Sometimes we forget celebrities are people too. Fans can be over-excited and act like fools around their famous idols. They get demanding, like demanding autographs or selfies or whatever. And sometimes celebrities forget they are regular people too, demanding way too much based on a sense of status that they sometimes don't even have.

These 23 people dish some unbelievable stories about celebrity encounters that turned into a real horror show, like the time Tyra Banks came in for for an interview or the time Kris Jenner bought a Vespa but wanted nothing to do with the people selling them. There are some really rude people in this world!

Tovah Feldshuh Couldn't Believe It!
Tovah Feldshuh Couldn't Believe It!

"About 10 years ago, I worked for an airline and some flights were cancelled, due to weather. I got a call and this lady said, 'I can't believe this is happening to me. I'm a celebrity. My name is Tovah Feldshuh. I'm a celebrity.'

She literally said this 20 times. I got a manager on the line while she begrudgingly went on hold and relayed the info and that this was a celebrity. I stayed on the line while the manager had to explain that the flight's cancellation was for everyone's safety and nothing could be done about this.

She was so rude. After we got off the phone with her we looked her up and she was in a couple episodes of Law and Order, I think. She was recently on Walking Dead and I freaked out when I recognized her name in the opening credits.

Anytime she appeared on screen I had to say, 'She's a celebrity!!!! I can't believe the zombie apocalypse is happening to her!!!! She's a celebrity!!!!'"

William Shatner Was Off Like A Rocket
William Shatner Was Off Like A Rocket

"William Shatner said he would give me an autograph in Hawaii when I was about 10 . He said ‘lemme get a pen,' got in his limo, and drove off."

Keyshawn Johnson Want To Be Left Alone
Keyshawn Johnson Want To Be Left Alone

"I was in Las Vegas' airport on a layover. I was reading 'Give Me the [censored] Ball' by Keyshawn Johnson. I was 14 or 15 at the time. Behind me at the airport convenience store? Keyshawn Johnson. Teenage me was super excited. He just signed with the Cowboys and I was a huge Dallas fan. I quietly said, 'I'm a big fan and I'm reading your book,' and from behind big sunglasses he looked at me and said, 'Leave me the [censored] alone.'

I was crushed.

In a moment of hate, I screamed, 'It's Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson!' and walked away."

Kris Jenner Doesn't Want Him In Her House
Kris Jenner Doesn't Want Him In Her House

"I worked for a Vespa dealer in Southern California around 2010. Kris Jenner came in one day and bought a scooter and I drew the short straw and had to deliver it to her Hidden Hills home. I knocked at her door and no sooner did her assistant open it. I heard Kris screech from the second floor, 'DO NOT LET HIM IN HERE!' in her Cruella De Vil-like voice. She repeated herself so loudly that I could hardly understand what her assistant was telling me from two feet away. I said that is fine, as if I wanted to linger around there any longer than necessary, just tell me where to leave the scooter so I can get out of here. She said, 'Out back. The garage should be open.'

Upon getting to the garage, I saw someone with a dust-buster, cleaning the floor board of a GT3RS Porsche. I made my presence known and out popped Bruce Jenner. Since my jerk of a boss had the same car, I knew a little about it and we talked cars for a bit. After which, he invited me into their house for some water. I was giddy with excitement as I knew Kris would be livid at the sight of me in her home.

Sure enough, as Bruce was showing me the family christmas photo and explaining how Lamar had to be photoshopped into it, that nasty woman came storming down the stairs with a look of rage on her face. Bruce introduced me to her by name which was cool. After having enough of my being there and my huge grin, she stormed off back to her upstairs lair.

Bruce had no idea about what she told her assistant prior and that made my day. I don't care what Bruce/Caitlyn is up to these days but he (then) was very kind and down to earth at the time. Kris is a total witch."

