"She Almost Killed My Daughter"

"My three-year-old daughter has several severe food allergies. Peanuts and eggs are the worst. She also can't have dairy or bananas.

Mother-in-law is super obsessed with my daughter. This is our only child and MILs only grandchild so I try to be understanding. I don't say anything about it when MIL buys $300 dollar dresses that my daughter will only wear once. I've encouraged a relationship between them. I've let MIL have her way on holidays. I've never actually left them alone though. I can't explain exactly but it just didn't feel right. MIL hasn't pushed for alone time thankfully. She offered to babysit once but let it go when we declined.

MIL has always doubted my daughter's allergies. She's insisted that her princess of a granddaughter could never have something wrong with her. HOWEVER, she's never 'tested' to see if it's true -- until one fateful day

MIL was over playing dress up with my daughter. I had a horrible headache so I asked MIL to watch my daughter so I could lie down for an hour, she agreed.

20 minutes later I'm woken up to MIL shrieking that there's something wrong with the baby. I go running to daughter's room and she's gasping for breath and her lips are turning blue. I scream at MIL to call 911 and use an EpiPen on my daughter.

My daughter was able to take a deep breath and I noticed she smelled like bananas. The paramedics show up to start an IV and give daughter meds so she can breathe. I tell one of the paramedics that MIL fed my daughter something. He found part of a cookie on the floor. He confronts MIL who confesses she gave my daughter a peanut butter banana cookie but she didn't know it would hurt her.

I text my husband and ride to the hospital with my daughter. They admitted her for observation and he met us there. MIL called him wailing about how she was just trying to show us nothing is wrong with our daughter, we're just too paranoid and have such odd ideas about daughters health (we eat healthily and daughter has received all the vaccines she can have - OH, and we use sunblock - so odd, right?!)

That witch admitted to us that she's been making allergin laced cookies for more than a year. She bakes a huge batch and freezes them. She puts one in her purse every time she sees our daughter just in case she gets a chance to slip it to her. My husband screamed, 'SHE ALMOST DIED MOM! YOU TRIED TO KILL MY DAUGHTER - ON PURPOSE. YOU MAY AS WELL HAD HER DRINK POSION. DO NOT CALL ME AGAIN.' And then he blocked her number.

That night she left 11 voicemails, several of them were just her screaming that she's going to kill herself because she can't live without her BAAAABYYYYY. She also went on a huge shopping spree. My husband went home to get a few things for daughter and our front porch was crammed full of new toys. He loaded them up and our daughter gave them away to other kids in the hospital.

Luckily our daughter is doing great as we went to an AMAZING children's hospital, but that woman will never see us again. My daughter and I are going to stay with my parents in Ireland for a while. My husband is on board with all this and he's talking about us moving a few states away just to make sure MIL can't get to our daughter."

This MIL Went Way Above And Beyond To Try And Ruin Her Wedding


This MIL Went Way Above And Beyond To Try And Ruin Her Wedding

"This story is about my friends MIL and her wedding. Strap in guys, this is a wild ride in which I did THE THING that got me banned from any of her family function (plus a few threats of dismemberment and bodily harm).

A good friend of mine from university was getting married! They had been a couple since junior year of college, 6 years in total. She had been to all manner of family functions and always came back with a strange story about how she thinks her MIL secretly hates her, but her being a very quiet and sweet person pushed those thoughts aside.

Point 1: She is vegetarian and Jewish, husband is not. She was invited and went to Christmas dinner and figured she would just eat sides, as well as bringing a vegetarian casserole. MIL, after knowing her for THREE years, and being told by husband a few weeks before about not to forget friend doesn't eat meat, proceeded to put meat in every dish. Friend drank water and ate her casserole the whole night while MIL cried to everyone that friend was so rude for not eating her cooking.

Anyway, back to the story. A few friends and I were asked to be in the wedding. Neither of them is particularly religious, but friend said it was would be nice to be married under a chuppah (traditional capony) and husband said he could care less, and told her to go and rent one for the wedding.

