"We Have Never Run Out Of A Room So Fast In Our Lives"

"I was a hotel maid for about two years. Nothing really surprised me, but there is one story that I will remember for the rest of my life. This family has been staying in the hotel for about a month. Apparently, their house burnt down and they had nowhere else to stay. They were all VERY rude. The dad would stare and make comments about the maids, the wife would yell at us for seducing her husband, and the twenty-something-year-old son threw regular temper tantrums if we didn't give him enough soap.
Anyway, they leave to go visit some friends one day and we decide to deep clean the son's room because he is not a neat person. We enter the room and right away notice a horrible smell. I should mention that he never let us into his room while he was there, we just gave his towels and stuff to his parents so they could deliver them to him; they stayed in separate rooms. Anyway, we go about our business, making the bed, and replacing towels.
When it comes time to clean the kitchen area, the smell got worse. We opened the microwave only to find he had put his own poop inside the microwave! I'm pretty sure he turned it on a few times as well. After throwing up for a good couple minutes, we opened the fridge to find poop on the bottom shelf and jars of leeches filling the rest of the shelves. We have never run out of a room so fast in our lives. We told the hotel owner and he actually kicked them out of the hotel and charged them a TON of money. I actually quit that job a few days later, and now I'm scared for life. Screw that crappy job!"


"They Return To Police Guarding Their Floor"

"My dad stayed in Vegas at a new Holiday Inn. His entire surgical team and their spouses were attending a medical conference there, so the rooms were free.
First night: A colleague and her husband check-in and go to their room - it smells horrible. They call the front room, housekeeping cleans the room, it smells great. They don't know what caused the smell, but it smelled better.
Second night: After a full day of the conference and group dinner on the Strip, they return to their room which has been cleaned but the smell is there again. It's horrific and made more pungent because of the air conditioner being turned off. They complain again and housekeeping cleans it again.
Next morning they complain to the manager and ask for a thorough cleaning, wondering if a mouse had crawled in the vent and died, the manager complies.
Third night: They return to police guarding their floor because housekeeping had found a dead call girl beneath their bed. The bed had boards and carpeting all around the mattress on the floor (to prevent people from losing things under the beds), so no one had noticed her under there. My dad's colleague and her husband had slept above her for two nights.
They all were offered different rooms and free counseling here at home for a year."

"It Took Me So Long To Scrub Off"

"Ahh, the bath full of skin. This old guy had stayed in the room, obviously used the bath, and managed to shed like 90% of his leathery skin in it. I believe that 80+ years in the Australian outback helped him unlock that talent.
It had dried on to the sides and base of the tub and took me so long to scrub off; It wasn't creepy or anything, but was definitely the most disturbing thing I had to deal with."

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"I Opened The Door And I'm Staring Straight At A..."

"I was 14 and it was my first job. Did the housekeeping knock - no answer. My card said no one was checked into the room anyway. I opened the door and I'm staring straight at a naked man's butt. I thought he was dead as he didn't move.
Turns out he was the night clerk and took an open room at the end of his shift. He proceeded to watch me clean his room (after he put clothes on) and ask whether my mother was single."

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"We Had To Call One Of Those Emergency Clean Up Teams"

