Like all people, celebrities are very different when it comes to how much attention they want to receive from the masses. Some celebrities just want to be treated like normal people and blend in with everyone going about their everyday lives. Other celebrities want people to worship the ground they walk on and raise quite a commotion when someone doesn't treat them like a big deal.

Let's take a look at some stories of celebrities that raised a commotion.

All posts have been edited for clarity.

Former Super Bowl Champion and Fox NFL Sunday Host
Former Super Bowl Champion and Fox NFL Sunday Host

"I used to run a restaurant in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. One Saturday afternoon, Terry Bradshaw came in with two friends. He went to sit at the bar and demanded that all the tables behind him be kept open while he was there.

Being a college football Saturday, the bar was often busy because there were plenty of TVs to watch. New guests were allowed to seat themselves in the bar area. A group of new guests came in shortly after Bradshaw and seated themselves. They had chosen a table behind Bradshaw, not knowing who he was. He immediately demanded to speak to a manager. I approached him and asked how I could help.

He said, 'Do you know who I am?'

Humoring him, I said 'No. Should I?'

He said, 'I’m Terry Bradshaw.'

I extended my hand to shake his and said 'Hi Terry. I’m Bill.'

He slapped my hand away and repeated he wanted the area kept clear for him.

I explained paying guests can sit where they choose. He got more irate and demanded to speak to the General Manager. I explained that I was the GM. He started going on about how he’d have my job and how he could buy this place. I told him the people could sit where they chose, and he could deal with it or leave. He tried to leave before his food came and said his drinks should be comped because he was 'treated so poorly.'

I said, 'Well if you can afford to buy this place, you can surely afford the drinks you ordered.'

He threw some cash on the bar top and stormed out with his friends. He was a total tool. There was a strip of restaurants along the road mine was on. The word from other managers is that he was completely obnoxious to all of them.

Just because you’re famous doesn’t mean you are a good person. Some famous people remember where they came from. Not Terry."

Famous Band Member
Famous Band Member

"We were following a friend up into the Hollywood Hills to his home after the funeral of his fiancée. He was distraught and we were concerned that he had insisted on driving home himself. He rounded a curve but went off the downhill side and his car was balanced mid-air with back wheels on the berm and front bumper in scaffolding where there was construction in the home. It was a dramatic vision.

A Rolls Royce that was coming downhill stopped and a dapper, bearded man emerged, wide-eyed. Our friend was fine and able to climb out a back window after which we had an awed but friendly conversation with our friend, the onlooker, and the home builder. No major damage but we pondered about the vehicle removal. Eventually, a crane was used. Before the onlooker departed he said he thought I looked familiar and asked if I remembered him but I did not.

Turns out I had met him twice before. Once, many years earlier when his band rented a beach house next door to my friend’s parents’ home. And a second time also several years earlier when his wife invited me for coffee in Westwood Village and he was with her.

It was Ringo Starr."

Surfing Movie Star
Surfing Movie Star

"I lived on Long Island at the time and my friend scored some Yankees tickets. They were playing the Angels. I was not really a sports fan of any kind, being a person who mainly liked to play the sport rather than watch it. That is why I was into ultimate frisbee, running, mountain biking, and swimming.

However, it was a day off from working at Office Max, and my girlfriend and I had nothing better to do so a trip into the city sounded really fun.

We took the train to the subway and got off at Yankee Stadium. We went into the stadium, bought some overpriced hotdogs and soda, and then sat down. While I was sitting there people around us were getting excited and it was not because of the ball game. As much as they were getting excited, I just did not care, nor did I notice the security at the end of the row in front of me. After living on Long Island, I was conditioned to not pay attention to the people around us unless they are doing something out of the ordinary.

After a bit, my girlfriend tapped me on the shoulder and asked, 'Who does that look like to you?'

Right in front of me was Patrick Swayze, his wife, and their daughter who was in diapers at the time. I mean literally in the seat in front of me wearing a sleeveless shirt with a sunburn on his arms and an Angels hat.

I replied, 'Patrick Swayze.'

She said, “Yeah I thought so. Should we say hi?'

I said, 'No. He is trying to do the same thing we are and enjoy a baseball game and obviously, the Angels are his home team. Leave him alone and let him enjoy his time with his family. '

Apparently, he heard me over the crowd and turned to me and said, 'Thanks. I appreciate that.'

Shocked, all I could muster to say was, 'You're welcome.'

He left at the top of the 9th inning with his security detail. I assume to beat the crowd leaving the stadium. However, he did turn to us and said, 'Enjoy the rest of the game.'"

The Apple Commercial Guy
The Apple Commercial Guy

"My wife did. We were staying in Vancouver, BC for a short vacation at a nice hotel where a lot of celebrities apparently stay when they’re filming. She went down to the hotel gym and rode in the elevator with Jeff Goldblum.

