They Thought She'd Just Left Everything Behind, Including Her Newborn

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They Thought She'd Just Left Everything Behind, Including Her Newborn

"I knew a girl in high school who disappeared, leaving behind all of her possessions and even a newborn child. Her family and friends assumed she ran away (she had fallen in with a bad crowd). Close to a year later, a barrel surfaced on an old farmer's pond; her decaying body was inside.

The whole incident made me sick to my stomach for over a week.

It was eventually determined that her stepfather murdered her while giving her a ride somewhere; can't really remember if they determined a motive or not."

The Nanny Took Their Kid And Disappeared


The Nanny Took Their Kid And Disappeared

"This happened to a family friend. One day, the nanny just disappeared with their 4-year-old son. The family and authorities did everything they could to find him, but it's really easy to disappear in Indonesia. About six months later, one of their friends was stuck in a traffic jam and realized one of the beggar kids going between cars begging looked a lot like the boy. He wasn't sure, so he called up his friends and they came there around the same time the next day.

They recognize the son, and called his name. He recognized them too, and they quickly grabbed him into the car and drove off since beggar children in Jakarta are often organized, with mobsters/gangsters behind the operation. The kid wouldn't talk for the longest time, but now he's fine and apparently doesn't remember about that time of his life anymore.

They still don't know where the ex-nanny is or why she decided to take the kid."

His Reunion With An Old Friend Led To Horrors No One Could Imagine
His Reunion With An Old Friend Led To Horrors No One Could Imagine

"My mum's best friend's son disappeared one night after going to a club with a bunch of friends.

Initially, she wasn't too worried because he was 16 and went off to do his own thing for a bit every now and then, but after a day she started to get worried and started to call around to his friends.

His friends told her he'd met a guy he knew from primary school who'd just been released from juvenile and went off with him for a reunion.

She phoned the cops.

They'd discovered the remains of two boys around 16-years-old who'd been tied in chicken wire, tortured to death, then set on fire.

Dental records matched her son.

Apparently, from what could be pieced together, her son went out to have some fun and met a childhood friend, but the Northern Irish UVF had decided his newfound friend was actually an informer and tortured them both to death in a classic case of mistaken identity."

The Taliban Had Him For Months

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The Taliban Had Him For Months

"My aunt's sister's son was taken in Pakistan by the Taliban about a year ago. I don't know the full story that well, but they were a military family and had a large target on their head to begin with. They live near Rawalpindi. It was a home invasion in broad daylight while my aunt's relatives were at home. They ransacked the house (stole all the jewelry, valuables) and took the kid.

It was a lengthy ordeal. The Taliban asked for a lot of money, I don't remember the exact amount but it converted to about $100,000. Luckily, money wasn't the issue, rather the reluctance for the Taliban to cooperate after they put the money up. This family was well connected with the Pakistani police, so I'll just say they were lucky to find the kid within two months.

The Taliban ended up dropping the kid off outside of a restaurant. The kid looked incredibly malnourished, his hair was poorly cut and they put him in girl's clothing. It was a very traumatizing experience for him and the entire family.

They would up finding the people who took him two months later. The Pakistani police invited all the male members of the family to come and have a couple of words with the perps before they were punished."

He's Missing, But They Know Exactly Where He Is


He's Missing, But They Know Exactly Where He Is

"When I was in about grade 5, my best friend was taken by his mother to Japan to go to his grandfather's funeral and never returned. As a result, we knew exactly where he was, but he was still missing.

His dad had sole custody of him and his sister, however, they saw their mother from time to time for brief periods. In hindsight is actually really telling, Canadian law does not like to award sole custody to either parent.

His mom seemed off balance, stories he'd tell me she'd do things like try to get them to buy his dad a cat for his birthday, knowing he has a very serious allergy that could get him killed.

His dad, on the other hand, was one of the nicest parents of a friend I'd ever met.

When she took him, at first it just seemed like the trip had been extended. My friend and I used to talk on RuneScape which we both played at the time and he'd tell me that something had happened and they were staying longer; he wasn't really sure why or when he would come home.

Things got worse and we began to hear about it as kids. I told his dad about how we would still talk on Runescape and his dad made an account to try to be able to talk to him yet at that point he wasn't on Runescape anymore. As years passed not much changed, I remember at some point, the Japanese courts were willing to send his sister back because she wasn't a Japanese citizen, but not him.

