The Grill Master
1. The Grill Master

My now-husband acted like he knew how to grill steaks and just casually grabbed steaks and asked me how I liked mine and then made perfect steaks. Then continued making perfect steaks for months, then years.
And I just learned a month or so ago that the first time he made steaks for me was the first time he'd made steaks in his life, he'd just studied up INTENSELY because he felt that I would be impressed by him making me a good steak. I thought he had been making steaks for years to throw down a perfect steak like it was no big thing, but it turned out he did a ton of research and was sweating bullets trying to get it right. He's the best Source

She Knew
2. She Knew

Well, I'm the one that hid something from her - that I was a smoker. It got to a point where I'd hidden it that long that to admit it would be pretty much lying by omission, and I really liked her. And that's the story of how I quit smoking Source

A Happy Ending
3. A Happy Ending

His eldest daughter. I learned about her 3 months into our relationship. I had known about his younger daughter (different mothers) from the start - he was very open about that. However he didn't know how to tell me about his eldest because it was going to be a difficult conversation. The mother of his eldest had taken off with her years ago & he had no idea how to find her. Within a year of our dating we found her. It was very rough at first because she had been brought up being told that her father didn't care about her - typical parental alienation. Within the next 5 years her father & I got married and she opted to live with us. Now she is an adult, living her life on her terms & we are incredibly proud of her Source

Vacation Time
4. Vacation Time

She hadn't done her taxes in three years because it made her anxious. Turns out she was owed 7K from the government Source

How Fast Things Change, Wow.
5. How Fast Things Change, Wow.

He liked to punch walls, and himself, when angry. Until we were married, our disagreements were always discussions. Sometimes heated, sometimes angry, but never violent and always worked out to a solution in the end. It was great! It was the way adults should argue! The first fight after the wedding, he put his fist through the wall of our (rented) apartment. He also slammed his head into the bathroom door. Why the change? "I've been holding back my anger, but now that we're married, I know you can deal with the real me." Up until then, he'd been WAY more angry and violent than I'd known about, but had hidden it during fights so I wouldn't leave. Yeah, we're not married anymore. For many reasons, but one of them being that I never, EVER felt safe to disagree with him after that Source

Two Saints
6. Two Saints

He didn't really hide it, but I never knew the story of how his first wife passed away until we were engaged. I only knew that she had CF, and that she died too soon; I didn't know that he came home from work, found her passed out and blue, and rushed her to the hospital himself, where she later died. He told me about it one evening when we were sitting in front of the Christmas tree. The whole story came pouring out of him, and I just hugged him and listened. His mother died six months after his first wife passed away, and to hear him tell it, it nearly broke him. I think it healed his heart a little to talk about it, and I know that it made me love him even more somehow. I'm just grateful that he was willing to open his heart up to love again. He is an awesome man and the best thing that has ever happened to me Source

Trouble Ahead
7. Trouble Ahead

One of my exes waited months to tell me that her godparents (that she lived with) were actually her ex-boyfriend's parents. I actually didn't mind it until he moved back in Source

Secretly Rich!
8. Secretly Rich!

My S/O didn't reveal until much later that a sizable inheritance came with the relationship. It was a wonderful surprise - especially because we were secure financially without it Source

What About Pants? Don't You Hate Pants?
9. What About Pants? Don't You Hate Pants?

That he hates sheets. About 4 years into the relationship he proclaimed that sheets wrap around him when he sleeps and he refuses to use them anymore. Apparently he's always hated sheets but just never mentioned it Source

Nobody Like Pineapple On Pizza
10. Nobody Like Pineapple On Pizza

Not me, but my parents... My mom told me a few years ago that on their first date they went out for pizza. My mom's favorite is ham and pineapple and my dad says, "Great, I love pineapple on pizza!" Fast forward years and years of my dad eating ham and pineapple, he finally confesses that he hates it. He actually ate s---ty-a-- pizza for 20 years instead of just admitting that he hates it. This was one of her life lessons for me when I started dating Source

Classy Is Right!
11. Classy Is Right!

He actually bought his favorite sweatshirt from Walmart. At first he told me Costco cause he thought it made him sound a little classier Source

She Still Loves You, Nerd
12. She Still Loves You, Nerd

My GF (now wife) and I had been living together for two years before I told her I watched Star Trek. I was worried she would think I was too nerdy.
It was the early 90s. I had a VCR at my parent's house and I would have dinner with them once a week, and then watch the latest episode of The Next Generation. It all came out one week when my GF and I were both over for dinner. We were getting ready to leave, when my mom says "Aren't you going to watch Trek first?" It was all out in the open. My GF immediately felt bad for me, saying she would never have judged me for watching Trek. She even watched a few episodes with me I had on VHS at my parent's home. She liked it, and thought the stories and themes were good. Trying to assuage my fears further, a few months later she surprised me with tickets for both of us to a Star Trek Convention that was coming to town. So we went. After about 30 minutes walking around the Con, seeing autograph booths, vendors, and cosplayers, she leaned into me and whispered lovingly in my ear, "You were right not to tell me" Source

Blind Loyalty
13. Blind Loyalty

My gf swoops her hair over her left eye. I thought it was just an emo hairstyle until i found out she was blind in one eye Source

Like A Bird
14. Like A Bird

He can sing, beautifully! We had been together for 2 years before I heard him actually sing. He would belt out random lyrics in the car with me in a fun, playful, not serious way all the time. The first time I heard him actually feel it, I was blown away. He has such a deep, soulful voice Source

That's A Surprise...
15. That's A Surprise...

Well, after two years my ex let me know that she liked women as much as I did Source

A Regular David Blaine Over Here
16. A Regular David Blaine Over Here

He could do magic tricks. We were together for thirteen years and one day he pulls out a deck of cards and says "pick a card, any card." F'er got my card and everything, just as smooth as can be. Never did it again Source

Good Taste Is Hard To Explain
17. Good Taste Is Hard To Explain

I've been with my girlfriend for 3 years and she still won't tell me why she can't listen to Jimmy Eat World Source

Also Secretly Rich?!?
18. Also Secretly Rich?!?

My friend is dating a farmer (no they didn't meet on they did meet online though. Any who, they've been dating for 5 months at this time and he refuses to take her to his town and meet his family because he's had a lot of girls date him for what he owns. She waited a year and had no problems and he finally brought her to his town and house and his family is a multimillionaire family. They own like 15 farms across the US. They're house is a F'ing mansion. She was super scared to be in the relationship after that. They're still dating but she try to buy her own things and not depend on him and his money Source

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