But, He Was In Character
1. But, He Was In Character

I went to my first ever convention at the age of 13. I didn't dress up or anything, I just wanted to take pictures of good cosplayers.
My friend and I spotted a very handsome and flawless Miroku cosplayer (Inuyasha was my favorite anime at the time). I was ecstatic and my friend pushed me in his direction to take a picture WITH him.
I scooted close to him and, staying true to character, he groped my a--. It was the best goddamn day of my life.
Years later, I realized how creepy it is to be 13, groped by a 20 year-old, and have it be the highlight of my middle-school days.Source

Well Hi There, Sailor!
2. Well Hi There, Sailor!

Volunteered for large cons for 15 years.
Was on break talking to a friend cosplaying as Sailor Mars.
She's an attractive girl and was sitting with myself and a con chair for a different con when a young male shuffled up.
He opened by complimenting her costume.
He then followed up with "I've fantasized about you since I was 13."
I face palmed and there was a pause and he just sort of shuffled away. Sailor Mars continued on our original conversation. I can only imagine the horrors she has had to put up with.Source

This Guy Just Doesn't Get The Hint
3. This Guy Just Doesn't Get The Hint

Creepiest by far was one of my first conventions, I was about 15yrs. I cosplayed as Konan from Naruto and boy it was a good f---in' job. I was posing for a photo with some people when this guy came up to me and explained how neat he thought the costume was and how well I pulled it off. Thanks. He wanted a picture too. Sure. He wanted a link to my deviantArt. Eeh its 'broken'. Then when I let him know I need to go this way to not so subtly escape he followed, "Oh I'm going this way too"
It took me 10 minutes to work out how to separate myself from this creep and realised we had walked to the food court, where the toilets are. I politely excused myself only to receive what would have to be the most disgusting response: "Oh that's cool, I'll come with".
I'm 15. You're a guy. This is a women's bathroom. No.Source

Creepy Creepers Gonna Creep
4. Creepy Creepers Gonna Creep

Years ago, my wife and I were at a smaller comic convention in Toronto. We were walking around the vendor section, and came to a custom chainmail shop, staffed by a single girl, probably 17-18, outfitted in leather shorts, and a chainmail bra. I assume whoever else was working the booth with her left for a bit? Anyways, it was just a single table and the backdrop behind her. A significantly older, very off-putting man was standing at her table, making bad smalltalk, while taking multiple photos of the clearly weirded out girl.
She looked over at us, and was practically screaming for help with her eyes. My wife pushed over to the table, and started talking and asking her product-related questions, and the dude wandered off after a couple of minutes.

At the same con, I left my wife alone for a bit, and she ended up cornered in a booth trying to be as polite as possible while a random guy explained to her his theories of how the Joker is personification of pure chaos, and how he would just stab someone in the neck because he could.

My tip for any guys looking to make small-talk with random girls at a convention? Don't lead with how your favourite comic character is awesome because he can murder anyone he wants at any time.Source

Beyond Creepy Straight To Criminal
5. Beyond Creepy Straight To Criminal

Im a vendor, so little phases me, but we have gone out of our way to stop a ton of weird behavior. Befriending security is always early on my list. Pro tip: if you're a woman and you see someone who seems uncomfortable or scared by someone else, strike up a quick conversation. Ask if they need help. Give them a way out of the situation.
That said, creepiest personal experience: it was close to closing time and a guy comes in my booth. Acts flirty. Starts asking questions about being a vendor. How much money do I make? How much is cash? Is the vending room guarded after hours? Do I take the cash with me, or leave it in my booth? At close, the guy just doesn't leave. He is just standing, watching me. Finally, security is walking around asking people to leave, and this guy says that he is walking me out. I shake my head and mouth "no" to the security guy, who says the guy has to go. He apparently gives the security guy the slip and loops around back to my booth as I'm sorting my cash out. I decide to just stand there until security comes through again and personally escorts him out. I finish my cash count, walk out and guess who is standing outside the vendors exit? (A different exit than the one he would have taken!) He follows me down the sidewalk, and I'm keeping close to another vendor, as though I know them. I get across the street and see an empty taxi. My hotel is a block away but I ask the driver to just loop around the wrong way. I explain why and the good guy taxi driver says it will be no charge (I still tip). Money locked up in the safe, I make my way back to the convention to meet friends for dinner. We are at an outdoor table when the creepy guy appears again, says hi like he knows me, then leans over the fence and looks around and says "dropped off your bag somewhere, huh?"
Since then, the rule is no one closes the booth solo.Source