There was a story about it written in the newspaper that I brought in to share with one of our other friends and I remember getting in trouble with the teachers for sharing it. Two of us were really into helping his dad bring him home, but over time, for us, we more or less gave up. Maybe it was because so much time had passed since we'd heard from him that we weren't sure how things would be when he returned. People change as they grow up, would we still be friends when he returned? Yet of course his dad never gave up on getting him home. For him, it was a constant battle, and he wasn't willing to give up.

I'm in my 20s now. I recently tried to find an online presence for him or his dad because I'd like to talk to them again, but couldn't find anything, so I never did find out what happened to him."

He Just Wandered Off And No One Noticed For Four Hours


He Just Wandered Off And No One Noticed For Four Hours

"My little brother went missing when he was around the age of 3 or 4. One day we were playing in the backyard and while I wasn't watching him, he wandered out of our back gate that was open for some reason. The problem was, neither I nor anyone else noticed he was gone until hours after he disappeared. They thought he was with me, and I thought he was with them. So four hours later, the police were called and my dad was on the edge of tears, but then from about a block down the street, we saw something incredible. Our dog (who is still alive today at the ripe age of 15 years old) was leading my little brother back toward our house by the collar of his shirt. Needless to say, she was treated like a princess for years to come."

She Knew Two Girls Who Were Abducted And She Always Feared That She Was Next

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She Knew Two Girls Who Were Abducted And She Always Feared That She Was Next

"I have been unfortunate to know two girls who were abducted, assaulted, and then killed when I was a kid, both were my age at the times of their abductions. And this was through the chance coincidence of moving between two different cities between the times of the incidents. The first happened when I was in fifth grade, right after I had moved. The girl was out riding her bike and more than likely was hit by a car owned by her abductor. He took her, assaulted her, then later dumped the body near a state park 100 miles away. Same thing happened two years later to another girl by the same guy.

The thing that got me at that age was how much they looked like me, and how it happened to both of them. I think for awhile I was paranoid he was coming after me. I was in junior high at the time of the second abduction, and my mother wouldn't let me walk home alone from school (all of four blocks) because of it. We even ended up debating in class whether or not it was ethically right to enact the death penalty in that state.

Then about ten years ago, as an adult (and it hit me just as hard), a friend of mine who was a photographer had gone missing. Granted she wasn't a kid, but we were all starting out in our adult lives at that time. She had gone to photograph a car for a client of hers, was abducted, assaulted, then killed. Her family to this day is still distraught over it, especially as it's still controversial and in the media due to a documentary that was just released that questioned the guilt of the perpetrator in her case."

She Was Too Young To Realize What Happened To Joshua, But She'll Never Forget What She Felt


She Was Too Young To Realize What Happened To Joshua, But She'll Never Forget What She Felt

"A classmate went missing. I was 7 years old and, although I don't remember specifics because I was too young to understand, I still have flashbacks of sights and feelings, if that makes any sense. I've read up on the incident as an adult to better understand what happened because my mom still refuses to talk about it.

I remember Joshua coming to school with dirty clothes on, sometimes to the point where our teacher would try and help him clean up so as not to have a foul odor. He was smaller than the other students and now I realize it must have been because he was so malnourished.

One day, Joshua didn't come to school. He missed days here and there, but this was different because he never came back. I can't remember how long after he went missing that his body was found; when I was a kid it seemed like forever, but now I'm sure it mustn't have been more than a week.

His little body was found at a dumping site not far from our school. His stepdad and mom physically abused him and it resulted in his death. The stepdad left him in this disgusting dump. To this day, it turns my stomach thinking about what Joshua must have gone through.

My school did a great job at remembering him and making sure that we were all okay. As a class, we got to say goodbye to him at a special ceremony by sharing stories and then letting go of balloons together. The city cleaned up the dump and made it into a park named in his memory."

His Friend Kept Silent About What Happened For Six Years


His Friend Kept Silent About What Happened For Six Years

"My friend in middle school went missing. No one really thought too much about it. They labeled him a runaway. It wasn't until six years after he went missing that his body was found. His friend had shot him and buried his body to cover it up. The kid never said a word about it.

