When a Twitter troll called Sarah Silverman a terrible sexist name, she could have called him out. But instead, she started talking with him about his problems, rallying Twitter behind him, and ended up changing his outlook on life.

The Twitter user, @jeremey_jamrozy, responded to Silverman after she posted that she was open to listening to Trump supporters and discussing their views with them. Though his response was just one ugly word, she had the kindest response.

Just a warning -- the exchange contains language some might find offensive.

Silverman tweeted, "I believe in you. I read ur timeline & I see what ur doing & your rage is thinly veiled pain. But u know that. I know this feeling. Ps My back F*cking sux too. see what happens when u choose love. I see it in you."

The man replied, letting Silverman in on his struggles and history of being sexually abused. "I can't choose love. A man that resembles Kevin Spacey took that away when I was 8. I can't find peace if I could find that guy who ripped my body who stripped my innocence I'd kill him. He f*cked me up and I'm poor so it's hard to get help."

The exchange continued for several tweets:

Silverman: "I can't imagine your rage. Just reading that makes me want to do bad things. Stand by"

Silverman: "Questions: (NOT JUDGING) Are you doing heroin? Are you self medicating? Do you want to get clean?"

@jeremy_jamrozy: "No I just smoke weed. I'm prescribed on medications which I take accordingly"

Silverman: "Good. I want to kill him too so I can't imagine your rage. All I know is this rage -- and even if you could kill him -- it's punishing yourself. And you don't deserve punishment. You deserve support. Go to one of these support groups. You might meet ur best bros there."

Silverman tweeted local support groups for people who had been sexually abused to Jamrozy, urging him to go.

@jeremy_jamrozy: "I will go. But I trust no one I've been burned so many times. I'd give the shirt off my back and everytime I get burned. I'm super antisocial. I have no friends. I'm sorry I gave you sh*t."

Silverman: "Dood I don't care. I'm fine. I see something in you. My gut tells me you could have a great life. My shrink says we don't get what we want, we get what we think we deserve. I'm telling you, you deserve so much more than you know."

@jeremy_jamrozy: "Lol how?? And wut do u see?? Im just confused how u can see that I can do better. I have multiple problems a big hole to crawl out of. And usually I choose not to express it or its hard to articulate my emotions."

Silverman: "Haha honestly I don't know. All you wrote was 'c*' but I saw it and clicked on u and saw you were just trying to get kicked off Twitter. I saw the rage and pain. And looked at your avatar and just... saw so much in you. In your eyes I guess. Dunno"

@jeremy_jamrozy: "Eyes are the window to the soul. I don't want to be like my drug addict thug ghetto family. I will try hard. I also must apply for disability and it really sux I like to work. I'll get positive soon I've always been negative. I'm an a**hole."

Silverman: "I'm so psyched you'll go. KEEP ME POSTED. Don't give up on yourself. Be brave enough to risk getting burned. It's what happens when you fight for yourself. But it's worth it. I promise."

@jeremy_jamrozy: "Lol thank u. Damn ur so insightful. U got a degree or sumthing?? Lol I've always enjoyed ur comedy but wow wut a contrast u got urself a fan. Ur love for humanity. Its amazing."

He later tweeted, "I'm so thankful for the interactions. And support from everybody and the support and insight of Sarah Silverman. Awesome day."

But Silverman didn't stop there. She took to Twitter to ask about resources that could help Jamrozy's health, and got a quick response.

The exchange didn't go unnoticed on Twitter, and many of Silverman's followers were touched by her actions toward someone she could had just easily ignored.

Maybe we can all learn something from Sarah Silverman.

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