6. Bronies!

Was dragged to a ponycon by a friend who promised 'it would be fun'. I don't even like my little pony, but I went anyway.
We stayed at the hotel that the con was being hosted at and the first day that we arrive we are waiting in the lobby when suddenly a random guy throws a pony toy in through the lobby doors. He then proceeds to run inside after it and squat into some ninja pose to retrieve it. He is wearing a 'free hugs' shirt. His friend follows him in equally as nerdy. They spot us across he lobby and realize we are there for the con (friend was in cosplay). They walk over, no f--king joke, pretending to be robots and say "hey ladies" and point to their 'free hugs' shirt.
I look at my friend like, no f--king way am I hugging these greasy boys, and she just laughs and hugs them. I stand firmly with my arms crossed. She gives me the 'come on don't be an a--' look so I give in and hug them. They both hug me soul crushingly tight then leave. They had that lingering s---ty pants smell on top of rodent killing B.O.
As they were walking away I heard one of them say "dude her t--ties felt so soft against my chest".
It's safe to say the rest of the con was hell, too.Source

Walk Away
7. Walk Away

Last year, my then-fiance cosplayed as Kamala Khan. This one really creepy guy approached us and started up a conversation with her about how great her costume was.
Then he spent about 10 minutes talking her ear off about all the people that he wanted Kamala Khan to have sex with in the comics. Dude, we don't care if you think that seeing her with Gwenpool or Wolverine would be hot. It's pretty creepy.
He asked her who she wanted to see have sex with Kamala, which got the response "No one. She's 16." (meaning the character, not the fiance) That didn't really stop him though. We ended up having to walk away from him mid-sentence because he wasn't getting the hint.Source

Poor Fella
8. Poor Fella

I've only been to one convention, but here goes.
Cringiest moment was during the cosplay competition there was a couple that was dressed as Toph and Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender. The (frankly annoying) host announced to the audience that "Zuko" has an important question to ask his girlfriend. Apparently it's a thing to propose during the competition... So they do their little show, Toph throws a foam rock at Zuko, and then they just stand there awkwardly. The guy gets cold feet or whatever, because like 2 minutes pass where it's not clear what's going to happen. They walk off stage, then the girl comes back and stands there for a few seconds... Then goes away again. Zuko comes back and stands there, the host doesn't know what to say. She kinda ignores him and talks about how mean it is to throw rocks at your boyfriend. Zuko gets the hint and walks of. Then the host goes "Oh, looks like he changed his mind. Maybe we'll get a proposal next year.".
Other highlights include a cosplayer making a very serious 15min speech about how cosplaying changed his life and everybody should follow their dreams.Source

Watch Out For Jerks
9. Watch Out For Jerks

This happened just last year actually. Me and my girlfriend were cosplaying Blitz and IQ from Rainbow Six: Siege at a relatively small con. Things were fantastic at the start. Lots of "oh hey guys can I get a picture?!" Just felt pretty good to get some recognition. We had worked really hard on the costumes and even made Blitz's flash shield with working lights. A few hours in and some guy in a costume I didn't recognize shouts "Blitz! I need to fight you!" .....sure dude we'll pose for some fight pictures. No big deal. Well he didn't really grasp the concept of posing and started actually punching my shield which was made of some relatively thin pegboard material and the view slot was just plastic. I told him to tone it down and just put his fist against against it so it looked like he was hitting it in the picture. His response? "It's a shield dude. It'll be fine." and punches the the plastic right out of the shield. I'm pissed. My girlfriend is pissed. The dude is ecstatic. He throws up his fists and battle cries before running off. F--- you, dude.Source