It's sad. He was a good friend to me."


"My Ex-Girlfriend Was Taken When She Was Little"

"My ex-girlfriend was taken when she was a little girl. She said she was playing out in the yard when a man and a woman came up to her. She said they told her to come with them and she followed them. She lived in a really rural area and most everyone knew each other in the area, so the community was really close. They took her back to their house and put her in a room. There were toys and everything there and they treated her like their daughter. She remembers being upset, but not actually scared because she couldn't understand the gravity of the situation. They treated her pretty normally besides not letting her go outside and she said they didn't hurt her or abuse her. She said she was missing for about three days before one day her dad came with the police to these people's house and took her back. Luckily, her dad had been in the backyard and had seen the car driving away and the police were able to use that information to find them. She said she asked him about it and he described it briefly. He said he couldn't sleep for those three days and spent as much time as he could searching for the car and trying to give as much info to the police as he could. She said the only thing that stopped him from physically beating these people was the fact they weren't in the house when the police entered."

They Thought She Had Been Taken As Well

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They Thought She Had Been Taken As Well

"I was classmates with a missing kid. Well, technically she was only missing because she was actually the cause of another missing kid. She was 14 or 15 and lost her mind for some reason. She took this little boy and took him out into the woods, tied him to a tree, and assaulted him. They were missing for like a week. They went to the same church so when they were both reported missing around the same time, people just assumed they were taken together. After they were found, we learned otherwise. She was sent away for treatment somewhere and she never came back to school. I don't know what became of her."

He Had Dark Plans For The Older Boy


He Had Dark Plans For The Older Boy

"There was a guy who worked at a pizza joint near me. His name was Michael. He was an average joe, friendly enough, lived by himself or so everyone thought.

One day, a 13-year-old boy named Ben got off the school bus and was immediately abducted. Witnesses described the truck used to take him, and soon police descended upon Michael's apartment.

Inside his apartment was the missing Ben, but also another boy. A 15-year-old boy named Shawn, who had been abducted by Michael four years prior and had been held captive ever since. Michael decided that Shawn was now 'too old' to pleasure him and Ben was to be his replacement after Shawn was killed off.

This time there was a happy ending -- both Shawn and Ben were returned to their families and Michael is now serving three life sentences.

Most missing children stories do not have such a happy ending."

Best Case She Is A High School Dropout Mom, Worst Case...


Best Case She Is A High School Dropout Mom, Worst Case...

"There was the girl, Lauren, and her sister Ashley whose parents were friends of my father-in-law.

They lived in Nuevo Laredo (a Mexican city on the border) but sent their daughters to live here in the US with a pastor friend. Ashley did well and had good grades, but Lauren became a rebel teen and ended up dating some guy who was WAY too old for her.

Every weekend, Lauren and Ashley were dropped off downtown so they could walk across the bridge to Mexico and meet their mother on the other side to spend the weekend with their parents.

One Friday Lauren left like usual but Ashley was unable to go because she had a recital that night.

Her mom called the pastor, asking why Lauren never showed up. The pastor was alarmed and said that she was dropped off like usual. They asked Ashley if she knew where Lauren was, but Ashley said she didn't.

Her parents contacted my father-in-law and began crying/worrying. My husband and I did some Facebook investigating and discovered Lauren had two Facebook profiles (one under a fake name). She was supposedly pregnant, her boyfriend was actually 21, not in high school, and he lived in Mexico, not the US.

Lauren is 17, her 18th birthday is next month. We still don't know where Lauren is, it's been about 9 months. We assume she is somewhere in Mexico, but neither her Facebook profiles have been updated. She hasn't contacted her sister. The boyfriend's mother says that she hasn't spoken to her son since he moved out at 18 and wouldn't know where he is.

The best case scenario is that she's a high school drop out mother somewhere in Mexico. The worst case scenario is she was picked up by cartel while waiting for her mom in Mexico.

Her sister was forced to leave school and move back to Mexico with her parents. They still keep in contact with my father-in-law. They switch between anger and cursing her to sobbing uncontrollably. Ashley developed an anxiety disorder because she feels no one believes that she doesn't know where Lauren is."