Neil deGrasse Tyson Is Disappointed
Neil deGrasse Tyson Is Disappointed

"I was the head of the engineering student union as a senior at my university and we paid to have Neil deGrasse Tyson come speak. When he arrived, I went to meet him in his room, as we do to all visitors to our school. It's a common courtesy. I introduced myself, spoke briefly about what the plan was with his assistant, and asked him if there was anything he needed. He asked me which of his books I liked best. I hadn't read any of his books, and he went on a similar tirade about students not being interested in science. It was incredibly condescending. He didn't even address the question to me, but to his assistant, saying things like, 'Can you believe this is what the next generation is like?' and 'Is there any hope for us as a species?'

I was a senior engineering student about to graduate and I'd recently been accepted to a PhD program in Boston. But I was so taken aback that I didn't even know how to respond to him. I just gave his assistant my phone number and went on my way.

On my way back to my apartment, I stopped for coffee and happened to run into my advisor and the dean of the engineering program. We got to talking and I explained to them what happened. My advisor just kind of laughed it off, but the dean was incredibly ticked off about it all.

Flash forward to the event a few hours later and I was 'backstage' for the talk, as I was giving an introduction for Tyson. I saw the dean again there, but I didn't really think anything of it and just assumed he was there for the talk. I gave a brief introduction with Tyson's accolades and then he came on to give his talk. After he finished, the dean intercepted him and kind of went off on him. He called him a 'pop sci hack' and said students were too busy reading real material to bother with his crappy books. I don't think Tyson was expecting it, and was so used to people kissing his butt that he didn't know how to respond to it.

We later got an email from his publicist that he would 'never be coming back to our university.'"

Jim Thome Should've Signed The Autograph
Jim Thome Should've Signed The Autograph

"Some years ago, the Indians were playing an interleague game in Pittsburgh. My wife and I decided we would buy tickets for my father-in-law for his birthday and take him, as we live fairly close the Pittsburgh and he had never been to a major league game before, and the game was right near his birthday.

We bought great seats right about even with first base, because my father-in-law loved the Indians' first baseman, Jim Thome. The Buccos were not exactly packing them in at that time as they were losing 100 games a year so good seats were plentiful.

We got there early to watch batting practice, and were standing right on the field level rail watching. PNC Park is pretty small and you really are very close to the players. It is a terrific place to watch a game, one of the best parks.

Thome was just kinda standing there chit chatting, and I yelled, 'Hey Thome, Its my father-in-law's birthday and he is a huge fan, please come sign his hat!!; I know Thome heard cause he gave us some side eye, and just kept on chit chatting. Then started walking in the dugout without signing.

So, me being the smart aleck that I am yell, 'If you don't sign his hat you are gonna strike out three times tonight Thome!' He just gave me a blowoff-type back wave thing and went in the dugout.

Well, as fate would have it, Thome DID strikeout three times that night and went 0-4. The Indians won, but I gave it to him hard the whole ninth inning as we were only about 15 rows back from 1B.

'You shoulda signed that hat, Thome!'

He looked right at us a couple times between batters. He knew.

My father-in-law on the way home said that was way better than getting a signed hat."

Peter Mayhew Makes Demands
Peter Mayhew Makes Demands

"I went to a comic-con with a friend whose hobbies included getting autographs and photos of celebrities.

Peter Mayhew, aka Chewbacca, was very short with us and didn’t care we were fans at all. He interrupted my friend in the middle of complimenting him for his work, stating the costs of a photo and an autograph. Fine.

We asked if we could take a photo instead of one his photos he selling and he told us we would still have to pay the full price of one of his photos.

Also fine.

As my friend went to walk around the table to stand side by side, he shouted at us to stay on the other side of the table.

So we tried our best to not look insulted, and take a super awkward picture of an annoyed Mayhew and my friend trying to lean back to make it look like they are posing for a fan pic.

We tried to thank him right after but he brushed us off as soon as we hand him the cash.


In contrast, we met Margot Kidder, aka Lois Lane. She was super nice and even let us take pictures pretending to be flying with her like in the movie! And it was her suggestion, too!"