Glomp Indeed
10. Glomp Indeed

One time I was cosplaying as Felicia from Darkstalkers, a character who is a cat girl. This girl at a con just ran up out of nowhere screaming "GLOMP THE NEKO!!!" as she launched herself at me and practically tackled me. Then she stood there hugging me without permission as I tried to extricate myself, and she stank really, really badly.
Also, same con and costume, some obese guy who was watching a door to check for badges told me I couldn't come in until I hugged him.Source

Get A Room!
11. Get A Room!

Teenage Homestuck cosplayers laying in the middle of the walkways outright dry humping and making out. When they were asked to move they made a huge s--- fit about it, accusing the staff of being homophobic.Source

Thanks Ryan Reynolds
12. Thanks Ryan Reynolds

Some Deadpool cosplayer was running around doing silly poses and trying to be witty and charming until he tripped in front of a large crowd and landed pretty hars on his knee. It was obvious he was hurt, so someone went to help him and he screams "f--k off" as you can see tears soaking through his mask. Full grown man, jumping around in the cringiest attempt at being Deadpool, smashes his knee, lashes out and cries.Source

He Could Be The Next President
13. He Could Be The Next President

I was dressed in a reboot Star Trek Uhura costume. A man in a uniform from the original movies comes up and asks to take a picture with me. I say yes. He takes a normal picture and then, before I could do anything, he grabs my leg and throws it over himself. This uniform was short enough that my a--/underwear was definitely visible in that pic. He thanked me and sped off while my d---hole ex laughed about the whole thing. It was so fast I didn't even react until he'd left. It was a drive-by grope.Source

Next Time, Take The Real Sword
14. Next Time, Take The Real Sword

At Pax Prime this past Summer my daughter and I were dressed as Link and Zelda.
A man dressed as Gannon approached my daughter, who in her Zelda outfit looked to be about 17-18, but she was only 14, and told her "So, why don't you and I head to my castle, while my buddies take care of the old lady?"
Sadly my sword wasn't quite sharp enough to bisect him.Source

Maybe It Was Daredevil
15. Maybe It Was Daredevil

I sell comics at conventions and have seen a lot of really cringy stuff. The ones that make me cringe the most are the furries. There's always a group of them, and while they stick to their own little group, they constantly feel the need to grope each other in the main hall.
There's also those groups, usually girls who constantly run around. Like sprinting and when they see someone they know, they jump on them. Glomping or whatever the f--k you call it. All I know is that whatever it is, it annoys me.
I always feel bad for the cosplaying ladies. I've become good friends with many of them since we all go to the same cons all the time and my mom who helps with the business loves to go talk to them at panels about sewing and stuff. They get creeped on so much. Especially the ones with very large breasts. Like one girl who has done some nude modeling, and does cosplaying for a living now. People can't just take pictures, they always try to grope her. Just cause you post a nude picture online doesn't mean you're giving permission for people to just feel you up whenever they want.
I've seen some funny stuff too though. I saw 2 people dressed as the Fett walk up to each other. One took off their helmet and was a rather attractive girl. The other took off their helmet and had a horse head on under it. The girl grabbed the horse head and pulled that off and it is was deadpool. I laughed pretty hard.Source


Not as bad as most of these stories but this happened at a con last year. Had a 6'+ tall dude dressed as an extremely accurate Dark Knight Joker glance down my dress and say, "Well, hellooooo beautiful" right by my ear in a just as accurate voice. I have a strong stomach for scary s--t but Jiminy Christmas that creeped the ever loving hell out of me.Source

Furies.  Why?
17. Furies. Why?