I was at the bridal shower when MIL found out the 'pretty canopy' was actually a chuppah and she almost lost it in front of a bunch of people, but managed to compose herself and laugh angrily that 'if the Jews were being represented so would the Catholics.' In my head I heard a record screech, guys -- they aren't Catholic.

So after much fighting, a lot of screaming, crying, threatening to pull money (which is funny because she contributed nothing), MIL lost. The boot was firmly placed, and nothing was moving it. Chuppah yes, Catholic priest no.

After that, things got stupid quiet until my friend texts me the night before the wedding that she has a bad feeling. I tell her it's probably just nerves, she is getting married and this is a big deal! Oh how wrong I was.

We all show up, get our hair and makeup done, slip into our bridesmaid dresses and hang out waiting for the bride to be finished with her hair. She makes a comment saying she hadn't seen MIL all day and that she skipped her hair and makeup appointment. We all side eyed each other, took a few sips of wine and hoped the eerie feeling would go away.

30 minutes later as we are helping the bride into her dress, guess who shows up. If you guessed MIL, you win a cookie! Flushed from coming up the stairs, (she is not a light woman) in full hair and makeup -- and a white wedding dress. The dress was clearly a wedding dress; it was even from David's Bridal (which she would later shout at me). Floor length satin with a sweet heart beaded top, a bit of a train and off white lace on the bottom. The dress was even tailored to her, this has been a long con she has orchestrated.

The bride burst into tears and aunts and friends ushered MIL out. We did our best to console the bride, touched up her makeup, and I made her a promise that the dress would never be seen in a photo. She looked me dead in the eye and nodded; the game was on.

The venue only supplied white wine and champagne for the wedding party, but I grabbed my purse and ran down into the reception area and managed to flag an attendant by the bar and bribe him with a cool $20 to give me a bottle of red early. I cracked the baby open, filled a solo cup to the brim with it and stalked outside. After a few swigs from the bottle for courage, I went over to where everyone was getting ready to take photos.

With one last hard stare at my friend, I got her nod of approval. I pulled out my phone, held it in front of my face like I was reading a text and walked straight into MIL. I poured the entire cup of red wine down the front of her dress, jumped back and gasped.

The look on her face was murderous. She screamed, yelled, threatened, and promised she would sue me. People had to hold her back because she wanted to fight me. Eventually, she switched from screaming to sobbing and sank to the ground and threw a tantrum on the floor. Everyone moved back and just let her go at it and walked away to go take photos. It was surreal, as if everyone just hit their limit and noped out from around her. The 12-year-old flower girl whipped out her phone and snapped a few photos much to our amusement.

MIL went home and changed (only 20 min from venue) into a nice dark green too small and low cut dress and because of this she missed all of the photos. The wedding was beautiful; I got death glares from everyone she told that I attacked her with wine but no cares were given as I drank and danced with friends. Bride thanked me in secret and 3 months later took me to the spa for a day of pampering. But I am officially 'that ISIS witch' to MIL, and I'll take it with pride."

