Celebrities aren't always just like the rest of us; sometimes they're worse. For some reason, many of Hollywood's elite are ruder than your average person. We get it; you're famous. But that doesn't mean you deserve special treatment from the rest of us. These Redditors reveal which celebrities were less than kind when they met them. Content has been edited for clarity.

Ja Rule
Ja Rule

"In light of recent events, this is even more interesting.

I watched Ja Rule kick a production assistant down a flight of stairs.

I was security for the MTV Beach House in the summer of 2002. Ja Rule and a group of others were upstairs in the green room of the beach house. It was originally a life guard station that they converted, and the green room had a very small and tight winding stair case. The PA brought up a bottle of generic water to Ja and crew, but it was the wrong water.

He yelled at the PA, and when he turned around to go get him the 'right' water, Ja kicked him in the back of the legs and he went down the stairs. I was stationed at the front of the house and heard yelling and a bit of commotion, then a flood of water bottles followed by a PA come rolling down the stairs."

Alicia Keys Bad Mouthed Everyone
Alicia Keys Bad Mouthed Everyone

"Alicia Keys.

I worked security at a local concert venue for over 10 years and she was absolutely the biggest prick that I ever rubbed elbows with. One night, I was asked to stay late and work a meet and greet in the catering room after her show. I stood next to Alicia and her assistant at the time (probably 2006) while she met a group of fans one by one. Each fan gave her gifts/flowers and probably had 30 seconds to say hello.

Being so close, I was able to hear every word she said to her assistant and it wasn't pretty. She basically bad mouthed the entire group. She had something negative to say about almost everyone's outfits and appearance. Considering how long ago it was, I hope that she has grown up since then. If not, she is still garbage in my opinion."

"But I Like Nickleback!"

"Chad Kroeger from Nickleback. My buddy was at the Roxy watching some live music. Chad was in front of him. Someone else yelled 'Nickleback sucks.' Chad thinks it’s my buddy, turns around and punches him out.

My friend wakes up to find out he got punched out by Chad Krueger, which is the equivalent to someone urinating on your ego but also a hilarious story. Long story short, he got paid out through private litigation because Nickleback was about to go on tour and Chad couldn’t get stuck in Canada fighting the case or worse.

The best part was when my buddy came to, apparently he said, 'But I like Nickleback!'"

Grandpa Was Just Trying To Be Nice To Jeff Daniels
Grandpa Was Just Trying To Be Nice To Jeff Daniels

"Jeff Daniels, the guy from Dumb and Dumber. He lives right next door to my cousins and is very disliked in their community. He always assumes everyone will mob him and ask for autographs or whatever, so he won't interact with anyone. He's lived next to my cousins for at least 15 years and has only talked to them once or twice.

My favorite anecdote is that my grandpa once sat next to him in a bar and tried to strike up conversation. Jeff Daniels was a jerk and left. The bartender told my grandpa not to worry about it, he just doesn't like to talk to fans and my grandpa was like wait, who the heck was that? It turned out my grandpa had never heard of Jeff Daniels, he was just trying to be friendly."

Partying With Usher Wasn't As Fun As You'd Think
Partying With Usher Wasn't As Fun As You'd Think

"I met Usher at a party once. One of the rudest and most diva-like people I have ever met. I made small-talk with him about his time in the country (we were both visiting the UK at the time) and mid-conversation he asked what made me think I could approach him. Keep in mind we were both guests of a mutual friend, the dress code was black tie, and he rocked up in a t-shirt and hoodie.

Another dude asked for a picture with him and he was like, 'How about you go get another drink instead?' and walked off. If this was on the street then sure, but again, this was at a party where literally everyone was taking selfies.

The guy who threw the party found out and had a few words with him. He stayed about 30 minutes then left. Like bro, just don’t show up if you’re not going to have a good time.

I’ve since spoken to more people who have met him and this seems to be normal behavior."

"I'll Never Work For Dane Cook Again"

"Dane Cook is a huge jerk. My uncle and I were in a crew to move some stage equipment for one of his stand-up shows. There was a rule that if anyone actually saw him, they were not supposed to try and talk with him, or even 'look him in the eye.'

We were actually told that by management.

One of our crew who was working for him tried to stop him behind stage and ask for an autograph and Dane Cook had them immediately fired and escorted off of the premises.

On the flip side of the coin, we worked a show for Taylor Swift and she bought everyone doughnuts and fried chicken with her own money, and came back to do a meet and greet and to tell everyone that they were doing a good job. She really did seem like an all-around good person.

