Mutt & Jeff Over Here
1. Mutt & Jeff Over Here

There was a kid in school named Davis. There was another kid named Blake. Davis was big, Blake was not. Blake liked to jump on Davis' back, and Davis would always swing him off in a playful way. One day, Blake jumped on Davis' back as usual and latched on. Davis snapped. He screamed "BLAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!!!!" as he grabbed Blake by his hands and aggressively flipped him over his head and slammed him onto the pavement. Blake was stunned, and his attempt to stand back up was fruitless as Davis began to repeatedly and ruthlessly kick Blake while he was down. We all just watched. We were in shock. We didn't help, we just watched. Eventually, a teacher stopped the beating. Davis got suspended, and Blake (somehow) ended up being okay. They were friends again the next week Source

The Milk Man
2. The Milk Man

Back in high school, this one really annoying guy would come up and talk to people long enough to subtly steal their milk. One day he happened to pick the kid who was having a terrible day. He grabbed the kid's milk and started to open it. The kid told him if he opened it, he was going to break the lunch tray over his head. So of course, he opened it. And he had a lunch tray broken over his head. Guy stopped stealing milk after that Source

You'll Pop Your Eye Out, Kid
3. You'll Pop Your Eye Out, Kid

An altercation happened between two kids I didn't like. One was doing the typical annoying kid thing, you know touching the other one, and the other one was like,"Touch me again and I'll punch you in the face," so the kid touched him again, and he got punched. It was so satisfying to see. I freaked out for a second, because that kid was bawling and screaming; I thought his eye popped or something Source

Get Your Popcorn Ready
4. Get Your Popcorn Ready

I had a coworker get up from her desk, throw her keyboard against the wall, and go sit in the corner and start bawling uncontrollably. The reason? All of the data in her payroll program had been deleted. What actually happened is that she opened the wrong program. Everything was just fine in the correct program Source

The Old
5. The Old "The Computer Ate My Homework"

I spent 12 hours straight doing art work for a project and thought I lost it. Turns out I just opened up a second tab in Gimp and the other one was minimized. Before I realized this I slammed my keyboard into the desk sending keys everywhere, and then I assaulted my couch. Like straight up machine gun punched my couch for 30 minutes. Go look at computer, everything is fine. Felt like a dumbass Source

Dr. Rage
6. Dr. Rage

So I worked with this ER doctor with chronic back pain. He managed to get the hospital to buy him a special chair for his back. Well, we had the cops show up because a pt walked in and wanted to report an assault. The doctor was in a pt room and when he came out a cop was sitting in his chair. The doctor asked the cop to get out of his chair, explaining it was his special back chair. The cop replies that he was a cop and would sit anywhere he wants and that the doctor would just have to deal with it. The doctor got this wild look in his eyes and cocked back and punched the cop square in the jaw. Suddenly all the cops jumped him. He got felony charges talked down to a misdemeanor, but he still spent some time in jail and lost his job Source

The Chicken Man
7. The Chicken Man

I worked at a Mexican grill years ago. The older quiet dude who always kept to himself but was basically pleasant just lost it one day. He was chopping chicken to put on the line when one of the line employees called out "86 chicken!" The guy LOSES IT. "I'm already F'ING. MAKING. CHICKEN." He throws the chopping knife sideways at the wall and the tip of it sticks. He pulls it out and throws it again, towards the line, narrowly missing an employee. The knife lands in the barbacoa, splattering juices all over. Then he calmly took off his gloves and apron and left Source

Matrix Training
8. Matrix Training

HS sophomore year, I had a really bad day. I just got out of gym and saw that someone had jacked my clothes out of my locker (ripping the lock off in the process and rendering it useless), tossed them in the urinal, and pissed all over them. Coach had a damn good idea of who it was, but the kid was the captain of the soccer team, and his family were major donors to the school district, so he was effectively untouchable. Same guy got up on me again at lunch (this part was a regular occurrence), asking me why I was still in my gym clothes (with that sarcastic-ass tone that just drips "I did it"), and then knocked my lunch all over the floor. I snapped - the last thing I remember was getting up, and the next thing I know, there's busted glass all over the floor around him. According to the school, I hadn't beaten him up, but I had grabbed him by the collar and thrown him hard enough to put him through a double-paned glass door 5 feet away. Keep in mind, I was no bodybuilder - I weighed maybe 150, 5'7, and did almost no exercise. Got off pretty light though - a week of "alternative school", which was literally me coming in and doing my homework assignments at night Source

It's The Quiet Ones...
9. It's The Quiet Ones...