She knew he was some actor, but all she managed to ask was, 'You’re the guy from the Apple commercials, right?' This dates the encounter.

He said, 'Yes, I am.'

And she said that her husband would be frustrated that she didn’t get a name. She had been showing him around the hotel gym at this point.

To which he responded, 'My name is Jeff.'

Then she said, 'Yeah, sorry I just had to ask for him'

Then he told her the full name.

The kicker is that she came back up to the room after her workout and said to me, 'I met a celebrity in the gym!”'

Not expecting anything crazy, I was like, 'Okay, cool. Who was it?'

She said, 'Jeff Goldman.'

I asked, 'Who?'

She repeated, 'Jeff Goldman.'

I responded, 'Yeah, I don’t know who that is.'

Then she clarified, 'The Apple commercial guy!'

Absolutely shocked, I asked, 'You mean Jeff Goldblum??'

She exclaimed, 'Yes! That's right!'"

Disney Channel Star

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Disney Channel Star

"When I was really young, like maybe twelve, I went to a concert with various teenage singers from the time. I believe Jesse McCartney was the headliner. I didn’t go for him. There were a few opening acts I liked at the time.

So at some point during the show, I went out to maybe go to the bathroom or something, and I got separated from my friend because security started cutting through. Like two to four huge dudes. I got panicked and tried to cross through them because I saw my friend on the other side of them. Being that young I was pretty scared to be alone. I didn’t realize who or what they were protecting.

So one of the security guards literally moved me out of the way and scolded me, saying something like, 'Jesse McCartney isn’t doing autographs right now.'

I asked, 'Who? I’m just trying to get to my friend over there.'

The security guard asked, 'You’re not trying to get a picture with him?'

I said, 'No,' not realizing Jesse McCartney was literally right in front of my face.

He gave me the dirtiest look I think I’ve ever gotten in my life.

I still die laughing about it to this day. No disrespect to him at all. I mean it was his concert and I did know who he was and I’m quite a fan now. I was so confused and having a low-key panic attack because I was alone all of a sudden with these dudes twice my size asking me if I wanted a picture."

Angelina Jolie's Husband
Angelina Jolie's Husband

"Brad Pitt and I happened to catch the same elevator. His appearance was different than I had remembered from Ocean's Eleven. He said hello and asked how my day was going and we made small talk about the weather. We got off on the same floor and he wished me a nice day.

Awkwardly enough, we were headed in the same direction, got tied up by security, and walked up on some women self-detonating. Shortly after, a few paparazzi ran up and began snapping pictures. I immediately covered my face because I've had groups of people from other countries behave like that by walking up to me, touching my hair, and taking pictures without asking. I knew I was absolutely not important and was puzzled by the situation.

I just don't understand the unnecessary hype of celebrity gossip. Being nosy and making small talk, I asked security what was going on as Brad Pitt stood there. The security guy didn't respond and seemed taken aback by the question.

I heard some more women sprinting up to Brad Pitt and screaming his name. He ignored them, looked at me, and said 'Have a nice day," paired with a fist bump, and darted off. After Brad Pitt left, the woman that was self-detonating asked, 'Do you know who that man was?"

I said, 'Not at first.'

Offended, the women huffed away and the scene became peaceful."

Rapper In Cabo
Rapper In Cabo

"Back in about 1996, I was vacationing in Cabo San Lucas area. I got up early in the morning to go for a walk and went into town, which was largely deserted.

As I was walking by some different bars and restaurants, I heard music playing and was curious about what was going on, so I walked into the building.

When I walked in, I looked further and saw about twenty to thirty really beautiful women that were dressed to the nines.

About that time, a young man walked out of the area and smiled at me, and said, 'Hello.'

I said hello back and asked him what was going on with the music and girls.

He said, 'We’re shooting a video for MTV.'

I told him, 'That is really awesome and I'm happy that you are experiencing such success.'

Then I asked, 'Do you mind me asking your name?'

He said, 'Not at all.'

When he gave me his name, I thought he said 6-pack.

I was embarrassed and admitted to him that I wasn’t familiar with his music. He said that it was ok and then he wished me good luck and an enjoyable stay during my vacation then he left.

He was super nice, squared away, and pleasant. Looking back, it kills me that I wasn’t able to get a selfie with him because I wasn’t familiar with his music. But I’ll never forget what a pleasant experience it was to chat with him. I wish he was still with us.

RIP Tupac."

Chocolate Mogul
Chocolate Mogul

"In the late 1990s, I was walking through Manhattan with my father, when we passed a line outside Barnes & Noble.