Forget Dane Cook, though. I would never work for him again if it ever came up, just because he seems like such a complete scumbag."

Even Ron Howard Was Shocked By Seinfeld's Behavior
Even Ron Howard Was Shocked By Seinfeld's Behavior

"Jerry Seinfeld came into a restaurant I bartended at for an interview (magazine). He was a regular for us. When he came in, he’d act like someone of his caliber - just wants to eat as soon as he can and duck out. When people noticed him, he’d wave and keep it pushing. No one ever bothered him because everyone knew him from the neighborhood.

On one particular day, he comes in to do his interview. He tells his server, the same girl who always serves him, to bug off when she comes to do her 'how’s everything goin’ for ya' round. She’d only come up that one time after the food was dropped off.

The interview stopped there. Interviewer got up and left. Seinfeld throws up his hands and leaves shortly after. Nothing appeared to be off before, during, or after in terms of his behavior. It took everyone by surprise - including Ron Howard who just finished his meal.

I had a front seat to this entire ordeal."

Tim Allen Was Very Rude
Tim Allen Was Very Rude

"Tim Allen.

He came into a coffee shop I worked at and he was very very rude to me and the customers. I didn't recognize him at first (he looks older and had kind of a beard growing) and he had caught me off guard, so when I asked his name for the order, he said. 'Seriously?...Tim...' very arrogantly.

Then it hit me who he was and I got a little flustered and forgot that he had ordered a breakfast sandwich and repeated his order back.

'Okay so just the latte and the k-cups for you?'

He said, 'Wow, we are on a roll this morning, aren't we? No...I asked for the ham and swiss, too.' So I wrote the bag, apologized, and finished the order.

There was a customer in the store who was soooo excited that Tim Allen was there and he asked for a picture with him. Yes, I know it is probably annoying to be repeatedly asked for pictures in public, but honestly that's a consequence of having your face in the movies. In the picture, (the customer was so excited to get his picture taken that he came and showed us baristas) Tim's face was sooo angry and blurry because Tim couldn't stand still long enough to take the picture even after saying yes to it."

JLo The Cheapskate
JLo The Cheapskate

"Jennifer Lopez.

Back when JLo and Ben Affleck were an item, a friend of my brother's was a black jack dealer in Vegas. Ben Affleck and his crew were at his table for a few hours.

JLo came down to get Ben to go somewhere or something. Ben threw down a $500 chip as a tip for my brother's friend and before it even stopped spinning on the table, JLo picked it back up said, 'That's too much,' to Ben and replaced that $500 chip with a $50 chip from Ben's winnings/stack.

What a witch."

At Least Morgan Freeman Tips Well
At Least Morgan Freeman Tips Well

"Morgan Freeman.

I worked at a restaurant in Mississippi during college that was very popular. He’d eat there all the time. He usually came in tipsy, but he always left hammered. He’s very rude to the hostesses and managers. I served him many times and he’d always give me a hard time. For example, one night he was crazy hammered and asked me to to straighten a painting on the wall. I told that since it was above an occupied booth that I couldn’t. He wasn’t very understanding and yelled at me for being an 'incompetent idiot' and such.

He likes Tito’s on the rocks with 3 olives. He’ll drink 3-4 and get so smashed that his girlfriend/wife(?) has to carry him out.

I liked serving him, though, because I’d harmlessly mess with him and he would take it so seriously. He tips well, at least."

A Little Karma For Wanye Gretsky
A Little Karma For Wanye Gretsky

"Wayne Gretzky.

I met him during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. A group of us kids waited outside in the snow for over four hours while he was doing interviews. Then he proceeded to have his security team push through the group of us instead of saying hi or signing autographs. He actually knocked over one of my friends. Then when his ride left without him, he was forced to wait 10 minutes while we heckled him.

Meanwhile, the Canadian Skier Alexandre Bilodeau who had won Gold the night before stayed behind for photos, autographs, let us hold his Gold Medal, etc. He was a class act."

Famous Cousin Spills All The Tea
Famous Cousin Spills All The Tea

"My cousin is a famous actress, obviously, I'm not sharing who she is, but I will share what I've been able to learn through her:

Overall, most people in Hollywood are crap, but there are a lot of people (like my cousin) who really just consider it a job and have a hard time giving a crap about the fame, because their personas are all manufactured. In Hollywood, you're not getting fame for 'the real you,' just a superficial version of yourself. Which is why a lot of celebrities are depressed, especially if they are too smart to lie to themselves and say the fame is worth anything. As soon as someone gets to know the real you, they'll find a way to be disappointed.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are extremely crappy people. When my cousin took me to their restaurant, I was all excited, then I got to talking to the bartender and she was almost in tears because she told me Jessica and Justin always blame the staff of trying to steal from them. This particular time Jessica told her to 'stop staring at her purse and get me a drink.' Extremely vile. My cousin is friendly with them, but they came off like such jerks to me. Seeing the way they treated their staff really messed with me and now I can't listen to N*Sync the same.