Middle school. Little skinny kid. Strung out all the time and kinda bad in school, but not mentally ill - just had a s--- home life, and it made him look like a druggie from lack of sleep and (I suspect in hindsight) regular meals. He was quiet, usually polite, but really didn't have any friends that I can remember. There was this little group of middle schoolers that just picked on this guy all the time. Spread rumors about his family behind his back, 'accidentally' bumped shoulders with him in the hallway to make his books scatter, 'accidentally' spilling drinks during lunch to get on his clothes, and countless other things to inconvenience this kid and humiliate him. I can't remember if they had a reason, and people reported them to teachers a couple times, but they always insisted it was all accidental, and the kid just had bad luck. They got detention at worst. Most evidence was circumstantial. Skinny kid didn't act out towards them, didn't defend himself, just kept his head down and trodded on. One day (his locker was a few doors down from mine) he had dropped a pencil. I happened to pick it up, and hand it back to him. He gave me a smile, and tucked it into his pocket. "Watch this," He said, in that quiet, barely-there voice of his. The little assholes were coming back down the hallway. I'd seen it happen enough that I could already tell they were aiming for a body-check. Something about the way they focused on him while they walked, and kinda drifted sideways to be in the center of the hall instead of one side or the other. He had his books in one hand, and the other hand in his pocket as he started walking down the hallway toward the group. Right as the ringleader pushed to the side to shoulder-check him, he whipped his hand up and lunged into the other guy. The pencil stabbed right into the other guy's shoulder, pushed by the momentum of both of their bodies. Bully dropped like a rock, shrieking, pencil sticking out of his shoulder - just under his collar bone. I remember thinking it was unlucky he had decided to wear such a wide collar - the pencil missed cloth entirely. (I was also thinking 'holy shit i'm so glad I was nice to him just now') Skinny kid just kept walking down the hall. Skinny kid was expelled. After that day, I never saw him again. We weren't really friends, but I hope his life turned out okay Source

Short Fuse
10. Short Fuse

I worked in this rehab/halfway house a few years ago and this one kid would repeatedly steal other residents money. I basically caught him in the act and confronted him and he absolutely flipped. He took out his wallet, ripped up all the money and threw it into my face. Something changed in that moment and his face was just pure rage...I noped out of there real quick and he chased me down the stairs and then outside where he proceeded to scream at the top of his lungs...not saying anything, just screaming. He eventually walked off and didn't see him for hours. The next day his counselor asked me what happened and I told her... Then she proceeds to tell me:
"Poor kid...he's just nervous about his court case today."
Me: What's the charge?
Counselor: "Assault with a deadly weapon."

Thanks for the heads up...2/10 Job would not do again Source

11. QUIT!

I was in line at fast food chicken joint a few years ago. It was in NYC, so there was a line that snaked through to the front. I'm a couple from the front and I'm watching a guy ordering. He's looking up at the menu "So, um, I need, uh, one 3-piece meal and" and all of a sudden the woman taking his order snaps, throws her little hat on the ground and explodes. "I CAN'T TAKE THIS S--- NO MORE! I GOTTA PICK UP MY KIDS, I GOTTA TOO MUCH S--- TO DO TO DEAL WITH THIS BULLSHIT!" And she walked out. The poor guy ordering just stood there stunned Source

Big Dude In The Doorway
12. Big Dude In The Doorway

Out at a bar when some guy grabbed the a-- of a married woman. She didn't say anything, just looked across the bar at her husband, a man about 6'8", at least 280 pounds of pure muscle, like ridiculously big. How the a--grabber remained conscious for the savage beating he received before 5 or 6 people pulled them apart was actually surprising. He landed maybe one hit before he got sent through a table Source

Falling Down For Real
13. Falling Down For Real

My dad was in traffic once and he saw a car break down. The guy (wearing a business suit) casually got out of the car, opened the trunk and got an aluminum baseball bat. He then proceeded to beat the living shit out of the car. Windows, lights, the whole work. Once he was finished, he fished out his briefcase from the now-ruined car, ripped off the license plate from the car, then casually/calmly walked to work (we think) Source