They Told Him He Was The Cause Of All Their Problems


They Told Him He Was The Cause Of All Their Problems

"My husband deployed last year. His mother went slightly insane because her husband had gone to Vietnam and left her when they were both very young. She kept pretending that her son (my husband) was her husband. She even went as far as to say that to my husband. She didn't believe him that he really wasn't going to a combat zone and that there was little or no chance he would be in that much danger.
The week before he left, she decided to throw him a shindig. She wanted him to dress up in his dress uniform and wanted him to be paraded around all of her friends. She didn't bother to tell me about it, and I couldn't take off, so she monopolized the last weekend and pretty much the entire last week before he left.
After he left, she began calling me - just like she did in basic. 'He called me, did he call you (hehehe),' was the very first thing out of her mouth on the first message. During basic training, she made it into a competition to see who got more attention. For the deployment, I couldn't handle that. I just decided to block her number.
While he was gone, we communicated through Facebook messenger. It was the least expensive and easiest way. His mom refused to use it because it was the devil or something. About halfway through, to get back at my husband for not calling her enough, she decided to write him a letter blaming him for absolutely everything that had gone wrong with her life since she had him. This came at a very bad time because he was getting depressed. She let him know that he was the reason that her life was crap and that the only thing she felt guilty about was giving him an exorcism when he was 11. She is a very sick woman. It killed my husband. He was having a hard time anyway, and this just made it harder.
After the deployment, she decided she was going to have another shindig and parade my husband around again. Although my husband wanted to see his parents, he didn't want to be paraded around. So at first, he said he would go, but in a very mature move on his part, he let them know that he wasn't coming saying that he couldn't handle being around other people quite yet.
They decided that they were going to come see him if he wouldn't see them. They showed up pretty much unannounced at our doorstep. We went to breakfast. After breakfast they came back to our house, I went to work, and in the four hour period that I was gone, they proceeded to destroy whatever glimmer of relationship they had with their son.
I walked in the door and his mom kind of giggled explaining that they were having a 'therapy' session. My husband just got up and said that he had had enough and he was going to play video games. I sat there, with his parents, for two uncomfortable hours trying to think of things to talk about. They finally left and my husband told me what they had talked about.
Basically, his parents let him know that he was the cause of all their problems. They loved him, but if it wasn't for him, their lives would have been much better. They beat him, but only because he made them, saying that if he hadn't been such a head strong child at 2, they might have been able to do a better job. The list goes on and on.
That was a while ago. His mom calls, but only to let him know again what a horrible child he was, so he doesn't talk to them."

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"The Six Used Rubbers Were Unrolled And Laid Out In A Line On His Bed"

"When husband and I first got together, my in-laws hated me. Now they adore me but it was a rocky few years there for awhile.
I make terrible first impressions on parents of people I'm dating. For whatever reason, they have always immediately hated me. Whatever, I'm not dating them. And to be fair, I am every old Republican's nightmare: a young, free thinking human who doesn't give a crap about gender norms or regular church attendance.
We were both legal adults, but still teens. I met them once and they decided I was not for him. I didn't want to meet them just yet but they insisted right away - like a month in. It didn't get bad until his mom stalked me via social media and found my online journal. She concluded I was, in fact, a lesbian witch who was corrupting her son with my succubus lady-parts powers. And witchcraft. So they tried to keep us apart.
I was not welcome at their place because one night I was wearing short shorts and a tank top and we were watching a movie in his bedroom, and they thought that was inappropriate. A few weeks later his parents went away on a Saturday night, coming back Sunday and of course, I go over there and stayed with him. As we were two horny teens, lots of fun stuff ensued.
My significant other takes the used rubbers, rolled them in some paper towels, put them in a box to throw away later, and put the box in his closet, knowing his mom will dig through his trash. They get back from their trip, somehow find out or she went through his room and figured it out (I'm pretty sure she went through his room). He came home one day and the six used rubbers were unrolled and laid out in a line on his bed. He shakes his head, packs a bag, and leaves. At this point they forbade him from seeing me, demanded he break up with me, demanded he start going to church, told him he could only use his phone for work, school, or church, he could only drive his car to work, school, or church, and could only hang out with his friends if they came over to their house.
He was 18 years old and in college. So, of course, being a man worthy of my love, he stands up to them, tells them how ridiculous they are, how I was not the one that corrupted him, he was corrupted long before I came along (oh, they did not like hearing that). He moved out and into my dorm room with me. So a few months go by, he stays with me or sleeps in his car or a friends house, and we finally rent a room together. He hasn't spoken to any of his family in months. He missed the birth of his niece because the whole family was convinced of his parent's side of things.
So when we go to move in together officially in an apartment, he (unfortunately) had to go get a few of his things from his parents' house. They had cleaned out his room and thrown all his stuff into the basement. Not packed, thrown. So he's digging through stuff and he notices a box, clearly meant to be mailed out (once he had an address anyway). On it, is written things like 'God is always watching,' 'God has his eyes on you' among other creepy, super religious crap. Being the curious sort, my husband opens the box. And wouldn't you know, inside is THE SAME SIX USED RUBBERS. She had saved these things for almost a year and was planning on mailing them TO US in hopes of, I don't even freaking know at that point.
My husband takes what he needs and leaves the open box downstairs and we have more months of blissful no contact."