I work in a hotel, I'm am not a housekeeper, but I do talk to them every day and have heard/seen some of the worst rooms that have turned up.
The worst was when a couple checked in around eight o'clock at night. The woman was very large and probably somewhere in her 40's. The man was also in his 40's, but very, very skinny. They go to their room and that's the end of that.
They check out, no problems. The housekeeper, a 50-year-old woman who has been cleaning rooms for 30 years, goes to the vacant room and opens the door. She gags and slams the door. She gets the maintenance man and they go back up. He manages to open the door and take a few steps into the room before having to leave. They both return downstairs to get the manager. They tell the manager the utter atrocity they've both smelled and seen. He doesn't believe that it's that bad and insists on seeing for himself.
He gets the door open and two steps in before giving up.
We had to call one of those emergency clean up teams to come in and strip the room. They took video for us since absolutely none of the staff would enter the room.
The room was covered in liquidy, watery poop. It had been splattered on the walls and run down them, leaving a murky greenish-brown trail of human excrement before piling up on the floor in self-contained poop swamps.
The bed linen looked like it had been used as a paper towel/toilet paper substitute.
The carpet had actual poop footprints in it, barefooted, trailing from the bathroom to the bed, to around the bed, to the wall air conditioning unit, back to the bed, clear, discernible poop tracks.
Last of all, the bathroom. Jesus himself would have declared this a lost cause and reason enough for humanity's damnation. A fine crappy veneer spread across the tile floor as if someone had been standing in poop and proceeded to skate around on the floor, like kids do in socks on the kitchen tile, except in their bare feet - and the tile is covered in phlegmy, vicious, crap. The tub contained it as well, not as artfully done - perhaps someone had tried to rinse it off their feet at some point, as it mostly ran a ring around the tub.
Lastly, the toilet, a true masterpiece. A mountain sat entrenched therein, volcano-ing to the toilet seat lid and peaking just out the top. The seat itself had been doused in brown crap water as well. I do not know if they even tried to flush the toilet or just saw it and said, 'Well that's not going to do anything.'
The entire room was a loss. We tossed the bed, the mattress, the two nightstands, the tv, the dresser, the chair, the carpet was ripped up, the toilet removed, and the wallpaper torn off.
The next day, the man called the hotel to ask if anything had been found in this room that he had left behind. He was looking for a book he left on the nightstand and wanted to know if we could mail it to his residence. He said absolutely nothing about the extensive feces-related damage done to the room and was peeved when the front desk clerk said nothing had been turned in."

So Many Memorable Finds


So Many Memorable Finds

"Among the more memorable things the staff found:
1) A Real Doll. Very, very used. It was missing clumps of hair and had chunks of silicone bitten right out of it.
2) A dog and a litter of puppies that had obviously been born on the bedding. Mom and babies were all healthy black labs, but the owner literally abandoned them. Refused to return phone calls, but did not contest the cleaning charge we added to his bill. The dogs were taken in by the Humane Society, and eventually, were all adopted by the staff.
3) So. Many. Guns. The oddest of which was a .50 caliber handgun, fully loaded and jammed between the bed and box spring. We had no idea who might have left it there, as the last occupants swore it wasn't theirs, and I was inclined to believe them. That was handed over to the police, because what else do you do with a random, giant gun? But we also came across rifles, shotguns, and so many Glock handguns, that it just became routine.
4) 1 head of lettuce, under the bed.
5) 1 whole room temperature chicken in the safe.
6) 6 passports, all for the same guy - with different names and all for different countries."

These Normal Looking Guest Do Atrocious Acts Behind Closed Doors

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These Normal Looking Guest Do Atrocious Acts Behind Closed Doors

"Someone had stayed in a vacation rental, gotten trashed and peed the bed, stripped the bed, and thrown the whole mess of wet linens in a pile on the kitchen floor. They then turned the air conditioning down as cold as it would go (ostensibly to keep Pee Mountain and the bed from starting to smell), finished out the weekend, and quietly departed. By the time I entered, their rental was like a frozen tomb enshrining King Pee Mattress.
Another suite was an antiquely-furnished room in a historic bed and breakfast plantation house. A couple reserved a room with a bathroom and also reserved a second, much larger/nicer detached bathroom with a jetted tub that actually belonged to a different room (that was currently unoccupied). They evidently were either diarrheal butt stuff novices or fecal fetishists, because there were crap smears covering both bathrooms and the bed. It was all on the sides of the tub and floor of the big bathroom, on the towels, on the bed sheets and duvet, on the wood floor, and on the toilet, shower, and floor of their original bathroom. It really didn't seem like a malicious act, more like things got really messy and they just weren't in the least bit worried about it. I tried to get the owner to charge them extra for the mess I had to clean up, but he just let them go. I don't think he wanted to argue with someone about crap-covered anything over the phone, but I would have!
In the same B&B, a normal-looking group of ladies had once reserved a pair of rooms with a shared bathroom. I began to clean just as they were checking out, only to find that the mirror, sink and adjacent wall in the communal bathroom were entirely covered in blood and pus. Evidently, someone had been popping some horrific acne in the bathroom and made no attempt whatsoever to mitigate the mess. I never saw anyone in the party with obvious skin issues, and even so, cannot imagine the amount of infection that would have left that kind of mess. An L-shaped area of wall, mirror, and sink was completely sprayed with infectious fluid."