Tim Duncan Doesn't Do Photos, Whether You Want One Or Not
Tim Duncan Doesn't Do Photos, Whether You Want One Or Not

"I met Tim Duncan, a retired basketball player for the San Antonio Spurs, at a Walgreens Pharmacy in San Antonio. I was trying to get batteries but he was getting batteries too. He was in my way.

So I said, 'Excuse me, could I just get through really quick-'

He stopped me mind-sentence and said, 'Nah, I don’t take pictures. Just let me do what I gotta do.'

'My bad. I’m just trying to-'

'Hey, look. I don’t want to take pictures right now, so just stop.'

He left.

I got my batteries."

Chevy Chase Is...Well... Chevy Chase
Chevy Chase Is...Well... Chevy Chase

"I saw Chevy Chase at a hotel and as a small 9-year-old who liked the Vacation movies and asked for his autograph.

He went off on me verbally, and than when my dad came over, he went off on him for something messed up like he was 'not raising me right' or some nonsense. The dude is a total jerk, who was a mid-level celebrity in the '80s for like a second."

Tyler Perry Doesn't Know What Colors The Yankees Wear
Tyler Perry Doesn't Know What Colors The Yankees Wear

"Busta Rhymes came into the jersey shop I managed in Atlanta and got ticked off that I didn’t have a hat in his size. He called me a dumb idiot, which hurt because I was a huge fan of his going way back to 'Leaders of the New School.'

Same store - Tyler Perry said he would 'buy me and sell me' after I told him that the OnField 5950 Yankee hat was dark navy blue and not black - even though he demanded a 'black Yankees hat like they wear on the field.'"

Metric Hates On Their Fans
Metric Hates On Their Fans

"The band METRIC is the most intensely stupid group of people I've ever met.

Their rider (the list of demands for their dressing room) was seven pages long. It was filled with insane things that were brutally pretentious. I've worked with much much larger bands and I have never seen even a two-page rider. I should make it clear that this was in 2009 and they were not very popular yet. They would play small venues of less than 500 people mostly.

They refused to allow anyone to be in the room during their soundcheck. There many people in and out of a venue throughout the day setting up the bar, cleaning, moving equipment, etc.. All work had to come to a grinding halt for their soundcheck. Again, no band I've ever worked with has ever done this.

When it was time to be brought into the bar for the show, they refused to leave the bus out of fear they would be swarmed. THEY WERE NOBODIES AT THIS POINT. I assured them no one would recognize them and they would be completely safe and they got upset at that and refused to leave until I grabbed random bouncers from a neighboring bar to assist. When they entered the venue they had to walk through the crowd and no one batted an eye at all.

This is the part that I don’t enjoy telling their fans. They had a meet and greet a few hours before the show and expressed very clearly how they hated this part and they hated shaking hands and touching and being touched by people. They had the venue staff set up a blockade so that people couldn’t get too close physically (picture how close you can get to a bartender, that kind of separation). They made me stop people and delete photos they took with the band. There were ten lucky fans at this meet and great. The band wanted people to come in and in a constant flow go past each one of them and then get out immediately. The whole thing was over in two minutes. As soon as they all left, they trash-talked the fans.

Many of the venue staff were fans but were very shocked and disappointed at their behavior. They had no respect for their fans or their support. Egotistical, entitled, rude people. Even their tour manager just shook his head at some of the things they said. When I've told this story in the past, many fans make excuses for them but I've worked with an uncountable number of famous people and musicians and Metric is the standout most undeserving of your admiration group of people I've ever encountered. No others have even been close to their attitude. And again, they were nobodies at this time."

Tyra Banks Is a Diva
Tyra Banks Is a Diva

"Tyra Banks.

This takes place when UPN and WB were merging into 'The CW.'

She came into town for an press junket. She demanded we repaint the office she was going to use (for three days), made our pregnant programming director cry, flipped her lid, and tried to get me fired when I wouldn’t get her a bottled water.

My response was 'Have one of your people get it, I have to get back to the board, commercial break is up in 40 seconds.'"