"I Was In Tears"

"It started with me and my husband trying to have kids. We were having lots of trouble conceiving, so me being a Type 1 diabetic and having PCOS, we went to a fertility doctor. Long story short, both of my ovaries were messed up and I wasn't ovulating like I should or even producing viable eggs. Our doctor told us that our best option for me to carry a baby (something I really wanted) was to use an egg donor.
We naturally were devastated, because egg donation can get expensive. I for one was really struggling with the fact that it would be nearly impossible for me to have a baby that was mine.
Well, my sister came to our rescue and offered to donate for us if we wanted. My husband and I talked and we decided that we would use her eggs because it would be the closest thing we could get to me as possible and she is otherwise an ideal candidate. Well, a few swollen ovaries later and my husband did his thing in a cup, we had some beautiful embryos that were implanted and I became pregnant with our son!
My parents, father-in-law and other family were all ecstatic. This would be everyone's first grandchild and they were so glad that we had found a way around our fertility struggles. When we got around to telling his mother, we thought she'd be happy as well.
She was excited at first, but not when we told her how we had conceived:
Mother-in-law: 'So the baby is not really yours, is it?'
Me: 'This baby is 100% mine and your son's.'
She didn't mention it again but she was clearly getting more and more agitated as we spent more time together.
Husband: 'Clearly you're upset mom, this is supposed to be good news.'
Mother-in-law: 'You are putting my grandchild in danger, she is obviously not fit to carry a child, she has so many problems!'
husband: 'What the heck is your problem mom, I wouldn't want anyone else to carry my child.'
Mother-in-law: 'I'm just saying a surrogate mom might be a better option, I for one had three healthy pregnancies.'
Husband: 'Mom, are you implying you'd like to carry our child?'
Mother-in-law: 'What? Of course not, but obviously I had very healthy eggs so someone like me.'
Husband: 'That's enough mom.'
I went to the car after that, I was in tears. My husband stayed behind to tell his mom that she'd better apologize or she may never see her grandchild. As he left she told him, 'You always pick her over me.'
She eventually did give me a convincing apology, and my husband and I agreed that she would have tentative grandma privileges. She, however, trashed those during our son's birth."


"She Was Outside Kneeling And Crying Holding On To My Husband's Shorts"

"It started off as a normal day, our oldest daughter slept at my parents' and the baby was home with us. My husband was on a cleaning spree and I was taking full advantage because this never happens. I decided to pump after the baby went down for a nap in our room. I was there a good 5 minutes before my husband comes in the bedroom and says every girl's favorite line: 'My mom is here.' No call, no text - just comes over. I was livid but said loud enough for her to hear, 'She can come in when I am done pumping.'
She waited 20 minutes. She wanted to come in and tried opening the freaking door. My husband had locked it behind him, bless him. She starts knocking, and not light knocks, full force knocks. The baby is sleeping and I am pumping, then I rip those flanges off and my lady parts are flapping in the wind because I hear a commotion. I open the door because at this point she is screaming, 'Stop hurting me!' My husband is pulling her out of the hallway and towards the nearest exit. This crazy lady is screaming at me as she is being pushed away. I was so happy to see my husband take action that I full fledged smiled like a kid on Christmas. Her eyes straight up turned black with the demons filling up her soul, I could see fire in her eyes.
I was so happy. She was outside at this point and was now kneeling and crying holding on to my husband's shorts. My husband told her she did not call, can't just show up and I was pumping. She was not going to hold the baby because she decided to come to our house on her schedule and she was pissed! WTF she is not your's and you don't get to wake up my baby. She could have sat in the living room and watched TV or helped her son with the dishes. No, she wanted what she wanted when she wanted and it backfired because now her son is limiting contact.
During her struggle, she was yelling for my oldest daughter who is 6 years old and thank GOD was not home. So she wanted to scare her and try and make her son look like he was a bad guy by yelling crap like, 'You are hurting me and let me go!' He made the mistake of saying she wasn't home and she made a beeline to my mom's house. She is predictable so I called my mom and told her under no circumstances was she to open the door.
She pulled up as I was on the phone with my mom and she asked in a confused tone, 'She is running towards the house, what is going on?' I could hear the doorbell being rung and rung. She was calling my mom too while I was on the phone and I heard the voicemail she was leaving. She said my husband assaulted her and I cursed at her. She finally left, or so my family thought.
As my sister left the house she said my mother-in-law came driving down the street and jumped out of the car to tell her what a horrible person I was and that is when my sister lost it. My sister has hated her since the baby shower when she saw her treatment of the staff and then at the hospital when she made it all about herself. My sister cursed her out, threatened her with violence and sent her running for dear life. I saw text messages she wrote my husband about how my sister was screaming in her face. I missed a few things but man, do I feel vindicated, this woman was always so slick, pretending to be so sweet and worldly but everyone finally sees her for the trash she is.
My husband is tired of her and this might lead to no contact for real. I have a huge smile as I type this because I know she is probably cutting me out of all the family pictures."