There Ain't Gonna Be No Wedding
14. There Ain't Gonna Be No Wedding

I used to work as a private security guard, and one of the most common assignments was working weddings which was usually a nice change of pace from the usual work sites. So I'm at this wedding and the two Hispanic families are fairly large, and booze is freely flowing. For the most part the they were loud but there wasn't any trouble. The rest of the reception goes off without much issue aside from me observing the crowd and I see a guy that looked quite discontent at reception I figured he wasn't too social. I thought it would mostly be uneventful, well I was wrong as when the time came for the best man to give a speech, I saw the guy from earlier come up from his table, he must've been no older than 23 or so and he looked determined and angry. The Bride looks at this guy as she's quite anxious as to what he'll say, this young guy interrupts the best man by taking the mic. He paused for a moment and wipes his eye, I'm thinking great another emotional speech by a drunk guest. But alas nope, it was far better. It turns out the guy is a really close friend of the bride and professes his love for her and that the pregnant bride's child is his. The bride looks mortified and his emotional speech turns from a drunken profession of love to straight up anger and resentment, he then insults the Groom and the Grooms family. The father of the bride, the Groom, and Groom's friends are absolutely livid and ready to beat the living hell out of the guy, but I'll have to hand it to the guy as he was smart and he had brought his friends and it looked like the damn royal rumble as the men are just brawling chairs are being thrown. The Bride is leaving sobbing her friends and family in tow. It's just sea of people before the other family members and a few my fellow guards could even get there to even attempt to break up the fight, By then the cops were already there, quite a few people were arrested, the venue was pretty much trashed Source

Cause when I get mad, I get red, and then I start to steam
15. Cause when I get mad, I get red, and then I start to steam

I used to work with a very angry dude. Like meds and therapy angry. I never knew for sure but the rumor was he was bipolar. Usually he would flip out over something stupid. When he had his minor freak outs it would involve cussing and throwing shit. One day we had a particularly stressful day on the job. It seemed like nothing we were doing was working out right and our plans for that days work had fallen apart. Sprinkle in a few rude customers and a few equipment break downs I knew that this guy was on the verge of breaking. Doomsday as we called it, had been free of his minor freak outs. We thought that maybe his therapy and meds were working but it turns out it was just the calm before the storm. One task we did required me and this angry guy to work on something together. The entire time he was talking to himself under his breath and was very short, like "Give me that." or "Do this" just a few words at a time and in an angry voice. This wasn't uncommon from him so I didn't think much of it. I'm really not sure what was the straw that broke the camels back but whatever it was opened a flood gate. This guy was in the process of backing up one of our semi trucks when all the sudden he just slams on the breaks. All of us kind of stop and look at each other like "Uh oh" He climbs out and slams the door super hard. Then he kicks a pile of rocks next to him. He marches inside the warehouse and we heard him rummage around the tool cabinet and come back out with a wrench. He proceeds to beat the shit out of the tool box on the truck. Then he hops back in and continues to back the truck up. We though his outburst was over but ooohhhhh no that would have been too simple. After he go the truck backed up we were loading it. He just stood off to the side and watched while occasionally cussing about something or slamming his fist down on the table. All of us were walking on eggs shells trying not to set him off. The finally break came out of no where. He yelled, "Fuck it" and hopped in his pickup and drove off, spinning tires and flooring it. He was gone for no more than 10 minutes and came back like a bat out of hell. He hauled ass across our gravel parking lot to the back second warehouse. Me and my friend hoped on the golf cart and took off after him. We found him outside the second warehouse next to a troublesome piece of equipment. At a safe distance we watched as he used a cutting torch, sledge hammer, and other various tools to completely destroy this thing. Once it was down to a pile of scrap metal he loaded it up part by part into his pick up. He made sure to throw each piece as hard as he could. Sometimes he would burn his hand on a still hot chunk and he would cuss and walk around while holding his hand in his mouth. The boss had gotten word of what this dude was doing and came over to watch. After he had the metal loaded up he peeled out, in reverse this time, and was making a bee line for a small pond we had on our "campus". Once dangerously close he slammed on the breaks and all the scraps flew out the back into the pond. He got out to check his work and threw a few pieces that didn't make it into the water as far as he could. Seeming satisfied he peeled out again and made his way into the warehouse. As in he drove full speed through the large garage door and left black marks across the floor. We watched from the golf cart as people had to literally jump out of the way. Once back inside the warehouse he hopped on the fork lift and began loading empty pallets into the back of his pickup. Once his pickup was sagging from the weight he took off again. As he rounded a corner some of the pallets fell of and he got out. He punched and kicked them as he reloaded them by hand. Then he walked into the warehouse and took 6 ratchet straps and secured the f--- out of his load. Then he took off into the sunset. We all just kind of stood in shock for a bit trying to figure out what the fuck had just happened. The boss tried to call him but he wouldn't answer. After some time we all got back to work and sort of forgot about his freak out as we had a ton of work to do. When the day was wrapping up this guy was no where to be found and he still wouldn't answer his phone. Me and my friend took off to go look for him.
It was a small town so we hit up the few bars and his house but couldn't find him. We went to our second location in town and he wasn't there but deep tire marks and the lack of pallets told us he had been there at some point. This location was unmanned unless we needed it so no one had been around to see if he was there. An idea struck us. Maybe he had gone to the landfill to throw away the pallets. We go there but the main gate was closed. A single employee remained. Since we went there a lot to toss out our own trash he recognized us. He said something to the effect of, "Are you looking for that angry guy?" we said yes and he let us in. We drove around the various pits looking for him. We eventually found him in one of the lone back pits. He was tearing apart each pallet nail by nail and throwing them into a pile of more pallets. We stood and watched for a bit and then he said in a really pissed off tone, "Are you just going to stand and watch or are you going to help?" so we grabbed what tools he had and we helped tear apart the last few pallets. After we were done he took off like a bat out of hell again. After that day he never mentioned it again and the boss sat him down for a long talk. The boss told him he needed to take a few days off and think long and hard if this job was for him. The boss also upped his allowance for health care under the condition he would use it for mental health care. As far as I know he enrolled in an intense angry management course and got on some stronger meds. He still had his minor freak outs from time to time but nothing like that. I haven't worked at that place in years but from what I hear he is doing much better. We still have no clue what caused him to snap and why on earth he decided to do the things he did. I will give props to the boss for not just firing him on the spot and giving him a second chance and giving him help. He was easily the most productive employee so that was probably a factor Source