This Elderly Lady's Living Condition Is The Nastiest He's Seen


This Elderly Lady's Living Condition Is The Nastiest He's Seen

"I'm a bed delivery man. My partner and I had to set up a bed at this place for people in their 50s and up. The room we had to deliver to was this old, smoker lady in at least her 80s or higher. We go inside and my nose and forehead started to burn once it got sweaty. She shows us the room with her bed that we have to remove. The room smelled of cigarette smoke but it had another really dank smell to it too. The old bed absolutely reeks of cigarette smoke, like so bad it was hard to breathe.
Anyway, we look at the bed and it is absolutely, terrifyingly disgusting. The mattress is completely brown and the side of the bed where she sleeps was totally rotted out. We lift up the mattress and the box-springs are rotted out in that spot as well, and under the box-springs, the metal frame was really rusty. The carpet under that side of the bed was rotted and the floor had rotting holes starting to form.
Basically, this lady was urinating herself and mattress every night and her bed was just rotting to pieces because of it. There were bottles of baby powder all over the place and powder spread all over the floor as if she was trying to soak up the pee. It was the absolute nastiest living condition I have ever seen. I can't imagine what that was doing to her body as there were Vaseline containers all over too, probably because her body was starting rot as well.
The worst part was that we didn't bring any gloves so we were handling the rotten urine-soaked mattress and box-springs bare handed."

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"Strangest Thing I Ever Saw"

"Well, there are a few things that are pretty standard: bodily fluids all over, used, juicy rubbers thrown and stuck onto the wall, rooms where the parents allowed their child to draw murals all over the walls, etc.
Less standard, but still common: being stuck by a used needle that someone hid under the mattress when you're changing the sheets, or a forearm-sized adult toy proudly and intentionally displayed in the middle of the bed.
Strangest thing I ever saw though was a carefully constructed pile of freshly-shaved pubes in the freezer. Clearly had been grown out for a while, and clearly had been arranged with precision.
I'm just glad I only ever found pubes and not a dead body."


"Seemed Pretty Run-Of-The-Mill Until I Opened The Bathroom Door"

"During my brief stint as a hotel maid, I was assigned to clean a room after the guests had checked out. Seemed pretty run-of-the-mill until I opened the bathroom door. Blood. Blood and gore smeared everywhere. And feathers?! Wtf?! Turned out the room had been rented by a couple of pheasant hunters who had decided to clean the birds they had bagged in the bathroom."


"We Were Concerned For His Mental Health"

"I work concierge for an up market hotel. The worst was when found a double suicide in the room. An old couple, the husband was terminal and they'd been married for 50 years, so they decided to go out together by taking all the guy's medication and just going to sleep side by side.

Another time, I had to check a room after the guest had gone out for the day (he hadn't let housekeeping in for two days prior and we wanted to check the room as he appeared to be wasted anytime someone saw him). Ended up finding literal human crap covering most of the room, including expensive and one-of-a-kind chairs.
He actually returned a short while later and requested assistance back to his room (we were discussing what to do at that point, so I helped him back up to the room as we hadn't come to a final decision) during which he explained to me in slurred speech that he suffered Parkinson's and was dealing with a break up by his boyfriend, etc. I let him in the room and then continued the discussion on what to do. In the end, we called an ambulance to do a check on the guy because we were concerned for his mental health among other things. They gave him the all clear and we asked him to leave. As he left, you could clearly see that his pants had been stained as well, so we assume that he had relieved himself in his pants and then proceeded to sit on all the furniture without even realizing. A pretty sad story more than anything. I hope he got the help he needed in the end."

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"There Was A Disturbing Amount Of..."

