Okay, let me just preface this by saying that James Gandolfini was an absolutely great guy. Not only did he do a stellar job playing a grizzled yet dimensional mob boss in The Sopranos, but he was an active philanthropist and all-around friendly dude. His legacy is just the gift that keeps on giving. The only thing that can make this guy even better is the fact that he routinely took pictures with Spongebob while working at Nickelodeon fundraisers. Just absolute king behavior.

So just sit back and enjoy these pics of Gandolfini with a classic 90s cartoon.

Rest In Peace, legend.

It's the hand on the nose for me.

Just a wholesome shot. Miss you, king.

The hair, the shades, the hand-holding. 10/10 pic.

Here we see Gandolfini switching it up a little bit, cupping the nose this time.

Bonus Pic

Okay, so technically not Spongebob but boy did James like posing with mascots. Truly a man who knew how to live life.