David Duchovny went through a period of superior jerk, but he may be cooler now, this was a long time ago. She said he is almost identical to his character on Californication, just a lot less intelligent.

The guy who plays the heavier gay guy on Modern Family is apparently the biggest piece of crap she's ever worked with. He has multiple Tinder accounts under aliases, and will catfish extremely young girls. Then when they recognize him, he uses it in his favor. Too lazy to look for his name.

Jim Carrey is an extreme narcissist (no surprise I know), but the level of it has been persistent for a very long time. My cousin worked with him in the early 90's and told me at the height of his fame, he became so self-involved he completely neglected any sense of reality. She hasn't seen him much, but he will randomly contact her and basically offer to hook up with her. I'm sure it works on a lot of non-famous women, hence the herpes lawsuit."

Devastated Over Demi
Devastated Over Demi

"Demi Lovato. I had another friend who met her at a meet and greet after a show once and said she was lovely, but here was my experience:

At a pretty big stadium baseball game about six seats away was Demi, and this wasn't Demi now. This was when she had just done Camp Rock and my sister was obsessed with her. So naturally at some point in the game, we didn't want to annoy or harass her, my sister goes over and says she loved Demi on Disney and would love a photo. I kid you not, Demi looked up and just snarled, 'Do I look like I want to do that for you? Go away,' at a 13-year-old girl fan of hers.

My sister was devastated and just went back to her seat and I tried to make her feel better by just saying that she probably doesn't like getting seen in public. I get stars are people and don't want to feel like an animal in a zoo, but she totally could have been nicer."

The Upsetting Truth About Sebastian Stan
The Upsetting Truth About Sebastian Stan

"My boyfriend is currently a cook at the Little Beet in Manhattan and so far, he’s noticing that Sebastian Stan comes in and is basically rude to the staff. The first time, he nicely approached him to mention he was a fan of his work (my boyfriend is a Captain America nut) and he kind of gave a sarcastic scoff response to him. Basically he mentioned how they share the same name and he was already not amused. And then complimented him and offered him a free meal at the establishment and he coldly said no thanks as if he were insulted and ordered his food and left.

He let it slide, but a few weeks ago he entered the same establishment again and while my boyfriend was working in the back, his coworkers were complaining how much of a jerk he was to everyone else while he sat and ate. Basically acting like a diva. It’s an upsetting truth I wish I never knew."

Zach Braff Was Basically A Functioning Idiot
Zach Braff Was Basically A Functioning Idiot

"A friend of ours was on a shoot with Zach Braff back in the day doing a small part. This was around when Sidekicks (first good texting phone with full keyboard) came out. My friend had one. Braff had flip phone and Braff was jealous.

He kept asking him about it and how he afforded it (my friend is not famous but he works still). Then he just walks over to the desk the friend was sitting at in the scene and picks up his phone and starts playing with it without asking. Friend was livid, but Braff was the star and friend didn’t want to lose the job since it was his rent for the next 6 months and they hadn’t shot his big scene yet.

Friend sat there stewing as Braff went through all his 'apps' and 'games' and acted like it was his and even walked away with it. Luckily for Braff, before friend lost his crap, the Assistant Director whispered In Braff’s ear and made him give it back. Later, the same AD made Braff apologize and put friend in another scene he wasn’t supposed to be in.

The AD came up to friend later (they knew each other from other jobs) and thanked him for not losing it and keeping his cool and explained that Braff was basically a functioning idiot and he didn’t mean anything by it. He just doesn’t get personal space.

The rest of the time Braff was cool and even bought the whole cast ice cream."

Flying With Jessica Chastain
Flying With Jessica Chastain

"I used to work at an airline and there was a day that Jessica Chastain had flown with us and yelled at a CSR who was helping her with her luggage and escorting her to the tunnel to the point where the poor guy ducked into the staff kitchen to cry. He said he didn’t recommend that she put her dog on top of the luggage cart because it was a bumpy ride and they didn’t want any accidents happening. She chewed him out for trying to 'talk down to her' and reminded him that he’s just there to 'push a freaking cart.'

She had her assistant call the admin office a few days later to complain about the CSRs and our company’s hiring policies."

