to wash a bunch of beach sand covered towels and clothing without shaking off anything and sand got in things for a week or two afterward.

-The guy who got caught on our cameras drinking OJ from the bottle and then putting it back in the fridge.

-The people who try to make up reasons they HAD to cancel after arrival in an attempt to override my no refund policy. We run an Airbnb house, so there are generally about 10 guests at any given day, so we just send out the complaints to all the guests and ask if they are experiencing any of these issues. Never lost a resolution yet. We run a tight ship so those types of claims anger me to no end.

-The people who complain in the review about my place being 50 minutes from downtown when my ads and profile both state that we are 45 to 75 minutes from downtown. Bonus, the ones who take it a step further and insist that I should be warning them about it beforehand about the distance and put it in our listing."

People Are Disgusting
People Are Disgusting

"I used to host Airbnb at my house when I was out of town for business in order to make some money on the side. I had a couple from Asia (Korea I think) stay at my house for two weeks when I was out of town, and apparently, where they were from they don't flush used toilet paper down the toilet, the used toilet paper goes in the garbage beside the toilet. When I got home the couple had left and when I did my usual post stay checkup on the house to see if anything was broken or missing I noticed a horrid smell coming from the bathroom. Two weeks of disgusting toilet paper was still in the garbage can. One of the most horrid smells I have ever experienced. So for the rest of the time that I hosted people when I was out of town, I made sure to let them know that they could flush their toilet paper."

A Woman Wants To Spread The Gospel To Her Host
A Woman Wants To Spread The Gospel To Her Host

"I had a guest who lives and runs an Airbnb on the east end of town who wanted to stay on the west side where we live (and it's where all the beaches are).

When she arrived, we sat down and talked. The first thing she did was ask me where I go to church, which was already kind of weird. I told her I'm Jewish and she contorted her face in a way where I could tell she was really uncomfortable, then through clenched teeth said, 'that's great.'

Then she told me about how the amount of chlorine in tap water can kill you if you take a steam shower.

I kind of avoided her the rest of the time she was there.

The next morning after she left I went to flip the room for the next guests. She had taken all the art off the walls and shoved it in the closet. She moved furniture around. She took the items off the top of the dresser and put them in the laundry basket, which she shoved under the bed, and in their place she left a pile of lavender that looked like it had been through an herb grinder.

On the bedside table was a bible, open to a specific passage and marked with the built-in bookmark ribbon. This was the worst part for me, because not only had she insulted my home and my art, but this felt pretty anti-Semitic.

I moved everything back and flipped the room for the next guest, then checked my messages. From her:

'Merci. Thanks for the stay.'

I responded, 'Hey, you left your bible here! Do you want it back?'

'No, I left it for you.'

'Cool, I'll toss it.'"

An Weirdo Creeps Everyone Out
An Weirdo Creeps Everyone Out

"So I was a roommate with a guy who rents out the third room at Airbnb and we had quite a bunch of cool people living there like two professional snowboarders, backpackers, couples. They have always been very nice and cool to hang out with as well. But this one guy, something was really off with him. He was an Australian visiting Norway for the first time and we have universal rules in the apartment like you knock on the bedroom door before you enter, common courtesy more or less.

I came home from work, went to my room and it was around 5 PM and in the winter so quite dark outside. I turned on my computer, sat down in my chair and suddenly the Airbnb guy stood inside my room staring at me with droopy eyes, neck tilted and his mouth open. I turn my head and look at him for a good 5 seconds before I say 'Can I help you with something?' The guy, startled by me asking him a simple question, said 'I...I heard voices....' At this point, I'm not really sure what to make out of the conversation so I ask him kindly to leave my room and to knock on the door the next time.

He was just very creepy, like you kind of felt something was way off with him. My roommate worked nights, and he told me after this dude left that he had come home 6 in the morning to the guy completely naked sitting on our sofa."

'Ragnar' The Viking Is A Menace
'Ragnar' The Viking Is A Menace

"Not me but a friend of mine, Dave, living In Holland had a guest staying with him from a small mountain town in Germany. The guy was kind of odd, referred to himself as 'Ragnar,' with his long brown ponytail and role-played a Viking pretty much the whole stay. The first odd thing was Dave waking up in the morning having his toe tickled at the bottom of the bed by this guest, while he stared at him blankly, asking where to find the remote control. Then, later on, Dave went to the bathroom for his usual morning routine only to find the mirror wasn't there. The mirror that was screwed into the wall. He knew it could only be 'Ragnar' that would do this, as no one else had been in the apartment. So he goes to the spare room and sure enough, finds the mirror in there. It turns out 'Ragnar' wanted to brush and tie his ponytail and decided to unscrew the mirror from the wall with his handy pocket knife and relocate it to the room he was staying in. There are a few more tales but I think you get the gist."

A Man Makes A Serious Mess
A Man Makes A Serious Mess

"I rent my furnished basement suite on Airbnb. This one guest stayed for a week. He was a very pleasant guy: he hung out with my wife and me on the patio and chatted, he was in IT so we had a lot to talk about, he actually made ME lunch (burgers and a salad) one day, but then toward the end of his stay it unraveled. He clogged the toilet downstairs (no big deal), but as water was rising over the toilet seat onto the floor, he began using our nice WHITE towels to mop it up.. I heard some commotion downstairs so I asked if he needed any help. When I learned of the problem I ran a plunger down there to him. As I was walking back upstairs I heard a loud crash! He accidentally knocked the toilet tank lid off the toilet and it crashed into 50 pieces on the floor! To make matters worse, on the day he was leaving town, he took our key and we had a guest coming in the next day."

A Woman Has A Lot Of Problems At The Last Minute
A Woman Has A Lot Of Problems At The Last Minute

"My SO and I list the spare room in our home every summer on Airbnb to make some money and meet cool people. We maintained a 5-star rating and had around 50 perfect reviews before we had our very first nightmare guests. They booked for three nights but after the first one, they left early in the morning and texted asking to meet up to talk about their stay in the afternoon. That was perfectly fine as we assumed since they were old as dirt, they were unhappy with the bed they were sleeping on and needed something firmer. When they arrived back at our place, they wasted no time.

The wife immediately started telling me she wanted a full refund of the booking and she was unsatisfied with the mattress she had to sleep on. We let her know we figured as much and would absolutely be refunding her. She decided to reply to our understanding with hostility. She stood in our living room for five minutes crowing about how unhappy she was and how she expected much better. I took the chance to remind her of our 100% perfect reviews and she responded with something like 'well that surprises me.' Her husband stood in the doorway the entire time obviously hating his life.

At first, we asked them to leave and she refused. We told her we had zero interest in hearing her opinion of our place and she made it clear she had a lot of interest. We couldn't get them to leave until we threatened to call the police. They left a horrible review (as did we) and guess who never received a refund?"

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