Crazy Lady
16. Crazy Lady

When I worked behind the counter at a gourmet deli in a natural foods grocer, there was a day where this one lady had been served a piece of fish by another employee. I hadn't been a part of this transaction, however I was the one who helped her when she returned to the counter to complain about the fish. She handed the box back to me, saying "hi I asked for a piece of the halibut from the hot case, and this is a piece of chicken" Not knowing that she was off her fucking rocker, I took her at her word and replied with, "okay sure, I'm sorry for the mistake let me help you out" I took the box that her food was in and prepared to grab her some halibut, but thought maybe I should check the inside of the box just to see what happened. I peak in there and, what do I find other than a piece of halibut At this point, as gently as I can, I tell her "ma'am I'm happy to grab you another piece of fish, but it's only going to look like the one you've got right here, because this is indeed a piece of-" At this point she cuts me off and starts screaming at me, "DONT TELL ME THATS A PIECE OF FISH! IF YOU TELL ME THATS A PIECE OF FISH IM GONNA BE SO MAD ILL SPIT IN YOUR FACE!" This lady was old and disheveled looking so I decided to take her at her word and retreat from the situation as quickly as possible. Grabbed her another piece of fish and told her sweetly that I hoped her day "continued to be as wonderful as it had clearly been", flagged down a manager who followed her around the store to make sure she didn't break/ steal shit as she proceeded to walk through the store ranting loudly and profanely about how nobody respects her and how she wanted to spit in my face. Seriously, you meet the weirdest fucking people working in a grocery store, especially an upscale hippy one Source

Crazy Mama
17. Crazy Mama

I cant recall my exact age when this happened. Maybe around 6-8 years old. My younger (over a year younger) sister and i were in the living room, watching tv. My sister was sitting on the floor and i was sitting on the couch. Out of the blue our mother walks into the room carrying two heaping plates of spinach. Nothing else. Just spinach. She lays the plates in front of us. Sister complained that she didnt want any spinach. Thats all it took to trigger my mothers inner psychotic. At that, she pounced on sister. Grabbed a fistful of sisters hair at the back of her head, pulled her head back, and with the other hand started scooping up the spinach with her fingers and slamming the spinach into sisters mouth while screaming at the top of her lungs, "EEEEEEAT IIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!! EEEEEEAT IIIIIIIIIT!!!!! EEEEEEEAT IIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!! I MADE IT NOW YOURE GOING TO EEEEEEEEEEAT IIIIIIT!!!!! My poor sister. One minute shes watching tv, peacefully minding her own business. The next minute shes got this screaming, raving lunatic directly on top of her, physically assaulting her. Literally trying to shove spinach down her throat Source