Luke Wilson Just Wanted Some Attention
Luke Wilson Just Wanted Some Attention

"Luke Wilson.

This is a long story, so you may want to get some snacks.

My brother, pops, and I are at Boston Logan eating at a restaurant in terminal C outside of security. The place is completely empty. Someone comes up to us to ask if they can sit at our table, plenty of open seats, but we say sure without even looking up. I look over and see it's Luke Wilson wearing a wrinkled polo with his lady du jour. I liked him from Idiocracy at the time, but nobody was sweating him. I didn't even really look at him. My brother was catching a flight separate from pops and I so we were taking some goodbye pics before we split up. Bro leans over to Luke the Puke and says, 'You might end up in the background of our pics, just a heads up.' Keep in mind, there are still a bunch of empty seats around us.

We go about our business for the next few minutes when the less-talented Wilson gets up to leave. He mumbles something like, 'You can take your pictures now.' We look at each other confused and nobody says anything. He leaves.

We clear security and head down. My brother's flight leaves before ours, so I head over to hang out with him at his gate. It's near where Cape Air departs. As we are walking over, The Pukester is coming out of the bathroom. We cross paths and he mumbles something that sounds like, 'Learn some manners, idiot.' We're still walking, so it takes a second to register and I say, 'Excuse me?'

Sure enough, we're about 30 yards apart by now, he yells across the terminal: 'LEARN SOME MANNERS, IDIOT.' Everyone's looking at him.

I yell, 'I liked you in Idiocracy.' He mumbles something again and turns around to catch his flight.

Idiocracy is one of my favorite movies, but it was never the same after that. My best guess is this particular individual couldn't handle that we didn't want to take pics with him."

Bill Murray Really Doesn't Like Him
Bill Murray Really Doesn't Like Him

"Bill freaking Murray

A friend of mine was about 10 years old and went to see Bill golf at Pebble Beach. There was a space between the holes where fans would gather and my friend posted up and as Bill walked through, he politely asked bill for an autograph. Bill said, 'Don’t bother me kid, I’m golfing.'

Flash forward 20 years me and that same friend got a chance to see Bill live when he was on tour with the cellist Jan Vogler. Incredible show packed full of music, poetry, and theatrics. Absolutely fantastic. After the show, we hung out and drank and reveled in how amazing it all was. Walking back to the parking garage of the venue, we walked past a large black SUV. Walking toward the SUV is none other than Bill Murray. We were facing Bill about 30 ft away. One of us said, 'Hey Bill, that was a great show' or something like that. He stops walking, turns around to a bodyguard/ assistant and pretty loudly says, 'So we gonna get outta here or what? Where’s the other car, already? Let’s go!' We just sort of stared dumbfounded at his meanness.

Jan Vogler walked by a minute later and we said a similar, 'Hi, awesome show!' And he replied, 'Thanks, thank you for coming' like a normal non-jerk human.

Either Bill Murray is a scumbag and doesn’t care about his fans or he just really hates my friend."

Don't Look At Chris Evans In The Eye
Don't Look At Chris Evans In The Eye

"Chris Evans. I’ve heard this from 2 different actors. Chris has this dumb rule that extras can’t look him in the eye. My friend was at the bottom of a staircase and she heard someone coming down the steps. She naturally looked back to see who was coming so she could step out of the way and it was Chris Evans. She didn’t say anything to him and he passed by her. When she got to the costume trailer, a production assistant handed her the pink slip which means that you are done for the day and she asked why, and it was because she looked at Chris Evans.

The other actor who worked with him didn’t have as bad as an experience. Before his scene, the assistant director told all the extras that they couldn’t look at Chris Evans directly because it messes him up. My friend thought they were joking, but it turned out to be true. It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of."

Kill Bill Will Never Be The Same
Kill Bill Will Never Be The Same

"I'm not gonna say he was considered nice, but David Carradine. I was working at a convenience store at the time. He came in totally messed up. We all thought he looked familiar at first but couldn't place him, eventually the lightbulb went off. He was buying a bunch of beverages - kinda roaming around, with his handler hanging out as his shadow. He was more of a sloppy mess than anything. I guess he was filming a movie in the area. He also couldn't pronouncer Jaegermeister and called it 'Jagger-meister.'

Over the next couple weeks, two different people came in. Servers from restaurants close by. One of them said how he was around, and how creepy he was to her. Trying to sweet talk her but weirding her out. The next person was a server from a different restaurant. I guess he tried to get a bit handsy with her and the manager kicked him out.

Kill Bill will never be the same."

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