Apparently, someone named Gene Wilder was doing a book signing. We turned the corner, and Gene Wilder stepped out of his trailer. My dad pointed him out, and my simple, eight-year-old mind could only stare at the guy walking out of the trailer.

Gene Wilder met my eyes, smiled, and said, 'Do you know who I am?'

I said, 'No.'

My dad face-palmed and exclaimed, 'That's Gene Wilder!'

I looked at them both and asked, 'Who's Gene Wilder?'

After a laugh, Mr. Wilder explained that he played Willy Wonka in the movie, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

I didn't really get what the big deal was."

Dancing Scientologist
Dancing Scientologist

"My uncle worked for Pakistan International Airlines in New York and would often hop on free flights to California on other airlines to visit us whenever the mood struck him. It was one of the perks of working in the air travel industry, but the caveat was that he could only fly stand-by if there was actually an empty seat available; no one was ever bumped in order to make room for him.

One day he managed to secure a seat for himself in first class. As he settled in and got comfortable, he noticed that his young, handsome seat-mate was attracting a lot of attention from the flight attendants and from other passengers. People were asking for his autograph, shaking his hand, complimenting him, smiling at him. My uncle had no idea who he was.

He finally decided to just ask him, 'Excuse me, are you someone special? Why does everyone seem to know you?'

The gentleman informed him that he was an actor who had recently been in a film that had done very well. He told my uncle his name and then asked him, 'Now do you recognize me?'

My uncle told him, 'Nope. I only watch Indian movies. Do you know who Amitabh Bachchan is?' Amitabh was - and still is - the biggest actor in Bollywood with a worldwide following. To this day, we crack up at my uncle’s response.

The actor answered in the negative, and my uncle gushed, 'Oh, he’s the best! You should watch his movies! You will love them!'

And then, intrigued, he pushed further, 'So are you famous?'

The fellow passenger smiled and responded, 'Tell you what. When we land in Los Angeles, you tell me if you think I’m famous or not.'

When my uncle saw how excitedly people at LAX reacted upon seeing the celebrity who disembarked his flight with him, he became convinced that the man was indeed famous.

So who was the man? None other than John Travolta.

And his movie that had recently been released to great acclaim? Grease."

Grumpy Vampire
Grumpy Vampire

"So I worked in a restaurant and one day Paul Wesley came for dinner with his girlfriend and her mom! It was a busy night and he requested a booth in the main area. The owner said he has no booth available right now because they are all are booked.

Paul Wesley got mad and asked my owner, 'Do you know who I am?' and he continued about how famous he is.

The owner said that he didn’t know him but had managed to get him a booth anyway. The owner really cared about getting well-known people dining in his restaurant.

I had watched Vampire Diaries so I was just crazy about the actors and the whole series.

I got super excited when I saw him having a conversation with the owner at the front desk. I was even more excited when I realized that he had been seated in my section in a nice booth. I couldn't believe that I was going to be serving him and had told all of my co-workers within earshot that he is an actor on Vampire Diaries.

As soon as I greeted him, I could tell that he was not even remotely approachable. He showed zero respect when I was taking their order and came off as very arrogant for the duration of the meal. I was shocked that he had gone out to eat in public because it looked like interacting with me was physically painful for him.

At the end of their meal, I said, 'It was a pleasure serving you, sir,' and he didn't even acknowledge me!

It was everything that I had heard about celebrities being arrogant and more.

My excitement about that evening and fandom of Paul Wesley quickly disappeared after that interaction."

Two Gorgeous Women
Two Gorgeous Women

"I was studying in the park at Washington Square in Manhattan. Two gorgeous women, one a blonde and the other a super tall woman, walked by pushing a baby stroller and sit in the grass nearby. They were both just stunning and obviously both models or something.

I noticed everyone staring at them and all I could think was, wow, people suck, just gawking at these two women who are just minding their business playing with their baby. At one point a guy passed on his bike, nearly crashed, stopped, and literally took a picture. What on earth?

The blonde started walking over to where I was having a smoke and studying my flashcards. She asked if she could borrow my light, and sat on the wall next to me. I was friendly of course and wanted to chat with her so badly but didn’t want to join the ranks of these other clowns that I’m sure she saw gawking, that day and every day.

She did that a couple of times over an hour and a half or so, obviously getting away from the baby to smoke. We would chat a little here and there but I leave it at that.

On the way home, I was sitting across from my roommate on the subway, telling her about this crazy attractive blonde I sort of met in the park, laughing a little wondering who she was.

Then my roommate opened the paper and there she was, a full spread on the back of the paper.

Cameron Diaz! I didn’t have a clue."

"I Was Surprised By The Question Because She’d Been So Nice"
"I Was Surprised By The Question Because She’d Been So Nice"

"When I was working at an architecture firm, a woman came in and was looking through the pages of the firm’s completed projects. We talked for a while, she was very polite and quite lovely. We discussed what she was looking for in an architect, what she wanted to be designed, and other standard architecture questions. She was friendly, kind, and perfectly charming.