Lily Allen Is An
Lily Allen Is An "Entitled Little Plum"

"I met Mark Ronson at a music festival in the UK a few years ago. My then boyfriend was a huge fan so asked for a picture. He was really cool and happy to be chatting when we realized who the sour-faced little snob next to him was. Lily Allen.

She repeatedly rolled her eyes at the two of us and whined 'Mark' 'Mark' 'Mark' in a super nasally voice. My ex only chatted for a few minutes, the usual 'huge fan' 'great work'-type stuff and the whole time she's whining and at one point actually stomped her foot. She gave us the finger once his back was turned. We had greeted her and she had rolled her eyes but I guess she didn't like that people weren't fawning over her.

Honestly though, she's was a less than mediocre wannabe at the height of her fame. Bore off, you entitled little plum."

Kristen Stewart Wants To Fight
Kristen Stewart Wants To Fight

"I was waiting with friends outside of a pool hall for an Uber when Kristen Stewart and her girlfriend came walking out of the building laughing all loud. We naturally glanced over and move out of their way. Then she came up to us and said, 'WHAT,?!' with her arms out like she was ready to brawl. Then they walked away laughing again.

We didn't even realize who she was until they were walking away. She should really be careful who she talks to like that, someone might actually go for the punch."

Sam Jackson Isn't Sam Jackson
Sam Jackson Isn't Sam Jackson

"Samuel Jackson. I was walking around New York City when I was around 17 or 18, and who did I see in the corner of my eye, but Mace Windu himself, Kango hat and all. I was nervous about going up to him but I proceeded to watch a young woman go up to him, show him her head shot, and take a picture with him.

After he did this, I had the confidence to strike so I strolled up and asked, 'Are you Samuel Jackson?' and he was like 'Nah' so I asked again, 'Are you sure? I'm pretty sure you are Samuel Jackson,' and he said, 'Nah, you got me confused with someone else' and walked away.

I was a massive fan before and now I will always associate him with that memory."

Who's Eric Roberts Anyway?
Who's Eric Roberts Anyway?

"Eric Roberts was a guest at a small, local comic convention. I thought it would be cool to get a signed pic of him as the Master.

He pretended people weren't there until they paid his manager $50.

My wife's parting shot as we walked away? 'Loved your work on Celebrity Rehab.'"

Michelle Pfeiffer's Sister Is Famous?
Michelle Pfeiffer's Sister Is Famous?

"I'm from Vancouver, Canada (big film industry town), and a close family member of mine has worked in film here for 20 years, so I have too many stories to list. How about some rude ones, and some nice ones.

Around nine years ago, Gerard Butler insistently pursued a friend of mine at a club. She wasn't interested and told him so. Instead of respecting her wishes, he approached us, her friends, and attempted to get her number from us without her knowing. He would not respect her boundaries, or respect that no means no.

Dedee Pfeiffer (Michelle Pfeiffer's sister) attempted to have my female family member (crew member) fired from the movie of the week they were working on because Dedee was threatened by my family member's appearance. This is not hyperbole. A producer told my family member 'She's threatened by you because you're a petite blonde, like her, and you're outgoing and popular with the other crew members.' My family member wasn't fired; Dedee was presumably told to cool her jets and focus on her job. Dedee Pfeiffer's ego really is, apparently, that delicate that she can't handle another woman around her having any kind of positive attention. Later on in the shoot Dedee was purging in a set toilet (she is bulimic) and her gag reflex wouldn't stop gagging, so she passed out and an ambulance was called.

David Duchovny circa X-Files. Frequent hissy fits on set, flipping garbage cans over, and more."

Randy Jackson Shuns The Kids
Randy Jackson Shuns The Kids

"Randy Jackson was invited to a telethon hosted by a hospital for children with severe disabilities, where my little sister lived until she passed away. Whenever the cameras were off, he would hide in his hotel room and seemed disgusted with the kids. He didn’t want anything to do with them.

When the cameras were on though, he was all smiles and hugs. It was so disheartening and disappointed. Almost 10 years ago and I still remember it so clearly."