After He Left The Party, He Vanished


After He Left The Party, He Vanished

"A kid I went to high school with in South Florida just disappeared one day. He left a party one night and disappeared. His phone lost signal and none of his credit cards were used. They searched for three months, but never found him or his car. The kid had liked to party and his friends at the party said he was pretty messed up when he left.

About a year or so later, some kids were swimming in a canal near a road. The canals in South Florida are usually really deep (30-40 feet) and are pretty much everywhere, so kids like to jump off of smaller bridges into the canals when it's hot out. A couple kids were daring each other to go as deep as they could and one kid went really deep and hit something hard and metal with his feet. It was the missing kid's car. The cops pulled it up and he was still in it. It was only a few blocks from his house."

They Searched The Whole School And Still Couldn't Find Her Anywhere


They Searched The Whole School And Still Couldn't Find Her Anywhere

"It was the last day of school, I was teaching first grade. Some of our students are picked up by parents and others walk home or are picked up by older siblings, so we don't keep track of who each kid goes with unless we notice someone unfamiliar. This is standard procedure for our school.

So, on the last day of school and all things are a bit chaotic as you'd expect. I dismissed my students and had several stragglers who were running behind and still wanted to say goodbye to me. By the time I got out onto the yard, most of my students were gone. One grandparent of a student in my class, however, came rushing over to me, explained that they were running late, but they'd finally gotten here to get their granddaughter. We looked everywhere, inside and outside of the school for her, thinking she must've been waiting and was looking for her grandparents before panic begin to set in and we realized she wasn't on the school property anymore.

This was all happening only a couple weeks after a kid had been taken and murdered just an hour from us and had been national news; the case was on everyone's minds.

After deploying the entire school's staff to check nearby playgrounds, several police officers showed up to search and staff from neighboring schools pitched in.

She was finally found about an hour later at her grandparent's house only after her grandpa was very strongly encouraged by police to go and wait for her there.

He insisted that his 5-year old granddaughter couldn't possibly know the route to their house since she'd never walked it before and it's fifteen minutes away. Turns out, when her grandpa wasn't there to get her right away, she decided to walk, and knew the whole way!

Most terrifying couple of hours of many of our careers that afternoon."

It Was Assumed That He'd Just Gotten Lost, But Then They Found What His Buddy Had Left Behind


It Was Assumed That He'd Just Gotten Lost, But Then They Found What His Buddy Had Left Behind

"My 13-year-old classmate went missing back in 1996. He was a good kid, but a little on the slow side. After a few days, our teachers told us what was going on and the parents organized search parties. We thought he had wandered off and gotten lost. A week later, he was discovered in a shallow grave behind a restaurant. Apparently, he had stolen his dad's gun and was showing it off to his 11-year-old friend, who accidentally shot him in the face. The kid covered him with dirt and leaves and left him for dead. The autopsy reports showed that my classmate had survived the gunshot and actually died of exposure. What a way to go."

Still Gone, But Not Forgotten


Still Gone, But Not Forgotten

"My brother was friends with a kid who disappeared one day this summer. He was 18 years old, just graduated high school.

I don't know him or his family personally, but it's a small isolated town (13k population) so the ripple effects were felt very strongly. It's been nearly 6 months now. Nothing. He's gone and there is a million square miles of forest to search.

His family keeps everybody updated and posts on Facebook asking for volunteers to help them comb through whichever new stretch of woods, but nothing ever comes of it.

The worst part is watching the 'mediums' from across the country, or continent, show up in the Facebook page and try to swindle his family and friends out of cash by telling them, 'I had a dream, he's at cabin at Blank Lake' which only takes a second of Googling to fabricate.

It's tragic. I hope they find him, but at this point, there's no way he's alive."


"For Two Days, The Family Was A Wreck" Because Of Their Missing 14-Year-Old Son

"One of my good friends had a little brother who up and disappeared one day. He was always a pretty good kid, and his brother was one of the smartest people I think I'll ever meet. Working for Exxon now and was the Valedictorian of my school.

Anyway, I helped my buddy put up missing posters all over town, and for two days the family was a wreck. Until, one day, someone saw him hanging out behind Best Buy eating pizza a couple days later. He ran away because he got a bad grade on a paper. He was 14.

Everybody's fine now. The kid in question ended up going to the same college I did, seems to be okay. But still a scary thought as to what it could have been."

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