"This Man Bends Over Backwards To Help Her"

"My boyfriend and I have been together for 11 years. Long story short, about 8 years ago he and I decided we wanted to move to Texas. We did all our research and had plenty of savings to not worry about a job right away. I ended up being wrangled into an outing with her before we left and told her that if she didn't want him to go, to tell me then so we can talk about it. She said 'No no no, you two go live your life.'
So I quit my job, gave notice at my apartment, scheduled the moving truck and movers to get my stuff out and put it in storage until moving day. He then quit his job and we started packing his apartment. She calls and says that she needs help - her water is turned off, so off we go off to help. I had never been to her house until then and holy hoarder!
We cleared up the moldy crap in the basement; it's furnished and floods every year. 2 feet of papers that were moldy, I had to use a snow shovel. She's freaking out over us trying to get rid of trash, rusted knives and forks, 10-year-old food, it's just disgusting. She refused to let me rent a roll off and refused to let us put the trash bags out front. You know where this is going? Yup - all back in the house. We were supposed to move in a week, but It had taken us weeks to get it semi done, so first snow came and we rescheduled our move to spring.
Then we got pregnant, a happy event. She complained and yelled that she wasn't going to raise a baby (as if) or give us money (she's loaded). At our first doctor visit, we learned it was ectopic. I was rushed to surgery and the careless doctor damaged a nerve to my leg leaving me paralyzed, so I lost the baby, any chance to have another, my mobility, and all future plans - no moving for us.
It was weeks before I could go for a ride in the car. We had stopped by her house and her neighbor just had a baby. She said, 'This is my adopted grandbaby since this is the only one I'll ever have.' My boyfriend didn't hear her. I made us leave and I sobbed the whole way home. I told him what she said and he confronted her but, of course, she denied it.
So began years of arguments with her, just her being hateful and mean to him. This man bends over backward to help her and when we needed $100 to make rent (I couldn't walk still and he stayed home to care for me) she told us we needed to solve our own problems. We did. Eventually, I got disability; I couldn't sue the doctor, so no money there. Last fall she was sick and had her gallbladder out so she stayed with us for 7 weeks. Then she gets home and starts verbally abusing him so I told her just what she was - a mean, self-centered , horrible person, and that she was no longer welcome in my home. As horrid as she is, she is still his mom, so on holidays she comes over. I no longer fuss or cook so the meals get brought in.
Yet here we are again. He goes to check on her, she fell -a trip to ER. She needs meds and to be looked after. We have a very small house but he brings her over, and here I am waiting on her and cooking for her."