After she left, one of the other people in the firm came up to me and asked me if the lady had been rude to me. I was surprised by the question because she’d been so nice. He was shocked by my reply and shook his head. I asked him why he thought she’d be rude and he explained I’d been chatting up Courtney Love.

I know a lot of people think she’s terrible. But, the one and only time I met her, she was great. So, I have never been willing to believe the press about anyone since then. If I don’t know them personally, then I don’t know who they really are in private.

More often other people are asking, 'Don’t you know who they were?' rather than the people themselves."

Lethal Weapon Actor
Lethal Weapon Actor

"I was working for the college newspaper at the time taking pictures. We were expected to have a guest speaker about human rights. I did not know who the guest speaker was or what he normally advocated for. I was just told by the editor that I was to go to the student affairs office and take pictures of the speaker so they could highlight him in the newspaper, because it would be hard to take those pictures during the event like normal.

I found it odd that I was not told who was speaking, the pictures were not taken while they were speaking, or any details. Again, I was only told that I could be trusted out of the other three photographers not to make a big deal out of it.

Intrigued, I agreed and was given a time and date. I was also told not to be late and if I was to call the editor ahead of time.

So the day came and I went to the chairman's office in the Student Affairs building who handles all of the campus groups. When I got there I saw two security people sitting in the chairs outside.

One of them looked up from what they were reading and said, 'Are you the photographer?'

I replied, 'Yes, did the camera give it away?'

They smiled and told me, 'Okay, just go on in. They are expecting you.'

So I knocked and just entered. I saw the Chairman sitting at his desk and I said, 'I am here to take the picture of the speak-'

Before I could finish my sentence, I realized that it was Danny Glover sitting on the couch in the office.

He laughed, held out his hand, and said, 'Hi, I am Dan, glad to meet you.'

Overjoyed, I responded, 'Yeah I know. I love your work.'

I took a few pictures of him then we chatted a bit and said goodbye. He was a very nice man. Also, I had no idea he was a speaker on human rights."

Wannabe Celebrity
Wannabe Celebrity

"Back in the mid-1990s in Las Vegas, I worked at a Blockbuster Video for a while. There was a company policy that we had to see not only everyone’s Blockbuster membership card when they were renting videos, but we also had to verify it was actually that member with a valid photo ID.

This rule wasn’t strictly enforced once employees were familiar with regular customers, of course. We had many regulars, some who were celebrities, some who weren’t. Some who were nice, like Kenny Rogers, and others who were relatively quiet, like Mike Tyson. It was always a pleasure to see them, and I didn’t ever bother asking for their ID.

Then there was John Wayne Bobbitt. I never liked him or his attitude. He was always entering the store pretentious and belligerent, loud and obnoxious, begging for attention from all the other customers. He always walked in with two different women of the night, one on each arm, never with the same ones, as if he had something to prove to everyone.

From the very first time I had the misfortune of meeting him and checking his videos out for him, I asked for his ID. I knew it wouldn’t go well once I saw the looks from my co-workers in my peripheral vision, but I wasn’t interested in giving him the special treatment that he expected me to. Especially not after witnessing how he treated people around him.

After handing him back his laminated Blockbuster card, I said, 'I need to see your ID to verify your identity, sir.'

He shouted, 'Don't you know who I am??'

I responded, 'I'm sorry, I don't. And it's company policy.'

He shouted again, 'Don't you know who I am???'

I responded, 'I will once I see your ID. Otherwise, I can't let you rent these videos.'

He was livid at that point and starting swearing under his breath while pulling out his ID. Then he threw it at me.

I looked at his ID and sarcastically said, 'Ohhhhhh, you're-'

He cut me off and said, 'Shut up and hurry. This is a waste of time and you better remember me the next time I'm in here.'

As I handed his ID and membership card back, I gave him a promising smile and said, 'Thank you. I'm sure I will, Mr. Bobbitt.'

After that, every time he and his new arm candies walked into the store, all of my co-workers would leave me to work the check-out counter alone. They’d go busy themselves on the floor with helping customers pick movies, re-shelf returned videos, or even scrub toilets in the back. Anything just to make sure John Wayne Bobbitt had to come to my cash register.

The next time he came to the cash register, I said, 'I need to see your ID to verify your identity, sir.'

He grew more upset every time he came in the store and I asked him that.

He once again shouted, 'Don't you know who I am??'

I repeated, 'Yes sir but it's company policy,' and pointed to the sign on the countertop.

I could see my co-workers watching me from the back of the store and giggling. He would get so upset when I didn't treat him like a celebrity when he came in the store."