"I worked the front desk and heard all the cleaning staff's stories and saw some bad rooms. Puke and blood and crap were so common to be not even notable, but one time there was a disturbing amount of toenail clippings. There were hundreds on the floor - much more than you'd expect from one person or even multiple people. It looked like someone had a Ziploc bag full of toenail clippings that they dumped out in the bathroom. The two guests in the room had only stayed for a weekend."

'Furries' Have An Annual Convention Near This Hotel
'Furries' Have An Annual Convention Near This Hotel

"A friend used to work in a hotel near a convention center where the 'Furries' have an annual convention. Apparently, some get super into it and bring human-sized litter boxes and use those instead of toilets. My friend quit rather than clean out a human-sized box full of waste."


"It Was On The Walls, All Over The Bed, Even Puddled Up On The Carpet"

"I was an Assistant Manager at the time and had to check rooms before housekeepers went in.
The two most disturbing things I found:
1) Blood. Not a little blood stain - it was on the walls, all over the bed, even puddled up on the carpet. It was like something from Hellraiser. I called the police, of course. We couldn't find the guest anywhere and I don't know if they ever found her. Police kept the room blocked off for a while, though.
2) Ice bucket full of poop, just sitting there on the dresser like it was the most normal thing in the world.
I worked in some pretty bad hotels."


"I Walked In On A Guy"

"I'm a concierge. I walked in on a guy getting freaky with an inflatable pool toy. Purple brontosaurus. He had it on the bed on its back and was holding its four legs together and uh... thrusting into them. I backed out of that room so effing quick. First year on the job and it was nearly my last."

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"We Found Some WEIRD Stuff"

"I worked as a housekeeper for about two years at a rather nice boutique hotel, so nothing terrible ever seemed to happen until this one weekend. There was a big group of students from Japan staying in the hotel in several rooms and it wasn't until the Sunday they left that we found some WEIRD stuff. First off, all the housekeepers working kept finding the EXACT same brand of purple rubbers in their rooms, and I mean multiples of them, and we kind of laughed it off until we got to one of the double rooms.
There had been 5 guests booked in (including cot) and when we opened the door we were appalled. There were tons of more used rubbers (of that same purple brand) littering the room. There was McDonald's food scattered in all the drawers, the coffee pot had milk in it and was on the floor, there was underwear left all over the place and the tv had a stuffed frog toy taped to it.
It was the weirdest thing I've ever witnessed. It was very clear some creepy, crazy, giant intimate party happened and we were the poor suckers that had to clean it up, but hey, they left a hefty tip!"

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"When He Finally Left, The Horror"

"There was one room a guy stayed in for over a month that no one ever got to clean because he always had the 'do not disturb' sign on the door. When he finally left, the horror.
The smell was so bad. He never asked for new linens and odor gets trapped easily in the sheets. This guy also chewed tobacco and spit it all over the bathroom, like the tub, sink, and floor. There were like 20 cups and bottles of used chew. Dried urine and poo on and around the toilet. A nest of old towels because he would get new ones, but not give us the old ones, which smelled awful. There was mold growing all over the bathroom. He also sat in the desk chair so much that the wheels tore through the carpet."

Elena Yakusheva/Shutterstock

"When They Walked In They Were Met With A Grisly Scene"

"My aunt works as a manager at a hotel. She told me that there was a guy that checked in for one night. The next day when he didn't check out on time they went to do a 'wellness' check. When they walked in they were met with a grisly scene.
The guy apparently shot himself in the head. Red and insides everywhere. The interesting thing is that there were people staying above and below him and none of them report hearing anything. The police found out this guy lived a few towns over and had murdered his wife. He ran and must not have been able to put up with what he had done. All of the hotel staff was pretty shaken up after that."

Iurii Stepanov/Shutterstock

"She Wanted Me To Witness What Was In The Next Room"

"I stayed in a hotel in rural Missouri, a small town that has a small college, Kirksville or something like that. As I'm Australian and didn't know anyone in most of the places that I stayed, I usually became very friendly very quickly with the hotel/motel staff of where I was staying.
One early Saturday morning I get a knock on my door. It's the lovely receptionist. She says no one else is working and her partner has gone to St Louis, but she wanted me to witness and offer advice at what was in the next room. They'd been rowdy so I never knew what to expect.
Turns out they'd left and checked out about an hour before. They'd been there less than three days and the room was almost floor to ceiling high with junk. Dirty clothes, wasted food packages, etc. I was there 90% of the time and never saw anyone come and go, just a young couple with a small sedan. I will never understand how they packed the room with junk."