Edward James Olmos Doesn't Want To Get Ripped Off
Edward James Olmos Doesn't Want To Get Ripped Off

"Edward James Olmos. The dude that played Selena’s dad.

I was working at Disneyland, he came up to my register and ordered.

He was short and to the point, no pleasantries at all but I was used to that kind of treatment from guests. Most people just want to get their snack as soon as possible and go on their favorite ride.

But there was something on his receipt that he wasn’t happy with and he got angry with me. He used a gift card so the remaining balance was shown on his receipt.

He accused me of charging him more when that’s impossible to do with Disney’s computer system. Plus, I gave him his receipt so he could see I only charged him the items he ordered. I tried to explain that to him but he wouldn’t have it. He said he needed to talk to someone 'higher' than me.

So I called my manager and it turned out that the missing balance he accused me of taking from his card was from the tip he gave to a restaurant he ate at on Disney property.

My manager gave him a full refund anyways. It was really frustrating because he was accusing me of being a thief but he got his way at the end. But that happens all the time at Disney."

Billy Mitchell Just Doesn't Care
Billy Mitchell Just Doesn't Care

"He's barely a celebrity, but Billy Mitchell, a former video game champion who recently lost his title because of cheating, was at an arcade expo a few years ago selling hot sauce.

I was the only one at his booth, with cash in hand. He pointedly ignored me for several uncomfortable seconds, then just walked away! At the time, I was angry and thought about stealing one of the hot sauces out of spite... but now I realize I had a very on-brand Billy Mitchell experience; this is a much better story than, 'he posed for a photo and signed a bottle of his hot sauce; seemed like a nice guy.'"

Tim Allen Has Friends In High Places
Tim Allen Has Friends In High Places

"I worked at an Apple Store that Tim Allen frequented. We all scattered when we saw him come. No one wanted to help him. We’d spend an enormous amount of time assisting him at the Genius Bar only to have him threaten us with calling Steve Jobs."

Michael Showalter Thinks You're Beneath Him
Michael Showalter Thinks You're Beneath Him

"I once saw Michael Showalter on the street in San Francisco probably around 2009 or 2010. I was a huge fan of 'The State' and 'Wet Hot American Summer,' so I told him I was huge fan. He looked me dead in the eyes and said. 'Who do you think you are, talking to me?'

I kinda laughed thinking he was doing a bit but he was dead serious and said, 'No, don't laugh, I want to know why you feel like you can talk to me.' It wasn't in a restaurant where he was with his family or anything, I really got the feeling he thought of himself better than anyone not famous. Ever since then I can't stand anything he's in or produces."

Gary Coleman, Mini Golfer
Gary Coleman, Mini Golfer

"He wasn't super rude, but I had a weird experience with Gary Coleman.

When I was 12 or so, my dad scooped my brother and I up and told us we were going to play mini-golf (no pun intended) with Gary Coleman.

This was ~20 years ago so, he hadn't been in anything in a long time and my brother and I had no clue who he was. My dad drives us to Mulligans in Torrance where we meet some of his friends and... Gary Coleman. I'm surprised my dad didn't prime us with some information about him to make sure we wouldn't say anything awkward about his height, but I guess he assumed we knew who Gary Coleman was.

We got to the front desk and a weird jokey conversation ensued between Gary and the front desk lady wherein he tried to get some free golf. It didn't work out so we grabbed our scorecard and headed to the first hole.

Gary played golf like he was angling for the Stanley Cup. He didn't keep score, didn't stay with the rest of the group, and didn't count his strokes at all. He just kept planting and whacking his ball into each hole as if the point of the game was just to get your ball in there before anyone else.

My dad, my brother, and I played a regular game, and when we came back to return our clubs, Gary was in the arcade playing Cruisin' USA. We said goodbye and that was our whole experience with Gary Coleman.

I guess it could be considered rude that he tried to haggle for his round and didn't play with the group, but I didn't get the impression that he meant any disrespect by it. He seemed like he was having a good time."

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