Her Bodyguard
18. Her Bodyguard

I had a friend at school called Angie. She was loud and annoying and if she didn't like something, she told you all about it. She also have a little piggy nose. I didn't have a lot of friends and being friends with Angie was entertaining. We caught the same bus home, and all the school's footballers would sit in the backseat and bully people on the bus. They started bullying Angie because she wouldn't take their shit. For months they called her piggy or snorted at her, threw apple cores at her etc. because we were on a school bus, there wasn't much to do. While this was all happening, Angie kept telling them, "you guys keep doing this and my brother will beat the shit out of you." So one day, I happen to be walking by and see Angie's brother (who doesn't come to school a lot but he was in Year 12), he had a rage in his eyes that scared me, so I turned to see where he was going. He walked up to the two main footballers (huge) that had been teasing Angie and just laid into them. In three punches they were both knocked out. These footballers were much bigger than Angie's brother, but her brother just happened to be a boxing champion. As soon as teachers showed up, he stopped and went peacefully to the office. It was like a switch turned on, and then he turned it off Source

Smash A Mirror
19. Smash A Mirror

When I was 19 I lived in a house with my then boyfriend, his friend Darren and his girlfriend Meg, and this other guy Steve, who was older, probably mid 20s, who also had a long term girlfriend that stayed over most of the time but didn't technically live there. A little background, this was not the ideal living arrangement. It was on the border of a not so great area, the conditions of the house were pretty grody, and there was a fair amount of drug use that happened there. Also should mention that Steve and his girlfriend fought a lot, some fights turning somewhat violent. On the eve of Thanksgiving Steve came home late at night and was in the middle of a phone call with his girlfriend, who presumably was trying to break up with him. There was lots of screaming that turned into sobbing that turned into begging. He locked himself in the bathroom and let out the most blood curling scream. Screaming and smashing and sobbing. Darren tried to talk to him through the door but he wouldn't have it. He continuously said things about how he wanted to die, how he was going to go to her house and kill himself in front of her. At this point someone had called his dad, the two were close, and asked him to come over to help because we didn't know how to handle the situation. There's a super loud crashing sound, like glass breaking. Steve busted the bathroom door open and ran past Darren, blood dripping down his face, bolted out the door and into the street with no shoes on, in the snow, screaming 'FIRST CAR I SEE' as if he's going to jump in front of it. We look in the bathroom and it's completely torn apart. The mirror is cracked from him punching it, there's blood in the sink and on the floor, everything is thrown about, and the back of the toilet is completely cracked in half. He BROKE THE TOILET WITH HIS FACE. Witnessing this was terrifying, watching the complete breakdown of a grown man, especially when I was still relatively young and had never seen anything like this before in my life. Darren went outside and tried to find where he went but he was long gone. His dad eventually found him sitting on his (ex)girlfriend's front porch, in the cold in the snow in the dark, just sitting there, not moving. He had run all the way there (it wasn't very close). She wasn't home, which was probably a very good thing Source

Going Nuts
20. Going Nuts

The last time I snapped was the summer of fourth grade. A girl who had tormented me all summer- verbally, convinced all the kids to not talk to me, threw my books in the mud, and so on, "accidentally" beaned me in the head with one of those giant rubber balls. Hurt like hell- I was a small kid, and it actually took me to the ground. We both knew she'd get away with it: nobody else was around. I'm never gonna forget the smile on her face.
Next thing I knew, I had my hands on her neck Source

Girls Gone Wild
21. Girls Gone Wild

Saw a stripper go insane. She climbed on stage, screaming like a banshee, grabbed the stripper pole and started shaking it like an unwanted baby. The manager came behind her and grabbed her in a bear hug. Stripper shoved her fake nails (the super long ones) in manager's eyes. They pierced both eye lids and went inside his head. The guy later told me that he could feel the nails scratching the back of his eyeballs. I have no idea on what kind of drug she was on, but the manager threw her outside on the ground. He then punted her down a flight of stairs so hard she actually flew and landed face-first in the parking lot. She got up like nothing happened, and resumed he screaming and running around Source

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