"The Laptop Would Be Open With A Picture On Full Screen"

"I'm a hotel receptionist and often gossip with the night housekeeper. We had a gay couple that would leave the room for turn-down service. When the night housekeeper would get into the room to get it ready for the evening, everything would be neat, but on the desk, the laptop would be open with a picture on full screen. The picture would be taken in the room (we recognized the furniture) of one of the men on the bed in a very welcoming position if I may say so.
We thought they forgot to turn it off, but when it happened the other nights, we knew they got a thrill from it."

"I Turned On The Jets, And Bam"

"I once cleaned a bathroom in a vacation rental where someone had sneaked in, dropped about two pounds of crap in the toilet, filled the jetted tub with water, crapped in it, then turned on the jets. They then drained the tub but didn't flush the toilet. Since there was supposed to be no one staying there, it sat for over a week before anyone noticed (as it turns out, a prospective buyer). I cleaned the toilet, but it didn't look like the shower or sink had been touched. I was inspecting the tub to see if it was also still clean when I noticed a tiny speck of poo on the side. I filled the tub with hot water and bleach, turned on the jets, and bam! Poop soup. I had to use a kitchen bin liner as an arm glove to repeatedly drain and refill the tub until it was clean.
Sadly, this was not my first encounter with a poo-liberal rental guest."


"I'm Having PTSD Flashbacks"

"I was a housekeeper for about 10 years:
1) A little person blow-up doll propped on the toilet.
2) Used rubbers hung on a clothesline by the window on a hot day - with the AC in the room turned off.
3) Firecrackers had been stuck in apples (yes they were set off in the room, you try cleaning applesauce out of popcorn ceilings, nasty).
4) An adult beverage-filled jacuzzi tub.
5) Blood-soaked sheets.
6) Walking in on the same naked man 3 days in a row before realizing he was doing it on purpose and wasn't just too deaf to hear my knocking
I could go on but I'm having PTSD flashbacks."


"She Found A Box Of..."

"A friend of mine works in a motel and she found a box of phallic toys (not really a big deal), but also live hamsters."

This Person Had It Coming Out Of Both Ends


This Person Had It Coming Out Of Both Ends

"My grandmother was a motel maid for managed condos on a golf course. It was a very bad job. She once told me that she found that someone had runnily crapped in the wastepaper basket AFTER they had removed the liner bag. They removed the liner bag to puke in, but the bag leaked so they just chucked it into the corner. She said there was vomit running all down the wall. To make matters worse, it was about 90 degrees and the place had been closed up with no air flow for 3 days. She said it smelled terrible."

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"The Guest Had Just Been Out Hunting"

"The maid came to the front desk saying that there was a deer carcass in the bathtub. We left it because it was on ice and not stinking - as a guest's personal property we couldn't do anything anyway. The guest had just been out hunting, but the poor housekeeper was so shocked we sent her home early."

The Maids Discovered NOTHING
The Maids Discovered NOTHING

"When I worked at a hotel, the maids went in one morning to discover... (drum roll) NOTHING! As in, the room had been totally stripped. The art, the furniture, the bed - all of them were gone. The hairdryer had been ripped out of the wall, anything that wasn't nailed down was taken. There was no TV, no coffee pot, no table lamps.
At first, we couldn't figure out how they accomplished this, but security footage revealed a pickup was backed up to the side of the building, the room window locks were removed, and all of the goods were thrown from the second story window.
The most ridiculous thing about all of this was that the lady who had rented the room had done so under her real name and with her real credit card. I don't know what she expected to happen. After we contacted her, she attempted to return the busted stuff that hadn't fared well on the 30-foot drop to the concrete below. She ended up getting arrested instead."

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