I had a furry roommate in college for a year. He was a bean pole and I'd be surprised if he weighed more than 100 pounds. His girlfriend was this giantess who was almost as tall as me and definitely weighed more, and I'm a big dude at 6'3" and 240 pounds. They were both furries, and she'd be over every Friday night. She'd put on some cat ears, he'd put on a fox tail, and they'd just f--king lick each other in our living room. Needless to say I got a new roommate.Source

You Lost Me At
18. You Lost Me At "She's Like My Waifu"

Alright I go to about 3-4 cons a year, and I have never met a single creep, except in a random small con I've never been to before.
I was there with my friend, and he's had about 50 bathroom breaks and it looks like there's no sign of stopping. So I'm waiting outside the men's bathroom dressed up in a Homura Akemi cosplay. That's when this about 4'11" ~350lb dude with a scraggly beard, which has bald spots, shows up.
I'm standing in front of the men's bathroom just generally disinterested because it's the f--king bathroom, what else is there to do? I try to ignore his presence by staring at my phone, but there's absolutely no one around and this f--ker is smiling at me. As I switch off a reddit thread that's when it happened.
He says "Hi."
His voice was incredibly grating, high pitched and overall unpleasant.
I reluctantly greet him back and he fires back with "I see you're cosplaying Homura. I love her. She's like my waifu; I wanna marry her."
Like first of all, I just met you. Second of all, she's like 14 you sick f--k. He continues this waifuism for a while before changing the target of his compliments from Homura to me. He starts calling me pretty, beautiful etc etc and every compliment stung more than the last.
I was pretty done with him so I try to cut it short and say "I need to meet up with a friend." Start walking away and he grabs my hand. I freak out a little and turn around. He shoots back at me, "I want to meet her too."
This guy is legit hopeless. I abandon hope and tell him to go on ahead, a flimsy excuse looking back, and he tells me he's willing to wait. Another eternity passes while I wait for my friend to emerge from the f--king men's bathroom. The entire time was filled with his waifuism and general praising which did not come off as flattering.
My friend finally f--king emerges and I introduce the two reluctantly and say we really gotta be going without him. He yells "STOP!"
We look back at him and he's reaching into his pants and whips out his phone. He fiddles with it for a bit and turns the screen towards me and asks for my number. I am basically done with him so I just straight up say no and push his phone back towards him. He stares at his screen and tilts his head acting all confused, then he turns his phone screen right back towards me acting as if I just forgot to give him my number. I'm sufficiently creeped out so I just say f--k it, grab my friend and make a solid brisk walk away because you can't dash through a crowded hallway. Thankfully we never saw him again and he's now somewhere out there worshiping Homura.Source

Um...Wrong Convention?
19. Um...Wrong Convention?

One of the cringiest things I've seen happened during a small con when a bunch of friends and I were hanging out in an area with a some couches, just chatting and reading bad fanfiction together as you do. We'd been sitting there for a while when a guy and two girls walked up and stopped a few meters in front of us. One of the girls was dressed in a bra/harness that went around her torso and hips and in between her legs, the world's shortest leather skirt, a gag, stripper heels, some kind of animal paws and a collar with a leash. No underwear, nothing else.
The guy talked with the other girl for a while before he grabbed the first girls leash and dragged her off to somewhere.
Creepiest was probably the time a legit neckbeard hit on me (or something, idk what he actually wanted) when I was 13. It was raining and my cosplay, a very covering maid uniform, was half drenched. I was standing in line at McDonald's when the guy in front of me turned around and in baby speech asked if "the little Kitty is wet", which wouldn't have been all that creepy if he hadn't easily been 40 cm taller than me and 20+ years old with the looks of a senior hobo.Source

The Pain Is Real.  Like When You Drink Mountain Dew
20. The Pain Is Real. Like When You Drink Mountain Dew