WAYHOME studio/Shutterstock

"She Told Me To My Face I Was Dying"

"My former mother-in-law once stole my dog because of a brain tumor I didn't have.
Many moons ago, I got sick - real sick and no one could figure out why. Symptoms were all over the place: pain, weird joint swelling, nausea, fevers that came and went, periods of hideous insomnia followed by periods of, 'I'm not leaving this bed,' and so on. This was near the beginning of the end of my marriage to my ex-husband, heretofore referred to as J because that's his initial.
So I spent loads of time with various doctors and specialists. If there was an expensive test to run, boy-howdy, I got it. My life was consumed by it and with no end in sight, I learned to live with this craptacular new reality. I was still working, using paid time off, and making up time for all this mess. I came home from work one day to my neighbor on my porch, delivering a casserole.
I said, 'Hey, that's so nice of you, neighbor I barely know and whose name I cannot recall!'
To which she replied, 'I know we're not close but your mother-in-law told me about the tumor when she came to get Tug,' (Tug being my enormous, and at this time, 14-year-old dog).
'What do you mean, tumor - and where's Tug - what the heck?'
'Well, your brain tumor - she told me about your situation and I want you to know I'm here for you as you go through this blah blah blah trust the Lord and so on.'
Good ol' mother-in-law went to my house, told my neighbor I had an inoperable brain tumor, was dying, and that she was taking Tug so I could 'pass peacefully,' whatever the heck that means.
Spoiler alert: I never had a tumor, I never even had cancer. It was Lupus the whole time and I was never in imminent danger of death.
I drove up there to get the dog, and my mother-in-law threw a dang fit. She told me to my face I was dying and couldn't possibly care for Tug. Worse still, she had called J at work and when J was unavailable, had told J's boss about my imagination cancer.
When his mom informed him I was dying of an inoperable brain tumor, he knew something was off with the story. I was at her house when J showed up, mad and ready to blow. 'YOU TOLD MY BOSS SHE IS DYING AND HE TOLD ME, WTF MOM.' J went out back, told his mom to get out the way or he would physically move her by tossing her in the pool, and J got Tug himself.Tug was safely deposited in my car (the same car she had attempted to steal not long before - another story). I went home and J went to Home Depot for new locks - He never did get over that."

"My Boyfriend's Mother Has Never Spoken To Me Or Acknowledged My Presence"

"My boyfriend's mother has never spoken to me or acknowledged my presence. We are long distance and he currently lives at home while he saves money before he graduates. The first time I came to visit him (he normally comes and sees me) I stayed at his house. I made sure to ask him if it was okay that I spend a few days at his parents' home and he assured me that it was.
I arrived and met his dad and brother. The ENTIRE time I was there she completely avoided me. I would literally hear her in another room and she would leave when I entered. Since then every time I have been at his house she has avoided me. As ridiculous as it sounds I have never met his mother after all of this time! I don't even know how to handle this situation. I have no idea why she wouldn't like me and my boyfriend tells me that she is just weird like that.
I don't think that is weird, I think it is beyond unacceptable for an adult, fully functional woman to behave this way. She isn't a recluse, she works, has friends, a normal life, etc.
I don't know how this whole thing is going to play out but when we move in together. Is she just going to avoid me in my own home? Only visit him outside of the home? Like what is her plan? To ignore me until I disappear? I don't have a lot of reference to how she has treated other girls he has dated because he hasn't seriously dated anyone in five years. On one hand, I feel like I can't take it personally because she doesn't even know me; but on the other, it hurts me that she is allowed to behave like that and I am just supposed to ignore it and focus on the rest of his family that will actually acknowledge my existence."

She Wants To Get With Her Son


She Wants To Get With Her Son

"My mother-in-law is a narcissist who we ultimately cut off all contact with. It was a REALLY nasty, year-long fight in which she did some horrible things, but far and away the creepiest is this.
I found out about this after the fact from my two best friends, who had zero reasons to lie to me. They hadn't met my mother-in-law prior to our wedding and always said they thought I had blown her antics out of proportion and after this apologized as clearly I was not exaggerating.
So on my wedding day, while I was taking pictures with my brothers before the ceremony, mother-in-law wanders in. I didn't invite her to do any bridal things because, quite frankly, we had zero relationship at this point. She wanders into the bridal dressing area where my two BFFs and bridesmaids are and plops down. Then she has this conversation.
'I can't get over how good looking my son is. He is just so so handsome, I sometimes wish he wasn't my son, we could be TOGETHER then. Having relations with such a handsome man, I would have relations with him.'
So basically on my wedding day, my mother-in-law told my friends she would get it on with my husband - her son."

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