So I was cosplaying gremlin D.VA at Sydney SMASH when this photography dude (who's taken photos of me earlier on the day) approaches me with a mnt dew can and cracks a joke about D.VA and the good Ol' classic gamer drink, and tells me about this challenge he made up for himself to take a sip for every D.VA cosplayer he sees.
He insists that because I'm gremlin D.VA, logically he should chug an entire can upon sighting me.
I'm like "aight" but then he drops it on me that he wants me to watch him do it.
Whilst he films it.
My innards collapse upon them self with the force of the cringe but being the nice, giving person I am I f--king agree to the act like a chump.
He gives the camera to my sister (who's cosplaying Mei) and proceeds to awkwardly hork down the goddamn 'dew in audible gulps, but the thing is it takes some time to chug a 250ml can of soda if ur a scrawny nerd, so cue about 15 seconds worth of me attempting to act impressed with some incredibly cringey " (???)?" faces and gestures whilst inside I'm like (???????).
The cherry on top is when he finally f--king finishes I blurt out "now that's what I call a new high score!!!" in that squeaky D.VA voice and I do this dumb nerf gun pose towards the camera woman, my own f--king sister.
I wanted to die. I still think about that moment late at night and experience visceral, physical pain. It haunts me.Source


Not just an attendee but a worker too. I do security for some comic cons here in the U.K., usually the front of house. While you'll talk to a few people, I'll talk to a few thousand.
For me, the cringiest attendees are ones that take the character they're cosplaying as way too seriously. Going up to security officers and trying to role play with them. Bear in mind a lot of the team is 40 something men that hate this stuff and are only here for the pay check. They fully expect us to understand all the fandoms and get confused or even annoyed that I don't know niche character from weird anime.
But the worst was when I had to do queue control for a popular YouTube stand (Rooster Teeth, I'm not sure how popular they are. I don't know who they are). Kids being upset and angry they can't meet their idols is fine, I get that. This one kid had a full mental breakdown in front of me. I say kid, he was more like 15/16. Stomping up and down in tears, yelling about how unfair it was he couldn't go in. He most likely had some conditions but it was a sight to behold, and one that put me off working at comic cons for awhile.
Creepiest was the old guy we handed to the police for taking candid photographs of teenage cosplayers. Girls, cosplay all you want but please know there are perverts out there and they will take upskirt photos of you when you're in your skimpy schoolgirl costume. (Guys too, but it's almost always creeps going after female minors). Stay safe! We recommend you wear plain black shorts under those skirts.
We also confiscated a wooden plank with 6 inch long rusty nails hammered because the guy in plain clothes said it was a part of his costume. I don't think so.Source

Young Nerd Love
22. Young Nerd Love

Oh god, I will never forget this one - happened at a particularly large anime convention. Listened to two 20-somethings very awkwardly have this conversation on a shuttle bus from the convention center back to our hotel at night ("A" is a skinny guy wearing these bizarre light-up shutter shades, "B" is a moderately attractive girl with light-up rings on her fingers and an unrecognizable cosplay):
A: "Oh my god I am so freaking lit right now."
B: "I've been lit since at least 10:30 this morning!"
A: "Wow, you go hard. Where'd you find beer that early?"
B: (Looks at A incredulously) "Seriously? Just go to a liquor store."
A: (Laughs awkwardly) "Haha, yeah."
Silence for a few minutes
A: "So have you gotten lit every day of the con so far?"
B: "Oh yeah, pretty much every con I go to, me and my crew just get totally lit."
Another weird silence
A: "You should come back to my room, there's gonna be a HUGE party later."
B: "Sounds cool, I'll tell my friends. Should I bring anything?"
A: "Could you bring some of that fun juice?"
B: (Looking confused, but laughing awkwardly) "Lul what?"
A: "Could you bring some of those beers?"
-End scene-
Just f--king cringe-city. Also, this conversation was super-loud on a coach bus packed full of people.Source

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